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Hello!? {{Tap, tap}} Remember us? The voters?

Greg Sargent tells us what Obama has been up to behind our backs (not really) lately:

Multiple reports this morning tell us that President Obama is going around GOP leaders by privately courting Republican lawmakers in an effort to win their support for a grand deficit reduction bargain. The New York Times reports that Obama has spoken by phone with GOP Senators and has invited a dozen of them over for dinner tonight.

It’s not hard to figure out what Obama is telling these Senators: He’s telling them what his actual deficit reduction plan contains — a mix of real entitlement cuts and new revenues.

If you want to understand what this is really about, go back to Ezra Klein’s interview with an unnamed GOP Senator, in which the lawmaker professed himself surprised to hear that Obama had offered Chained CPI on Social Security, along with other real entitlement cuts, in exchange for new revenues via the closing of loopholes enjoyed by the wealthy and corporations.

In short, Obama will tell all these Senators that he’s offering them what they want, i.e., serious cuts in retirement programs, in exchange for less in new revenues, and that this is actually a very good deal for them.

“Here’s my lunch money!  Oh, and here’s the pin number to my bank account.  Heck, why not just take the pin for everyone’s bank account!”

Hey, I voted for Rocky Anderson.


20 Responses

  1. I don’t believe for a second that he is handing over lunch money. That guy is doing exactly what he wants and working the angles to gain cover for doing it.

    You know, I think his backers want this and he is trying to work it so he can say the future of our country depends on making nice with mean republicans and that they won’t get behind anything else.

    It is like the Superbowl where two teams with the same owner were playing. That owner will make out great no matter who wins.

    I didn’t vote either “major” party for POTUS.

    • Exactly! What amazes me are the huge numbers of otherwise fairly sensible people (some of whom used to post here) who succumbed to the delusion that a lame duck President Obama ™ would somehow be mysteriously transformed into real liberal. He’s working for the folks who can guarantee him an opulent retirement and his children status as bona fide American aristocrats. The voters were always a nuisance. Now they’re an impotent nuisance.

      And I didn’t vote for either major party, as well.

      • It is interesting how “we” have fractured.

        I’m still just liberal and will happily support liberal candidates – if we ever get any again!

    • Nor, did I and I’m more glad by the day.

  2. I also voted for Rocky Anderson, or tried to. Who knows whether my write-in vote even counted at all.

    The question is how many Democratic officeholders also support the BS Obama Catfood Plan. If there are people who plan to vote against every fedlevel DParty officeseeker/holder if any form or trace of the BS Obama Catfood Plan is permitted to pass the Congress, those people might as well warn their Dparty officeholder/seekers ahead of time, so those officeholders/seekers can decide what their personal interests really are.

    • Well, once my formerly liberal Democratic congressman got himself elected to the Senate, he metamorphosed into a “deficit hawk” and came out in favor of (gag) the Balanced Budget Amendment.

      I’d say most of them would support the BSOCP because it makes it easier for them to meet their fundraising targets with the DCCC and DSCC – they just need for it to be accomplished through subtle, indirect means like the chained CPI so they don’t get lynched by the proles on the rare occasions when they’re home.

      • We need to come up with handy “bad-jacket” names and acronyms for these swindles that are hidden in a mysterious cloud of wonky language . . . like Chained Consumer Price Index. Hopefully lots of people will offer their versions. The more tries, the more chance for success.

        I will suggest CCCPI . . . . for Chained Catfood Consumer Price Index. One could say it as “TripleCPI” or “3CPI” Get any ot those acronyms remembered and linked with the phrase Chined Catfood Consumer Price Index and it might be memorable to many . . . and hated by virtue of the word Catfood, which every bdy knows what that means.

        And of course when I tell lmy officeholders I will never vote/give/help/anything else for any fedlevel Dparty officeholder-seeker ever again if any change of any sort whatsoever happens to SS/Mcare, I believe I am covering and including such sneak changes as CCCPI.

