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Hillary testifies on Benghazi

And she took no prisoners. More later when I’ve looked at the hearings on c-span but I think this picture says it all. This is Hillary giving her full attention to John McCain while he jumped all over her ass.


I know. Priceless isn’t it.
I told you guys her testimony was going to be something to look forward to. I don’t know what the Republicans were expecting. She’s no first lady in a headband dragged before congress to explain where a missing box of billing records are anymore. She’s a seasoned politician and executive branch official with command of the facts and she has opinions that she’s not too diplomatic to share.

Oh, and women are now cleared for combat. I hate war but if there was one step that I think is absolutely necessary for full constitutional equality, this would be it. You can’t send a woman to war, hand her a gun and tell her to shoot someone and then tell her she can’t get her OC prescription filled or have an abortion. Well, you can, but it will be much harder to do now. And men can’t pull that “I served on the frontlines in a war” crap in politics. It levels a great deal of the playing field.

Woah! This snip of hearing is very interesting and should raise lots of ire:

4:37 PM: Rep. Joe Kennedy — the one with the red hair — asks if Clinton could share any lessons she learned as Secretary of State.

4:38 PM: Clinton says that she learned to meet extremists and terrorists in the same channels they occupy — e.g.. television, social media, etc

Gotta track down that clip. It’s a keeper.

5 Responses

  1. I didnt’ expect anything less from Hill. As for the women on the front line – fine. Biggest question: Will they be paid the same as the men?

    • I’m going to guess that it’s a lot harder to stiff women in the military than in the private sector. You do not want enemies and resentment in your own trenches. Yeah, I know that African Americans had to put up with a lot of shit for years. Maybe that’s why there were segregated units for so long. But once you integrate, unity of purpose is really important. That could crumble if there is overt inequity.

  2. Headlines on Hillary’s testimony read like a Rohrshach test. It is hard to see that the same event is being covered. Let’s start with the good.

    The Washington Post gave the testimony two headlines. The news story headline was, “In her Capitol Hill swan song, Clinton shines during Benghazi testimony” Dana Mibank opined, “Clinton Storms Capitol Hill” obviously, the paper whose readership is government employees and contractors, chimed in favorably.

    The New York Daily News went further. “HIL GIVES ‘EM HELL ON THE HILL”

    The LA Times had professor Hillary lecture her dim-witted Republican students, “Clinton goes back to basics on Benghazi”

    The Chicago Tribune, Hillary’s Republican home town newspaper in her Rodham days headlined, “Clinton forcefully defends handling of Benghazi attack”

    The Des Moines Register representing the over important sexist Iowa market played it bland, “Hillary Clinton Testifies on Benghazi”

    Then came the low blows. The New York Times, representing Manhattan south of 96th Street headlined, “Facing Congress, Clinton Defends Her Actions Before and After Libya Attack” Congress? Way to cover up a purely partisan attack while sounding “fair”

    The New York Post went over the top, Republican, ” Clinton’s Response can’t cover the fact that Administration bumbled in pursuit of terrorists” Like W who started crazy wars and never got Bin Laden?

    Finally, the lowest, most sexist of all from the Miami Herald, “Emotional and defiant, Clinton Answers Congress on Benghazi Attack”

  3. I love that picture! Hillary is giving her erstwhile friend, John McCain, exactly the amount of attention he deserves as he claims that the murdered ambassador personally told McCain that security was inadequate. So, did McCain pick up the phone and call his friend, Hillary, and tell her about this very important information he gathered? No, he waited until disaster struck and them blamed Hillary for not doing her job even though he didn’t do his.

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