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Throwing down the gauntlet

So, Kos is extending the olive branch, eh?  Not so much, as it turns out.  His reluctant, teeth clenched embrace of the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency is still full of Obama mythology and outright lies as Lambert conveniently points out.  But it doesn’t matter, really.

We’re not stupid.  We know that there was a coup in the party in 2008 and it’s now owned by the financier class who have made sure that Obama does not inconvenience them in any way.  Kos played a big part in 2008 in making sure that the financier class operatives that infiltrated the party and his website eliminated all voices of opposition with brutal efficiency.  It would be an understatement to say that Kos sold out.  Given the evidence we see everyday about how Obama’s two terms have locked us into a country ruled by the financiers, ruining people’s lives and careers, perhaps permanently, you’d think he’d be a lot more contrite.  But he’s had to lie to himself for 5 years to do the junta’s bidding and it’s really hard to admit the truth now without looking like a fool.

All that tripe about the DLC, Mark Penn and a disorganized campaign apparatus that supposedly doomed Hillary Clinton?  Horseshit.  When the financiers wanted their asses saved in the catastrophe they saw coming in 2008, they pulled out their checkbooks and funded the desperate and craven Democratic party generously.  That included quite a few advertisements on DailyKos and all the unlimited misogyny and deception they could pump out on the site.  Hillary was potential rehab and they didn’t want rehab.  They wanted some inexperienced corporate ladder climber, one of their own, to be their enabler in chief.  That’s what they paid for and all the hagiography that goes with it.

PUMA was only tangentially about Hillary Clinton.  We thought she was the best candidate in 2008 but the fact that she was a woman was only icing on the cake.

PUMA was about voters.  When the party decided to manipulate the delegate count to get their predetermined outcome, ignoring 18000000 voters, they crossed the line with many of us.  If Obama had won fair and square, we would have voted for him.  The fact that he didn’t signalled to us that he wasn’t going to listen to voters.  When the party turned over our votes and our protestations were squashed by the likes of Kos, Obama figured that he could do just about anything without any reference to the voters in his base.  And that’s just what he’s done.

We know that the financiers are going to want to continue to solidify the America they bought.  It’s just the way they like it.  We’re all one paycheck and missed mortgage payment from indentured servitude.  They are not at all inconvenienced.  Women?  Collateral damage.  Sucks to be female but what can you do?  It was either their asses or ours and we lost.  To most people, that would be a heavy and shameful legacy to have to live with but to not to people like Kos.

So they’re going to try to run a female candidate in 2008.  Well, it worked so well in 2008 with the first African American.  And by 2016, women will be desperate.  All they need to do is sign some woman on.  Someone who will want to be first so badly that she will agree to whatever the junta wants.  She will take orders, accept the advisors the junta forces on her and not rock the boat.  Since Hillary is the best candidate at this time, why not push her?

Well, I’m not stupid.  What I want to see from the next potential nominee is war against the people who took over my former party.  I want those bastards out, every one of them.  If she can’t force a turnover in the party leadership and run as her own person, then she’s no f^&*ing good to me or any other American.

This is a heads up to the other PUMAs and former PUMAs.  If the next candidate buddies up with Kos and the rest of the party without demanding and getting changes in top leadership, it doesn’t matter who the person is or what gender he or she is.  Nothing will change in the economy, the bankers will go unpunished and the country will continue to slip into third world status complete with not just one but two manipulative and corrupt parties.  No female candidate is worth that, not even Hillary.

I don’t think even Hillary wants the presidency so much that she’s willing to let her ambition and ego trump every other good thing she could possibly do.  But if she does want it, she’s going to have to publicly take those assholes on and get rid of them first.  The Democratic party needs to be distinct from the Republicans and get in touch with its roots and it won’t be able to do that as long as Wall Street has its tentacles firmly wrapped around the party’s testicles.  That goes for any other candidate as well regardless of gender.

In other words, when Hillary Clinton has neutralized the likes of Kos and his sneaky bunch of sexist asshole party activists and the leaders they follow, I’ll vote for her.

