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      Last Friday I wrote an article on the idea that if a society has a rule or duty, it must apply to everyone in the applicable situation, no matter who they are, even if it’s someone you love. It was interesting to me that most of the commenters disagreed. Perhaps this is my fault in choosing the famous example of a German general executing his own son for aba […]
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Happy ThanksBirthGiving Day!

(Part of this post has been cross posted at the site For Democratic Reform.  It’s time to get a new party started.)

Yes, it’s that odd alignment of the calendar where Thanksgiving falls on my birthday.  Yay!  Whoop! Whoop! Maybe *this* year, we’ll get fewer fauxber reflections  on where people were on the day Kennedy was shot.  {{yawn}}  (You know who you are. It’s boooooorrrrring and it ruins the birthday for millions of us so knock it off.) Well, a girl can dream.

One of the things I like about Thanksgiving feasts is that they are actually pretty inexpensive when you think about it.  The most expensive item on the menu is the turkey.    You can feed a bunch o’people for way less than $100 on turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberries, stuffing*, green bean casserole and pie.  And if you assign a different dish to each guest, it might be the cheapest dinner party you ever threw.  Which makes me wonder…

Why do we only have Thanksgiving once a year?

So, what are your big plans today?

And do you remember this guy?  This is FDR giving his Four Freedoms Speech.  The Four Freedoms are Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Worship, Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear.

Not bad for a rich guy who didn’t have to worry about the 99%- but did anyway.  We live with his legacy today with the social insurance policies that he helped create and that president and both parties are busily trying to undermine with the urging of the pundits.

What exactly is it they hope to accomplish by allowing companies to reneg on their pension obligations while reducing the social insurance programs to the status of welfare programs?  Something about the sick arguments for killing these programs off reminds me of the dads who don’t want to pay child support because their former wives will just spend that money any way they want.  Like paying the rent or mortgage and feeding ourselves is some kind of frivolous luxury we can do without if we just tighten our belts.  Or that we’re too stupid to know that we can make a LOT more MONEY if we stash it in a 401K.  Wow. It’s like they think we just fell off the turnip truck and haven’t seen what happens to 401Ks when the smart young things play with our funds like its Monopoly money.  Don’t we have a right to say where we want to put our nest eggs?  Maybe we need a new Freedom.

I’m going to call it, the Freedom from Exploitation.  That is, the freedom of all working people, regardless of class, to reap the fruits of their productivity, to have their contracts and expertise honored, to have their success measured in terms other than how big their bonuses are, to be paid a living wage no matter where they live so that they might be able to afford a decent roof over their heads, healthcare and savings for their retirement, and to invest those savings in a guaranteed and safe retirement program that elected officials will regard as a moral obligation to protect as if it was a treaty between nations.

And anyone who argues against the Freedom from Exploitation or  for the dissolution of social insurance programs because they don’t feel an obligation to be honorable human beings, or simply in order free up those hard-earned savings as new funds for the global casino, should be hung up by their balls and ruthlessly shamed.

And now, for the greatest speech:

Have a great Thanksgiving!

*STUFFING.  Not dressing or filling.  As in, thaw the bird completely, stuff lightly and check the temperature. Jeez, get with the program. 😉

27 Responses

  1. Whoa! I just switched my username to my real first name. That’s scary.
    What a weird name. Did you ever look at your name and wonder how that sucker got attached to you?

  2. Happy thanksgiving!
    And happy birthday to me.
    Being born on St. Cecilia’s day I was given her name.
    She is the patron of music and I got all the music genes which I feel blessed and give thanks for it.

    • Today’s your B-day too??
      Happy Birthday To You!

      • Thanks a bunch RD:
        It’s always overlooked either for Thanksgiving or JFK assassination.
        But I always celebrate it with tons of music.
        I hope someday I’ll share my music and compositions with you’ll; I’m keeping positive about the outcome of my music.
        May music be with you today and everyday of your life; is the food of the soul.

    • Happy Birthday to the both of you.
      Happy thanksgiving to all.

  3. I remember reading somewhere that FDR had further thoughts on domestic political-economic affairs and improvement defense . . . which he was going to suggest under the rubric of the “Decent Society”. But then he died.

