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The only thing Obama’s budget’s got going for it…

…is that the chained CPI cuts will apply to current seniors as well as future ones.

I realize that sounds counterintuitive but it’s not.

Think about it.

(Hint: “Do it to Julia!”

32 Responses

  1. Yes, the more who are pissed off, the harder it will be for this turd to get through. If it is stopped, then hopefully his popularity will take a hit
    and dimocrats will see that it isn’t profitable to pass the rest of his agenda.

    • I can see where democrats could blow this, unfortunately.

      • Unfortunately, you are probably right.

      • The problem is . . . what does “blowing it” mean? And for whom?
        The Catfood Democrats hate Social Security just as much as the Movement Conservative Republicans hate it. Also, the Catfood Democrats are auditioning for mutli-million dollar payouts after leaving office, while at least some of the Movement Conservative. Republicans hope to die in office fighting for their Conservative Movement Agenda.
        So the Catfood Democrats have twice as much motivation to destroy Social Security as at least some of the Movement Conservative Republicans have.
        So considered in that light, if the Catfood President and his Catfood Democrats can get the SS/MCare cuts passed into law, they will not have “blown” it from their perspective. They will have won the Big Victory, from their perspective.
        Can we divide the Catfood Democrats from the SS/MCare Democrats . . . if there are any? Can we convince the SS/MCare Democrats that Obama and Dick Durbin and so forth are their enemy as well as our enemy?

  2. You’re right. Current seniors will be affected by these cuts too. That means they can’t roll up the drawbridge and leave the younger generations to their own devices.

    • Not that the Republicans aren’t trying very hard to Make this look very dire for seniors.

  3. Greg T, I am a current senior and I have never even considered rolling up the drawbridge. I am a liberal and an empath. I never asked for this horror show. I have despised (and, yes, despised) Obama ever since he gave that condescending lecture to blacks (as if he knows a damn thing about the inner-city experience) for which he was so widely lauded. I have always known exactly who this fraudster and Nobel-peace-prize war criminal is.

    • We know you’re living in the present, reality based community. 😉
      But for many seniors, this comes as a surprise.

    • I understand. Most seniors like yourself care about the social contract. The GOP could better exploit generational schisms if benefit cuts had a delayed trigger.

      • Watch for Obama to add that in his next attempt, if this attempt fails.
        Perhaps his failure to do so indicates a lack of strategic and tactical sense on his part.

      • Well, that is certainly the truth.

    • Thanks for speaking for me too Greg T.

  4. I know you have said that friends don’t let friends vote Republican. But perhaps what Brennan said a few threads ago . . . that we won’t get anywhere until we vote tactically and strategically on the political battlefield as it is.
    He suggested that meant voting Republican in certain races as the surest way to remove Catfood Democrats. If the Catfood Obama budget loses because of solid Republican opposition plus some token opposition from designated “good guy” Democrats, then every “good guy” Democrat should be voted for in his/her next election. But every Catfood Obama Plan Democrat should be voted against. And the most effectively lethal way to vote against the Catfood Democrats in question is to vote for their Republican opponent. That way, the “good guy” Democrats will be the only Democrats left in office, and they will be set free to show whether they wish to become Good Guys for real, or whether they wish to turn into Catfood Democrats for the next attempt to destroy Social Security/Medicare.

    Or have I misunderstood and mis-overextended the meaning of Brennan’s argument?

    • Whatcha got here is a choice between the right and the far right. There is no sensible left anymore. Obama’s 2008 campaign destroyed it. I think the solution is for left coalitions to form a united voting bloc and nominate their own candidates. It worked for the Tea Party.
      But instead, we have some lefties still trying to justify Obama while the others are wasting their time blaming everything from the black plague to global warming on Bill Clinton.
      So, you know, I can only assume the activists like the current turn of events.

      • Would the “good guy” Democrats be a sensible left again if there were precisely zero Catfood Democrats in the Democratic Party? Is it worth trying to selectively remove the Catfood Democrats in order to find out?

      • To me this is a point of inflection. Any one who supports the chained CPI supports a benefit cut. If the Democratic Party puts its fingers on this and allows this to pass, the party should be abandoned en masse. Without hesitation. And it’s pointless to try to to parse ” cat food ” Dems from non-cat food Dems because we’ll never be able to truly distinguish between them anymore. Why? Because Barack Obama has ushered in the hostile takeover of the Party by corporate cartels. They’ll recruit slick politicians ( like him ) who will tell voters they support the safety net, while simultaneously stripping it. The only answer, and I sound like a broken record but I don’ t care, is organizing outside the existing party structure. More and better Democrats won’t work. Organizing any way feasible, including forming third party voting blocs. Strikes and other forms of civil disobedience along with intensive organizing alternate institutions.

        • Yes. Quite so. If the self-styled SS/MCare Democrats REALly support SS/MCare, they will be able to stop the BS Obama Catfood Plan from passing. If there are any REAL SS/MCare Democratic Senators, each and every one of them know all about the parliamentary tools and weapons they have to constipate the Senate to a dead Necrotic Bowel Syndrome stop . . . and prevent the Legisfecal Excretion Process from moving at all, on any issue whatsoever, until the BS Obama Catfood Plan is withdrawn by the President.
          If Catfood Obama passes, that means that all the designated “good guy” Democrats supported it as well. Failure to destroy it is proof of supporting it so far as I am concerned. If that is the outcome, then every Democrat should be voted against in its next election no matter HOW “good guy” they apPEAR to look. If Catfood Obama passes, then the officeholder space occupied by all Democrats should be neutron-bombed in the next election to turn it into vacant space in the desperate hope that we can find something better to fill it with.

    • That was my argument, although, I think you did a better job of stating it.

