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Two depressing videos

The first I found at NakedCapitalism.  It’s a post election summary on Real News Network about what is going to happen in the next four years.  That we’re going in the direction of favelas is no surprise to me.  But what most interested me was the bit in the last 10 minutes or so about what might happen in the vast sea of red in the middle of the country (and parts of Pennsylvania).  We are talking about nationalism.  I think the little diatribe that Rush Limbaugh went on today, as described by Matt Taibbi, suggests the germ of that is already out there.  There’s a bitter resentment about how Latinos, women, the LBGT community and african americans have exerted their “special privileges”.  As the economy falls deeper into recession due to ill-conceived austerity measures, we might see what seems like the sudden emergence of a true brown shirt movement.  Liberals will be the ones who stabbed the good citizens in the back when they elected Obama (not me!  I voted for Anderson and I have the iphone pic to prove it).  Anyway, just watch it.  It makes me think that the right wing conservative who watched Schindler’s List can not make the connection because liberal Democrats are not Jews.

The other video features Dave Swanson who argues that it is time for the left to start an movement/voting bloc independent of the Democratic party.

Wow! That’s original.  That would be like the idea that I had that we form a federation of liberal and allied groups to organize our efforts, lobby for our causes, vote as a powerful bloc and vet our own slate of candidates.

The difference is that when Dave Swanson says it, no one accuses him of being a racist and irrational Obama hater.  Now, it is chic to be critical of Obama.  It’s a fricking pain in the ass to be four years too early.

Either that or it’s the penis years effect.

Now, I’ve always been the type to say that we need to stop acting like our particular issue is THE most IMPORTANT thing EVER.  And I hate wordsmithing.  But I have noticed that women opinion makers on the left have an extremely hard time getting any kind of recognition or invitation to express their opinions- to anyone.  So, if Dave Swanson or Matt Stoller or anyone else is considering reinventing the wheel that we suggested a couple of years ago, it is my opinion that there MUST be a gender quota in the leadership and public relations department.  I’m even setting the bar pretty low at no less than 34% representation of women in leadership positions and as mouthpieces on TV and internet.  It’s the bare minimum.  To really be secure about our rights, we need to have a representative on the finance committee  Do you think I’m stupid??  The Board of Ed is not that much different than any other political institution.  It’s just on a smaller scale.  And we all know that Finance is where the action is.  Initiatives need funding and women’s initiatives need to be taken seriously.  So, no less than 34% representation on Finance.

If the left is getting the band back together, it’s time for the guys to stop bogarting the microphone.

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  1. Still seeing fascists under your bed, huh?

    Paranoia will destroy ya.

    • I guess you haven’t been keeping up with the rise of nationalism in Europe in the countries facing the harshest austerity measures. Think of the money that must be paid to the bankers as reparations your country is scheduled to pay and can’t get out of.
      History repeats because the same circumstances occur over and over again.

      • RD, I’ve been indulging in schadenfreude the past few days reading TCH. 😈

        I noticed that over on TCH, the Klown called you a coward for not posting his comments here.

        Meanwhile, I can’t post at TCH (granted, I haven’t tried to do that for a while).

        Hence, it looks like the Klown and the rest of his wretched hive of scum and villainy are displaying one of the standard hallmarks of right-wingers in the Yoo Ess Ay: perfectly unconscious hypocrisy. 🙄

        Whether Blue Obummer or Red Wingnut flavor, Kool-Aid is a helluva drug. 😛

        • I moderate myiq’s comments because I’m not interested in getting into a pissing match about the former governor of Alaska. She won’t get any more publicity from this site. Otherwise, he can post any stupid thing he wants. It’s just that I’m not always monitoring the moderation queue. I actually *do* have a life.

          • What is this “life” thing of which you speak? :mrgreen:

          • I moderate myiq’s comments because I’m not interested in getting into a pissing match about the former governor of Alaska.

            Liar. You banned me over a discussion about OWS.

            You just can’t stand losing an argument.

          • I have a kid like you. She’ll argue something stupid until she’s exhausted and there’s no longer any point.
            You were thrown in the moderation queue because of SP and that’s the only reason. Your argument had been exhausted and wasn’t converting me. If you find that your other comments have disappeared, it could be because I don’t have the time to devote to monitoring you. You’re not that important.

