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In real life…

…I am in the process of relocating.  As some of you may recall, I bought a house in Pennsylvania.  It was a foreclosed property and I got it at a steep discount.  This past week, I started getting it ready for occupancy.  It needs a bit of work, especially in the basement where there is a water issue that needs to be addressed.  There are also some landscaping issues and code violations that need to be fixed so we won’t be moving in for awhile yet.

But the best part of cleaning up this house has to be pulling the carpets up.  I’d like to thank the elderly ladies who like wall to wall carpeting.  Here’s the before shot of the living room:

Living room with manky old carpet

Living room with manky old carpet


And here is the living room after a couple hours of RD with a utility knife:

Living room minus manky carpet

Living room minus manky carpet


That drop dead gorgeous hardwood floor has been lovingly protected for 60 years from dogs and kids by successive applications of dingy beige carpet.  I couldn’t afford a floor as beautiful as this.  It’s a rich dark brown with a lovely patina.  It just needs a good cleaning but not too much refinishing action.  Even the seams between the planks are perfect.

Buying this house was a bit like going to a basket auction and not knowing exactly what I was getting.  The floors were a nice surprise and they run throughout the house.  Combine that with the arched doorways and built-in hutches and niches and I would say I scored a bahgain.


15 Responses

  1. Yes, lovely wood work.I wonder though whether the carpeting was
    put there because it is more comfortable to walk on with bare feet in cold weather. Anyway, that has been my experience. I am glad that you
    are pleased with your new home.

    • I believe in area rugs. 😉

      • Easier to clean too. When I first moved into a flat with area rugs,
        the landlord said that I could clean them simply by running them under a hose and then letting them hang to dry.

  2. Wow, that’s gorgeous. Even a faux oriental would look like a million bucks on that floor.
    Lucky you!

  3. Riverdaughter

    Forget about “faux” Oriental carpets. The real things, hand-woven in India, Pakistan, China and, yes, Iran, with wonderful arabesque designs, would look like magic carpets on those floors. But, of course, you run the risk that your neighbors peeping thru your windows might think you are an Islamist terrorist and get your neighborhood “locked down”…
    keep up the good work…

    • They sure would, but maybe RD doesn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on rugs.
      Or, mabye she does, but I have seen machine made carpets that look beautiful.

  4. Looks really nice. And you’ve got “vast spaces for entertaining”.


  5. Meanwhile;

    “The bill title is S.744 Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act,

    The bill increase H-1B Visas from 85,000 to 135,000, allowing the limit to go to 180,000 per year. That is basically all of the jobs created each year in these occupations…this bill there would be no limits or instant green cards for the below occupational categories.

    On the employment green card categories, the bill exempts the following categories from the annual numerical limits on employment-based immigrants: derivative beneficiaries of employment-based immigrants; aliens of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics; outstanding professors and researchers; multinational executives and managers; doctoral degree holders in STEM field;

    Most of the new Visas focus on STEM jobs, so clearly flooding the U.S. labor market with anyone who claims the above. The Bill seems to allow the many other employment based Visas to be used for skilled workers as well, up to 40%. Then the bill creates a nebulously defined startup Visa with no restrictions of type of business, jobs created or employees hired from the summary. Congress crowds out every American professional possible. Another 250,000 Visas to be specific, all based on merit scoring….at least a two fold increase, if not a four-fold backdoor increase in legal permanent residents per year.”


    • Obama, Pelosi, and Reid must really hate American Citizens who can think logically and want them to starve when immigrants who’ll work for peanuts flood their jobs.

      • I don’t think it’s hatred, but rather blind, amoral greed. 👿

        The pols do the bidding of the 1% so they’ll be richly rewarded after they leave office.

        The 1% just want the cheapest, most disposable labor possible.

        • I think greed is the same as hatred…how could express hatred more fully than to throw food away before you feed the man next to you?

  6. Once you get settled in, you need to call up Rico and start having music threads again. :mrgreen:

  7. That’s fantastic RD. How wonderful. I love hardwood floors, too. Glad you got such a neat place for yourself.

  8. We found the same thing with the bedrooms in our current house in Jersey. Unfortunately, the previous owner had stained the hardwood floor in the living room without moving his furniture. It sounds like your previous owner was less eccentric.

    We have the faux oriental carpets in both the living room and the family room and they work quite well. The living room one is kind of an oval with scalloped edging that makes the room look a little bigger than the regular rectangle.

    Enjoy the house, RD.

  9. We weren’t so lucky with my parents house. The area rug was left down without a thorough cleaning for years. Dirt migrated thru the weave onto the surface of the floor, walking across the carpet abraded the finish. The upstairs floors were a softer wood that was good for splintering. Don’t know how many times I had to take tweezers to my feet.

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