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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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Takin’ a break today

It’s rainy and yucky today.

Anyway, this one goes out to all those chemists out there who have been freed from wage slavery:


By the way, Ezra Klein wrote something intelligent after a four year self-induced psychogenic fugue.  It appears that he has woken up to discover that he is a Democrat after all and that some of the people that Obama hangs with in Washington are not:

Of course, those who say we should raise the Social Security retirement age — either the age of eligibility or the age for full benefits — don’t get laughed at. It’s considered a very thoughtful, courageous effort to deal with our entitlement programs. People who mention it often make a joke of how brave they’re being. For instance, here’s New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) at an American Enterprise Institute event:

You are going to have to raise the retirement age for Social Security! Whoa! I just said it and I am still standing here. I did not vaporize into the carpeting.

Big applause, of course.

This is one of Washington, D.C.’s more disagreeable conceits. The people wandering around calling for a higher retirement age will never feel the bite of the policy. Think tankers and politicians and columnists don’t retire at age 62, or even age 65. They love their work, which mostly requires sitting down in air-conditioned rooms. They stick around pretty much until they’re about to die.

Too bad this awakening comes too late to do anything about it but we must be grateful for small things.

But as Ezra says:

The courage it takes to call for a higher retirement age is the courage to say that other people who don’t have it as good as you do should be the ones to pay to shore up Social Security. It’s the same kind of courage as a poor person calling for higher taxes on the rich, or a sitting congressman calling for a war he’ll never have to fight in.

Or the courage of an A list blogger to defend future social security recipients after the blogger failed to pressure the Democratic nominee he helped get elected with threats of electoral suicide if he didn’t drop the Grand Bargain plans.

Just sayin’.

15 Responses

  1. “It’s the same kind of courage as a poor person calling for higher taxes on the rich … .”

    What? He’s equating calling for more wars and raising the social security age with asking a mega-rich person to take on more of the cost of running this country? He’s saying advocating the rich pay more is unfair? He’s against letting the Bush (now Obama) tax cuts expire? It’s unfair? Those poor poor rich folk, like the poor poor soldiers and the poor poor old folks? Even when the mega-rich bankstas are the ones who caused this worldwide mess with their unquenchable thirst for insane gambling (with house money)?

    No, sorry, Ezra is still a schmuck to me. He’s just trying to cover all bases. A poor person will never be the same as a 1%er or a congressperson. A poor person is far more likely to be a soldier or an old widow. He disgusts me.

  2. Yea that ending was a kick in the teeth. But if the analogy does anything to STOP the raising of the retirement age then I’m almost willing to suck it up.

    I guess it just shows how little I expect from the Liberal Blogosphere these days. I wonder if I would have given those guys any attention at all back in 2003 -> If I’d known what they were morphing into.

    • I see some bloggers staring in disbelief at the number of women abandoning Obama for Romney. I’d rather they abandon Obama for someone to the left of Obama but it’s not like we didn’t warn them.

      • I have accepted long ago that most of the nation is to the right of me and so are the politicians I admire and vote for. I am probably voting Green this time because they are the women on the ballot and I do agree with Stein on most issues. I also think she is smart and dedicated.
        On the other hand, most women are probably more moderate and want to vote for someone who has a chance to win. They are going for Romney because they want a better economy and are hoping Mitt can deliver. They no longer trust Obama. Can’t say I blame them.

    • I’m not willing to suck up anything, especially from the likes of this stupid, suck-up, ass-kissing kid.

      The kid revealed who he really is: a hack who spouts compromise and false equivalencies. That ending shows his true colors. “On the one hand … on the other hand.” “On the one hand, we can’t raise the retirement age. On the other hand, we can’t tax the rich.” Jamie Dimon is the same as an unemployed 50-year-old chemist. Who knew?

      Sorry, Ezra is someone who has always driven me crazy.

      • he wants to be MSM so he must prove he is fair and balanced. blah blah blah…..all those “first tier” (blech) male bloggers suck.

  3. It is awfully late but perhaps not totally too late to raise pressure against the Catfood Compromise. I think there are a couple of weeks or so between the Nov. election and the Lame Duck Session? If Obama loses but one’s own downticket Democrat(s) win, one can call or write those Democrats to say something like “I voted for you to reject any form of the Simpson Obama Catfood Plan. If any form form
    of Simpson Obama passes the Senate I will never vote for another Democrat every again.” Maybe that will make some of the Catfood Democrats think twice about voting to catfoodiate us?

    • If it’s going to have an impact, it had better be *before* the election. They need to take a Norquistian pledge, right now, to never raise the retirement age or rejigger the payments in a way that means that future retirees will get less than they expected when they first started paying into the system. Also, they need to reform Medicare but they need to promise to force providers to cut their costs first. Then, they can expand Medicare to people aged 55. That will bring in some healthier people.
      No pledge? No vote. You have to get tough.

      • In the short time remaining, perhaps the “28 Senators’ Letter” is the closest we have to such a pledge. Those of us with a DemSenator running again who has not signed onto this letter could tell the DemCumbent Candidate that we will not vote for them unless they sign the letter. Those of us with a nonSenator running for DemSenator could say we won’t vote for that candidate unless they support the letter.

        Article about the letter.http://leftcall.com/28-senators-sign-letter-opposing-social-security-cuts-in-debt-deal/

        • And it looks like my state’s Senate re-runner Stabenow is one of the 28 Senators who signed the letter. So I will vote for her in hopes she really means it.

          Whereas Catfood Dickie Durbin has NOT signed it, in case anyone is wondering if he is still “some kind of liberal”.

    • It’s too late, IMO. Too many Dems have taken the position that they have to vote for the Big Zero and then, after the election, having ceded all bargaining power, they’ll plead with him to act like a Dem.

      Personally, I will not reward treachery, whether the 2008 primaries or the lies about the public option or closing Guantanamo or disrespecting a woman’s right to control her body as she, and she alone, sees fit. The list of betrayal goes on and on. Obama and his crew have already shown me who they are. No thank you.

      Romney gets in then? Well, that sucks. But no more than it would with Obama. AND IT’S NOT MY FAULT ANYWAY. I am not the mother of the Obama clan, having to wipe their asses because they haven’t mastered that art themselves. I didn’t vote for him. And I won’t vote for him – ever.

      • But, Ezra is usually one of the early warnings about the direction Obama is taking. Why is he making such a flat statement today against the raising of the retirement age?

        • Well, you raise an interesting point. Maybe Obama can gather a few votes with another false promise. And Ezra is a toady, for sure.

          But I wouldn’t ever believe a word out of Obama’s mouth – or really, any of the sell-out Dems in Congress and certainly not any “pundits.” So, in the end, it really doesn’t matter to me what O’s strategy is.

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