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    Beata on Weighing the Benefits and Cost…
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Why did liberals vote for Obama again?

Just curious because they seem to be very whhhiiiiiny lately about what he’s doing.

I feel very parental right now.  If they don’t like the mess they’ve gotten themselves into, they should remember that a year ago, they had a choice to do something about it.  They could have threatened Obama and his minions.  They could have mentioned Hillary Clinton as a possible replacement.  They could have mended fences with some of the people they pissed off in 2008 so that we could all present a united front. All they needed to do was think strategically.

Not my fault they can’t get into an ivy league school don’t like the way the second Obama administration is going now.

What I do find very fascinating and disturbing is that the Republicans now feel safe adopting a “more moderate” Republican message.  They have decided that the Tea Partiers are too frightening to the kiddies so they need to tone it down.  But the new message sounds almost exactly like the Obama administration message of the last 4 years.  That is, there is a consensus that the deficit must be cut and that it will be accomplished via spending cuts to popular programs while preserving most of the GOPs sacred cows.

This could have some significant impacts on future elections.  If Republicans and Democrats now look almost identical, how can you tell the difference between them?  If the strategy of letting the crazy right wingers hang by their own ropes worked so well in 2012, how can you get it to work in 2014 if the wingers start moderating their tone?  The only way the Democrats could *possibly* win is by going left and cracking open a new vat of New Deal type policies.  And that’s not likely to happen because they’re chickens.  That’s right, they’re scared silly that someone will call them liberals like that’s a bad thing.  And you can’t expect Obama to move left.  He’s quite comfortable where he is.

So, what was the reason the Democrats didn’t try to get rid of him and put someone else in his place or at least threaten him?  Beats me.  I don’t think everyone in Congress is jumping to the plutocrats’ tune but they sure aren’t doing themselves any favors right now.  Hey, maybe Democrats could stop trying to knife each other and do their homework, think strategically and present a united front.


The last time an explosive convergence of meteorological events occurred over my house, it caused about $50 billion in damages to the region.  I hope this Nor’easter/Winter storm/Blizzard thingy isn’t as bad as the weathermen are saying but I am so happy to have a generator in case it is.  Thanks again, guys!

Maybe this would be a good weekend to head west…

This kitchen is going to need a loooooot of paint.

This kitchen is going to need a loooooot of paint.

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  1. I know what you’re thinking. The soffit has got to go.

    • “This kitchen is going to need a loooooot of paint” — RD

      I agree. It seems like a very small kitchen to have dark cabinets. A light, maybe even ivory color paint would brighten those cabinets would transform what now looks like a dark tunnel.

      • Now you’re speakin’ my language. Here’s the game plan:
        Remove soffits, if possible.
        Remove ceiling fan
        Get electrician to install task lighting in 5 places
        Remove brick vinyl flooring, replace with marmoleum if possible
        Replace cabinets with ikea or other big box store semi custom. White, cream or charcoal base/white uppers
        Get ikea butcher block countertop or, provided I save somewhere else, corian in sea salt.
        The kitchen is bigger than it looks. It’s mostly long. The dimensions are 16’x8′. There is a nice big pantry. Looking forward to that. There is also a small eat in are big enough for a small round table and a couple of chairs. It’s next to the door that leads out to a flagstone patio on the back of the house. Jeez, the more I think about it, the more I love the new house. Yes, it needs some TLC but it’s going to be so nice in the summer.

        • When I lived in Colorado Springs, I had a tiny kitchen, so I took the doors off the cabinets. It opened up the whole area and looked great.

          • Like I said, it’s not a tiny kitchen, IMHO. It’s about the same size as the one I have now, just laid off differently. This pic only shows one half of it.

        • I had to paint my kitchen paneling and cabinets also. I did jadeite green on cabinet bottoms and cream on top cabinets to match the walls. I have linoleum tile floors – the real stuff, not vinyl – and it wasn’t cheap. Basically it is the same as Marmoleum, very eco-friendly and I love that it’s not a hard floor. I’ve actually dropped breakables that survived (not all, though). A couple of drawbacks: don’t drop knives or forks as it could damage the floor. Any furniture, especially chair and table legs, should have felt pads to keep from marking the floor. The floor can stain somewhat easily as the stain will soak in. This may depend on the finish you get – super shiny like a hospital or matte like mine. Order spare sheeting or tiles for repairs.

        • P.S. I love those orange (formica?) countertops; but I am a huge fan of retro-style decor.

          • Thanks for the tips on the marmoleum type flooring.
            Those orange countertops are not original to the house neither are the brown cabinets. Fortunately, the blue tile and wall sink with chrome legs in the powder room are original so they’re definitely staying. If I were going to return this kitchen to its original state, it would have formica counters with aluminum edging, and plain door faces made out of some metal sprayed in a pastel shade like light aqua or yellow or cream. Not really into that look though.

          • I love that you can get Marmoleum or linoleum in all kinds of colors unlike the standard beige and brown flooring in the big box stores. Linoleum is also antibiotic – but I’m sure you have checked all that out. The big box stores down here don’t sell linoleum much at all and I had to school a couple of younger salepersons that I wasn’t talking about vinyl. I went to a higher end retailer to get what I wanted.

