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    pm317 on The Horror, The Horror
    pm317 on The Horror, The Horror
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    pm317 on Please tell me again. 
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    riverdaughter on Please tell me again. 
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    • See no evil, hear no evil
      Is this like a little kid who covers his eyes and thinks no one can see him? In a recent closed-door briefing on Capitol Hill, National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers expressed frustration to lawmakers about his inability to convince the President to accept US intelligence that Russia meddled in the election, according to a […]
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    • The Black Book Of Capitalism
      There is a famous book, the Black Book of Communism, which claims to total up all the deaths Communism responsible for. Strangely, there is no “Black Book of Capitalism.” This is odd, because capitalism has been around longer than communism, has been more powerful, and has controlled more of the world, and the world was […]
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Charles Ramsay rescues Amanda Berry after 10 years in captivity

Black Comedy: A type of humor/satire poking fun at something usually seen as serious or taboo. It often utilizes shock value to get laughs and common themes include death, violence, insanity, racism and other things that are usually not seen as funny. It is commonly mistaken with African-American comedy because of the name, but not necessarily related.


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  1. I stumbled onto this story last night and am enthralled. I LOVE survivor stories. The women and their kids are going to have a tough time. But, it’s going to be really interesting to learn what happened.

  2. Ramsey’s comments to that reporter really made me laugh. Gotta give the man props for helping these girls. Too many people would have turned away with fear, not wanting to get involved. Ramsey’s comment about a young pretty white girl running with open arms towards a black man as proving something was very wrong were astonishingly honest. And sadly true.

    Good one on him! Amazing story.

  3. That interview is incredible. That guy is so clear about an event that is insane. And funny. I don’t know how he does that.

  4. It is a sad commentary on the tenor of the media that we have been listening to for so long now, that honest and colloquial speech is so rare and so enjoyable. The pulse of people is flattened with BS and spin and euphemisms to the extent that communication is sterile and boring and uninformative. Just listening to the Generals or the President or those giving us news makes me puke. Where is the color and flavors of life and people anymore? We get to hear it so rarely that they have to turn it into a music video. This showed that the cost to society in reading emails and texts is too expensive for my tastes.

  5. If someone responsible for marketing for McDonalds doesn’t offer that guy a lifetime comp on Big Macs they should be fired for incompetence.

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