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Team Players are always guys

If you are still under the illusion that Obama is some kind of feminist, even after Ron Suskind’s book Confidence Men showed otherwise, look no further than the rationalizations anonymous White House spokesmen are giving about why Janet Yellen is not favored to be appointed the next Fed Chairman.  This piece by Neil Irwin has gotten a lot of coverage for the past couple of days because it spells out exactly why women are not welcome in the Obama administration or anywhere else where the Obama fanboys have influence.  

But I told you exactly what the mentality of these sexist assholes was a couple of years ago.  That’s because women in the corporate world have been there.  And Obama hired these guys to run his show:   

The short story, it’s typical corporate under-the-radar discrimination.  The women staffers and cabinet members will no doubt be told that they are being too sensitive or paranoid but after their work fails to get the recognition it deserves or requires, she’s going to feel the stress of always being on the outside looking in and missing the crucial milestones necessary to get a promotion and exercise power.  When the crucial decision making meetings happen, she won’t be aware of them.  They might be impromptu, like during lunch at a table where few women are invited to join.  Or at golf games.  Or a meeting may be arranged where the scheduler has a propensity for the hierarchical and no juniors are invited, most of those juniors happening to be women.  Or the female staffer may need to gather information and sends out a survey email, which for some unknown reason, several more senior sycophants fail to respond to.  Or at a department meeting during your presentation, the guys talk over you or interrupt you or speed up your presentation or slow it down so they can ask you questions that were not in the scope of the presentation.  If you’ve been taking data, you’ll have realized by now that men rarely receive this kind of treatment, but it all contributes to making you look just a little bit unprepared or not quite knowing what’s really going on (because you weren’t there when they told the guys what was really going on).  Heck, you’re lucky you get a chance to present at all.  The stars get their 45 minutes of fame at every meeting while you have to book a slot months in advance.  That kind of stuff.

With the “She’s not a team player” rumors flying out there, Yellen is already doomed to be the least successful Fed Chairman ever appointed.  Team Player is code word for not one of us, i.e. male. The White House has already pre-approved the implicit bias treatment of Yellen.  She won’t know what’s going on when her subordinates meet and unless she’s got some plan to monitor their behavior, she won’t know when they’re ignoring her emails or dragging their feet.  If she raises her voice or expects results, they’ll call her “difficult to get along with”, which is code word for “bitch”.  Eventually, she’ll be called ineffective and the White House guys will have won.

We already know this.  Because many women have already lived it.  The landscape we survey in the Yellen- Summers competition is well known territory.  What’s so surprising is that the White House has absolutely no shame in putting it out there.  They are either so stupid they are unaware that they are admitting to implicit bias of a sexist nature or they are arrogant enough to think they can get away with it.  Well, the country has been letting them get away with sexist shit and rewarded them for it since 2008.  In neither case does it reflect well on Obama, his White House staff or his economic policy.  

Running the Fed well isn’t their point at all.  It’s getting their way, being in total control, winning.  It’s the dick waving thing again. Don’t expect Obama to come down on this kind of behavior.  Instead, he appears to be quite comfortable with it.  Well, it’s worked so well for him.  Sort of sums it all up, doesn’t it?  

15 Responses

  1. I was going to post a comment on this topic, suggesting you write a post on it. Clearly, I didn’t need to do that.

    Independent-minded woman, competent at her job, actually thinks banks should be regulated ( imagine that ! ). Where have we seen this show before?

    • When Obama stabbed Elizabeth Warren in the back?

      • Or back in 2008 on Dailykos.

        • Yes and yes. Also Sheila Bair was marginalized at FDIC when she had the temerity to admit that the banking system was terminal and that the best solution to the crisis was to write off much of the debt.

          Also Brooksley Born was ignored when she warned of the consequences of an essentially unregulated derivatives market.

          Then, of course, Hillary’s mere suggestion that we undertake a national mortgage refinance plan to help homeowners spurred Wall Street to back Mr Obama.

          Tina Romer arguing that the stimulus was too small and too focused on tax cuts.

    • I think it’s the independent-minded part that’s most significant. Obama’s certainly willing to throw an occasional bone to appropriately obsequious females like Susan Rice or Samantha Powers. And he seems to be quite frankly terrified of Valerie Jarrett and Michelle. I don’t know what to make of that. Mommy issues, probably.

  2. It’s just straight-on misogyny, penalizing a more qualified female candidate for a job because the guy they want is more likely to play ball for them. There really is no plausible alternative explanation for it, and it’s disgusting. Thanks for saying this.

    • C’mon!!! Don’t be so hard on the sweetie. These guys SINCERELY believe they have the correct “Power” perspective on the fact that NO GIRL is good enough when there’s ANY man in the picture.

  3. Great Post RD!
    And you are right:
    “Running the Fed well isn’t their point at all. It’s getting their way, being in total control, winning. It’s the dick waving thing again”.

    Like in anything else in this unbalance man-made societies.

  4. because the guy they want is more likely to play ball for them

    And with them, don’t forget with them.
    How’re Yellen’s bball skills?

    • I really thought we left the jock shit behind in HS or maybe college, but you’re right – it never fucking ends.

  5. You are so right and I am glad to see there is a Democrat woman smart enough to notice and to say something.

  6. Two words: Valerie Jarrett. I love the way you set things up so even it Yellen is tapped, the first female Fed chairman it doesn’t count because she’s still under Obama’s thumb.

  7. “either so stupid … or they are arrogant”

    They looked at their choices and said, “We can do both!”

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