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Presidential Debate, the Third: Furn Policy- Live blog

Ok, sportsfans, this is the last debate.  Can I get a “Darwin!”?  Tonight’s topic is Foreign Policy.  I hope we don’t get some tedious version of the kerning controversy when it comes to what happened in Benghazi.  That would be death by boredom.  Benghazi was a  terrorist attack brought on by raging maniacal Islamic fundies having a hissy fit over some stupid movie.  Here in the US, we just change the channel or push the back button or leave the theater but apparently that is too much to ask of *some* people in the middle east.  What Muslim nations need to implement is a V-chip that will protect viewers from blasphemy like we can protect kiddies from naughty words and naughtier bits.   It’s a bit regrettable that grown up nations insist on treating their citizens like children who are emotionally incapable of handling a little disrespect but there ya’ go. We’ve got Christian crazies over here too.  Fundamentalist extremists come in all flavors of religion.

On the other hand, if a prophet is dissed somewhere in the world and you don’t hear it, is it still blasphemy?

But anyway, I’m getting a little burned out on debates and foreign policy ranks right up there with Keynesianism vs MMT for me.  I might need some help liveblogging this one.

As I said last time, our “watch with the sound off” patented liveblogging technique has been shamelessly pirated by some cable news channels.  So, it’s your choice, sound off or on.  I’m a cord cutter (by necessity) so I watch the debates on C-Span.  You can catch it here.

Once again for our conservative friends, we don’t have a dog in this fight.  We don’t like either one of these guys.  Obama is no liberal, not even close.  The socialist party wouldn’t have him either.  You’re just going to have to take our word on this because we’re liberals and you’re not.  And Mitt is a Republican.  That just about sums it up for us.  The Republicans are an irrational mob lead by some manipulative conmen who are masquerading as a party.  Many of us are voting third party.  Please don’t comment party propaganda and focus group tested “memes” here.  For one thing, we can spot a meme from a mile away and for another, they just irritate the s^*& out of us.

Other than that, play ball!

150 Responses

  1. Yes, let’s get Benghazi out of the way.

  2. Oh, yeah, and I want to wish Bob Schieffer good luck.

  3. Mitt: “I did my homework. Look at how many muslim troublespots I can name!”

  4. Um, Mitt? I don’t think they want your help to reject extremist Islam.

  5. Obama: “I killed Osama bin Laden {{hint, hint}}”

  6. “we can’t kill our way out of this mess”, Romney’s advisors are good. Lots of “kill” talk, Obama, “Al Queida killed us” Ugh.

  7. Um, IIRC, Hillary and your National Security team had to talk you into air striking in Libya. And besides, NATO and all that.

  8. Mitt: “We’re going to track them and Kill them”
    Obama: “I’m going to drone them to death. With drones.”
    Mitt: “We gotta learn’em muslims because Republicans did such a bang up job in Iraq and Afghanistan”

  9. Romney is a strategist, Obama is, well, not. At least everyone I talk to in real life is not liking either candidate, I’m not alone. Oh, and yay, TC!!

  10. Jeez, the Egyptian civilization is fricking 6000 years old. I think they’ll figure it out, Mitt.

  11. Obama to Romney “you haven’t been a positionist” What’s a positionist?

  12. At the trailmix chat room they’re think Obama has his first debate face on… looking irritated.

  13. Oooo, low blow, “You haven’t been in a position to execute foreign policy, er, like I wasn’t four years ago. That’s why I dissed Hillary before I let her be SOS”

  14. Mitt admits he made a mistake! Whoa! Was that in the debate prep?

  15. OMG, it’s all about the Putin.

  16. I think Pakistan is a bigger threat but Iran is more important if you’re thinking about pipelines under the Caspian Sea. Then you gotta worry about Russia as well.
    Wait, where did that come from?

  17. Romney is all ready to try to stand him down.

  18. Obama is lecturing the Republicans about taking a stand and telling other nations know out beliefs?
    It’s an implanted chip.

  19. Obama can count to Four!
    Four! bwhahaha! Four foreign policy points!

  20. Obama says we can’t continue to “nation building” in the Middle East. We’re building? Really?

  21. Oh, come on, Barack, you have no problem watching people undergoing heartbreaking circumstances. Sometimes, you drone them to put them out of their misery.

  22. Syria is where those pipelines under the caspian sea terminate on the mediterranean!

  23. Arms shouldn’t get into the wrong hands.
    Something about that seems awkward

  24. Work through our partners to figure out how to dominate Syria, because It’s an “opportunity”, business plan 101. Oh, Mitt.