          • I haven’t argued with you about SP since I left this place. You didn’t start moderating my comments until earlier this year – long after SP was a topic of discussion anymore.

          • The primary reason why you were moderated was your persistence with the subject which I have decided I no longer want to discuss on this blog. The people you left behind feel likewise.
            Honestly, why do you care? Aren’t your merry band of mean spirited, religious, whip-kissers enough for you? Or have their heads exploded once they realized their particular brand of politics was reprehensible to the rest of the country? You know why we have four more years of Obama? It’s because of people like your commenters. Nobody likes them. They give all the alternatives a nasty taint of guilt by association.
            But I approve almost all of your comments, myiq. Not that it matters. You’re opinions veered wildly away from us and now belong to a different set of bloggers. Nevertheless, as long as you don’t bring up the subject for which you are being moderated, you’re more than welcome to be a very square peg here.

          • So discussing OWS is off limits here?

          • Say what you want about OWS. Since I have actually been there and you haven’t, I suspect you’re going to sound completely unhinged to me.
            Especially since you turned out to be wrong about just about everything where OWS is concerned.

          • The key question is which one of us sounds unhinged to the rest of the world.

        • Well, you’re the one acting like a bloodthirsty clown part time mortician who is hanging out with people who, with the exception of DandyTiger, can’t think their way out of a paper bag and got just about everything wrong in the past year.
          I’ll let history be the judge.

      • RD, Spammy’s knickers are twisted again. 🙄

      • Search engines are your friends, Klowny. Why don’t you pick your favorite one, and enter “Greece Golden Dawn”, and see what happens.

        • Good suggestion.

          • I don’t consider the rise of a significant native fascist movement as strong of a possibility as you do, but OTOH, I think the Former Regular Here underestimates it.

            However, I think there are two important differences between the contemporary USA and, for example, pre-Nazi Germany.

            (1) The German Malefactors Of Great Wealth allied themselves with the Nazis because they thought only the Nazis had the street power to save them from the also-powerful Communist movement in Germany. No similar danger to our MOGWs exists.

            (2) Our MOGWs have the example of German history before them. When the German MOGWs allied themselves with the Nazis, the Nazis quickly became the senior partners in the alliance, and then blundered Germany into a war which ruined it. Our MOGWs will not want to take such risks, especially when they have bought both major parties.

        • Greece is not part of “the vast sea of red in the middle of the country”. Learn geography.

          • I was using Greece as an example of what might happen here, although as I noted above, I don’t worry about that as much as RD does. Do you think what happens in other countries can’t happen here?

    • I don’t get you, I mean how do you explain Romney not even shoring up the Mormon vote or the evangelicals? Seems, you should be asking some questions of your family members (to gain insight) and not saying ppl here have their panties in a twist…seems it is cutting off some circulation as you aren’t making sense today albeit maybe it give you the ‘funny pants’ look you are seeking!?!

  2. There is a budding resurgence of radical feminism and the penis years effect you describe is a big part of the reason why. Of course the liberal douchecrats are Very Serious and you are not, because that how it is structurally, the men are playing the game amongst themselves and you get to stand over there and be cute.

  3. We had favelas here in the 1950s and 1960s and I saw them in the American south. Miles of shacks with tin roofs and dilapidated jalopies outside the now gentrified Savannah. Rural shacks on the local byways, too. In the 1970s I saw slums on the west side of Chicago and East St. Louis.

    Gradually, from the 1930s through the 1970s we were lifting up the favelas and improving them. Not just through gentrification either. Those days of more rapid growth and greater equality of income and opportunity are gone.

    No political party and darn few corporations meet your goal of 34%. Very few states meet the goal either although New Hampshire has a newly elected woman Governor, two newly elected women in the US House and two women in the US Senate. Live free or die (state motto).
    NJ is at the bottom although Iowa and Mississippi remain at THE botom, never having had a woman Governor, Senator or US representative. Once again, the closest election loss in Iowa was by a woman running for the US House. She lost to a prize boob who voted against FEMA aid for Katrina and was proud of it.

