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Chrystia Freeland and Matt Taibbi say that Obama is one of the 1%

We’ve been trying to tell the world that since 2008.  “He is one of them.” (about minute mark 40:50)

Check out this interview Freeland and Taibbi do with Bill Moyers.  It’s unsettling.  Freeland points out that progressives have to get the band back together and do something.  The problem is that Obama was the guy who broke us up in the first place and during the last year, progressives did NOTHING to scare him.

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  1. But I hate how Freeland then goes on to say that Obamney is not “over-awed by the 1%”, suggesting that somehow he is holding them at arm’s length. NO!

    • I think what she is suggesting is that his campaign rhetoric is threatening to them. Judging by what barofsky and others have written, Obama doesn’t have a thimbleful of empathy for the decimated middle class or anyone else who was destroyed by the recession. I’m not even sure he doesn’t believe that manufacturing can save the economy. But I know for sure that we can’t all be molecular biologists. Even the molecular biologists can’t all be molecular biologists. Turning everyone into scientists is not going to work.

      • His rhetoric is threatening to them? Surely they understand that he does not mean a word of it. In fact, I think they do understand that he does not mean a word of it. He and they have an arrangement where he uses rhetoric to string the 99% along and they pretend to be offended so as to lend the appearance of reality to Obama’s rhetoric.

        Remember when he told “teh bankurz” that “I’m the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks?” He was acknowledging his self-assigned role and purpose so that they could rest easy and assured.

        • True dat. I always thought that to be the most revealing Freudian slip from Obama – except maybe his repeated “who cares about voters” during the campaign.

          • But I have to admit I didn’t see any of that until after he got elected. “Shortly” after he got elected, to be sure . . . but still “after”.

            (I first started getting suspicious when he said something about “look forward, not back” which
            upset me badly because I thought I was voting for “look back in justice and vengeance” and ” apply all needed political chemotherapy to kill every political cancer cell”. Plus his filling his cabinet with all those Goldman-Sachs advisers from before . . . as well as pro-Free Trade Agreement DLC moles and sappers like Rahm Emmanuel).

  2. I truly believe everything in the paragraph from Arthur Silber:

    “”I conclude that Obama never wanted to be president, that is, he never wanted to do the work, master the details, understand the mechanics of the overwhelming complexities of a massive, constantly metastasizing State. Yes, he wanted to have the title “President” and enjoy the power and prestige that accompanies it (to say nothing of the fact that he and his family are now set for life at the pinnacle of the ruling class). But he never wanted to be president because there were certain policies to which he was passionately committed and wanted to put into action. He wants to be called “Mr. President”; leave the dull, wearisome duties of office to the underlings. That’s what underlings are for. We might regard him as the most frighteningly complete narcissist we are likely to see, as well as perhaps the most complete solipsist. There are no policies beyond himself that he deeply cares about; there is nothing beyond himself at all. Outside of himself and his own power, he believes nothing.”

    • Ding ding ding. We have a winner.

    • He certainly believes in cutting Social Security. He has worked at it over and over again. So there is ONE policy something that he believes and works for.

      • It’s just another step in his quest to become as beloved as Ronald Reagan who “saved” SS during his term. Some Democrat should have told Obama that FDR is the Democratic hero, not Reagan.

    • As Freeland and Taibbi say, he is one of the 1%. Once you understand how his tribe thinks, plans and acts, you understand completely why his administration has acted the way it did. It’s not that he didn’t want to be president. It’s that his tribe doesn’t do long term thinking. They cut deals for immediate impact. Keep that thought in mind as you mentally review all of his policies in the last four years. He really thinks he is doing a great job because he made those deals and they were concluded successfully. Maybe not for YOU but his group had to overcome obstacles and negotiate and they got a deal and you should be happy that they got a deal.
      The problem is that a deal is not the same as good policy. This is what Chrystia is saying. Obama is trying to tell the finance community that maybe what’s good for them is not good for everyone else and we need to try to figure this out because spoiling the bankers might ultimately be bad for the bankers. But they don’t want to hear it.
      But let’s not make any mistakes here. He is definitely looking out for the bankers’ interests and trying to get them to see that they are cutting their own throats. He is first, last and always their guy.

    • We might regard him as the most frighteningly complete narcissist we are likely to see, as well as perhaps the most complete solipsist. There are no policies beyond himself that he deeply cares about; there is nothing beyond himself at all. Outside of himself and his own power, he believes nothing.”

