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    • Who Gets to Be Violent and Why?
      The people who need to a good shit-kicking are most politicians, CEOs, and senior civilians. Well, and cops, obviously. And they need to know the cops can’t protect them from another one. The President, the mayor of New York, the Governor of New York, almost everyone who works for the Federal Reserve, all senior Wall […]
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TGIOS (Thank god it’s over soon)

I was afraid to have any booze in the house tonight for fear I’d drink myself into an alcohol induced rage.  But, it seems I actually don’t care. Still (even if I don’t much care where the chips fall,) I’m addicted to Election Returns and I love a party so we’ve brought Rico back and he’s staffing the bar and the drinks are free!!

Occupy Kansas City Looks Ahead


53 Responses

  1. And the great thing is, my box of Merlot is still as fresh as the day we bought it!

    • {{snort}}. It’s the plastic bag that keeps in the freshness.
      I always have a problem getting those damn spigots free from the cardboard. Is there a trick to that?

  2. Rico, caro mio, you’re looking mighty fine in those new jeans. May I have a glass of two-buck-Chuck Chard, por favor?

  3. The nytimes front page keeps crashing my iPad with all the dynamic graphics crap. Grrr

  4. Relocating to warm and cozy basement to stream cspan to apple tv.

  5. What the hell’s going on over the you ess ay? We are watching election returns on LCPAN (Frenchie CSPAN).

  6. I should bring my laptop to the couch.

  7. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has been reelected to the U.S. Senate. (from his Facebook page)

    • That warms the cockles of my heart. No wait, that’s the Chardonnay.
      Anyway, who doesn’t love Bernie? He’s a keeper.

      • he’s a rumpled dreamboat

      • One wonders . . . how would his Vermonter voters react if he looked into joining Rocky Anderson’s Justice Party and adopting its label? Or if he can’t/won’t do that, then calling himself a Social Democrat or Democratic Socialist? If his constituents would object, then it would be pointless, obviously.

  8. I wish we had an Auto Reload function for comments. It’s so 2008 to keep refreshing the page myself!

  9. The politico guy on cspan is spewing Medicare reform. The propaganda is heavy on cspan. I’m very disappointed.

  10. Am I watching the conservative cspan channel? Is no place safe?

  11. LCPAN (French CSPAN) reporter: “We’ll soon have more results from Ohio, Virginia and Kenya.”

  12. New Jersey Secretary of State just extended the voting hours here. There are still a lot of precincts with problems. I was in Princeton yesterday and it still looks like a wreck. And power was still out in parts of Somerville as well. I tried to renew my license at the DMV and they’re dead, directing people to South Plainfield. It’s a pain in the ass. I can’t imagine how bad it must be for people who don’t know where they’re going to live much less where they’re going to vote.

  13. Holy snot! They’re tied in Florida.

  14. Schools in my district are finally reopening tomorrow after a week and a half. The district alert system just called. The rate limiting step seems to be road closures. There are still downed trees, power lines, utility poles that the buses aren’t allowed to go around by law. This district is big and has a lot of rural roads. So, now the students will be clustered at bus stops, which I think means that parents will have to drive them to the nearest bus stop passed the obstruction.
    And my front yard still has the chopped up corpses of two massive trees from my neighbor’s landscape.

    • Well, (cold comfort) at least the Association can’t fine you for that. I hope it doesn’t kill your lawn though.

      Will you have to drive Brook to a bus stop?

  15. Warren up by 4% in MA.

  16. they called it for Warren already … she won!!

  17. Our nation’s FIRST out U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin!!
    GLBT history made (more bright spots)

  18. Sherrod Brown is the projected winner in Ohio’s Senate race!
    Thank goodness, that was the one contest I really cared about.
    The Koch brothers spent a yachtload of money trying to 86 Brown, an actual Democrat.

    • I think these are really significant races to look at. Tammy Baldwin, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown. What does that say to you?

  19. AXS TV (Dan Rather, with Kiki McLean, Hillary’s campaign advisor, with a bunch of others) are pretty much calling FL and the entire race for Obama.

  20. It’s the Night of Two Tammys. Tammy Duckworth won her first term to Congress against Joe Walsh in Illinois tonight.

  21. I might have to do a light check on my eyelids for a few minutes. Continue to collect good news about downticket Dems in my temporary absence…

  22. good down ticket news 🙂

    • I know!!! Shelly Berkley is ahead in Nevada and Heidi Heitkamp is edging ahead slightly in North Dakota. We might make it to 20% representation in the Senate tonight.

  23. Well, I tried to vote for Rocky Anderson because I thought I had read that he was on the Michigan ballot. Either I misread or someone was misinformed.

    It was a whole other “Anderson” which was on the Michigan ballot. What was on there was ROSS Anderson, for something called the “Natural Law Party”. The “Natural Law Party” is a hardy perrenial on Michigan ballots. The “Natural Law Party” was founded by people from the Transendantal Meditation movement and might be considered the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Party. We could call it the MaMaYogi Party for shorter. I wonder how many ROCKY Anderson wannavoters voted for ROSS Anderson without reading the first name or Party label? I wrote ROCKY Anderson in.

    Neat photo by the way. One guy looks like a factory rat. The other guy looks like an office compunerd. Neither one looks like a hippie.
    Or a secret agent undercover police provocateur tasked with defecating on cop cars when the cameras are running.

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