  3. By the way, if any “anti-Catfood” people happen to have Rparty officeholders, why not call them and say you will never vote Rparty ever again if any sort of tax increase of any sort whatsoever is permitted to pass this Congress? Even if “the whole truth” is that you will never vote for any Rparty officeseeker in any circumstance anyway, it is still “part of the truth” to say that if they permit any tax increase whatsoever, you will not vote for them.

    Why tell them that? To stiffen their resistance against the token tax increases which Obama wants in return for deep, real, and lasting Catfood Cuts against our survival benefits programs. If one can deny Obama his co-conspiratorrs, one can deny Obama his conspiracy.

  4. I look forward to the reaction from the ” professional left” when they realize the Messiah has betrayed them yet again. I agree with the first commenter, he’s doing exactly what he wants. It has nothing to do with weakness or negotiating ability. He’s quite effective at getting what he wants. It’s just that what the President wants is not what’s in the best interest of the population.

    • Don’t you know that it’s all because those evil Republicans are taking advantage of President Obama’s ™ open-hearted and generous nature? He doesn’t mean to sell us down the river, he’s just trying to be reasonable. They exploit him by using clever negotiating tactics that he is just too gosh-darned good and innocent to understand, and before you know it we’ve got privatized social security, domestic drone strikes, debt peonage, and droit du seigneur all enacted into law.

    • The “professional left” will have to come to two demoralizing realizations at once. They will have to realize what Obama always was right from the start. They will also have to realize that vote-casting Black America has lost any shred of cultural/moral credibility it had on any social/economic issues by continuing to support Obama by the same 93 percent OR EVEN MORE going forward even AFTER they understand ALL ABOUT the Catfood, because HE is BLACK, and they are happy to put themselves and everyone else on Catfood Poverty in exchange for the racial honor of supporting the First Black President Evah!

      • I can see where people who get their news from the commercial news outlets wouldn’t know this was happening. The media is a fail when it comes to helping the public stay informed, so even people who think they know what is going on have a “managed perception” brought to you by “Got More Bucks & Your Bucks, Inc”.

        The black community is told daily by the mainstream news media what a great guy obama is and how hard he is working to fix things – with all that obstruction… I can understand why they would be proud to have a black president particularly if they are getting their information from MSNBC. Even if they are listening to NPR, it is still extremely supportive of obama.

        • The problem is, is that they are also told that by their highly educated political/officeholder/culture leaders. Do these Leadership Elites really believe that Obama wants to preSERVE SS/Mcare against rePUBlican aggression?
          Do they really believe that? Is the racial pride that strong with them? Is it such a triumph of belief in racial vindication over data-based analysis? Rep. John Lewis of Georgia is right up there IN the government. Does he truly believe that Obama wants to proTECT SS/Mcare against the rePUBlicans? Does John Conyers perhaps suspect something, but dare not say it within earshot of his constituents? Could that be why he has tried introducing a clean ” repeal the sequester” bill?

          I suspect there are people smart enough to know better but who refuse to know better anyway. I went round ( but not round and round) with a co-worker at work. ” After Bush it is so great to have a Harvard educated President.”
          But he is conspiring against our SS/Mcare . . . YOUR ss/Mcare too. ” Well, SS/Mcare is going bankrupt. We won’t see that anyway.” Well . . . I won’t surrender my SS/Mcare so easily. Also, why has Mr. President carefully initiated precisely ZEro prosecutions or even serious investigations against any of the black hat FIRE sector perpetrators? ” Well . . . he’s just the President.
          What power does he have to do anything anyway?” One knows when to give up in order to preserve peace in the workplace.

          Who will make Mainstream Black America seriously aware of Black Agenda Report? Or Adolph Reed? Of the people of South Chicago who saw and smelled Obama for what he really aways was? Chris Rock won’t.
          Jack and Jill Politics won’t. Ta Nehisi Coates won’t. Unless I seriously underestimate Ta Nehesi Coates . . . I don’t think he will. Too Ray Niblets certainly won’t.