As for Kos, as John Proctor said in The Crucible, you only have your name.  You cannot have another in this life.  Once your reputation and integrity are compromised, your name is worth nothing.  Why should we pay attention to Kos any more than we pay attention to Glenn Beck?  As it turns out, we don’t.

28 Responses

  1. The biggest heartache of all would be having Hillary Clinton come on the scene and end up just as cow-tailed and compromised as all the other Beltway zombies, who bow and scrape to their moneybag overlords while the voters are kicked to the curb, again. If that were the case, I’d rather see her on the outside raising hell, using that unique voice and stature to effect change in people’s lives. The rewards, even the change might be smaller but the impact on people’s outlook would be far greater.

    I’m still not convinced that she’s going to put herself through the meat grinder. But if she does, she has to stand with the people and convince us that even a politician can have values that are not for sale.

  2. I’m thinking of penning a “Goodbye and thanks for all the fish” email to Bob Casey Jr. after reading your comments on the SOTU blabberfest. What few real Democrats that are left can’t get anything done what with the closet republican living in the White House.

    The republicans had a litmus for any candidate hoping to be nominated, overturn Roe v Wade. We need similar no candidate gets our vote unless they take on Wall Street and jail a few of the miscreants.

    • Yep. totally agree

    • I would add: do not touch Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaide. Those are our survival benefits. I would not even look at a candidate who was not involved in a sucCESSful effort to exterminate the BS Obama Catfood Plan. Why do I demand sucCESS? Because politicians are very skilled at preTENding to oppose in public the very same thing which they SEcretly suPPORT in private. They are then very skilled at presenting their foam-rubber kabuki cardboard replica of oppsing somethiing as if it were real opposition in order to trick people into voting for them.

      The Senate Democrats have all the power they need to constipate the Legisfecal Excretion Process to a dead no-movement stop. until the Catfood Obama plan has its throat cut and is bled all the way out on the floor of the Senate. If any form of Catfood Obama is passed by the Senate in any way, I will know that every single so-called “Democrta” is really a Catfood Obamacrat. And I will vote against them until their party is exterminated from existence and wiped off the face of the earth.

  3. Thank you one more time RD for telling it as it is.
    I value your opinion and your site.

  4. When the Dems got power in 2006 and did nothing that started my disassociation with the Democratic party, forcing Obama on to the ballot finished the job.

    When in 2010 Obama supported a white Reagan Republican over a black FDR Democrat in the Florida Senate race…with the full support of the Democratic party…I couldn’t put enough distance between me and the “new” Democratic party.

    • Wait . . . he did WHAT!? I had no idea till right here right now. Is it strictly that I have not been paying proper attention? Or has the MSBM been downplaying that as much as they could, right from when it happened?

      How many of Obama’s black voters even knew about that? Did Oprah know about that? Did John Lewis know about that?

      • Wasn’t is Meeks? I think it was.
        And then there was angus king in Maine, an independent who promised to caucus with the Democrats who got the go ahead to run for snowe’s old senate seat ahead of Chellie Pingree, a female democrat representing Maine.
        Have no idea what that’s all about but pingree was forced to back out of running so King could run. Just let that sink in. A male INDEPENDENT was tapped to run as the Democratic party nominee over a female party loyalist who is already a representative.
        Lots of that kind of shit going on. The Obama contingent is predominantly white, male, wealthy and anti-liberal. They’ve got to go.

        • Meeks is correct…he is now in UN exile, which is the Democratic party’s version of “shut about what we did to you…or you will never work…and around here, that means you will live in a cold water flat and day labor until you keel over…get it”

  5. RU Reddy, from yesterday’s Fbook, the original post was from a high school friend, it was an ode to black history month to which a black woman [DT] in the following blame the lack of progress on blacks not being willing to sacrifice an d follow Obama without question.

    I’m sorry to say, very few, the idea of sacrifice has not been taught to them. Or where it would be necessary.One must think beyond themselves and see the bigger goal. Obama does it, but how many do you see able to follow his lead?
    Yesterday at 12:58am · Like · 1

    Dunno [DT], I see a lot of black folks sacrificing for a leadership that is more concerned with being seen with hob-nobbing with wealthy white folks…what I want to know is…with youth AA unemployment* hitting incredible numbers…why no riots?

