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The Most Shameful Picture

I picked up on this at Eschaton but it needs to go viral.

There was a Congressional hearing on Long Term Unemployment and here’s what it looked like:

That’s right.  ONE lawmaker showed up.  ONE.

This is how much American politicians care about the millions of people thrown out of work by the reckless gambling of our financial class.  This is how much consideration hundreds of thousands of unemployed scientists get from their government.

The whole lot of them need to lose their own jobs and see how it feels to make ends meet on their dwindling savings and part time work.

There are no words that adequately describe how disgusted I am.

18 Responses

  1. Isn’t this the way most discussions on the floor look? I’m always surprised at the lack of attendance.

  2. Off-topic, but I’ve been in decompression therapy for a protruding disc for the past couple of weeks, and while laying on the table in traction we get to watch tv. For a couple of days I just let them leave it on MSNBC from the previous person and couldn’t help but notice how incredibly enthusiastic Chris Mathews is over the prospect of Hillary Clinton running in 2016. WTF? It isn’t good for my back to get that tense during therapy so now I watch Ellen.

    • Oh, NOW they give her permission to run . Don’t do it Hillary. You’ll simply be proving that they won in 2008 – and by win, I don’t mean the election.

      Hope your back is feeling better!

    • It is due to the backlash, many like me haven’t been back!
      The Hillary Mad Bleep, is at 250K ( Notice Chris Mathews plays himself, attacking Hillary and question her own abilities and he work, on more than one occasion.)

  3. Disgusting.

  4. Which lawmaker was it? It’d be nice to know which of the people we pay six figures to at least GETS the graphics of showing up about an issue that most Americans consider important(Isn’t “jobs creation” still at the top of voters to do list?

  5. “The EPI study found that the United States has “more than a sufficient supply of workers available to work in STEM occupations.” Basic dynamics of supply and demand would dictate that if there were a domestic labor shortage, wages should have risen. Instead, researchers found, they’ve been flat, with many Americans holding STEM degrees unable to enter the field and a sharply higher share of foreign workers taking jobs in the information technology industry.”

    Yah Think? The problem has been, anybody who reports the numbers accurately is branded as a racist by those who seek to make a buck on the indentured servitude trade. Racist…now there’s a term that has been turned into meaningless dribble by misapplication.

    “Even in engineering,” the authors said, “U.S. colleges have historically produced about 50 percent more graduates than are hired into engineering jobs each year.”


  6. Paul Krugman had a graph comparing Europe following the 1929 crash and Europe starting in 2007. The economy following austerity never hit as low as the Great Depression but it is behind the pace of the 30s and, on a relative basis sinking lower. A second gap shows that while in a “normal recession”, government spending has increased, in this recession, government spending has actually decreased during the very weak recovery.

    Despite the hype about the deficit, the best way to get the ecnomy moving is to do something about long term unemployment. 4

    • Something a real Democrat like Franklin D. Roosevelt knew, as opposed to Wall Street puppet Obama.

      • Even an intelligent 19th century conservative like Bismarck was ahead of Obama. Bismarck instituted an early version of Social Security in Germany because he knew iut was not only good for the economy of the country but also added to the long term security of the ruling class..

        Unfortunately, DINO Obama has decided to follow Herbert Hoover economics instead of even his hero, Ronald Reagan. Tell me again why diasagreeing with this man makes me a racist rather than an intelligent Democrat?

      • Perhaps Obama knows completely. Perhaps Obama deliberately works to prevent re-employment, let alone new employment to the best of his ability. The fewest possible FICA-taxable income streams means the least possible money entering the SS system. That could be painted as putting yet more “pressure” on the SS moneyflow picture . . . pressure which Obama would use in a fresh extortion effort against Social Security. Obama may know exactly what he is doing.

  7. Follow the links, it looks like Senator Amy Klobuchar D , Senator Chris Murphy D, Rep, john Delaney D, Rep Elijah Cummings D.

  8. Yeah…as if we didn’t already know who’s flag these “Millionaire Politicians” salute.

    I would say this photo is heartbreaking but I’ve become so desensitized to the hypocrisy of the “Elite Ruling Class” and accustomed to their disdain, their antipathy and their disgust for anything not in their wealth bracket!

    As much as I regret having to say this but nothing short of a “People’s Revolution” will change anything in this country.

    I keep telling myself that the people will wake…but RD, I’ve lost all hope that the sheep will recognize the wolves in their midst.

  9. Remember the chant: jobs, jobs, jobs??? That died quickly. I think it’s because the unemployed, underemployed, people working 2-3 jobs and still not making it are simply not on the radar for the DC contingent. The pols are far more interested in serving the wants and demands of those willing to line their pockets and ensure their reelection. So, it’s far more convenient to refer to citizens on the bottom of the pack as the takers, the moochers, etc. They don’t have jobs? Oh well. It won’t make an impact until the 1% and corporate biggies see their profits slipping because of reduced demand for product. You cannot grow an economy when the citizenry has no money, no prospects and has run out of hope. Add additional austerity on top of this and the economy will take a headfirst dive. Look what’s happening in Europe. It’s not as if we don’t have an example in real time. Misery is ‘not’ solving the financial problems despite all the arguments to the contrary. These people don’t get it because they don’t want to get it.

    Carry on DC! You’ve made a fine mess of things. And if the public around the world rises up and calls for heads? Better have an escape plan, oh ye mighty legislators! Because you sure won’t have many defenders.


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