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Quick recap.

I have to get up early tomorrow morning so this will be quick.

I give Romney the slight edge in this one.  Like I said before, I don’t have a dog in this fight and I don’t like Republicans.  But I think that the Republican strategy for this debate was pretty smart.  It was to force Obama to defend his record over and over and over again.  That’s a problem for Obama because despite what he thinks, things are not looking up for a lot of us.

The Obama cheering section on twitter is trying desperately to make it look like a win for Obama but I don’t think they’re seeing what we’re seeing. We’re seeing a president who doesn’t have any idea what people are going through when it comes to gas prices or unemployment.  That college kid is going to graduate with a degree in something.  He’s not going to want to manufacture iphones.

Also, Obama continues to push himself right.  He continues to agree with Romney on drilling for fossil fuels, leaving the gun laws as they are and he even thinks that government can do nothing to create jobs to pull us out of this little Depression.  That last item tends to invalidate his own party’s history and the economics of depressions in general.  Many of us who are laid off do not want to start our own businesses.  We’re being forced to do it against our better judgments or probability of success.  In my field, it’s not simply a matter of motivation or hard work.  The logistics are simply not favorable to small entrepreneurial start ups.

I could go on but I really need to go to bed.  The callers on C-span gave Romney a slight edge and this has nothing to do with anything Romney said tonight.  In fact, the less he said, the better for him.  All he needed to do was say over and over again, “President Obama promised blah and he failed to deliver on it.”  Those facts are easy to check.  Romney very shrewdly made this debate a Referendum on the Obama Presidency and found it wanting.

Sorry, Obama fans.  He needed to do better than this.

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  1. The group in Nevada could actually see the money in their pocket saved by not taxing their interest and dividend income. That is big, It encourages savings and will no doubt boost community banks and credit unions. When asked who won, they shouted “Romney!” Those people are the most aware of the need for a President who respects entrepreneurs and job creators. A key was when Romney managed to say that Massachusetts was #1 in Education. That’s a decent trade-off against being at the bottom in job creation. He was consistent in placing education at the top of his plan.

    • Then the group in NV are idiots. Think how that will play against the people with 401K’s who will be taxed at the full rate upon distribution for the same dividends and interest. Not that I ever liked them, but they are here and folks are fully invested.

      • I’ve never had to pay taxes on my interest income because it’s so small. Most of my retirement savings, as you say, is in my 401k and the only capital gains taxes I’m liking to ever earn are from the sale of my house (if real estate values ever recover) and that’s already not taxes if you’re over 55 and it’s your primary residence. Romney has no idea what will help working people.

  2. Job Creators! Romney’s tax plan won’t help 250 million Americans because they don’t have income coming from dividends…

    Romney’s tax plan is going to rasie taxes on the Middle Class period. Roomney’s tax plan for Corporations is going to reward those that Outsoourced jobs by allowign them to bring back all the lucre they’ve hidden off-shore in a Zero percent tax holiday.

    • And Obama is going to “negotiate” my pre-paid social security benefits away! Whoop-de-doo! Save they Obot propaganda for a site that gives a shit, OK?

      • What RD said. Could have had Hillary. Oh. btw. Did you see what happened to Stein? That’s a motivator for a third party vote alone.

        • I say encourage everyone you know to protest the rigged system by voting 3rd Party for VP not matter which they choose between these two. That would send a message that we get it, we really get it and we don’t like it.

          It truly is unfair to keep the others out, while calling ourselves a ‘DEMOCRACY’.

          • I looked into that, but the pres and vice pres are a package deal on the ballot. Was not always so. Years ago I split a ticket at the top.

  3. I look around at the younger employees at work and wonder what is in store for them. For many their interest in politics ranges from “They are are lying crooks” to “How soon can I get that new I-phone”

    Romney and the republicans are going to steal everything that isn’t nailed down and Obama wants to but is incompetent. The only thing that will stop them is a concerned public, unfortunately they are still too comfortable to care. Once they are standing in line at the soup kitchen will be too late.

    • Lots of the public is already concerned and uncomfortable. They are also despairingly hopeless . . . after a several-decades long Upper Goverclass psy-war campaign to demonstrate to the public that they indeed have no hope. Perhaps some of that public will ammend that sentiment to “no hope within the electoral politics system” at least at the national level. Perhaps they will learn to find hope in other areas such as Building Survivalism and Resilient Communities and so forth. Perhaps they will learn to think in terms of economic resistance, rebellion, and warfare in which every personal economic behavior decision is guided by the principle “every dollar is a bullet on the field of economic combat.”

      • Oh, and . . . here’s another uplifting saying if enough people come together to live by it.

        ” With a head full of plans and a heart full of hate, we can make things happen.”

  4. Conflucian bloggers knew Obama was and is an empty suit,

  5. I don’t know. Romney’s binder full of women comment didn’t help him and also about them having to get home to cook supper? Whatever. My take on the whole thing was that both of them gave great reasons to vote AGAINST the other guy but not FOR themselves. Romney did not do as well in this debate because he started using those crappy tea party talking points. When are these bozos going to realize exactly how toxic the tea party is?

    • She wanted the job as his Chief of Staff and she also wanted to be home in time to cook for her kids. Romney accommodated that. What’s the problem?

  6. Before I junked it, I noted the humble tone of the last plea for money I got in the mail. It starts with “look, you knew the polls were going to get tighter before the election” and it ends with “but when we needed him to, he went up there and fought for us”. Ironically, the title was “When he went up there on that stage”. Needless to say, it was not on a stage we needed him to fight for us. I won’t even argue about the fighting itself.

  7. The Obama-Romney debate: Questions unasked and unanswered


    The first debate was summed up in Romney’s comment that, regardless of who was elected, the rich would do well. The defining moment in the second debate was Obama’s concluding comment: “I believe that the free enterprise system is the greatest engine of prosperity the world’s ever known. I believe in self-reliance and individual initiative and risk-takers being rewarded.”

    lord , is a more Reagen like statement possible? Only “I’m paying for this microphone Mr. Speaker” would top it. Is Obama in the market for a ranch now ? Why not go all the way?

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