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Hurricane Sandy: High Wind Warning

Google helpfully tells me to get out of the way

Google- it’s not just for searches anymore. Now, it issues public service announcements to the people who can’t get out of the way of Frankenstorm.  Like, you don’t already know the storm of the millenium is bearing down on you and gaining strength, now you have your search engine saying, “sucks to be you”. This is actually a first for me. I don’t remember seeing a PSA like this when I googled Irene in 2011. Alas, I am in the affected region and should expect damage to my property from sustained winds of over 40 mph.  The National Hurricane Center says I have a 30-40% probability of winds at 50 knots, which in non-sailory units is 57.5 mph. Did I mention the gigantic tree that is perilously close to my house?  No?  I’m sure I mentioned it to the townhouse association- three times.  Maybe a notification relayed through my lawyer would get its attention, though probably not before the wind begins to pick up.  The good thing is that the tree is most likely to topple into the street or take out my neighbors’ units if it does fall.  I have mixed feelings about such a possibility…

I would have to hop in my car and drive to Indiana to avoid what’s coming.  Governor Christie issued a state of emergency yesterday.  I was picking the kid up from a movie and stopped at an intersection when a convoy of cherry pickers rolled by headed south on Route 206 towards Princeton.  Not sure what that’s all about but they weren’t the utility company’s trucks.  I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more Hurricane Sandy related activities.

Outside, the weather is overcast for the 4th day in a row, temperature a mild 57°F.  The leaves on the trees outside are barely stirring.  It is the calm before the storm.  The latest projected landfall map is even more disturbing than yesterday.  It looks like Frankenstorm is rolling into Central New Jersey as a true hurricane and not just a tropical storm like it was yesterday.  Lovely.  And it’s hard to not take it personally when the storm seems to be perfectly curved to hit you dead on.

Will someone please tell Susie Madrak to save her 5 gallon container for drinking water? To flush your toilets, make sure to fill your bathtub with water before the storm strikes.  Then use a large pot with handle to ladle it out of the tub into your toilet.  It’s a handy tip I got from some Floridians when I rode out Hurricane Charlie in 2004.  Also, get one of these if you can.  It’s a crankable, solar flashlight radio so it never needs batteries.  It’s invaluable during storms.  Also highly recommended is a headlamp.


Annnnd my basement is still threatened.  For those of you who are just catching up with the Saga of RDs basement, it has only flooded once since I moved here 12 years ago.  That was last year during Hurricane Irene when the power went out.  I didn’t think it would happen again so soon so I didn’t buy a backup battery powered sump pump or a generator.  And now, there’s not a backup battery sump pump or generator to be found in the entire state of NJ…or PA….or NY.  I scoured my local Home Depot, Lowes, etc, two days ago and they were already sold out.  But there is a plumbing supplier in Princeton that is making a trip to another state tomorrow to pick up some generators and I was lucky enough to reserve one.  Unfortunately, I am not lucky enough to have a full time job anymore so this investment (it’s $840.00 plus 7% sales tax) is exceedingly painful. I hate to ask for contributions but if you’ve “enjoyed” my blogging for the past several years, you can help me defray the expense of the generator with a donation.  The recommended donation amount is $10.30 for the date of Sandy’s landfall.  Here is the paypal donation button for my “Save the Basement” fund:

Thank you for helping me weather Sandy!


18 Responses

  1. I had weird dreams about crazy ways to siphon water out of your basement if necessary. Elaborate sculptures made of overlapping hoses and gigantic storage tubs!

    I made a small donation, RD — Probably not enough to make a real difference though.

  2. Done. I’ve been a faithful reader since 2008. Thanks for making it safe to be uncool.

  3. I read about filling zip lok bags with water and filling the freezer with them to keep food cold longer and have water too.

  4. Pretty funny, I just went to get groceries and thinking that the shop rite was out of stock, decided to hit the little Hispanic farmers market store instead. It was beeyoutiful. Lots of fresh produce, noodles, cheese, nuts and dried fruits, as well as some canned goods like pasta sauce and pickled vegetables. And no lines. About the only thing they were out of was fresh milk but thats fine witn me because i have a ton of boxed uht milk and dry milk on hand I don’t expect the food supply to run THAT low but now I know where to go to shop when the storm blows over.

  5. Expecting up to 10″ of snow here in WNC.

  6. We got a robo call from our electric company. They said restoring power if it goes out could take up to a week.

  7. My daughter lives in Philadelphia and two of my dearest, long time friends each live in DC and NYC. I can do nothing more than send as much positivity in thoughts and energy as I can. I donated what I could (I wish I could completely pay for the generator). RD, please stay safe, whatever it takes.

    • Many thanks to the people who donated. I will have more to say on the generator and other things tomorrow. Let’s just say that today was an adventure that started off looking not so good but ended better.
      The wind is starting to pick up outside but rain has been just light drizzle. I have no idea what to expect from this storm but it already feels different from Irene. Irene was definitely a rainy storm with significant rain bands preceding landfall. It was warm and wet, probably because it came at the end of August. But this storm feels more like a cold weather storm, if that makes sense. It feels like the kinds of storms we typically get here in the fall only I suspect it will be far stronger.
      Will have more to say tomorrow morning and Katiebird has suggested a way to document the atrocities. Should be interesting,

  8. Riverdaughter,

    Did my “basement” donation come through via PayPal?

    Thanks so much for your blog! I feel so fortunate to have run across you after I was banned at DU and on notice at DK in 2008 because I could not jump on the Obama bandwagon. A Dem in Exile! I came to be a Hillary supporter in a manner similar to yours, having to overcome the undeserved hatred directed at her by the “left,” but being won over by the real Hill, a people’s candidate who is capable of effecting real change.

    When the primaries began, I started out equating 0 and Hill (in terms of potential support), but found one lacking and the other exceptional.

    This lifelong Dem voted protest Republican for the first time in 2012 (if the party wants to rig the nomination, fine, but don’t exploit my donations and volunteerism). I’m voting third-party at the top of the ticket in 2012. (I am sure who the latest “CB” is, but I was the original one.)

    • CB, can I get back to you in the morning with that information? I’ve had a bit of an exhausting day and it’s going to be crazy here tomorrow. I would like to thank you very much for any donation that you made to my save the basement fund. You have no idea how important it is to me but I hope to be able to tell you all about it soon.

      • Have you met your goal or made significant headway?

      • RD,

        If it didn’t go through, I’ll attempt again. The PayPal interface seemed to record the amount, but there was no confirmation. Count on fifty from me. Thanks for making my life better over the past four years.

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