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      Ok, this place has mostly been about how fucked we are, and how we’ve fucked up. Blame is more on our leaders than us, but as a species we’re on the hook. But there is cause of hope because mostly we know what we have to do. We know we have to reduce CO2 and Methane emissions. We even know mostly how. We pretend we don’t, because the how will involve changin […]
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Paul seems confused about libertarian populism. Let me take a crack at this.

Up front, I want to say that there’s nothing on heaven and earth that could make me vote for a Republican or a Randian Libertarian.  In fact, when I moved to PA, I re-registered as a Democrat.  Unlike NJ, PA’s primaries are closed.  If you want to vote in the primary, you have to pick a party *before* the election, not on the day of.  So, I figured I would bite the bullet and try to get rid of as many DINOs as I can.

That out of the way, Krugman seems confused about why Republicans think they can pick up white voters through libertarian populism.  And it is true that in general, white voters who vote Republican are voting against their own interests.  But they have been conditioned for years that it’s OK to crap on minorities and women.  When it comes to white working class voters who vote Republican, it’s all about promising the guys that they won’t lose their white male privilege.  That’s what the abortion debate is all about.  That’s why we are still debating the voting rights act and affirmative action.

But the older conservative voter is dying out.  Where will the Republicans find new converts?

Allow me to speculate.

There are a ton of people who were laid off since 2008 who have ended up working for themselves.  Voile!  Instant grouches about taxes.  It is going to be hard enough to pay the bills and the new healthcare insurance bills for themselves and their families.  Think several car payments worth of extra bills on top of what they already have to pay to self insure themselves through the exchanges.  Then stick them with all of the Social Security taxes and self-employment taxes and you have the makings of a new Libertarian.

In fact, Paul should not be so surprised about how the Republicans plan to do this.  NJ has set a perfect example.  And we know that when NJ voters are given a choice between a Democrat who doesn’t reform the tax system like he promised vs a Republican who promises to hold the line on taxes no matter what, they’ll choose the Republican.

Think about it, Paul.  Making entrepreneurs is how they plan to make new Libertarian Republicans.

It’ll probably work too.  Without a compelling a forceful message from the Democrats, there’s really nowhere to turn for relief.


Holy Hemiola!  There are two guys here this morning tearing out half of my basement and all of my screen porch.  It sounds like an earthquake down there.

Update: We have met the enemy and he is ducts.  Lots and lots of ducts.  Now I need an HVAC specialist.  Cha-ching!


Screen porch gone except for the roof and four supports.  Already an improvement.

14 Responses

  1. Obama. Pelosi, and Reid, their ignorance will be the death of FDR’s party. How can they think treating Wall Street with favor, enacting Health Insurance Company Welfare and doing little to restart the economy via public works would result in real employment gains?

    Of course that guy trying to support his family cutting grass with a trailer load of crapped out yard sale lawn mowers is going to resent taxes draining food out of their mouths. Stupidity rule the day.

  2. The ikea isala sideboard is THE biggest pain in the ass to assemble. I’ve never had so much trouble putting something together ever.
    Highly not recommended until ikea rewrites the instructions with colored pictures and actual words.
    Horrible. By the time I’m done, it will look like crap.

  3. You don’t want a screened porch, or was it just old and in disrepair?

    • Really bad shape. It’s over the garage and the floor is leaking. It needed to be rebuilt and a lot of stuff reinforced. Wood was starting to rot, didn’t meet code in front of house, etc, etc.
      I wasn’t going to replace it immediately but the leakage problem makes it necessary.
      The basement is also getting ripped out. It was dark, very dingy and the paneling was mildewed. Unusable.

    • Needless to say, the kitchen is going to get the budget treatment. I’d love to replace everything but it might not be possible.

  4. ironically Canada-style Medicare For All, would be a policy that would greatly help entrepreneurs, & lower the risk of entrepreneurship. For example Jane Doe may have a great idea for a niche software company that would be far superior in functionality or cost in that niche than the SAPOracleBorgopolgy currently is, but she can’t take the risk because health insurance for her 6 yr old autistic daughter is absurdly expensive if not obtained via a large employer. Would also be great of course to get the half the cost & superior quality (3 yr longer lifespan) of Canada-style healthcare vs the US exorbitant barbaric health-non-care system.

    As Prof. Jacob Hacker notes in The Great Risk Shift, economic security enhances economic opportunity, counter to the 1%er propaganda stating that econ security & opportunity are at counter-purposes.

    If the propertarian feudalist “libertarians” had a clue, they’d be for Meidcare for All.

  5. I have been in the car off and on during the past couple of weeks and when I am, I listen to Sirius – the “progressive” channel. Usually I do that to get a good laugh….or to raise my anger level. Either way, it works every time.

    There’s been a lot of discussions about immigration and the Dems are in for a big surprise. Every caller – and I mean every caller – that I have heard who starts out with “I’m a progressive…..” then says why they are against immigration reform. And the reason is fundamentally the same….fear of losing something (a job?) to someone else. And they are asbsolutely against giving “these people” something for nothing when they have been working all of their f*cking lives and are fighting to stay above water.

    I’m not talking about red necks or Tea Party people – these callers are articulate, definitely “liberal” (whatever that means these days) and very very angry at the prospect of giving anyone the “American Dream” when they, themselves, are being denied that possibility.

    America is now the Land of Fear. Well done, DC, well done!

    • That’s pretty sad. But I know where they’re coming from. It’s hard to shake the feeling that the rich and powerful are all too happy to replace all of us with cheap, indentured servants from Asia. It’s kinda a raw deal for the Asians as well. This place is no paradise anymore, if ever it was one.

  6. My husband and I have gone from -sometime, soon-retiring in dignity to -right now-“retiring” to near poverty levels.
    I won’t vote Republican, but I’ll be damned if I’ll vote for any pseudo Democrat, either.

  7. Am I only one who doesn’t think that the Zimmerman trial deserves the gavel to gavel treatment?
    C’mon, Duchess Kate, have that baby. Our press needs another shiny object to obsess about.

    • Fear not the Zimmerman trevesty is soon to be replaced with NEGLIGENT KOREAN AIRLINE PILOTS

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