    • Check out the Design Sponge website for room makeover ideas. Some great before and after pics on projects done with small budgets.

      • Love Design Sponge.
        And Apartmenttherapy, YoungHouseLove, LittleGreenNotebook, Emily Henderson and my most recent favorite, Canadian House and Home.
        House and Home is my style all over.

  2. Don’t know if it’s true but I was told that graduating high school back in the sixties with general academic courses like I did is the equivalent of a junior college degree today the curriculum has been dumbed down. All I do know is that there are a lot of Moron-Americans both Left and Right. The Rights are a lot more entertaining in their fantasies though. Have to give Axlerod credit because he knew how to play the Lefties.

    Or maybe it’s just being around during Watergate gave me a healthy dose of cynicism. Later on I came to the conclusion that Woodward was damage control.

    • I’d say that is not an accurate description of the academic environment around here in NJ. Here, your college hopeful high school student takes as many AP courses as he/she can stand and they are not easy. They’re mostly not easy because there’s a lot of writing involved, even on the math tests. Frankly, I don’t know why you need to write short essays on math but there you go. So, not quite accurate. More likely is that a.) everyone is too busy to pay attention and b.) cable means you are not forced to watch Watergate style hearings. You miss a lot when there’s no time or neutral coverage of public issues.

  3. Why do you NOT think everyone in Congress is jumping to the plutocrats’ tune?

    I think they’re all 100% owned by the plutocrats within six months of arriving in Washington, including the very small number that didn’t start out that way. The fund raising is just too punishing – the most morally upright congressperson would eventually succumb to Stockholm Syndrome.

    The only question is which set of lies do they choose to tell about things they never really intend to do in order to persuade 51% of their constituents to keep voting for them.

    • Because I don’t. I could be wrong about that but even if there are a few that aren’t that’s not 100%.
      We should also remember that it is possible to take a contributor’s money, listen to their schtick and still make independent decisions and well crafted policies. I realize it hasn’t been done in awhile but I blame the leadership for that. Like Steny Hoyer. I can’t stand the dude.
      But no, I don’t think they’re all bad. Just the majority of them. But even if they’re mostly corrupt, there is only solution that and that’s to start your own party to compete with them on the left. It should have a broad public appeal and be New Deal oriented.
      You’ve got about 20 months to pull that off. Yes, it can be done.

      • Politicians that are too independent don’t get reelected. Politicians are elected with votes from citizens, but those votes cannot be obtained without the money and approval of the powerful.

        • Before I jump on that bandwagon, I’d like to see how elizabeth Warren turns out. She wasn’t Washington’s choice by a long shot and won her Senate seat almost in spite of her own party. Yes, she had to raise millions. Yes, she had to kiss a lot of asses. But even though the most lefty activists have already written her off as a sell out, my mind is still open. We have to see what happens. It could be very surprising. And since Senators have a longer time to have influence without killing themselves with fundraisers, there’s always a chance that she’ll be able to do something significant and not worry too much about the fallout.

          • That’s what Lambert Strether thinks of her. Yves Smith had a rather different theory. She thought that Warren was somehow tricked into running for the Senate. Her trickers intended to hang her out to dry if she won and then discovered what a poisoned chalice the Senate really is for a newest junior member. If Smith’s theory is correct, perhaps Warren herself knows that and has been thinking about how to “drink and mouth without swallowing” . . . the better to spit-blow the poison right back into all the right faces at all the right moments.

        • Kaptur gets re-elected over and over. Harkin gets re-elected over and over. The tragedy is that they lend their personal re-electability to a party which no longer deserves their support or good name. But do their constituents see it that way? If they defected to form a Real Democrat Party, would their staffs and voters follow them en masse into the Real Democrat Party?

  4. This could have some significant impacts on future elections. If Republicans and Democrats now look almost identical, how can you tell the difference between them?

    That Obama’s blue print. If you can’t beat them, join them. The GOP is following the Democratic Party’s path. Obama made sure that those who supported him in 2008 could tout that on policies, there was no difference between Hillary and The One. If there’s no difference, then people can vote for the most likable candidate, or some other pathetic reason.

    There are differences between candidates, and there are differences between the two parties at the state and local level. But to get to Washington, candidates must sell their souls and answer to the powerful. For that reason, there’s no difference between the two parties.

    • Well, call me frigid but I never found Obama very likeable. I guess I’ve seen enough corporate schmoozers to ever want to have a beer with one.

      • I’m with you on this one – he always struck me as an opportunist and a “player”. Nothing sincere in him at all. His misogynist campaign was a total turn-off. I don’t care for Michelle either – her “tone” turns me off.

  5. The biggest difference between R’s and D’s is that when Bush Jr was pissing on the constitution and using the bill or rights for TP, committing war crimes and mass murder, the D’s screamed like holy hell.

    When a faux-D pretenda-dem does the exact same thing the D’ don’t say diddley squat.

    Millions left the dem party leading up to the 2010 mid-term elections and they aren’t coming back until the cowardly, incompetent D’s start acting like FDR D’s again.