    Federation for Democratic Reform might want to have a very few most basic things that anyone from liberals to liberadicals can support.
    I can certainly support Freedom From Exploitation. That’s a basic survival issue. If it starts demanding support or opposition for particular policy approaches like Free Trade Agreements, it will repel either the supporters or opponents of Free Trade Agreements, for example.

    • I think it is a good time to talk about transitioning away from this site to FDR with a more purposeful focus. R U Reddy??

      • (waving) I am.

      • Well, I will keep reading and commenting at this site regardless.
        But if a Federation for Democratic Reform site emerges and/or even becomes a meatspace group of people meeting in the realitysphere to see if something can be done about something, I will get mildly involved in my low energy way.

      • Ahh . . . this is an already-existing webpage ready for use. Now I get it. Sometimes I am slow to get things.

        Yes, “I R Reddy” to begin investing a low level of energy. If enough other millions of people invest their millions of low levels of energy in a focused targeted directed way, they can focus a lot of energy on one point. It can take years to achieve, so hopefully people will not be disappointed in non-payoff after a few months.

        And of course people will still apply energy to their own more narrow-focus cause-and-goal groups. As long as an FDR were not expected to
        validate or pursue any one or another of these more specific cause-goals, an FDR would not be torn back apart right at the start.

  4. Happy Decanting Day, Kim. (RD?) May Our Ford bless you! :mrgreen:

  5. Happy Birthday, RD and bellecat.
    Many happy returns of the day.

  6. I’m slow…. I didn’t catch the F.D.R. acronym until just now. Now sure what you’re thinking, but “Federation for Democratic Reform” (also F.D.R.) had an awfully nice ring to it. And all people (blogs? institutions?) would have to do to join is subscribe to the 12 Word Platform… Perhaps there could be a widget… I think if it took off there would have to be organization issues addressed, but I think there could be a 12 ___ ___ that addressed them…

    • I created that blog For Democratic Reform back in 2008. But nothing ever got started on it. In other words, the wordpress address is fordemocraticreform. Federationfordemocraticreform takes a lot more typing. I just thought it would be a good time to start using it.

  7. A complication for a hoped for Freedom from Exploitation: the powerful and those who seek power (i.e., the exploiters) are amoral and believe that “Might makes Right” : see the interview with James Baker near the end of the film “The American Ruling Class” where he basically says that might makes right. (And of course an amoral ruling class is not unique to the USA.) The powerful know that any and all contracts and treaties can be broken when convenient to their further aggrandizement of power. So, how do the people constrain the power of the powerful?

    Thinking of the film “The American Ruling Class” reminds me of the “Nickle and Dimed” song, which I think is Great.

    Happy Birthday to Kim/RiverDaughter.

  8. With all the hoopla around ridiculous shopping hours on this holiday and the day after, check out this company’s site today–my daughter’s new favorite place to shop and here’s a clue as to why:


    • There are a ton of these kinds of online curated shops, like OneKingsLane, Joss&Main and OpenSky. But you always need to “join” to be able to see what they have to offer. That means they can flood your inbox with a relentless number of emails. I’m not joining any more of these sites. If they are really trying to cut out the middle man, they can stop spamming me and let me see what’s at their sites without a lot of bullshit membership crap.

  9. I think the word “reform” has a lot of baggage at this point…kinda like “progressives” has come to mean “liberals” who support ultra right wing policies and paint anybody tot he right of them as “extremist”.

    To me, reform has come to mean replacing FDR’s enlightened policies, with 19th century’s economic class/social divisions and colonial wars of aggression for a nation’s national resources. That’s not to say that these “reformist” policies are not without “practical” reform, they are after all, sans the mercantilism and direct colonization [we now outsource the slave-driving to local tyrants] of the 19th century.

  10. Off the top if my head the only thing I can come up with is Former Democrat’s Refuge.

  11. Here’s another short little saying for my very short-termest social survival goals right now . . .

    Can the catfood. Kill Bush’s tax cuts. Go back to Clinton rates.

  12. RD: Was Thursday also your birthday? November the 22nd?

  13. Happy belated birthday, RD and Kim.

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