  25. Obama : When we went into Libya
    Interpretation: When I was dragged kicking and screaming into Libya…

  26. We killed him in a careful and thoughtful way.

  27. How does one replace Assad and not involve the military? Phone calls, blogs?

  28. Mitt: You’re not being a leader in Syria and you haven’t toppled Assad but no troops in Syria. It will all be magical.

  29. Obama: Running over people with tanks? Barbaric! We should just drone them.

  30. What a surprise, Obama references Kennedy, oops, needs the boomers now, apparently.

  31. Oh, please, he doesn’t give a shit about women in *this* country.

  32. Yeah, WE want good schools, roofs and economic opportunities.

  33. Uh, Mitt has wishes that it was recognized that oppressed people wanted freedom.

  34. How the candidates plan to change the regime in Syria:

  35. America’s role in the world question. Should be good.

  36. Yes, let’s reduce our deficit by screwing anyone under the age of 55! and let’s beef up our military!
    No, there’s no conflict here with the idea of reducing the deficit, why do you ask?

  37. Well, we didn’t vote for war until Dubya was president.

  38. Mitt is once again pounding on Obama’s poor record on the economy.

  39. How many times has Romney said the word, “peace” …. What is he responding to. It can’t be me! And since he also wants a strong military, I’m not sure he actually understands what “peace” is.

  40. Ah yes, American exceptionalism.
    We’re number, um, what number are we now?

  41. Because Hillary’s been flying her ass off.

  42. Obama sent Jon Huntsman to China, not to get our jobs back.

  43. We’re an “indispensable” nation? As a middle manager, I can say, no one is Indispenable. Just saying, Pres Obama.

  44. My ears are bleeding. Is it all over yet??

    • Most people in my real life world are watching these debates saying, “WTF?” Sadly, they are only just now paying attention, due to the pain of subsequent Bush/Obama regimes.

  45. Obama knows nothing about science and tech research here

  46. Hey, look! Mitt can count too. Can he count to four like Obama?

  47. Mitt goes to FIVE!

  48. Um, some of us don’t want to work for ourselves.

  49. Really, we don’t want to work for ourselves.

    Hey! I’m talking to you two! We don’t want to work for ourselves!

  50. It doesn’t matter how much math and science we teach.
    Scientists ain’t got no damn jobs.


    • American workers, the “secret sauce”. We bring the “big bang” and we are on the auction block. Yet, we have the constitution as a foundation, a blocking move by the founding fathers (and Abigail Adams, et. al.) These two have no clue.

  52. Hey, his fourth graders rocked, go Mitt!

  53. Yes. Romney can count…. oh, never mind!

  54. Didja notice that we’re not talking about foreign policy anymore?

  55. BTW, MA and NJ are the top states in the nation as far as the number of best high school students. The kid has to get a ridiculously high PSAT score just to make “commended”. So, you know, Mitt probably had something to do with that. he probably doesn’t want his conservative supporters to look too closely.

  56. Obama wants to get back to the military. I think he was losing the plot there.

  57. “I’ve spent more on the military in the past five years… and screwed poor homeowners with HAMP but who’s counting?”

  58. Are these two candidates talking to voters or their donors?

  59. Oh, Ok, Mitt is definitely talking down to, er, talking to his voters. Balancing the country’s budget is not the same as balancing a company’s budget but he’s counting on you to not realize what a facile comparison that is. He’s also counting on you not to understand the meaning of the word “facile”.

  60. Obama has been on the defensive throughout the debate.

  61. We don’t have bayonets.
    We have ships that go underwater!
    And drones!

  62. Israel knows we will stand by them. We will let them run our foreign policy. Oh wait.

  63. Yes, but if we turn Iran into a glass parking lot NOW, we can start the underwater Caspian Sea pipeline. Why wait??

  64. Being a land-locked oil rich country that used to be part of the USSR sucks.

  65. I’m playing music and watching body language. A consolation, third parties are poised.

  66. How about we fix gender apartheid in this country?

  67. I need more wine. Someone take the wheel

    • I need more wine, too, Entertainment Tonight offers more substance than this debate. “where have you gone Joe Biden, a nation turns it lonely eyes to you” :-/

  68. I wonder if Mitts debate buddies ever thought to tell him to slow down so he doesn’t stutter? Good God people, can’t you coach the guy?

  69. The military budget cut was proposed by congress and mainly a Democrate-Republican special committee stratagy to get bi-partisan action on the debt

  70. Ooo, Obama pulled a Hanoi Jane, like trying to make nice to the rest of the world after Bush is a *bad* thing.

  71. Nuclear. Centrifuges. Oooo, scary.
    Jeez, you’d think this was 1954.

  72. Oh, that’s right. To Mitt’s voters it is 1954.

  73. Mitt: Iranian Oil good, Nuclear Iran, baaaaad

  74. Is “most crippling sanctions ever” really THAT good a thing? Seriously. At some point don’t they become barbaric?

    • Yes, but whatcha going to do? Getting aggressive is also not acceptable. And sanctions worked with South Africa and other places so you know…

      • I don’t know. It is a question. There are people suffering due to those sanctions. And it doesn’t seem to affect their leaders at all.