      Those of us that followed his rise here in Chicago knew this about him.

      Those of us that came in contact with him ( I was one of them ) here on the South Side of Chicago, came away feeling as if we had just met the most self absorbed human on the planet.

      There was nothing Obama loved more than to talk about……OBAMA!

      I despised him then ( His lip service/fake sympathies for the poor ) the way he looked bored when his constituents spoke of their plight.

      I was there and I never forgot who and what he was/is! We Chicagoans knew this about him 10 years ago and now the media are having their “Come to Jesus Moment?”


      Obama was there for EVERYONE to see! All one had to do was to remove the Rose colored glasses and put the damn Kool-Aid down to see what he was all along!

      And don’t get me started on Michelle! She has her own warts the media refuses to shine a light on!

      • Yeah, I do believe some of them were deceived including Bill Moyers himself. Moyers is a mover and shaker of the civil rights era. I think obama’s marketing experts knew exactly which buttons to push on a guy like Moyers who didn’t see much beyond Obama’s skin color and his sophistication. Here was a typical white male politician with a Harvard pedigree wrapped up in dark skin. It must have been a lifetime achievement for Moyers come true. And once again, we see this generational divide. For many people born at the end of the boom generation, civil rights struggles were a thing of the past. Oh sure, discrimination still exists but it’s nothing like it was in the 50s and early 60s. We didn’t know segregation. Only bussing and that was a much bigger deal to our grandparents than us. So people Moyers age remember an america that hasn’t existed for 50 years.
        For us, we didn’t think it was all about race. It was about good government, something we *did* remember and were rapidly losing and especially for those if us working in the corporate world and watching how the financiers were operating, we knew his type from a mile away.

        • Representative John Lewis from Georgia is another case in point. He is one of the surviving Original Freedom Riders and a long term worker in the Civil Rights Movement. He is very respected and regarded. And I have heard him say over and over how re-electing Obama will be the historic finalization and fulfillment of the Civil Rights Revolution he worked so long and hard for.

          One can be very smart and also blinded by experience in certain areas. Moyers, Lewis and others clearly consider Obama to be the living vessel of their “arc of justice” narrative of modern American history. The Obama camp very much exploits this feeling and engineers its expression. Who is more to blame? The mark or the carnie? Morally and ethically, it is the carnie who is to blame. All we can say about the mark is that he/she shouldn’t have been such a mark.

          • Whatever Lewis is saying today, in 2008 he was a vocal Hillary supporter until Obama’s people threatened to primary him in his heavily black district unless he changed sides. That’s how Obama dealt with a hero of the Civil Rights movement.

          • Ahhhh . . . . I see. That is one more thing I did not know. Could he have destroyed Obama’s image and chances right there by broadcasting that information? Or would the CEO CFP media have dropped their cone of silence over him and his revelations?

            I wonder how deeply even the most moral of political officeholders come to ego-identify their very existential core-selves with the office they hold.
            Given the violence and murder threats Lewis faced and accepted when younger, it seems wrong to call his giving in to Obama extortion to be “cowardice”.
            But it is certainly strange. If he had died on a Freedom Ride he would have recieved Ego Affirmation, I suppose. If he were to have lost a primary, would he have experienced Ego Death? Is that what he was afraid of? Is that why Obama’s extortion was so successful? Would the Obama team have called Lewis an “uncle tom” and “white man’s lawn jockey” and so forth for continuing to support Hillary? And would his district voters have accepted and believed such accusations?

        • Not in my experience, RD. I saw a lot more younger-than-50s thrilled to prove how advanced they were by voting for “black” Hopenchange, desperate to be snowed.

          Like a reformed conman pointed out, you can’t be conned unless you want to be.

          I think those of us who never fell under the spell, or who climbed out of it, don’t necessarily share any characteristics except a certain squiddy-eyed insistence on proof, no matter how good the speeches feel.

          • Regretabbly, people who are immune to one con may be vulnerable to another. People who rejected the Obama con have become eager marks
            for CarnieMitt and CarniePaul.

            Then too, arent’ there many people who have never been trained in what a “con” is and how a “con” works?

      • Then too, many mere layfolk such as myself, living hundreds of miles or more from Chicago, got our first exposure to counter-Obama material from sources like Larry Johnson’s No Quarter which quickly revealed themselves to be deeply smelly. Since that was my first exposure to counter-Obama material, I assumed that all counter-Obama material was from Republican “Birfers” like Larry Johnson.