    If somebody can read data, (s)he will be able to figure that Democratic women win more frequently than Democratic men with less money. Carol Shea-Porter, for instance, got re-elected to her old House seat after being called a lousy candidate because she doesn’t fund raise particularly well. She did win back her old seat, though. She originally took the seat despite being outspent by the incumbent 4-1.

    Like I said, somebody will see the light. The data is blinking OBVIOUS. One interesting side note. In California, Republicans and Democrats each elected 15 men to the U.S. House. The difference is that Democrats elected 18 women while Republicans elected NONE. (I attributed undecided races to the leader).

    We no longer have signs in front of motels and drinking fountains that say “colored.” Instead we do it through money and class. That may integrate the 1% but it does little good for most of us.

    Jesse Jackson said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” It is really more germane that lifting all boats creates a rising tide. Back in the day, third world countries were astonished that the US educated so many women without allowing opportunities for them. It was a waste of money and a waste of talent. It was also a moral crime. Jeez, even the most idiotic males have wives, mothers, and daughters.

    Go get em, ED.

  4. A rising tide won’t lift a boat with a hole in the bottom.

    A rising tide lifts all yachts.

    A rising tide drowns the city.

    Economic growthism was a effort to draw attention away from upper class monopoly ownership of most of the wealth-based means of survival. Now that biophysical limits have put a cinder block ceiling on any more economic growth, the issue of how the lower class majority claims its stolen wealth from the upper class who fraudulently and violently redistributed all the lower class wealth upward to their own upper class selves, we can expect our politics and economics to oscillate wildly between carefully fostered denialism and violent resentment and repression.

    An economist named John L. King once said . . . “he who is not surprised when the future comes, lives very close to the truth”. He wrote that saying in a book titled How To Profit From The Next Depression. That title is misleading. The whole book is actually about what credit boombust cycles are, where depressions come from, and how our boombust credit-based financial system will impose another depression on us. The last page offers his tips on “how to proft” but they are actually tips on how to survive.

    Several years after he wrote that book, he must have decided that individual survivalism wasn’t good enough. He wrote another book about moneyism, credit boombustery, depressions, and how America might take its whole self off the credit-based boombust hamsterwheel.
    He titled it Chaos In America.

  5. The growth rate for 12 years of FDR averaged 8.5% per year. The rich did worse than average. The middle class and the social safety net were essentially created.

    I maintain that greater equality increases economic growth substantially. The growth rate of employment under Reagan was less than the growth rate under Jimmy Carter. Fewer jobs, more inequality. The ultra rich benefited. Reagan deliberately pursued a crushing recession with 10 months of unemployment over 10%. to crush oil-cost inflation.

    You are right that “growth” as advocated by some politicians is merely a mirage to take our mind off increasing inequality.

    Bill Clinton essentially created a high (for us) growth economy that did not essentially benefit either the wealthy or the rest of us particularly unequally. He didn’t increase or decrease inequality. The Republican panaceas are exactly the opposite of what the economy needs. But then a lot of Obama is pretty Republican.

    Btw, RD, counting Governors, US Senators, and US House members as leadership, only 6 states hit 34%: NH (100%), HI (60%), ME (40%), WA (38.5%), MO (36.4%) and CA (35.8%). Both AZ and NM barely miss at 33.3%. Nearly a quarter (12 of 50 or 24%) of our states including NJ and VA do not have a single woman in those positions right now

    • The re-imposition of some equality or at least equity deserves being attempted as an experiment to see if it does indeed restore some “growth”. Even if it doesn’t (as I suspect in a world with dwindling non-renewable resource substrates left to grow with) it could force an equitable redistribution of the means of survival . . . and some forced maintainance-investment in the infrastructure which permits first or second world survival for the working and sub-working class majority of people.

      And there is some scope for fine-grained “infill” growth. If 50 million suburbanites turned significant parts of their yards into high intensity micro-orchards and gardens and edible-ornamental foodscapes, we would have a huge increase in foodgrowing capacity; which is certainly
      bio-physiconomic growth whether measured in money or not. Same if houses were up-insulated and electro-use efficientized. Serious reductions in the use of gas and electric would be the functional-same as serious increases in the amounts of gas and electric. (If I had a real house of my very own I could do some of these things and report upon my success or failure. As it is, I live in a small co-op dwelling unit with a tiny micro-yard which permits a tiny micro-garden only. And we have lots of RULES about what we can do in our units. RULES, man . . . diggit).