    Rev. King & Rev. Abernathy** spoke/acted for all down trodden folks, against wars and for justice…and so too, in his own way did Mr X. Now black leadership is about special tax deductions and bank bailouts.

    And when a decent leader emerges like Kendrick Meeks, you can bet that black “leadership” [read Obama] will back some sleazy ass white boy to make sure he never has a chance. Call me racist all you want, Meeks is a black man that should have gotten full throttle White House support, but Obama doesn’t like Kendricks inclusive economic message…that message conflicts with Obama’s crooked [all white] crowd on Wall Street.

    * http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-09-02/politics/30127265_1_unemployment-rate-jobs-report-percentage-point

    Black Unemployment Jumped To STAGGERING New Highs In August
    While the overall U.S. employment situation is dismal, today’s jobs report shows…See More
    Yesterday at 8:41am · Like · Remove Preview

    I hit enter before I cleaned that up, if you don’t Know who Kendrick Meek is and what was done to him [and most folks don’t] here are some links:


    Congratulations to Kendrick Meek on his Primary Victory – Jack & Jill Politics
    Just when everyone thought he was out, Rep. Kendrick Meek pulled himself back in…See More
    Yesterday at 8:45am · Like · Remove Preview


    Bill Clinton pushed Kendrick Meek to quit Florida race – Ben Smith
    He nearly persuaded the Democrat to endorse Crist.
    Yesterday at 8:45am · Like · Remove Preview

    • Ahh . . . so the Meeks story is beginning to oooooze out from under the edges of Obama’s MS BM cone of silence. ( MS BM is a new acronymeme I am launching in hopes it flies. It stands for Main Stream Big Media. And the letters MSBM also contain a cheap and grubby pun. Hopefully people who get the pun will choose to help launch the meme).

  6. Shorter Markos (in subtext): “We got nuthin’. We’re desperate. Satan is polling better than most of our top Democrats…but Hillary, 61% approval. Thus, lets kiss her hiney for the hope that maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a Democrat in the White House in 2016.”

    I think after the health insurance mandate rolls out, Satan has a better chance than just about any Democrat. Based on what California showed us yesterday, it’s going to be great for people with very low income, but for the rest of people who are are going to be forced to buy? OMG! In addition, it’s created some cluster-effs for people who can’t get “affordable” insurance thru work. Again OMG.

    One of the greatest benefits of 2008 was that it opened my eyes to the scoundrels at the Big Orange. Daily KOS is Faux News with an uglier color, a propaganda machine with few rivals. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t see it before, but I’m so grateful that they showed their true colors. I don’t care if KOS — or even Obama himself — personally came to my house, apologized and begged for mercy, I would never have anything to do with Orange or the word “progressive” (whatever that means) again…and maybe Markos has figured out that I’m not alone. Hence the olive branch…or more like it, is he really offering Lucy’s football, just to yank it at the earliest convenience??

  7. That’s an excellent litmus test. Oh, Elizabeth Warren? Her online funding operation was run by none other than Chris Bowers, who runs Kos’s operation as well. So keep your hand on your wallet (as indeed you should always do when a Democrat sidles up to you, smiling).

    * Yeah, if Warren gets some bankster CEOs thrown in jail I’ll pay attention, but the financial crisis is not about human-readable paperwork, and it isn’t about consumers (it’s about citizens). So…

  8. It took me longer to conclude that Kos was serving the Democratic establishment. His site ran interference for Barack Obama all through the 2008 campaign, and was instrumental in turning on line activists/ readers toward BHO and away from HRC. Now he issues an endorsement of Hillary in 2016 because she’s the only Democrat who has any kind of credibility with actual voters, and because she’s no longer a threat to the President. After the party elites have completely sold out to moneyed interests, I’m not sure any Democrat will have a shot in 2016.

  9. I remember reading intriguing things from time to time about how Moulitsas was a CIA fellow-traveller possibly tasked with helping Wall Streeters infiltrate, penetrate, subvert and hijack the Democratic Party.


    • The Democratic Party has an institutional function in assimilating popular discontent. Kos is one example of how it’s done. The party co-opts labor protests by channeling them into a fruitless recall election ( see Wisconsin ). It uses the language of OWS while the party leadership allows DHS to coordinate a break-up of the encampments.

