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Men do not mentor women

Obama Aides Drinking Beer Shirtless in Local DC Bar 2010

The NYTimes has an article on the front page about the dearth of women in the senior positions of the Obama administration.  The paper tries to make it sound like it’s on a par with the Clinton administration but far, far better than the Bush administration.  I love how they keep trying to rewrite history.  We remember how Clinton kept nominating women to the Attorney General’s office until he got one that didn’t have a nanny problem.  And then there was Madeleine Albright.  She was a first.  Then came Ruth Bader Ginsburg, only the second woman on the Supreme Court.  And Joycelyn Elders.  Who could forget her?  It was Bill Clinton who hired Brooksley Born, even if she was overruled by Summers, Geithner and Rubin.  And who could forget his most important advisor on health care reform, Hillary Rodham Clinton?

So, what is the NYTimes saying?  “At least they’re not as bad as the last guy” is not a winning message, IMHO.  Ahh, here’s a possible answer:

Interviews with current and former members of the administration, both men and women, suggested that there was no single reason for the discrepancy, and several repeatedly spoke of the administration’s internal commitment to diversity and gender equity.

But several said that the “pipeline” of candidates appeared to be one problem. They said it seemed that more men than women were put forward or put their names forward for jobs. In part, that might be a result of the persistence of historical discrepancies: men have traditionally dominated fields of government service like finance, security and defense.

Oh, my!  That sounds insurmountable!  What’s a president to do if he only gets recommendations that are male?  He simply cannot change the status quo.  It is impossible.


Of COURSE men are going to put other men in the pipeline.  It is human nature for people to be comfortable with people who are most like themselves.  In this case, having a penis is extremely important.  Don’t ask me how it is important.  It just is.  Apparently there are urinary challenges to overcome or circle jerks where women are genitally challenged.  Who knows what initiation rites one must undergo to get into the pipeline?  Maybe it’s a matter of being tall enough to play center forward.  Or being able to get onto the greens at the right country club.  Whatever it is, it has nothing to do with the job.  It just has to do with a certain comfort level, to be able to sound important and have that sound acknowledged, to be able to swear without fear, to be able to take one’s shirt off when playing billiards at the local bar.

You know, guy stuff.  Men do not mentor women.  I have never seen it in a professional setting.  Let me think….  Nope, I can’t think of a single instance when men mentored women in the chemistry field.  Sometimes, women were hired to management positions and then the men around them bitched and moaned about how unqualified they were but I never witnessed one woman chosen from her male colleagues who was nurtured and forwarded for a management position by a senior male.

The president *could* just say, “your list must consist of as many females as males”.  We might expect him to set an example or be proactive but I guess that’s just too much to ask of this president.  He might force his team to come up with female names.  That might make the people making recommendations to form a professional relationship with some females, whether they liked it or not.  And that might get females into the pipeline.  As it is, since all of the candidates are male, half of these guys are going to be below average.  Are the candidate pickers trying to say that there are absolutely NO women who are better than the average guy to fill these positions?  Oh, wait, that was a Larry Summers idea.  See Brookesley Born reference above.

I would try harder if I were the president.  There’s really no excuse at this point.

Obama fans have a lot to answer for when women stagnate and regress for eight straight years under a “Democratic” president.  Does the end still justify the means?  One might reasonably argue that in 1993 and 1996, women were just starting to percolate through the system.  But 20 years later, there’s really no good excuse anymore.  As Dina Refki, executive director of Women in Government said in the article:

Experts on women in government suggested that more transparency might help equalize the gender ratio as well. “We know that to bring that level of leadership to 50 percent, we have to make a deliberate effort to find women and appoint them to that level,” said Dina Refki, the executive director of the Center for Women in Government and Civil Society at the University at Albany. “Most of the time that deliberate effort isn’t made.”

Has there been anything close to a deliberate effort made?  This mother of two daughters says, “definitely not”.

18 Responses

  1. I was always hesitant to mentor women– too many chances for misunderstandings.

  2. An administration chock full of Vinnie Testosteronies Remember the snot bag groping the Hillary cutout?

    • That was his now 31-year-old speech writer Jon Favreau who Obama says can read his mind…he wrote the pseudo-lofty idealistic prose that connected the rockstar with college students. Favreau seems to have recently read Faulkner prior to providing teleprompter fodder. Obama made him Assistant to the President and Director of Speechwriting with a salary of over $172K, paid by the taxpayers.

    • Somebody found this snot bag and armed him and weaponised him.
      And all of the others. I suspect a lot of what are called obots were still post-adolescent pre-adults who would normally have been getting some adult supervision and spiritual-moral guidance from real adults in all the usual semi-structured settings.

