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Give me caffeine!!

Get your mugs ready. I’ve got Starbucks Blonde Christmas Blend in mine, which, I have to admit, is excellent. (No endorsement, just my personal opinion. I’m not a fan of the original Christmas Blend.) For those of you who like a lot of caffeine in your morning brew, get the lighter roasts. They’re loaded.

Now, check out this video of Emily Eddington, morning anchor at WSIL in Illinois, doing the coffee dance with her co-worker Josue.

I’ve been busy for the last couple of days playing around with ribbons and stuff. I’ll be back later after I figure out how to figure out how the stories I’ve been reading snap together.


3 Responses

  1. Bits of useless coffee trivia I find entertaining:

    Coffee was introduced to western Europe following a Turkish siege of Vienna. When the Turks retreated in a hurry, they lefted large sacks of these beans. The Austrians didn’t no what to do with them so they tried eating them. No good. So then they asked Turkish prisoners , “What do you do with these beans.” The answer involved grinding the beans and cooking in boiling water, etc.

    For breakfast connoisseurs, a Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683 was broken up by the arrival of help from the Polish cavalry. The Viennese bakers decided to commemorate the event by baking a roll with a hole in the middle that looked like a stirrup thus inventing the bagel. So the Turkish sieges of Vienna gave us both the bagel and coffee.

    Coffee, of course, tastes different from region to region. The strongest coffee I ever had was in Alaska. The weakest was in Arizona. New Orleans chickory coffee is just different. It goes down best with the super sweet beignets which is probably the plan.Personally I prefer Dunkin’ Donuts and Panera to Starbucks but everybody has his/her preference.

    Is it a coincidence or is there some truth to the idea that the more Republican the state, the worse the coffee?

    Coffee entrepreneurs seem to come from the Northeast. Although Starbucks is based in Seattle, I think the founder originally came from Brooklyn. The founder of Au Bon Pain and Panera Bread (at least as a chain) is Ron Shaich. I’m not sure of his home town but he went to college and grad school in Massachusetts (he was in my classes). Shaich is a liberal Democrat who worked in the McGovern campaign. Panera makes nice salad

    Although General Foods was based in the Northeast , it took the house blend of the Maxwell House Hotel in Tennessee and made it national which is why Maxwell House tastes a tad weaker. The slogan was coined by Teddy Roosevelt and used with no pay by General Foods which did bribe a waiter to ask, “How is the coffee, Mr. President?” “Good to the last drop” replied Teddy.

    Coffee, of course, got its big boost in the US in the era leading up to the Revolutionary War. Americans who boycotted British-sold tea substituted coffee..

    During the US Civil War, Union soldiers routinely traded with Confederates. The North provided coffee and the South provided tobacco. The South got the better of that deal.

    • Wow! That was fascinating. I didn’t know about Vienna or the bagel. Thanks for that. You must be a coffee connoisseur.

      I like Pete’s coffee and Starbucks blonde blends. The blondes have that burned bitterness removed and the flavor is delicious. Plus, nice coffee buzz. I’ve heard people rave about Dunkin’ Donuts coffee but color me unimpressed. It’s Ok. But I’ve never tried Panera’s coffee. I’m hooked on their brewed Iced Tea (plain, no sweetener).

      • We buy Panera’s tea through the net. It used to be sold in their stores. The hot tea is Republic of Tea’s British Breakfast Blend.

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