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Shoot me now

I’ve spent the last two days with Brook trying to get her to focus on her history final.  It has been brutal.  Try explaining the horror of the Reagan years to someone who has never known anything but trickle down economics.  “It was bad, you had to be there” {{shudder}} That just doesn’t convey the awfulness of what Reagan, the Southern Strategy, Jesse Helms’ Quota ad and Anita Bryant did to us.  Morning in America it wasn’t .  Remember when Barack Obama said he admired Reagan?  Kind of makes you throw up a little in the mouth, doesn’t it?

Anyway, she just went into one of the sound proof booths of the library for the three hour ordeal.  Wish her luck.


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  1. Try explaining the horror of the Reagan years to someone who has never known anything but trickle down economics.

    Oceania is at war with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia…

  2. Raygun is the Great Horror of the second half of the 20th century. I can only hope his evil, corrupting influence will not cause the demise of this once great nation. He is the root of all neocon and Teabagger cancer.

  3. I’ve only been back in nj for a few days and I’m suddenly reminded why I couldn’t wait to leave. The roads are bad, people are mean, there’s a pervasive sense of scarcity in the stores because inventory is always low and there are a zillion people wanting the same damn thing.
    But the number one biggest pain in the ass about being back here is CELL PHONE SIGNAL SUCKS.
    When I think about the excellent signal (4G, LTE, take your pick) I get in super hilly Appalachian Pittsburgh compared to flat central NJ, I’m just dumbfounded. The cell towers in Pittsburgh are abundant. If you want signal, you gotta have towers. But here in nj just 10 miles north of Princeton? I’m lucky if I get a single tiny bar and I can’t remember when I saw a cell tower. My calls were dropped three times today during the same conversation. There’s no excuse for this poor performance but Jerseyans just suck it up and take it out on their neighbors.
    Gawd, I can’t wait til I can go back home. NJ can ruin your week.

    • Tom Corbett is working extra hard to turn Pennsylvania into New Jersey. Here in the Alabama Triangle (Lancaster, York, Harrisburg) he is widely admired.

      • I don’t doubt it but there’s a long way to go before it gets as bad as nj.

    • The roads in New Jersey are worse than they are in Pittsburgh? Are the Interstates paved in gravel or something?

      • Um, yeah, surprisingly. The roads are not really that bad here, or at least not like they were when I was living here back in the 80’s. Back then, there was still a lot of Belgian Brick and potholes that looked more like sinkholes. But it’s gotten a lot better. Roads in NJ are pretty awful in places AND signage there is horrible. What I find frustrating in NJ is the attitude that shittiness is the price you pay for the supreme privilege of living there. Yesterday, I was struck again by the sheer abundance of things I can get in PA in stores. I’m not fighting to get the last thing on the shelf, or doing research or checking inventory before I head out the door for an item. It was such a relief to go into a Target and find exactly what I wanted without having to figure out how many other Targets and alternative stores I was going to have to waste gas on. And I think that is why people here seem calmer, friendlier and less stressed. They’re not always having to compete with their neighbors for every little thing and they don’t have to waste half their days finding stuff.

  4. You forgot that he did patriotic movies….plus a really nice “Weekend at Bernie’s” impression during his last 4 years….

  5. Off topic: I just opened an e-mail which informed me that I have been approved for membership in the National Association of Professional Women–despite my being neither professional nor female. 😆

    Lovely spam, wonderful spam… :mrgreen:

  6. The worst place, at least for out of staters, for cell phone signals is West Virginia. Between the mountains and the lack of towers for most carriers, the signals are almost non-existent.

    Regulation requiring shared use of the signal towers would be a sensible, cost-saving regulation. Why should Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc, each have to build its own networks? Rails are shared. ATMs are shared, regular phone lines are shared.

  7. Actually it was morning in America for the 1% and mourning in America for the rest of us. IIRC a study showed that 40% of the benefits of the tax cut went to the 0.1%. The top 1% did even better.

    As bad as Reagan was, the myth of Reagan was even more devastating. Poor Jimmy Carter actually outperformed Reagan for the economy as a whole (average growth rate) and did way better for most of us. Clinton also badly outperformed Reagan.

    It was a case of a deliberate, government induced recession “to break the back of inflation.” It was the worst economy since the Depression and until the current “recession’, ten months of double digit unemployment.

    Reagan jimmied the unemployment stats to make cruelty permanently easier for the finance class. We are currently in the second worst economy in US history and the recovery is not at FDR standards or even close to it.

    Sorry for the soap box.

    • That’s because Obama is not FDR or even close to him.

      • I never had much belief in either Obama or Reagan and frankly find it hard to understand how each cultivated as large a following as they did. And I have never said that Obama is even close to FDR or even vaguely tried to imitate him.

        Sorry, Mr. Mike, the cult of Reagan and his weaker imitators is beyond my understanding. All I can conclude is that it satisfies the emotions of many and the wallets of the few.

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