  6. I have a similar question in this vein. Why did 93% of black voters who voted . . . vote for Obama? Why did they make their Probama support so very clear ahead of time? With “R@ce Card” support like that, how many White Liberals would dare to speak against Obama for fear of being perma-smeared as R@cist? ( Perhaps if LibeRadicals were to make Liberals aware of the existence of the radical black Marxists at Black Agenda Review, and of black-affairs analysts like Adolphus Reed and etc.; it might allow one out of a hundred Liberals to give themselves permission to leave the herd currently following Judas Horse Obama into the Catfood Obamacrat Corral).

    On the “progressive” end, I remember reading something about how the Obamacrat Leadership worked very hard to suppress any primary challenge. I remember finding my way over three clicks to a webthread where Digby’s little dog Atkins bragged about his involvement in threatening/promising to decertify (throw out of the Party) the California Progressive Caucus if they expressed any public demand or even support for a California Primary Challenge. I don’t remember where I found that. Lambert Strether might know how to find it, or maybe his co-Correntist Hugh might know how to find it.

    Back to those liberals . . . they can still get some revenge on the Catfood Obamacrats. They can instruct (and mean it) their Democratic officeholders that they will never vote/support for another national level Democrat ever again if any changes whatsoever in the slightest are made to Medicare or Medicaide or Social Security. These are the three big money pots and flows which the Catfood Obamacrats most want to seize and privatise.

  7. Just had my post surgical visit. These kinds of things always go the same way: “Whoa! That’s a huge bruise. Wow, nobody bruises like that after surgery. You’re one of those easy bruisers I guess. Ha-ha! Well, it will fade eventually. Still, You bruised where most people don’t bruise. Amazing”
    {{rolling eyes}}

  8. I have Corian countertops and the same pattern backsplash behind the stovetop.
    I love it because it looks great and it doesn’t chip or burn like granite does, but it does scratch pretty easily, so you do have to be aware of that.
    It’s a good idea to buy an electric buffer and, every three or four years, smooth out the scratches.
    Yes, the soffit must go.

  9. I had a 2 cm rock in my ductal units! Cool! And a bunch of little pebbles as well. All gone now.

  10. I’d like to see how elizabeth Warren turns out

    Let’s hope it’s better than Al Franken ….who seems to be doing a witness protection program stint in the Senate. I just remember his election was seen as a kind of turning point as well.

  11. Why did liberals vote for Obama? Because the alternative was worse. Iran; the Supreme Court. No use pretending those are small matters. Besides, “the alternative was worse” pretty much sums up my entire voting history since the 1970s — so, like, I’m used to it.

    I wish you luck in the upcoming storm. Looks like it won’t hit Bawlmer very hard.

    About that kitchen: White or off-white cabinet paint may be unimaginative but it’s inexpensive and it always works. As for the tomato-soup-colored countertops — I could live with them but you probably can’t. A friend of mine redid a kitchen of that size and went with white countertops, white cabinets and cheerful light blue walls. To my surprise, this worked — the result has kind of a 50s diner vibe. A few retro knick-knacks help.

    • If you mean that Liberals voted for Obama because they were gullible cowardly hypocrites who could be stampeded into selling out by a not-very-subtle campaign of FUD PR, then I’d say you’re correct. Just remember that every single drone strike and every upcoming entitlement cut has your personal consent and approval. You knew who and what he was and you voted for him anyway.

    • The alternative was not worse enough to scare me. I ended up voting against Romney as well from offendedness over his pathetic lie about Chrysler . . . not about fear of what he might try to do. After all,
      he would have still had to “learn the ropes” that Obama already knew, and the Democratic Senators would have made a show of opposing him on some things to protect the tattered remnants of their so-called
      “Democratic Party Brand Value”. Now with Obama re-elected, the Catfood Democratic Senators are free to let their Undercover Republican Collaborator flag fly.
      But because of Romney’s pathetic insult-to-my-intelligence lie about
      Chrysler ( superficial though such a reason might be), I voted for “the other White Mormon” instead.

  12. Romney was a straw man from the start …that was why extremist kookaloo Ryan was placed at VP, to put the kibosh on any remote chance Mitten might have had

    Romney was never going to win regardless of how people voted. We are not in the loop anymore.

    People like going along to get along and then whine about it imo

    • Is there reason to believe that Romney himself knew that? Or should we believe that he really thought that he was innit to winnit?

  13. I remember many years ago when I was a dishwasher, listening once to some of the cooks discuss their someday dream kitchens at home.
    The consensus appeared to be stainless steel cabinets with rubber gaskets, stainless steel walls and counters, and grouted tile floor very gently sloping to a grated drainhole in the center of the floor so that when cleaning time came everything could be put away in sealable rubber gasketed stainless cupboards and a small “indoor fire hose” taken out and the whole kitchen pressure-hosed down.
    Also, they would have a 4 or 6 gas burner stove as in restaurants with the burner-elements being those multiple hole-filled “starfish arm” design. Maybe one of those mutiple-hooks on a long horshoe shaped steel bar-thingy to hang lots of pots and stuff from.

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