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Question of the Day: What would Obama have to do to get your vote?

Busy day today.  I’ll be back in time for the debate tonight.  In the meantime, what would Obama have to do to get your vote?

I’m not sure he could actually pull this off for me but here are the things he would have to do immediately to get my vote:

1.) Fire Tim Geithner.  He has to do this before the election.  He has to appoint a Secretary of the Treasury who does not work for Wall Street.  This is my biggest demand.  Geithner and all of Obama’s Wall Street favorite advisors have got to go.  They have caused untold and unnecessary suffering for millions of struggling American workers and homeowners.

2.) Promise that he will under no circumstances sign any bill that reduces benefits or raises the retirement age for future Social Security beneficiaries.  He must promise not to negotiate on a Grand Bargain. (Please, Gawd, don’t let him anywhere near a negotiation table.) See the Campaign for America’s Future Website on the Lame Duck Whip Count on this issue.  Downticket Dems need to commit right this very second.  My two senators have but I have yet to hear from my Republican representative, Leonard Lance, one of the most committed hard ass Republican partisans. Obama must promise to explore cost controls for Medicare that do not fall on the recipients.  It’s time for providers to start making sacrifices since the inability to rein them in is what is going to drain us.

3.) He has to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan now.  We’ve given him plenty of time to pull out.  No more stalling, no more grandstanding.  Get out now.

4.) He has to rescind the Bush Conscience Rule immediately and without any further wordsmithing.

5.) He has to stop using the drones.  He has to empty Guantanemo expeditiously.  He has to stop siccing his DHS droogs on peaceful protestors.

6.) He has to promise to work for Rush Holt’s HR811 bill for voter verified paper ballots.  Casting votes on e-voting machines is “faith based voting” according to Holt because the machines are so easily hacked.  Obama has to get onboard right this very minute.

I’d like to remind the Democrats that all of the donors in the country can’t win this election for you.  You’ve got to get actual, genuine voter bodies to the polls and make them push buttons, punch chads and fill the circle completely within the lines to win.  There are some voters who will vote for you no matter what, some who are so gullible they’ll believe anything you tell them and US.  I suspect you’re going to need US this year.

What are your demands?  Take the poll below.  Choose up to 3 responses or add your own demand.

30 Responses

  1. Too late. There is no way in hell I will ever vote for Obama.

    • I suspect that’s true for me too. But he should know that there are things he could try if he really, really needs my vote. He has to do all of them. ALL of them. I realize he didn’t do anything that I liked in the past four years and he procrastinated way too long. But if he is truly a Democrat, he has to do every item on this list without whining. If he can’t get them all done before the election, he has to show a good faith effort. Items 1, 2 and 4 are non-negotiable. They must happen before the election.

      • Not happening. I don’t believe Obama is truly a Democrat.

        • I’ve come to believe most pols choose their party affiliations by whatever is likeliest to get them where they want to go. Policies and principles have nothing to do with. In Chicago, that’s Democrat, and Michelle’s father was a Daley machine precinct captain. Sort of all falls into place, doesn’t it.

    • Same here. I would never vote for him.

  2. This is a really fine list.

    That Lame Duck Grand Bargain scares the cr@p out of me. The rest really pisses me off.

  3. The list is fine. The problem is he has no credibility, so whatever he “says” is simply not believable. I could never vote for someone who has proven himself to be such a craven liar, pawn, and, really, almost unbelievable weakling. And I’d bet he has no interest in – or opinion on – any of the things on the list.

    I’ve come fully round to the position that, first and foremost, we need public financing of elections, as well as verifiable voting results. We need to clean out all the vermin down there and stop any more from moving in.

  4. My answer was Other: have a sex change operation.

  5. All the things you mention are a great start, and revisiting health care to make it less of a sell-out to the private-sector health care industry would be nice. All the progressive Obama fanboyz earnestly assured us at the time to get our support that HCR was a start and that we could come back to it and improve upon it. Well, then do it.

    • But that will take time and Obama’s been less than trustworthy on that issue. What I’m getting at are the steps he needs to take right now to demonstrate good faith and trustworthiness. As mjames said above, it’s going to be hard to trust him on the social safety net programs but I want him to eek out a strangled cry of defiance against the deficit hawks and plutocrats. He has to say it and say it BEFORE the election and risk pissing off the entire editorial board of the Washington Post.
      Or no deal.
      Oh, and Geithner has to go. I want his resignation to be tendered and accepted and for Obama to announce who his new nominee is going to be and it had better be someone we approve of who isn’t in the tank of the financiers.

