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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Context
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on We should be shocked.
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    • Assassination Works Only Under Two Circumstances
      For years, decades even, America has had a policy of assassination. Americans believe that if you kill the leaders, you kill an organization. This is delusional. It only works when it almost isn’t necessary. How many times has American killed the #2 man of the Taliban? Did killing Osama stop Al-Qaeda? Assassinating Yamamoto in WWII […]
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Reaping, Sowing, whatever

Obama and the Democrats are less than useless.  Film at eleven.

Oh, well, if only we could have done something about this situation back in 2011 before they took us for granted…


5 Responses

  1. Can’t have continuing cuts to airline welfare now can we?

    Now that Nancy is back to flying commercial I’m sure her opposition to passing this is for show.

  2. How could Josh Marshall have ever expected this?

  3. Well, gee, they took us for granted in 2008, if not earlier.

    It was obvious that Obama was a) the most “conservative” Democrat b) the least experienced and prepared Democrat c) someone who was nominated by running an overtly racist, dirty campaign and d) ultimately not the choice of most Democrats in 2008. It was also obvious that this neophyte had unlimited money and huge backing from the MSM, two big warning signs.

    Wonder what DINO the oligarchs have up their sleeves for us in 2016?

  4. Does it also reduce Obama’s (and his Catfood Democrats’) ability to use sequester to extort cuts to SS/Mcare to “solve” sequester? By revealing that Obama and the Catfood Democrats lack the interest to “solve” sequester at all?

  5. So there you are…Obama’s fraudulent packed 2008 campaign has been convicted of…Fraud.


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