      I wonder if the Obama Command Central found a way to gather bunches of these pre-adults together into critical masses and carefully distorted them into mass makers of mayhem. These pre-adults were at the normal age of “final pre-adult imprint” upon any normally-available adult maturation-guide/adviser. But the Obama campaign operatives imprinted bunches of them upon carefully Obama-provided
      ethics-destroyers and spirit-polluters instead . . . thereby mass culturing obots deep within the Obama MindControl Laboratories and then releasing them upon the political landscape.

      Just a thought . . .

      • Also, many might have been prepubescent males with mommy issues who couldn’t hope for a date until they matured a bit (and got a bit more savvy). For them, the Obama was the bomb! He wasn’t one of the females who might have not appreciated his born right to superiority.

        • In which case, were they entirely “their own fault”? Or does the primary fault lie with those who attracted them and enriched them into critical masses and then weaponised them and then deployed them against an unsuspecting Democratic Party and democratic society?
          And who then . . . are the evil botbuilders and botmasters? What are their names? What are their organizations? What were/are all the lines/sources of their money and support? Who are their famous name-brand collaborators and apologisers today?

        • And the suspicion of mommy issues brings exactly to mind a referrence Riverdaughter made to John Aravosis saying in his blog one time that HClinton was a “horrible person”. If I remember correctly having read such a post.

          If my memory is correct . . . it sounds exactly like ” Mother! I hate you!! ” on John Aravosis’s part.

  3. But Larry Summers says women don’t have the math gene, so how can you do science? 😉

  4. The Obamians are so lame they can’t even point to their own Binders Full of Women.


  5. The odd thing is, that as noted, the pipeline is fuller than it was. About 15% of the US military are women. The number of women veterans tops 1.8 million. The newly elected House member from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard, is a decorated woman veteran.

    Similarly, the available pipeline of women executives, politicians and experts has also grown over the years.

    The few women pushed forward by this administration fit a pattern. Susan Rice was aggressive, abrasive, dismissive of Hillary, and tended to favor violent solutions in Africa (her previous job). Susan Jackson also leaned over backwards to favor polluters at EPA. Yes, the token women acted more male than the males.

    The resistance to Elizabeth Warren may have been more than one of policy.

    • Nah. Elizabeth warren = less campaign and under the table $$ and no post administration pseudo-job @ mega $$.

    • Is that always true of Jackson? I remember hearing at the time that she wanted sufficiently strong anti-soot/particulate standards regarding diesel emissions as pointed to by science, and it was the Obama Administration political commissars who ordered her not to release these better standards.

      Also, I wonder if her resignation has to do with her displeasure over Obama’s impending approval of the Northern Half of Keystone X Pipeline . . . and her not wanting to be around and visible when he finally comes right out and approves it?

      • I talked with an aide of Jackson’s about fracking, as it is being done very close to where I live. He was less than interested or helpful. I then asked him if this wasn’t his job to help constituents with environmental problems that could be caused by policies and practices of parties that are overseen by the EPA. He vehemently stated that that was not the purpose of the EPA!!!!!! OMG he would not say just what the purpose of the EPA was. I guess it is just another way to pretend they are giving consideration to the Environment. It was a SHOCKING conversation!!!
        I assume she is getting out before some scandal comes to light or she was offered a nice plush job in the fracking industry or some such post…. Both seem scandalous to me.

        • That is rather disturbing. Have other people in your area concerned about fracking called this same aide separately, over and over and over again? And asked for his name? And taped the conversations? Could that sort of thing be circulated to make his position “untenable” and to subject him to roving embarrassment wherever he goes?

          • This happened several years ago. I was so stunned that I called and talked to some other on the state level. I never got his name, I am sorry to say. The state people were not shocked by his attitude. I tried calling and talking to a number of people and all to no avail. And now we have Gov Corbett who is as environmentally conscious as Lisa Jackson…..NOT!
            It is pathetic.

  6. Obama and his cronies do not like women. That has been plain for a very long time. The NY Times seems to need to ” rediscover ” this evey 6 months…duh

    • What if a high visibility culture-figure were to re-purpose Kanye West’s quote about George Shrubya Bush . . . and change it just a little to say: “Barack Obama just doesn’t care about women people.”
      In the most embarrassing way and venue possible?

  7. Please – the ironic thing about Romney’s ‘binders full of women’ comment is that he was probably serious. He had plenty of women’s resumes for high level positions. Obama puts the same into his rotating file – the wastebasket – and then complains there’s no pipeline for women. Men don’t mentor women? Well, no – not the type of men who work in the Obama administration. Lots of others do.

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