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      A few months ago I read a couple of books by the Singaporean intellectual Kishore Mahbubani. In “Has China Already Won he discusses Taiwan. The one exceptional trigger for a war involving China is Taiwan. Most of the time, the Chinese leaders have a lot of policy flexibility. There are no strong domestic lobbies to worry about. But the one issue where the Ch […]
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Free for all

I’ve been kind of busy in the last couple of days signing documents, sending documents, resigning documents, losing my stylus, dealing with lawyers and two realtors.  Then there is a paper I have to go over from my old job that’s about to go to the publisher.  It’s only been 20 months and nothing to show to future employers so I could get another job but I try not to be bitter {{inwardly seething}}.  Then there is another paper I’ve been fiddling with that’s a lot more interesting and deserves attention.  Plus midterms for the kid trying to convince her that Cornell has a buttload of overachieving asian high school students to choose from.  I mean, if she thinks she can get away with a B+ in AP Bio because she didn’t bother to study… Nag, nag, nag.

AND the skin under my surgical tape is itching like crazy.  (BTW, I highly recommend gallbladder removal to people who want to lose weight.  The inability to process fat containing foods is making think I will be svelte before summer. )

So, I’m here, but, er, not here.  I’ve got stuff and things and bills to pay and many miles before I sleep.

I hear that Obama is about to cave to the Republicans on how to screw us economically and that he doesn’t think he has to tell us whether he felt free to mow down Occupy Wall Street protestors if he thought they were domestic terrorists, which makes me yearn for Canada…

Anyway, this is a free for all.  Have at it!

8 Responses

  1. Surely you will still have some fat processing ability . . . enough to absorb food-borne fat-soluble vitamins among other things.

    • Processing seems to be functioning. The limitation is that if I eat too much fat containing foods, like cheese or fried foods, etc, my upper abdominal area rebels. It has not adjusted to the lack of a bile containing vessel that squeezes out just enough stuff. In fact, it might just be stunned or need a little more time to figure out the new management. So, I eat a very low fat diet and not very much. I can get my on one square meal a day supplemented with apples and oranges. The theory is that this will last about a month and then I can get back to eating big macs and nachos grandes. But just the thought of eating a hamburger right now fills me with dread. So, I’d rather just grab another honey crisp when I get hungry.

      • After I started eating a “health-food diet,” in hippy San Francisco and learned to love vegetables and rice and beans, I found myself in front of a McD in an odd part of town–almost suburban. I went inside and ordered a Big Mac. The high level of salt and fat apparently repulsed my body, and I ended up losing the food in the sidewalk trashcan outside. I have never had another. Once in Nice, France with McD the only place open, I ordered a small burger. It was the most delicious one I ever ate. The meat wasn’t factory farmed and there was some attention paid to the sauce.

        I used to love McD’s vanilla milkshakes until I read the ingredients. More salt than sugar (that was back before HFCS was available so now it might be more sugar like than salty). The high salt promotes addiction and was cheaper than sugar.

  2. I survived months of hospital and rehab food by dreaming about the local tex-mex eatery. Unfortunately, I skip the burritos, nachos and a lot of the other good stuff and eat Caesar salad with grilled chicken or “gaucho chicken” (grilled chicken, broiled tomatoes, verde sauce and rice. No fries. Still pretty good.

    After about a year, I ventured back to the local diner. That means a burger or grilled or roasted chicken and a salad, Still beats the hospital and rehab food by a lot. Best thing about the experience is being here. next best thing was the people.

    If it is only a month till Big Macs, easy.

    Remember to stick by the diet but cheat for special occcassions. Thanksgiving needs pumpkin pie. I just go easy on the turkey. etc. Limit the damage. Limit the temptation.

  3. Well . . . since this is a free for all threadspace, why don’t I pick a sleeping scab awake . . .

    Here I am on lunch break, eating a Certified Organic pepper from Mexico, among other things. It was not as big as that last Organic pepper I complained about, and it doesn’t taste AS bad; but it is big and it is bad. It has just a little bit of a hint of flavor that could be reminiscent of ” sweet red pepper” if one lets one’s imagination run wild. And yet it is Certified Organic. How does this wildly random unevenness in quality occur? What is it about producing a quality product that SHOULD be uniformly known to ALL members of the Organic Farming Movement/Community/Industry . . . yet is clearly NOT known to ALL of them? SOME members of the Organic Movement are producing GOOD quality fruits and vegetables. I know that for a fact because I have eaten them. What do THEY know that the OTHER members of the Organic Movement . . . the ones who are producing POOR quality fruits and vegetables . . . Do Not Know? And where can these OTHer members of the Organic Movement go to aquire that knowledge of how to produce good quality? The producers of poor quality Organic food work just as hard as the producers of good quality Organic food. They deserve the same knowledge as the producers of good quality. Why don’t they have it?
    Why don’t they even KNOW that they don’t have it?

    • Eating locally (in season) and having a small garden helps a lot. I just bought some “organic” oranges from Mexico. The photos of my father from childhood in Southern California features lots of orange groves, now paved over.

      • That could be very good advice. I am not going to say as much as I used to ( or otherwise would say) about this subject until I have some real results to show from my own little garden. I am beginning to realize that my gardening is not even amateur. My gardening is merely dilettante. I will still say something from time to time because I can’t help myself, but if/when I am satisfied that I have advanced from dilettante to genuine amateur status, then I will say rather more.

  4. Go easy on the kid. I got a B in an AP class and I got into a good school.

    Almost needless to say, I’m exceedingly envious of your diet, although I’m sorry it was imposed upon you in that way.

    So what do you think of the Republican propagandists who remain convinced that OWS is Obama’s personal force of Janissary loyalists? They’re even portrayed that way by artist Jon McNaughton (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/camelswithhammers/2012/09/jon-mcnaughtons-obamanation/)…

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