          So unless that all changes, if nonblack Liberal and Progressive America decide to understand the Obama agenda and deal with the threat . . . they are going to have to accept a wrenching and permanent break with Black America. And if Black America remains firmly committed to a Democratic Party which remains firmly committed to the BS Obama Catfood Plan in order to keep Black America on board with voting for Democrats, then the Liberals and Progressives will have to make a very public and very bitterly destructive break with the Democratic Party. They will have to Leave Ugly and do their best to burn the Democratic Party down to the ground on their way out the door.

          Are Liberals and Progressives prepared to decide that their own SS/Mcare subsistence bare minimum survival is more important to them than Racial Harmony in America if that is the stark choice which Black America and Obama and the Democrats are determined to force upon the Liberals and Progressives?

          • ” After Bush it is so great to have a Harvard educated President.”

            Speaking as a Harvard faculty brat, that never really impressed me.

            Did you point out that Bush’s MBA was from Harvard?

          • America is getting the government it deserves, and the government is giving us what (editorial) we deserve. We are too lazy to go beyond the sound byte analysis provided by the blo-dried buffoons of TV.

            If you think that this might be recent I offer this. We were lucky to settle a continent that had an abundance of mineral and energy wealth so much that a society of loons could become one of the most powerful nations on Earth. It had nothing to do with any special talent, ability, or Divine Grace as the Exceptionalists like to think.

            The next century will be the tell as we run out of easily extractable energy. If you judge the how it will look by the results of Wall Street extracting wealth from us today it won’t be pretty.

            A thought on Obama’s campaign style. As you know his political opponents had the “bad” luck of their dirty laundry being aired in the run up to the election. Could one such victim have been Rod Blagojevich?

            I heard the plan was Governor Goodhair was supposed to occupy the White House while Obama eared creds in the Senate. After eight years it would be Obama’s turn. That got derailed by Blago’s Tony Rezko problems so the question is who dropped a dime on him, an impatient Obama?

          • Propertius,

            No, I never thought to point that out. But Harvard really impresses the hell out of us here in the Midwest. Just smell the hidden envy of those who pretend it doesn’t.
            So no . . . I was trying to point out that Obama’s “Harvardness” did not mitigate Obama’s upper-class collaborationism and Wall Street frontmanning. But when it was clear I was getting nowhere, I stopped. Black Agenda Report has run some articles on the psycho-distortion phenomenon affecting so many Black people who would never fall for this bullshit from a nonBlack person. http://www.blackagendareport.com/?q=content/living-black-fantasy-obama-delirium-effect

            And here’s one somewhat addressed to “leftists” in general. http://blackagendareport.com/?q=content/psycho-babbling-obama

          • Mr. Mike,

            Who is this “we” who are getting what “we” deserve? Are you including all the HClinton activists who worked very hard indeed to try protecting the future from Obama? Do they deserve what they are getting?

            Do you in particular deserve what you are getting? Sometimes this public display of penitential guiltism reminds me of the Amish phrase
            for “prideful humility”.

          • That’s why the word editorial precedes the word we. We, as America in general, not we specifically as thinking Democrats.

          • Mr. Mike,

            Ahh . . . okay. I can get pretty literal minded sometimes. The problem is that we get the outcome that “we” ask for. “We” who voted for Obama may well deserve to lose their Social Security and their Medicare and their Medicaide. The problem is that if the Catfood Plan is passed and signed, then we who didn’t vote for Obama end up losing our SS/Mcare/Mcaide along with
            the “we” who did vote for Obama.

            “We” think its the Republicans who want to destroy our survival insurance benefits. We know that is Obama and the Catfood Obamacrats who want to destroy SS/Mcare/Mcaide most of all. If several million we-persons could each move a “we” person to being a we-person, would we have enough we’s to be able to encourage the Franklin Democrats and terrorise enough “ego-first” Catfood Democrats into rejecting the Catfood Plan?
            The “money-first” Catfood Democrats are a lost cause. They are auditioning for multimillion dollar payouts after leaving office just like Obama is. They are committed and devoted to the BS Obama Catfood Plan. Can they be subjected to the Alinsky Treatment?

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