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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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“largely an insult to the intelligence of women”

That’s how Judge Korman describes the Obama administrations dogged resistance to selling Plan B over the counter without age restrictions.  By the way, did I mention that Korman is a Reagan appointee?  HHS secretary Sebelius and the justice department has requested a stay to Korman’s previous ruling on Plan B.

Korman noted:

“If a stay is granted, it will allow the bad-faith, politically motivated decision of Secretary Sebelius, who lacks any medical or scientific expertise, to prevail — thus justifiably undermining the public’s confidence in the drug approval process,”


At one point in his ruling, Judge Korman notes that lawyers for the administration insist that allowing over-the-counter access to the drug for everyone while the government appeals the case would mean “uncertainty” for girls and women about whether they could get the drug.

The judge rejected that argument out of hand, saying that “this silly argument ignores the fact it is the government’s appeal from the order that sustained the judgment of the commissioner of the F.D.A. that is the cause of any uncertainty, and that that appeal is taken solely to vindicate the improper conduct of the secretary and possibly for the purpose of further delaying greater access to emergency contraceptives for purely political reasons.”

He also rejected the government’s argument that women might be confused about the drug’s availability if it was made available to everyone without a prescription and then later restricted because the government won its appeal.

Yep, that’s pretty insulting.

Want to know what else is insulting?

Pimping Lily Ledbetter as if real women in the real working world don’t already know that the Ledbetter law doesn’t give them paycheck fairness nor keeps the target off their backs if they ask Human Resources for salary comparison information.

Bowing to anti-abortion congressmen in order to pass an ill-conceived, labyrinthine, insurance industry friendly healthcare law.

Bending over backwards to kiss the asses of a 2000 year old boys club where all the members wear red beanies in order to enforce anachronistic traditions about the nature of women and forced motherhood.

Concentrating all of the administration’s skimpy job creation policies on manly construction projects because otherwise, American mens’ masculinity and egos might be threatened. (See Ron Suskind’s book, Confidence Men)

Making the White House a hostile working environment for female advisors. (same book)

Two campaigns’ worth of consultants, surrogates and paid bloggers flogging fear, uncertainty and dread over the Republicans taking away our reproductive freedom while the real actors in that scheme were the old boys club of the Democratic party arranging things to their satisfaction in smoke filled rooms.

In a way, I’m not surprised the Obama administration thinks it can get away with insulting the intelligence of women.  It’s worked so well for them this far.  Young women flocked to them in droves after the crazy shit Republicans did in the past several years.  But you’d have to be really stupid to not notice that the Democrats did nothing for women since Obama took office except continue to capitulate to the neanderthals in this country who have largely succeeded in turning back the clock on women’s freedom.

So, while I am encouraged to find that there are judges out there who still think women have brains and that they should be encouraged to exercise them in their own interest, I’m disappointed that so few women have actually bothered to do it.  Even now, some left wing bloggers insist that there was no difference between the Democratic candidates in 2008 when it came to advocating for women.  That kind of denial of reality and history simply strains credulity.

That just encourages the Obama administration to continue to treat us like children, and they to continue to behave like Duggaresque patriarchs of daughters they have sworn to “cover” until they hand us off to our husbands.

13 Responses

  1. The very idea that there is something worse – more dangerous, whatever – about Plan B than any other over the counter drug (actual drug) is absurd.

    I always go back to Tylenol which you can find ANYWHERE (it can kill you with one hand tied behind it’s back and your parents will never know what hit you) but, there are plenty more out there that are wildly dangerous.

    And I bet there isn’t a clerk in the world that would think twice about selling a kid a bottle of Tylenol.

    So. Plan B …. it’s obviously a stinky decision. Targeted to a particular group – women – that have a VERY limited window of opportunity to use it effectively. I’ve never heard of it killing anyone. But, thanks to asshats like Sibelius and Obama every clerk in the world is my kids parent. Oh, yay.

  2. Yep, yes and uhuh.

  3. Whadda guy!

    Obama is going after pot dispensers in the states that legalized it too.

    The republican loons think he’s a Communist out to take their guns and the basement loons think he’s the reincarnation of FDR when he is neither.

  4. Something is sinking in. The kids did their damage in nominating Obama but voting among 18 to 24 year olds was way off in 2012. The one group that has not gotten the message that Obama is sucky (or doesn’t care) is middle aged blacks (45 to 64) who still voted in droves for the O man. O as in O bama and as in zero.

    People thought they were electing a transformative Democrat but they were merely ratifying another tool of the country club establishment and wall street in black face.

  5. Righteous rant: I stlll see Obamacrats on tv hawking the idea that Ledbetter ushered in paycheck equity between men and women.
    Ha, ha, ha, oh my sides.
    I may not knit, but I’m sure as hell bitter.

  6. We need to make “Save us from Sebelius” bumper stickers. Catchy, huh….

  7. There is much more to plan b than going home and taking a pill. It is intense.

    • Are you confusing Plan B with RU-486? Plan B is just a multiple dose of oral contraceptives. If used correctly, there shouldn’t be anything intense about it.

  8. On what particular day has Obama not insulted the intelligence of women? I must have slept through it.

  9. Remember back to the primaries of 2008 when the Obamatudes on dkos and elsewhere were saying “…..just not that woman” and then they would all say “oh but Sebelius, she’s great, we would love to make her the first female president. She is so much better and more progressive than the evil right of center Hillary Monster”. What a lot of dolts.

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