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Revealing, Sickening or Scarily Incompetent?

Someone hacked the AP Twitter account today and tweeted that the White House was bombed and Obama was badly injured.

The stock market took a dive.  In a matter of minutes, the market plunged almost 100 points.

That’s not a precedent I would have liked to have set.  Maybe next time, they’ll hack Reuters, MSNBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and the State Department.

(and what exactly were they dumping that seemed to so heavily rely on Obama? Curiouser and curiouser…)

The people who run the economy should be sacked.

13 Responses

  1. Ugh, I can’t stand the weather. It’s so fricking cold. The furnace seems to be on forever.

  2. It’s horrible. We almost had an ice storm today!!!!! Ice on our deck.

    The dark winter is turning into the stark spring.

  3. Heh, when I heard about the hoax and the Wall St result, I had the same reaction you did, riverdaughter.

  4. Wow! Is that what that was. I saw the chart and thought it was something to do with high-frequency trading. Didn’t hear or read about the hoax.

    As for the whole of Wall St/economic class being sacked? Couldn’t agree more. Seems like incompetents and crooks are running the show right now. The fun never stops!

  5. Dead Leaders Kept “Alive”?
    The one that immediately springs to mind is China’s first emperor, Ch’in Shih Huang-ti. When he died while touring the provinces in 210 BC, the prime minister Li Ssu and the infamous chief eunuch Chao Kao conspired to keep his death a secret while they consolidated their position…
    and eliminated potential rivals.
    [photo of Biden and Kerry]
    To conceal the emperor’s demise, they transferred his corpse from the closed wagon in which he traveled to a cart loaded with salt fish hitched to the rear, thereby masking the smell of decomposition. They then kept up the pretense of interacting with the occupant of the wagon until they reached the Imperial capital at Hsien-yang

    Tue Apr 23 2013
    Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured,” read an alert sent on the Associated Press Twitter account shortly before Carney began the press briefing.

    “The president is fine, I was just with him,” Carney said.

    “Please ignore AP tweet on explosions, we’ve been hacked,” noted Associated Press reporter Sam Hananel, shortly after the erroneous report hit Twitter.

    The Associated Press’s Julie Pace announced during the daily White House briefing that her organization’s Twitter account was hacked, leading to a falsified post about President Obama being injured in two White House explosions.
    CBS News

  6. I found it fascinating and curious. The computer sweeps the internet for bad news and the stock market plunges. Are the DOW figures designed for manipulation, or do they actually represent the truth of the market? Seemed hard to imagine humans could have acted as fast as this went down.

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