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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
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Go Vote!

Just because you can’t stand the two major party candidates doesn’t mean your vote doesn’t count.  If you’re disgusted, this would be the best time to express that disgust.  If you don’t speak up now, they’re going to get the impression that you approve of their performance.

And don’t forget, there are a lot of downticket candidates who need your support.  Plus, there are third party candidates who you might feel more comfortable with.  Just because you think they can’t win doesn’t mean your vote isn’t important to them.  In some cases, states won’t recognize emergent parties unless their candidates get votes or write in support.  So, if you ever want to have true choice, and not the standard Pete and RePete choices every four years, support your local third party candidates.  Don’t worry about who ultimately wins or loses.  Failures should be assigned to the politician who did not address your concerns and issues.  Now is the time to let your elected officials know what you *do* support.

And this morning, I can confirm at least one vote for Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts from the voter to the left, Number #1 child in Framingham.  (She says she wrote in Steven Colbert for president but I don’t believe her.  There are some things your kids do that you just don’t want to know.)

You have only one vote.  Make it count!

22 Responses

  1. Cast my first ever write in vote for President. Didn’t hurt at all compared to 2008.

  2. Out and back. Voted for the female candidate as I said I would. Don’t know if it’s legal or not but the republicans have a stand outside the polling place. A nice lady asked if I was voting for Romney and I replied “Sorry, no vote for a guy who sends jobs to China.” She had to repeat what I said to her co-worker. I guess both were shocked to hear a statement like that here deep in the heart of the Alabama Triangle of PA.

  3. I just cast a deep cleansing vote for Rocky Anderson. I feel so much better about this vote. My conscience is at peace.
    Downticket D’s all the way. Go, Upendra!

    • I weighed voting for Rocky or Jill and came to the conclusion a vote for a Left Wing female was the more important message to send Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. Forgot to mention all my down ticket votes were for Dem candidates.

    • Yep, me too. Rocky, then D all the way. Slapped on my ‘I voted’ sticker with great pleasure.
      Thanks for all the info RD it really helped.

  4. I’m not sure how meaningful this is but I see very few Obama/Biden signs in my town. It is overwhelmingly Romney/Ryan. In 2008 it seemed more evenly split between Obama and McCain.
    In Princeton, there are more Obama signs. I think there may be fewer of them.

  5. Rocky not on ballot, but thrilled to vote for Dr. Stein, who was arrested for trying to participate in a presidential “debate.” Russia and China have one party, we have two very similar ones in terms of not being people’s parties.

    • Not sure what state you’re in but many states will accept votes for Rocky as write-ins. I think Ohio might be one of those states that won’t let you vote for him under any circumstances and there are a few others.

    • Speaking about one party states, two offices on my ballot all had one name so I decided to make my own choices. I put in the names of friends in the corresponding write-in spaces. Then I realized, I should have used other friends as both were out of state and so were not qualified. Anyway, this is the first time in my life that I did not vote for the democrat for president. I feel better too.

      • Yeah, in 2008, I felt really badly about my protest vote. It made me so mad that the Democrats would force me to miss voting for the first african american president. The next day, I was happy for all of the people who were happy and I couldn’t ruin it for them. It was infectious. But I just knew it wasn’t going to turn out right. I tried to reason with myself to think that he would be the president we needed but I couldn’t convince myself after I looked at all of the evidence. So, I gave up.
        This time, no anguish, no guilt, no feeling like I missed out on something. Just relief that I didn’t have to wrestle with my natural liberal tendencies this year.

  6. Dems down ticket, of course.

  7. I voted for Jill Stein and Elizabeth Warren. Also voted in favor of two ballot questions on medical marijuana and physician assisted suicide.

    Left the rest of the ballot blank. My down-ticket choices consisted of corrupt Dem incumbents and Rep challengers – all male. I’ll never again vote for the “lesser of two evils” candidate.

  8. Is anyone else having another echo of feelings from 2008? It’s a hard day for me. We don’t have any Obama signs and few bumper stickers here, either–and in 2008 they were literally everywhere. But I cannot believe how many people are flooding the polls today (CA), despite 33% who already early voted in my small city. It looks like a bigger turnout than in 2008. I believe this will mean good things for down ticket Dems and… a boost for human-focused propositions! We have a choice of paper ballots or voting machine. No one seems to be using the sole voting machine. “It’s not the voting that’s democracy, it’s the counting” –Tom Stoppard

    • I had a much easier time this year. I guess the Democrats finally convinced me not to look to them for Presidential candidates.

      • Yeah, that’s kinda how I felt. I will have a hard time trusting the Demorats again when it comes to presidential candidates.
        Very excited about the possibility of Upendra Chivukula getting elected I think he has a good shot.

  9. here on the south side of chicago (obamaville) i went to vote and not only was the space allocated to voting much reduced, there was no line. the election judges hassled me for not having a photo id (i do not drive, and walked the half block to the voting place). they even tried to say that my signature did not match the one on record. guess they thought i would vote for romney, since i am among the 2 percent of pale-complected residents of this neighborhood. i informed them that they had no right to require a photo id for me to vote, then voted proudly for jill stein. no lesser evilism for me!!!

    • Jeez, that’s pretty pushy. I’m glad you didn’t back down. All I had to contend with was, er, nice, polite senior citizens who kindly pointed me in the right direction and didn’t ask to see any ID. They even said thank you. I have it so nice here.
      Of course, I have to vote on a sequoia voting machine so there’s no guarantee that it will even count. So, I’ll be looking for my vote for Anderson in precinct 33.

  10. I voted with the souls to the polls today. And Elizabeth Warren. Whatever, let’s make it easy to vote. Pumas ehh. But you voted. Good on ya.

  11. Voted in 4 women: Jill Stein/Cherry Honkala, Kristen Gillibrand and Carolyn Malloney. Long line – mostly because they changed the machines (we had infallible lever, now we’re like Florida!) and they were poorly organized.

  12. NJ just extended the voting hours. I think there are still a lot of precincts that are having issues

  13. My heart told me to write in Hillary. My head said I had made a pledge woman for being brave enough to run for office. So whatever woman’s name got on the ballot, got my vote.
    That was one funny ballot. I voted Green, libertarian, republican, democratic…. it was fun.

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