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Ok, I’ll say it. It was terrorism. But first, some clarity.

When someone(s) plants explosive devices at locations where there will be crowds, detonates them and, as a result, kills and maims dozens of people, that is terrorism.

Why?  Because senseless death in such a dramatic fashion tends to scare the bejeesus out of people.  When the explosions are seconds apart and within walking/visual distance of each other, there is no question that it is terrorism.  The explosions were meant to kill and terrify.

The problem is that we have come to associate terrorism with scary brown skinned people with middle eastern names and have conveeeeeniently forgotten that before Al Qaeda, there was Timothy McVeigh.  Now, unless people are starting to refer to McVeigh as a freedom fighter, we should remember that we once called him a terrorist.

So, while we wait to determine who set the explosives off, we shouldn’t be afraid to call it what it is: terrorism.  And it’s just as likely to be homegrown as middle eastern.  All you right wing whip kissing cowards can chill until we get to the bottom of this.

15 Responses

  1. Before there was Timothy McVeigh there was Bill Ayers and the Weathermen.

  2. And the abortion clinic terrorists.

    • Unfortunately, right wing whip kissing cowards don’t tend to think with their brains. The think with their adrenal glands and whatever hard, mean little organ that they were born with that the rest of us don’t possess.
      They make me sick.

      • Agreed. And they taught us a lot about modern home-grown terror.

        • NPR reports that investigators are thinking this is homegrown. Probably some anti-tax Doomsday Prepper thinking the government is coming to take away his guns. Commence the defensive shrieking from the right wing cowards.

          • It’s too soon to know that either. Hopefully they will gather and analyze all evidence first and then make some parallel guesses and follow them each at the same time to see what is fruitful. In the Atlanta
            Olympics bombing investigators early on decided Jewell diddit and wasted a lot of time as well as treating Jewell most unfairly for several months.

  3. Obviously it was Sarah Palin. Or else she brought this on by breathing.

    • That kind of attitude is going to be extremely unpopular. We’re not going to put up with that kind of shit twice.

  4. The weapons (pressure cooker bombs with shrapnel) and the setting (a sporting event feature running and an international field) is eerily similar to the 1996 Atlanta bombing which was carried out by an anti-abortion nut.

    My bet is that this was done by a home grown right wing terrorist. Possibly anti-tax, possibly anti-terrorism, possibly pro-gun or even anti-gay. The constant anti-Massachusetts ranting of the Limbaughs, etc. for the past 40 years may have helped in picking the location.

    Free speech peacefully wearing a T shirt is blocked but “free speech” calling for violence on the radio, usually not explicitly. is OK. Get some nerve, Obama, Holder, etc. and do the right thing instead of placating these fools. While you are at it, sever the money link with the small number of people who fund these idiots and legitimize them.

    • The Olympic bomber (Eric Rudolph) is in prison. His bomb was made with dynamite and a crude timer. The Boston bomber used black powder, a pressure cooker and a complicated remote detonator. It is a design used by al Qaeda.

      It is ironic that you refer to the 1996 bombing because in that case people jumped to conclusions (based on baseless speculation and rumor) that a security guard named Richard Jewell set the bomb.

  5. Sorry, Randy, the Washington Post said it was a pressure cooker bomb with shrapnel like the Atlanta bomb (but also like Al Qaeda bombs). Maybe they are wrong. Maybe I read it wrong as it was past midnight. A pressure cooker shrapnell bomb is unfortunately a standard type of weapon for an organized group. In the UK, bombs in garbage containers by the IRA were so common in London that the Brits eliminated public trash containers in London decades ago.

    Eric Rudolph was one man. The number of right wing/anti-abortion bombers and killers is far larger. After all, they believe that a “small” murder is justified to save a larger one. They really do.

    The first media attempts focused on one man, a foreigner. It was wrong. That seems to be ther “Richard Jewell” moment of this case.

    Richard Jewell was a harmless man, the Atlanta bomber was a cause-related right winger. The same type behind the violence at Oklahoma City and Ruby Ridge (gun nut shooting and killing and FBI agent). I each case, the right wing has gotten a pass. In Ruby Ridge, the FBI was demonized not only by the extreme right but by semi-main stream Republican politicians and funders with their own anti-tax, anti-regulation agenda.

    I think it was most likely a right wing group with the second most likely thing being someone who held a personal grudge.

    Totally off target, I saw an ad today paid for by Eli Lilly to ask people to sign a petition to protect Medicare Part D. Certainly an astro-turf style movement. One cut,rather than the chained CPI, I would favor is the elimination of Medicare coverage through private insurance (15% cost add-on). A second, would be negotiating with prescription drug companies.on Medicare D rates. A third would be to bring home both the mercenaries and US government troops from Afghanistan and Iraq and have fewer weapons programs over shorter time frames (cheaper manufacturing costs). End bases in Republican/rural areas that have no need of protecting. Overall, cut the military back to $450 billion a year from $700 billion, still 50% over Clinton-era costs.

  6. Colonel Lang (Ret.) at Sic Semper Tyrannis has a post about this bombing. He offers a few of his own thoughts on who mighta dunnit down in the thread.

  7. It turns out the terrorists were Islamic immigrants after all.

  8. (right-wing crazy or non-political crazy) (Christian or Jewish) white men need to be labeled terrorists by the elite Media & pols, just like any other terrorist. Elite Media/pols seem to have an unofficial rule that any person in those aforementioned group that commits a terrorizing crime, by definition to can not be labeled as terrorists.

    some examples
    right-wing Crazy Christian Christian white guy- T McVeigh Oklahoma City bombing, IT guy that flew his plane into the IRS bdlg, etc

    non-political crazy white guy- The guy that killed ~15 ppl with an assault weapon at the Batman movie theater, etc

    right-wing crazy Jewish white guy- Israeli guy that murdered PM Yitzhak Rabin, etc

    The odious Boston Marathon terrorists are sure to confuse simplistic binary thinking right-winger simpletons, as they are simultaneously white & Muslim, USian & foreigner. “we should deport all white ppl! oh, wait, nevermind!”

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