      • The resignation ceremony has to be accompanied by a mandatory pants-ing of Geither, otherwise no deal 🙂

  6. That list. It’s a good list. If he did even one thing on it, I’ll start believing in unicorns, too.

    Also: demonstrate a true road-to-Damascus moment of understanding about his sexism, complete rejection of it, and heartfelt apologies. (For some reason, I’m laughing out loud.)

  7. He would never do anything on this list ( in fact I don’t think he does much of anything) and even if he did, it’s waaay too late . It would now stink of pandering and actually make things worse for him imo as the stench of flop sweat would be unavoidable.

    Both Obama and Mitt kneel before the top.999% and humbly await thier decision as to who gets to cheerfully lop off the rest of us and expand our wars.

    I have been told I have a bug up my ass about our wars, that is our current theater on the way to Iran, i.e. Syria. Well of course I hate the lying. The ham fisted pretending we support democracy anywhere and give a hang about anyones’s human rights. The reshaping of endless war into” humanitarian” … but when you got a bug up the butt about something, 9 times out of 10 it’s personal …..and in this case it is indeed personal.

    I have a good email friend in Lebanon. I’d told them over a year ago to get out , our mercenaries are on the way …clearing out and destroying sovereign states on our way to Iran. My friend has family in France, I said, go already.

    This was exactly like emailing Otto Frank and telling him to get his family the hell out of Holland before it was too late …it was that clear what would happen, what was coming .

    My friend knew it all before I did. But told me they could not leave thier aged parents who themselves would not leave,( but who were telling my friend to go too! ) But my friend said, ” how can I live in peace worrying about them?” I haven’t heard from my friend in weeks…they and thier parents are but 3 of the millions of lives we will sacrifice in our last gasp of empire , the drive for global hegemony.

  8. fire eric holder and go about imprisoning some banksters.

    fat chance, right?

    even then, i would have to think about it.

    • Yes, the fine print for this demand would be that the investigation teams
      have far more than the 55 staff people currently assigned on the mortgage scandals. For comparison, I recall reading Bill Black stating that there was something like 1000 FBI agents assigned to the S&L investigations in the late 80’s.

  9. There’s nothing he can “promise” that will get me to vote for him, because he’s shown time and time again that he has no qualms about breaking promises.

  10. On the poll options, you are missing “all of the above”. None of them alone would be enough at this point.I’d have to see a bunch of executive orders, starting with the end of Kill Lists and ending with guarantying he won’t touch medicare and Social Security. In the middle would e rescinding W’s tax cuts to the rich, guarantying he’d leave public education alone (+ get rid of “No Child”), restore all the civil rights trampled with the latest NDAA, TSA etc fascistic laws. All these signed, sealed and delivered by election day.

    • Yes, I thought all of the above plus a few other things, such as Fair Pay act and rescind the Stupak amendment. But if he actually did any of the things on the list, he would not be Obama. So I am not holding my breath.


  11. Also, I thought this needs to be linked here as an answer the whole thing needs to be read http://powerofnarrative.blogspot.com/2012/10/accomplices-to-murder.html

  12. What would he have to do? Act like he’s part of the real Democratic Party.

  13. What would Obama have to do to get your vote?

    1. Resign from office, effective immediately.

    2. Apologize to everyone, and specifically to Hillary, Sarah Palin, Alice Palmer, Blair Hull, as well as Jack and Jeri Ryan.

    3. Give all his money to charity.

    4. Go back to Chicago and live in one of Tony Rezko’s slums.

    5. Wear sackcloth and ashes.

    6. Wander the South Side of Chicago for 10 years, begging for food, scourging himself and crying “I am unworthy!”

    If he does all those things I’ll think about it.

  14. We’re beyond words at this point. Barack Obama has already proven that he’ll say anything to his base if it means he gets a few more votes. He would have to DO something significant, not something for PR purposes. Tim Geithner has been saying he’d resign since I can remember. He’s like Hyman Roth in The Godfather–dying of the same heart attack for ten years. Bankers would have to brought up on charges, troops would have to begin withdrawal and NO intention of returning.

    I’m out of trust. He should have been primaried or replaced at the head of the ticket.

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