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Why questions

Why does Adam Davidson even have a recurring Sunday column in the NYTimes?

Why are there so few women opinion makers and so many male opinion makers who go on to become pompous gasbags on Sunday morning talk shows?  Why do I get the feeling that when MoDo dies or retires, she’ll be replaced by someone like Kevin Drum?

Why do I get the feeling that the lack of female voices in major media outlets has to do with the fact that they are unlikely to identify with the villagers?  Why are the villagers so much like the Taliban in their repression of women in the public forum?


Why do otherwise smart bloggers make a big f&*(ing deal about re-electing an African-American president when it was clear that the re-elected dude’s whole campaign revolved around making giant leaps of hyperbolic meme planting about how evil his opponent was while simultaneously re-inforcing learned helplessness to make sure his own disgusted base didn’t defect to third parties?  Why doesn’t this blogger see that many people felt they didn’t have a choice and it had nothing to do with melanocyte density?  Why doesn’t the blogger understand that if the disgusted had a choice they would have ditched the dude even if he had been the first purple skinned president in history?   Why doesn’t he understand that this is not a triumphant moment but an indication of the feeling of impotence in the electorate?  And why doesn’t the blogger admit that the ability to “win” a nomination and have a series of unfortunate events lead to winning an election is no guarantee that the candidate will be anything more than an inexperienced, mediocre, banker sycophantic president who is a notoriously poor negotiator, even in his second term?  Why won’t the left shut up about Obama because going on about racism and politics is about as out-of-touch with everyday living conditions as it is possible to get and the rest of the electorate, even the ones on their side, is starting to resent it?

Why doesn’t the blogger understand that it is even less possible now for an intelligent, left of center female to win the presidency than it was 4 years ago and that it will probably never happen in my lifetime because Obama’s campaign showed how to take out the female competition?

Why doesn’t the blogger understand that there were/are dozens of women who were more qualified to be president and had years more legislative experience than Obama and they were never even considered by the Democratic party?  Why do we just assume that they wouldn’t have been better presidents than Obama?  Why do I get the feeling that the next conservative grand bargaineer that the Democrats try to rush through will be a woman and the meme machine will say “It’s her time!” and everyone will jump on the bandwagon and inadvertently elect another Reagan lover?

Why do most left blogosphere bloggers act like no damage was done to women by the hateful way women candidates were treated in 2008?  Why are they living in la-la land about how women’s standing has been set back?  Why are they so fucking clueless?

Why do I get the feeling that Democrats are as dumb as a box of rocks?

9 Responses

  1. She’s baaaaack!

    2 points, Riverdaughter:

    a) Have you noticed over time how savagely “MoDO” treats women in her NYT column? She constantly slams Hillary. And her snotty snarky put-downs of poor Monica Lewinsky were relentless. Just to name two of her female victims…

    b) It is no longer possible for a left of center anything (man, woman, tg or avatar) to win the presidency…

    ps: while you were away Lance Armstrong confessed to Oprah that he killed Nicole Simpson. And JFK. And the Archduke Ferdinand. And Jessica Rabbit. And Manti Te’o’s make-believe girlfriend…. Is this a great country, or what?

    • Yep, the situation is critical when the only well known op/Ed columnist who is female is also the villagers’ hit man
      Just let that sink in for a second.
      Who else do we have? Ana Marie Cox? Who does she write for? Joan Walsh? Perpetual Obama toe-licker?
      Heck, we don’t even have Molly Ivins or Irma Bombeck. I can’t remember it ever being this bad before. Virtually none of the influential opinion makers are women and all of the ones on the on deck circle are men.
      It makes me sick.
      I don’t want to hear any more crap about how we have had our teachable moment about race. I’m sending my kid to emigrate to some enlightened country where women can actually rise to leadership positions like Australia, Scandanavia, or even Pakistan, fergawdssakes.
      I never thought we would ever be bigger hypocrites on the subject of gender than Pakistan but there you go.

      • Or Germany. Why not Germany?

        But Australia? Global warming will turn Australia into a sterile venusian hellscape within her lifetime.

    • And I noticed something else about Dowd . . . she considers “feminine attributes” to be insulting and demeaning . . . as shown by how she used “feminine attribute” tropes to demean Al Gore . . . what with “practically lactating” and so forth.

      Would it be fair to paraphrase Kanye West . . . ” Maureen Dowd does not care about woman people.”

  2. You say “dumb as a box of rocks”; I say “bought and paid for”.

    It matters little; the results are the same. 😦

    • I agree…bought and paid for to be dumb as rocks…and that’s a compliment to them. . No one will pay for one’s actual opinions on a blog. If the blogger makes a living from the blog, I smell payola.

      That blog post could have written weeks ago…whatever the reality, the manufactured reality, the point of the blog’s existence, will be printed.

      The powers that be LOVE females slamming other females in print . They are addicted to girl on girl mud wrestling hit jobs…and many a female has made a career of the smack downs

    • Some are bought and paid for. Others are auditioning now in hopes of getting paid for later.

      And some are suicidally loyal to the ghost of a Democratic Party which died several decades ago. They are the pathetic nostalgiacrats
      who would rather go down with the Good Ship Democrat than defect en masse with as many of their staffers and infrastructures and voters as they can and form a Real Democrat Party. Their disability seems psychological to me, but the effect is box-of-rocks dummness.

  3. when MoDo dies or retires

    She’ll never retire, she’d never admit she’s of retiring age lol.
    Besides that age will ever slide ahead of us all. The number 70 is now being used. They want to get the life expectancy and the “retirement ” age as close as possible, and the lack of health care helps in that aim of course

  4. “Why do I get the feeling that Democrats are as dumb as a box of rocks?”

    Well, when a person or a party loses their reason for living, it pays to be dumb as a box of rocks. And since the Pretenda-Dem party no longer actually stands for anything other than being repub-lite, they get to shut down their brains. They stopped using their spines after Reagan so their brains had to follow sooner or later.

    Our whole political clusterf*ck makes me wonder if this country will ever again have a true liberal party.

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