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What, No Bible??

ElizabethWarren had her ceremonial swearing in ceremony a few minutes ago.  I missed the magic moment to screen capture it but I did manage to capture Maizie Hirono’s pose with Biden.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 2.27.29 PM

As she was being sworn in, Biden offered Hirono a Bible, which she declined.  She swore on no book.  Maizie is a Buddhist, the first Buddhist Senator we’ve ever had.  So, this is her right to decline a bible.

She’s not the only one breaking new ground today.  Tulsi Gabbard, congressional rep from Hawaii, is the first Hindu elected to Congress.  She took the oath on the Bhagavad Gita.

Well. that’s the last sign of the apocalypse, surely.

21 Responses

  1. A new officeholder could really annoy some people by getting sworn in using a copy of Darwin’s On The Origin Of Species.

    • When I get sworn in, I’m going to do it on a copy of the Silmarillion.

      • I tried reading the Silmarillion once. I found it painfully dry after the first page or two. Perhaps I will try again some day.

        • The first part is a creation story followed by a kind of Hesiod’s theogony. After that, it gets really good. He could have made a whole new series based on Feanor, his sons and Beren and Luthien. Good stuff.

          • Well, I may give it a serious try again some day, then. I still like having read the “run through Mirkwood Forest” sequence in The Hobbit itself, because it brought back such “augmented advanced hyper-memories” . . if you will . . of the woods on the top of the ridge we lived on the side of in Knoxville, Tenn. Parts of those woods were deep and thick enough to deserve the name forest.

  2. Refusing the Bible by two new congress persons is a good start. The oath should use the word “affirm” instead of “swear”.

    Jesus: “But I say unto you, Swear not at all” – King James Bible

    I agree with Jeebus

    • Those who have Faith never parade their Faith in public. Those who parade their Faith in public . . . have no Faith.

      Also, never trust a man who says “trust me”.

      And here’s a saying from William S. Burroughs in his “old Uncle Bill” mode. . . . “If you ever do bussiness with a religious son of a bitch, get. it. in. writing. “

  3. This is a breakthrough. Thanks for catching it.

  4. Love it. I think all swearings should be done on a copy of Window’s EULA.

  5. I’d take my oath on “The Feminine Mystique.”

  6. Keith Ellison, a House Democrat from Minnesota, shook things up a few years back by taking his oath on the Koran. He used Thomas Jefferson’s copy.

  7. Between eschewing the Bible, Benghazi, and the NYT’s recent op-ed about that useless document the Founding Fathers wrote, the Great Right Outrage Machine won’t have any room to bring up Intelligent Design.

  8. FWIW, congress.org lists the religion of each member of the House and Senate in its directory section. The most interesting combination is held by Krysten Synema of Arizona. She is a bi-sexual who lists her religion as “None.” That takes a lot of strength of character to say the least.

    The rule of thumb, as you might expect, is that Protestants are mostly Republican and non-Protestants are mostly Democrats. The exceptions: Lutherans , AME, Congregationalists, and Church of God are mostly Democrats. Mormons are mostly Republicans. Christian Science is Republican (both of them).

    None, not stated, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Quaker and Unitarian are entirely Democrats. Jewish includes 32 Democrats and 1 Republican (Eric Cantor). Catholics are the largest group with 96 Democrats and 70 Republicans.

  9. I think all Congresspersons should be required to swear on the Constitution of the United States of America that they will take care of the people of the United States first and above all others.

    • The preamble to the constitution, if you know your schoolhouse rock goes something like:
      We the people, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice and insure domestic tramquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and protect the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution…
      So, if they swear to uphold the constitution, then they’re signing on to cover all of us.
      A union is a union. You can’t back out of it if you don’t get your way or you don’t want the responsibilities. That’s why we fought the civil war.

      • That is why I believe they should swear on the Constitution and not on bibles or other books of religion. The Constitution should be the political bible. They should have to lay their hand on it and swear in public to uphold it even when their particular religious beliefs are in conflict with it.

        • The act of swearing on anything is ridiculous. Especially bibles. The only reason people do it is because there is some kind of irrational expection of righteous vengeance if you break your oath. But people in congress don’t seem to be afraid of divine wrath so why bother?
          Just affirm your promise and then make sure to enforce it.

  10. The cheapskate response to Sandy today was amazing. As you may know the House voted to approve $9.7 billion to cover the unfunded claims of those who purchased flood insurance in NY and NJ. Not so surprisingly, all of the NY and NJ House members voted for the bill as did
    all but two of those from Florida. My nomination for the smartest fool in the House goes to Ron DeSantis, newly elected from a Florida district that includes Daytona beach and St. Augustine. De Santis snaked through his primary by 819 votes. Talk about a one termer.

    As for smartest fool, he has a history degree magna cum laude from Harvard and a Law degree from Yale. The fool? Who is he representing? Not the people in his district who pay flood insurance policies. Or don’t. Not people in Florida. Some big bad conservative mega principle, I guess. Give him a copy of Atlas shrugged instead of the Constitution.

    The other Florida guy just can’t read a map. He thinks inland Florida (the panhandle near Gainesville, is somehow immune from storms. He’s a veterinarian so he must have some smarts too but, I guess, not enough.

    I really want to identify the grifters who get agriculture subsidies and military expenditures uo the wazoo and don’t want to pay out on insured insurance claims or pre-paid social security and medicare. We really need to shut these jerks and their freebies off in toto (and I don’t mean the dog from the wizard of Oz.

  11. To me, the question is not so much

    ” what no bible?” as much as it’s

    ” what no government?”

    cause I really don’t see any…I see a publisher’s clearing house party bus for the top.999%

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