        Also, Hullabaloo which was one of my main go-to blogs never linked to The Confluence or said a word about any of this. And Daily Kos itself was so esthetically ugly, with its hideous shit-orange color, that I couldn’t stand to look at it. So I never found
        Riverdaughter over there either. So I blame Kos. Its all his fault for making his blog so visually ugly that I couldn’t stand to look at it.

    • Romney believes that he will save the country as if it were a corporation to turn-around…and maybe he believes that he is the American messiah that the Mormons are awaiting.

      • He may be the Mormon Messiah, he’s certainly not the American Messiah. And, really, we should be done with the notion that there is such a thing and stop voting for pretenders.

  3. RD:
    You are the best source of info that matters, open minds and dialogues with possible solutions; in our eternal societal conflict of good vs. evil.

  4. I always thought Obama was a marketing construct. Could never understand all the swooning over someone so ill-prepared for the job at hand. But Barack Obama was adequately groomed to play the part, say the golden words of ‘hope and change,’ to beguile ordinary citizens into believing he was ‘their” guy, an FDR, a JFK, a Lincoln. In fact, he was always in the pocket of the monied interests. They supported him, blew his horn and made sure the fantasy was marketed to the hilt.

    The tragedy is that so many believed it. Even Obama bought into the illusion. His famous [or infamous] statement during the 2010 elections that there was no worry of defeat because the Dems ‘had him’ as opposed to Bill Clinton. Talk about delusions! And who has come out to toss the man a lifesaver in 2012? None other than Big Dawg. Not sure it will be enough. But Obama has no one to blame but himself.

    I’ve given up on the magic machine. Didn’t believe him in 2008. Don’t believe him now. That being said I would never cast a vote for the Romney/Ryan toxic ticket. I’ve already voted for . . .

    Jill Stein for POTUS, a Green candidate for Senator and 1 Dem running for Congress [who I wasn’t really thrilled with but I absolutely refuse to vote for anyone connected to a party [the Rethugs] that has gone completely around the bend].

    Stein won’t win, of course, but I decided she could have a decent showing [5%] nationally. And that’s something. Then again, I could have gone with Rocky Anderson. Just thought Stein had a better chance of racking up some numbers. I don’t know how to change the political landscape without refusing the illegitimacy of both parties and their sorry candidates.

    Voting for the lesser evil simply doesn’t work for me anymore.

  5. A day too late, a dollar short. When I coined Jr.jr for Obama (it was before Occupy) I basically said the same thing. We all sized him up in 2008 – his Reagan rhetoric, his contempt for voters/women/people, his obsession with the trappings of power vs lack of interest in policies. It was all out there for all to see during the campaign, including Taibbi, Moyers and that woman I don’t know. Moyers to his credit did once come to Hillary’s defense during one of the manufactured outrages re: Johnson, civil rights. Still, all these people in this video are personally responsible for enabling the rise to power of this 1%er.

    • You’re right, Sweetie. Taibbi was an unapologetic cheer baby for Barack Obama, swooned with the best of ’em and trashed Hillary Clinton as the Wicked Witch.

      Whose sorry now??

      The misogyny we witnessed and heard, the racist accusations directed our way have not been forgotten. I give Taibbi points for being one of the early voices on the financial ass-kissing this Administration has done. Bill Moyers has a solid record on Civil Rights but he was snookered, too. All the best and brightest were blinded by the light.

      Or were they?

      Was it a matter of go along to get along? If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em? Or I’ve got my reputation/job/career/financial security to protect and it’s a done deal anyway. I’m no genius but I saw the con a mile away.

      Locking the barn door after the horse has bolted is a wee bit late. But at least there are some voices now willing say it like it is. The tragedy is that now there really isn’t any choice. The lesser of two evils. Or none at all.

      For better or worse, I went my own way. I voted. I rejected both parties. A pox on both these corrupt institutions and their inept candidates!! Both parties and the ass they rode in on deserve nothing but our scorn.

  6. “So the point I’m simply making is that as president, my goal is to bring people together, to listen to them, and I don’t think that’s any Republican out there who I’ve worked with who would say that I don’t listen to them, I don’t respect their ideas, I don’t understand their perspective.

    And I do not consider Democrats to have a monopoly on wisdom. And my goal is to get us out of this polarizing debate where we’re always trying to score cheap political points and actually get things done”

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,352785,00.html#ixzz29zarweH6

    Yep, President Clinton called out Chris Wallace, Obama massaged him, nothing new.

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