  6. I am thrilled at advances in marriage equality and the push back against stripping women of our basic human rights. But….

    At the same time I am worried that these modest successes are also enshrining a lack of advances across the entire country.

    For that you need federal/national leadership. Until that happens (not likely in my lifetime considering the crew of national fools we have) each state will be allowed to makes its own rules…and we will end up with 15 states that allow human rights for its citizens and 35 that do not.

    Will people begin moving to states that recognize them as human beings?

    Oh, wait…kind of like civil rights in the 50’s and 60’s…until LBJ decided enough was enough.

    So while I celebrate, I also see the continuation of the same old tired arguments each political season, the continuation of a horribly splintered country on these issues that are used to keep us apart as citizens, and the wizards of our two legacy parties diverting attention away from other critical needs.

  7. I’m so happy O won. Can’t explain it on your terms. Rico, another!

    • can you please delete above comment goldberry? Didn’t mean for my email out for the world…

    • You are correct. You cannot explain it.
      It is inexplicable.
      Not my problem.

    • I’ve been oddly happy, too. “Oddly” because I despise Obummer. I think it’s because I despise the wingnuts who hate Obummer even more than I despise Obummer. :mrgreen:

      • I’m sorta glad Romney lost. But I am very sorry Obama won. I suppose it was Romney’s “47%” and the stupid stupid dull-subnormal quality lies about “Obama sold Chrysler to the Italians and now Chrysler is going to outsource all your Jeep jobs to China” that made me unable to vote strategericly for Romney. Someone should study whether that last bit swung any Car Buildistani voters against Romney in the last days.

        I will be calling my DemSenator and DemRep for whom I voted to explain to them that voted for them but voted for Rocky Anderson on the MaMaYo ticket (I guess). I will tell them the reason is Cat Food Commission. I will tell them that if they permit any changes ( or even any MENtion) of SS/Mcare/Mcaide to reach Obama’s desk; that I will never vote for Dems for Congress or President ever again. (I may still vote Dems for state and local depending on how real they seem to be).

        Every Michigan proposal got voted down. Including the ones I voted up. The mood of Michigan appeared to be ” No! No! No to you all!”

      • I suppose what makes the wingnuts so despicable is in part the crashingly stupid so-called “reasons” for which they hate Obama. Obama a socialist? Wall Street’s secret trojan horse agent a “leftist”? What kind of utter fecocephalic would believe such outright brainpus?

        I hate Obama for working to steal and destroy my Social Security and my Medicare and for granting the FIRE sector criminal gangs every sort of immunity and impunity they want, and for collaborating with the fraudlending/fraudbundling/fraudsecuritising/titlefraud-title destruction MERS conspiracy to destroy the whole concept of traceable home-ownership. Those are real reasons.

        • Yeah, now that you (RUR) mention it, I think that “Obummer is a socialist” BS is one of the main reasons I despise the wingnuts.

          However, I remember most of the neo-wingnut gang over at the Hole being smarter than that, originally.

          Then, in their righteous anger at the Wall Street-Oborg theft of the 2008 Democratic nomination, they started reading and listening to and watching the right-wing media, corporate and free-lance Web alike, because the RWM were the loudest opponents of Obummer. I hung out at Larry Johnson’s blog for a while before I realized *Admiral Ackbar voice* “IT’S A TRAP!”, and IIRC, so did you. We wised up in time to escape. They didn’t.

          It didn’t take long for the RWM to rot their minds into their current pitiful states. Goebbels would weep bitter green tears of sheer envy if he could observe the U. S. Conservative Corporate Media.

        • “Fecocephalic” is good, but if you want to be consistently Greek, “scatocephalic” (as in “scatological”) would be better. For consistent Latin, “fecocapital”, maybe? 😀

          • Consistency is sometimes beyond me. I figured that if I knew what fecocephalic was meant to mean, so would other people. It was the best I could do. And now I’m so proud of thinking it up myself that I will stick with it.