      Even Roosevelt successfully domesticated labor in the 1930s. Factions of the labor movement wanted no part of FDRs New Deal. They wanted to continue organizing to form a viable labor party to compete with the establishment parties. By tethering itself to Democrats, labor set the stage for its own demise.

      Basically, nothing will change until citizens start “misbehaving”as they did in the 30s and in the 60s.

      • Citizens might want to find a different way to misbehave. A replay of 30s and 60s type of activity will be met with whatever weapons and weapons systems the authorities find necessary and/or convenient. LRADs, Raytheon field-deployable Oven Rays, etc. Attending protests will mainly serve to radicalize the people who attend the protests. What they do with their hard-earned radicalization beTWEEN or AFter protests would be interesting to see.

        There may be some real system-changing potential in the informed pursuit by tens of millions of people of various kinds of economic resistance and refusal and rebellion. Non-violent and non-illegal. “Uncivil Obedience” (grudging obedience to System Orders without any compliance, esPECially withOUT any ACtive compliance with System Wishes.) The evolution of parallel Survival Lifeboat Economies and Survival Fortress Economies. Exploiting the Paradox of Thrift by weaponising and disseminating thrift methods and making those weaponised and disseminatable thrift-methods selected-target aimable. Etc.

  10. It seems to me their pattern of stopping/ handling Hillary is to pour coals on her head, then be semi decent . We are in the semi decent phase of the cycle.

    They are like Lucy with that football…always yanking it away when it comes time for Hill to kick it over the goal post. They would sell her out for anything with a YX chromosome ( male). Only the Dems can stop her and have.

    If we don’t see a year of full on, clown car Repugs lulus as news though out 2015 like we saw 2011 , I’m thinking the powers that be want a Repug… if we have parties in 2016…whatever

  11. I see that Markos is still pounding his pud on networking and regurgitating the lie about small donors vs big donors.

    • How many of those small donors are/were really straw-donors fronting for hidden big donors . . . smurfing the multiply divided big donations? Legal or illegal?

      • I spent a fair amount of time looking through contribution lists for various states. There was a preponderance of donors who were counted in the small donor category, that in fact contributed the maximum by donating in increments.

        • I had also read allegations of big donors working with expert smurfologists to create fake credit card numbers to donate in the name of . . . and I read that the Obama campaign money harvesters figured out how to disable certain parts of programs which read credit card numbers for signs of authenticity or not. Have you heard on any such thing? Or is that just a roll in the tin foil?

          • (According to my memory – for whatever THAT’s worth) Up until sometime in the Spring of 2008, the Obama campaign donation webpage (and I NEVER visited the page, so this is my memory of reports at the time) didn’t ask for that code on the back of credit cards. At around the same time, I read (no link) that they accepted donations from anonymous gift cards. I wish I could remember the source of those stories…. But, not long after they came out the campaign announced (again, no link. Just my memory) that they’d tightened security on the page. But, by then the primary season was nearly over.

          • I also remember in the 2008 runup that a nasty little commenter on Hullabaloo nom’d Kelso’s Nuts discussed some about the Obama campaign stealth-moving large amounts of Wall Street money through various pathways. Kelso’s Nuts was unpleasant in his commenting style, but he appeared to be very knowledgeable about Wall Street tricks and ways (being part of them and being proud of it). He was also exactly right about Obama right from the start. He was a co-blogger at
            the “Dis Brimstone” before he got evicted for not getting along with his co-bloggers. Then he showed up at Red State Revolt but I haven’t seen him lately on my very rare checkbacks there. He also had (maybe has) something called Raw Dawg Buffalo Radio Show. A stray shard of evidence leads me to suspect his analog meatspace name may be Mr. Keifetz, but I am not sure. He claims to have written a paper for some arm of the World Bank once (under his real name I suppose).
            Maybe a forensic corruptionologist would find him worth looking up or running down.

  12. Good one. Well? It really sucks now, huh? For almost all of us. Yes it was about voters. http://www.propublica.org/article/will-democrats-sell-your-political-opinions-to-credit-card-companies

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