  75. Oh, who the fuck cares about a nuclear Iran? They’re never going to be able to use any nuclear weapons. We’d turn them into a cinder. It’s called assured destruction, there is nothing mutual about it.

  76. My drones are nothing like the missiles from Hamas.

  77. Oh, Obama “travels”, to Israel and so forth. Like a cruise.

  78. Well, Hillary is the one supporting women’s rights.
    As a matter of fact, she’s responsible for most of the fence mending.

  79. Obama could be scoring points but he’s doing that dweebish Dukakis thing again. “Frankly, I’m, uhhhh, outraged”

  80. His speaking style isn’t punchy and tight enough. I’ve already lost the point of this story.
    Oh, ok, he’s strutting his bin Laden kill- ineffectively. Very ineffectively.
    Is he done yet?

  81. Really, “moving heaven and earth to kill Osama ” AND not ask for permission from Pakistan to do it? I am all WTF???

  82. I can’t stand it anymore!

  83. We’re going to pull troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan annnnnd put them in Pakistan! They have more nuclear warheads!

  84. See? New war. You guys at Halliburton can relax.

  85. Oh, god, Obama tells another story.
    Please make it stop.
    Story. “I killed bin Laden!” Non-sequiter “Did I mention I killed bin laden who killed 3000 of us?”

  86. Look I have nothing against veterans but the scientists need jobs. Seriously.
    Oh, great, veterans are better employed. Well, that makes me feel good.

  87. Like you know who said ,…Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran, come on Mittster even if we did , atlest I havent heard from anyone in the upper military ranks specifically say we would be able to destroy the enrichment facillities in Iran

  88. I am so bored, if it wasn’t for the live blogging, I’d be snoring by now.

  89. Romney likes drones. Obama likes drones.
    I’m voting third party.

  90. Both of the candidates are unispiring and not connecting with the electorate. Bob Schieffer is working to bring out substance and there’s nothing but rhetoric. Those who tune into the streamed debate between the Green, Libertarian, Justice and Constutional parties tomorrow will see a debate of substance. Because of, or in spite of, Larry King moderating.

  91. Wait, now you want to up research in this country AFTER you insult those of us who are the best trained scientific workforce the world has ever seen.

  92. Very interesting that Mittster has suddenly found so much in common with how he would do so many similar things like drone usage with the POTUS

    • Drones are like land mines. No one should be able to use them. War needs to be personally expensive so that no one abuses power.

  93. And do you know why China can steal our intellectual property?? It’s because the corporate IT departments refuse to replace IE 4.
    Just sayin’

  94. Wait a minute. Didn’t Obama appoint chemical company scion Jon Huntsman as ambassador to China so he could negotiate our jobs away seamlessly?

  95. Clean energy technology is only the tip of the iceberg. Just wait until there’s a drug resistant superbug and no antibiotic.

  96. It’s my little deuce coupe!

  97. Only 6 minutes more of this torment.

  98. Mitt on the defensive.
    Not that it matters. Obama failed to inspire.

  99. Oh, hurry…hurry!

  100. Bring jobs back from China, I have seen so much manufacturing go out N. Carolina its unreal

  101. Hey, maybe you should have thought about rescuing the research industry before you stiffed us for four years and we lost over 100,000 jobs and decimated NJ.

  102. Did OBAMA champion American research and industry?? No, he did not. Over and over again he has told us how badly educated we are.
    Insults do not happy researchers make.

  103. [SOMKEY]
    We’re out of gas three miles from Philly,

    The night is warm, the sky’s a dilly,

    Yeah? Yeah?

    So I suggest we sleep beneath a tree

    Four minds with a single thought

    I look at my girl,

    I look at mine

    Then with one fell swoop-

    But then they thought about the game!
    The game, the game!

  104. Four years of inaction doesn’t cut it with me. This debate did not change my mind at all.

  105. is this overtime??

  106. Actually yes Im not sure what stges theyre working on but a few are Santa rosa, Phizer of coarse, Summit Corp. they are out there. The tricky part is being able to head off a major outbreak before it becomes resistant like you mentioned prior in your blog.

  107. Mitt says please believe …really I can do this , I can make it work , Ill pay you to believe me I just wanna be President man

  108. My Lord Theyre both killin me

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