      • I’m happy a lot of good people came out and supported good things and good people: mj, gay rights, Warren!!!, non-het women to office, etc. And voted against Romney and the RR.

        I wish Obama were an honest leader and deserved this support. But the important thing is that the support is there.

        • Thanx, BL. Your use of the phrase “honest leader” just crystallized something in my mind.

          Obummer is a dirty anything-to-win politician.

          He loves to expand and use presidential power.

          He loves to make money from his political offices and the connections those offices give to him, both now and after he leaves.

          His politics resemble those of an old-fashioned moderate Republican.

          He wants to do something only a president from his political party could do, namely gut SS and Medicare–just as in the “old Vulcan proverb”, “Only Nixon could go to China.”


          • I just thought of another Nixon analogy–like Nixon, Obama won re-election because his opponent was perceived as too radical, or at least his supporters were, only this time too radically Right instead of Left.

  8. When I lived in New York 20 years ago, the United States was beginning a 20-year war on Iraq. We protested at the United Nations. The Miami Herald depicted Saddam Hussein as a giant fanged spider attacking the United States. Hussein was frequently compared to Adolf Hitler. On October 9, 1990, a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl told a U.S. congressional committee that she’d seen Iraqi soldiers take 15 babies out of an incubator in a Kuwaiti hospital and leave them on the cold floor to die. Some congress members, including the late Tom Lantos (D., Calif.), knew but did not tell the U.S. public that the girl was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States, that she’d been coached by a major U.S. public relations company paid by the Kuwaiti government, and that there was no other evidence for the story. President George H. W. Bush used the dead babies story 10 times in the next 40 days, and seven senators used it in the Senate debate on whether to approve military action. The Kuwaiti disinformation campaign for the Gulf War would be successfully reprised by Iraqi groups favoring the overthrow of the Iraqi government twelve years later.

    • oh, come on, did you really believe that crap about all the babies removed from the incubators? That’s when I knew it was a lie. No country as small as Kuwait has that many premature infants in incubators. It was a wild exaggeration. If it had been only one or two, it would have been more believable. But dozens? My tinfoil antenna started twitching.

      • Yup, I remember the crying testimony that later turned out to be by a family member of the Royals in Kuwait….then of course Colin Powell and his Monster Trailer with chemical weapons WMDS with plans as if made in a computer here for a remodel which he illustrated with all the FEAR mongering to the UN.

        So, yup agree, we were royally lied to about the incubator babies (Sick to pull such emotional strings is simply inhumane when done for military purposes.).

      • I finally realized how very deep and broad the propaganda offensive was at every level when I read an article about Saddam Hussein as a child in . . . the National Enquirer. ( Yes, I sometimes go media-slumming). Anyway the article was about how little Saddam and the other little children were encouraged to bring something in to school for show-and-tell. A little Iraqi girl brought in her beautiful Persian cat.
        The little evil-seed-child Saddam grabbed the beautiful Persian cat from that little girls arms and killed it in front of the entire class. Oh, that sweet innocent pretty Persian cat!! What did it do to deserve such torture? See? See? See what a born-in-the-seed monster Saddam Hussein always was? See why he must be stopped?

        Needless to say, I was very impressed with just how many popular-sentiment ducks the MSM goverhandlers were getting in a support-the-war row.

  9. I just found a theory on why Guv Christie kissied-up to President Obama that is so fascinating that I will cutpaste it from one of Colonel Lang’s SST commenters and bring it here.

    “So with that backdrop, the little things really mattered, and the biggest I think was Gov. Christie throwing Romney under the bus and planting a big wet one on Obama during the Hurricane Sandy thing. That was huge. Obama should be crawling to New Jersey on his knees in forgiveness, and the Republican party should be applauding Christie for being about the shrewdest operator I have seen in a long time. After Romney screwed him on the vice president thing, and after Christie had been the dutiful Romney booster, as required, he saw his opportunity for a revenge meal served cold and you could see the satisfaction in his eyes when he went on Fox and twisted the knife right in Romney’s soft, white belly. Go back and watch on youtube, it’s about as subtle and brutal a gutting I’ve ever seen. In. Your. Face. Well-played, sir. Well-played. ”