      • Well, it is an argument which could be argued either way. I think it is a good argument but many high quality thinkers don’t agree. This will have to be yet another area where different theory groups apply their different theories and compare results down the line.

  5. Thanks for giving me a Eureka! moment.

    It’s about what the puppet masters want our congress to continue to look like: A notionally Democrat Senate with a toothless filibuster; a gerrymandered permanent Republican majority in Congress; a Republican-in-Democrat clothing in the White House, the perfect recipe for gridlock and therefore the fiscal status quo. If the President keeps banging on about cutting Social Security it makes all Democrats look bad. If the ground is well prepared by having the Republican ‘budget’ NOT talk about cutting SS, and the R’s damn the President’s proposal with faint praise, then current seniors are fooled once again to give the Rs another 2010 moment in 2014 …. and perpetuate the gridlock.

    So even if a genuine Democrat can get into the White House in 2016 (not one called Clinton) she will be hobbled by the ongoing gridlock. That is, assuming a 2000 style coup doesn’t occur again.

  6. From my FBook comment today:

    Bernie Sanders comments on President Barack Obama’s willingness to cut Social Security benefits…


    “Paul Ryan, in the worst budget ever presented in the history of the United States, did not mention Social Security, so of course [Obama] owns it and I suspect that our Republican friends will make sure the American people understand that he owns it, and make sure the American people understand that any Democrat who supports cuts in Social Security and benefits for disabled vets will also be forced to own that,” Sanders said.

    Sanders went on to say, “From a political point of view it is to my mind just a really dumb tactic. I don’t understand it.”

    Bernie…because you are an old time pol, I understand you being confused…let me help. These cuts “sav[e] the federal government more than $100 billion in Social Security payments over 10 years. Now, you might point out that Obama has spent the last four years subsidizing his buddies in finance to the tune of 12-13 trillion, so being parsimonious is not Obama’s issue.

    So why, after blowing through that kinda cash would Obama try to save .00007% of what he’s blown…on the backs of those least able to afford it? What’s going on Bernie, is this, Obama, like Clinton…is setting up his retirement fund. And the way to live fat and happy as ex-prez, is to do the bidding of .01% while in office.

    It’s the new way Bernie, the government is essentially a Potemkin village to make people think they still have a democracy…and you Bernie, are part of the window dressing…decisions are being made elsewhere. If it seems unnecessarily cruel, just look at all the isolated aristocracies of the past…because sadly, you are soaking in one now.

    • >If it seems unnecessarily cruel, just look at all the isolated
      > aristocracies of the past…because sadly, you are soaking
      > in one now.

      In the past it was fairly apparent who the Aristocracy was, and their method of staying that way was through the control and overt display of violence. We don’t exactly know who it is now, so what we really have is a Cryptocracy. To go hand-in-hand with the Kleptocracy, that is.

    • If Bernie really does not understand it, then he has a blind spot. The motivation for Catfood Democrats supporting cuts to Social Security is very simple. They are auditioning for multi-million dollar private sector payouts after they leave office.

      Since Bernie Sanders hopes to die in office, he does not understand the concept of auditioning for multimillion dollar private payoffs to be recieved after leaving office.

      The Republicans have an equally simple motivation which can be leveraged. That motivation is: if Obama wants it, make him look bad by not letting him have it. Can that motivation override the Republicans’ deep hatred for Social Security? Maybe! Maybe THEY want to be the people who destroy it and who get the credit for destroying it. Maybe their desire to play Thatcher will motivate them to stop Obama from being the Great Historic Democrat who pulled a Nixon Goes To China on Social Security.

    • I agree. Obama is guided only by his own dispositions now. He no longer needs his base for votes, so he can flip the bird at them with impunity. His motivation now is to further entrench oligarchy to fatten his net worth after his presidency.

      What a creep.

      • Remember when he and his advisors floated (or maybe dangled) lowering the age of eligibility for Medicaire to 55 as part of his health care reform? I was 54 at the time and though I knew in my heart it was a ruse I got a little excited.

        Now if they were serious about that would it have devolved to this? It’s hard for me to express how deeply I loathe this man.

    • The take away numbers are:

      “These cuts “sav[e] the federal government more than $100 billion in Social Security payments over 10 years”. Now, you might point out that Obama has spent the last four years subsidizing his buddies in finance to the tune of 12-13 trillion, so being parsimonious is not Obama’s issue.

      So why, after blowing through that kinda cash would Obama try to save .00007% of what he’s blown…on the backs of those least able to afford it?

      • To collect yet more multi-million dollar payouts from his private backers and patrons after he leaves office, that’s why.
        Stopping the Obama budget may well cost Obama millions of potential after-office dollars from his owners. That would make him feel real bad.

  7. Tomorrow, Daily Kos will feature a picture of Bam sucking on a big prick with ‘GOP’ stenciled on it. Will anything change? The nomination of 47% Romney was genius, no offense.

    • If Mucus Moulitsas actually does that, I expect it will be just more window dressing. He’s probably also auditioning for a wealthy retirement from the 1%. The 1% need some of their agents to pretend to be populists in order to keep the charade going.

      [I accidentally typed “poopulists” first–would that be a good name for fake populists? 😉 ]

  8. The Reptilians are the Bad Cop Party, and the Dinocrats are the Good Cop Party. The Good Cop works toward the same goal as the Bad Cop.

    Maybe “Bad Overseer” and “Good Overseer” would be more apt, keeping in mind one of the major goals of the 1% is to reduce the 99% to slaves, or else nominally “free” but disposable peones. 👿

    The crimes and follies of the 1% are going to revive Communism, or else the enraged masses will invent something even worse than Communism this time.

    The 1% can’t see this because the “Lizard Brain” usually prevails over the intellect in the psychology of Homo not-so-sapiens. 😦

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