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Hitler finds out about the $1 Trillion dollar platinum coin

Don’t tell Krugman.


Totally unrelated:  Congratulations to the Hillsborough High School Bio Team who beat surrounding high schools, including Princeton Day School,  in competition on Thursday. Brooke tied for the highest score. Whoop! Whoop!  Go Raiders!

What the Bio Team really needs is its own cheerleaders:


It could happen.

17 Responses

  1. I’m having steel cut oatmeal with fruit, nuts and brown sugar and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

  2. What is the difference between steel cut oatmeal and quick oats?

    • regular oatmeal is pressed or something so that it’s flat. steel cut is sheared so you get more of a chewy nib of oaty goodness. the absolute best steel cut are McCanns from Ireland
      but they take longer to cook and my grocery store doesn’t carry them anymore {{sob!}}. I have a different brand of steel cuts now. Cooks more quickly but they’re not as chewy as McCanns.

  3. Go Raiders!

    American Express to cut 5,400 jobs


    I know the holidays are over, the usual time
    firings are done, but they are still cutting jobs

    The current policy of the Federal Reserve, with the backing of the Obama administration, is to keep interest rates at 0.0-0.25 percent until the official unemployment rate drops below 6.5 percent.

    According to the latest estimates, this will be in 2015 at the earliest.
    This essentially means cranking tens of billions of dollars a month from the public treasury into the banks over the next two years.

    This money is being given to institutions that are under no obligation to put it towards any socially useful purpose, such as lending the money to small businesses or consumers. Rather, the financiers on Wall Street are sitting on cash hoards amounting to trillions of dollars even as they slash their workforces

    • This is so that if the current governators can push the FedGov into bankruptcy and place America under IMF supervision, the major banks
      and similar institutions and connected rich people will have several trillion privately held “dollars” to use for buying up all the National Forests, all the National Parks, all the National Wildlife Refuges, all the books in the Library of Congress, etc. etc.; if the order is given to privatise all FedPublic assets.

      The same would be done to all State/County/City/Other public assets
      in every such jurisdiction which can be driven into carefully staged and engineered insolvency. Your local public library might have some books in it that a rich book collector might like to buy for a nickel a book. If your city/town can be driven into insolvency, the library and all its books can be sold. I believe that is the OverClass goal here.

      Obama wants to make the Bush Tax Cuts permanent as part of his role in implementing Plan Yeltsin For America, for example. The Catfood Democrats ( people like Hoyer and Pelosi and etc.) fully support the Yeltsinization of America. Which is why they support Obama in making as many of the BushCoBama Tax Cuts as permanent as possible.

      • I would agree with all that…Yeltsinization of America is a stop along the way to making us Iraq / Afghanistan . Red zones and green zones is the plan.

        But even though I sound totally cyclical, I also say God is not mocked…they will destroy themselves and are well on the way
        of doing so . The heart brteaking part is all the innocents they take down with them

        • Ummm . . . they didn’t destroy themselves in Russia. They got completely away with it in Russia. And continue to do so.

          I hope we can stop the Yeltsin Plan in mid plan because the hope that a god or gods will punish their success feels like a thin reed of vain hope to me.

          So here’s hoping we can stop them, one battle at a time.

  4. Good news! I finally got an invite for Ingress!!!
    Bad news! It doesn’t work on an iPhone!!!

  5. ” Hitler reacts to the Hitler parodies being removed from You Tube.”

  6. In my family we have what we call, “oh Jesus moments” Like when we misplace a check, important paper work and the like etc…I can’t imagine the oh J moment potential with this coin lol

  7. Time to start thinking about what to name the entity that will follow after the United States collapses from a virulent case of Terminal Stupidity.
    I vote for the Empire of Gobsmack even tho I’m not too fond of the Bog Trotters.

  8. I’m very sorry to report that Violet Socks is hanging up her red shoes.

  9. Congress passed the fifty billion aid package for Sandy victims.
    Yay and it’s about time.

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