    About where threats of fascism come from . . . I suspect the most immediate danger of fascist methods being used against the population comes from the Obama Administration itself. The organized repression of the OWS demonstrations certainly featured much fascist-style police violence and co-ordinated Obama Administration strategy and tactics and direction. If an OWS 2.0 movement arises and genuinely threatens revenue-stream security to Obama’s owners and sponsors, does anyone here think that the Obama Administration wouldn’t disappear their leaders into secret detention camps, or have them assassinated in “muggings gone wrong” or “silkwooded” while driving , or terminally handled with extreme prejudice in some other manner if they thought they could plausibly deny what they were doing?

    • I agree here. We don’t have to worry about the repugs nominating a fascist in 2016. The fascists are already here & the pple (not me either) just re-elected them

    • RUR–I think the Obummer Admin would only resort to such drastic measures as you mention ONLY if they tried the same kind of smear campaign they used so successfully against OWS 1.0 against OWS 2.0, and the smear campaign failed to work the second time.

      • Which means any OWS 2.0 which arrises has a delicate needle to thread . . . how to be effective enough to cause the major degradation and attrition of Class Enemy wealth and revenue streams . . . without getting disappeared or tortured or kangaroo-courted or assassinated for it.

        • how strange, my name has a different little pictograph beside it. Because I am at a different computer?

  10. Nitpicks.

    Democratic women win more frequently than Democratic men with less money.

    I suppose it’s the women who have the less money, but it took a few passes to figure that out.

    “A rising tide lifts all boats.” Jackson? I thought that was Reagan?

    • My memory may be off, but I thought it was JFK who said that.

      • My memory thought it was Reagan, and the tide was to be produced by trickle down from the rich.

        Some opponent said it meant “A rising tide lifts all yachts.”

  11. I guess I should not be surprised that you would sell women out for 34 percent. You have to be the lousiest negotiator. You don’t announce your bargain basement price at the beginnings of negotiations.
    52 percent or nothing, then let them talk you down to 51 percent. I can’t see a single reason why it should be less.

    • 34% should be a bare minimum. That is a lot harder for the male contingent to wriggle out of. You might not get 52% of women who are interested in politics to get involved so this threshold would quickly be seen as unattainable and easily ignored.
      But 34% is an easily attainable number. And at that number, it’s harder for the guys to shut us down. The ultimate goal is proportional representation but that’s not going to happen as long as women don’t think they’re going to be listened to. Once you get 34% visibility, the situation should change.
      And note that requiring a firm number on some committee assignments and official offices is crucial. The guys won’t want to cede a seat on finance for example because the group that controls the money controls the message. So representation for women should be a hard, fixed quota and non-negotiable.

  12. Strictly for mischief, as I don’t really believe the following. 😈

    We otaku (manga/anime fans) would probably say RD and the Former Regular secretly love each other and can’t admit it, since manga and anime are full of such relationships, whether canonical or speculative.

  13. What might do some good would be to vote for a good candidate, whether or not you’re in a Swing State. I understand that you could then be blamed, and not without cause, for the election of President Romney and all of his evils. Truly you would have to be irrational to face that risk. But being blamed for something is hardly the greatest risk our current situation demands of us. Many of us will have to face far worse if we are going to prevail. The case for casting your irrational vote for someone like Jill Stein is not that they are likely to win (and completely unconnected to whether they will “spoil”), and not that your one vote will put them over the top, or that the votes of others you recruit will do the trick. The reason to vote and campaign for a good candidate is that we need to build an independent movement that’s honest, that doesn’t self-censor, and that supports candidates or elected officials who come to us — rather than us running to them. We also need a movement that makes reform of our electoral system a central part of our agenda. It is very hard to work for electoral reform properly if we are devoting ourselves to acting within the broken system. The Swing States are where the action is. Backing good platforms in the 38 states from which all candidates and journalists have fled misses huge opportunities. A national movement devoted to protecting lesser-evil officials in Swing States will behave as a fan-club for those officials in-between elections in every single state. And the fact is that electoral work for lesser-evil candidates drains huge amounts of time and energy away from other projects for the Ellsbergs among us, no matter how much good activism they do for three years out of four.

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