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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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Obama White House Pinning the Blame on Hillary

Yep, all her fault.  According to a security person in Tripoli from the Utah National Guard, the embassy (unclear which one) asked for more security and that request was denied by the State department.  Hillary says the truth will all come out, we need to be patient.  But this is an election year and patience is not a virtue.  The Republicans want to pin the responsibility for the embassy attack in Benghazi on Obama and Obama wants to pin the responsibility on Hillary.

Interesting.  I probably wouldn’t have done it this way because I’ve read various accounts of who requested what for which embassy and who turned it down or didn’t ask for it or decided it wasn’t in their strategic long term interests.  Ambassador Chris Stevens was convinced that local Libyan security should be used when possible, if I recall correctly. It may have cost him his life in the end but from recent accounts, a few extra American military people, which is what was requested, wouldn’t have made a big difference.  The attack on the embassy was a full on assault with heavy fire and mortars. Whether the State department shares some of the blame for this disaster is something we will all find out eventually and the responsible parties will have to answer for it, including Hillary if she is at fault.  I want to hear all of the facts first.

Frankly, I would LOVE for Hillary to have to testify before Congress on the matter.  The sooner the better.  She’s not the headbanded lawyer with the missing box of billing records anymore.  Does either side really want to call Hillary to Capital Hill?  Think about that for awhile.  Let it soak in.  I’m not sure which campaign has the most to lose in that scenario but let us remember what James Carville once said of Hillary, “If Hillary gave Barack Obama one of her balls, they’d each have two.”

Craig Crawford has this to say on the matter:

President Obama’s team seems close to provoking a feud with the Clintons. The White House seems to be shifting blame to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Benghazi fiasco.

First, Vice President Joe Biden says in his debate “we” weren’t told U.S. diplomats asked for more security in Benghazi before the violence there. Then, White House press secretary Jay Carney explains that Biden meant only the White House had not been told, and in a telling remark says the matter was “handled by security professionals at the State Department.”

I can understand why Biden, who wants to run for president again, would relish a chance to undermine Hillary, who might also run again. But at a moment when Obama is relying so much on Bill Clinton for support does he really want to let this play out?

Well, considering that Obama owes his presidency to Wall Street and that the culture of smartness doesn’t do long term thinking, I think we can assume that they haven’t actually played that scenario out and are still under the impression that they can humiliate Hillary without consequences.

But don’t be surprised to find that the Republicans have sized up the situation and predicted the opposition’s likely reaction.

Get the popcorn.

42 Responses

  1. That’s fine, pin the blame on Hillary and Bill will have palpitations (aka, the vapors) rendering him unable to stump for BO.

    • Maybe that’s what the GOP is hoping for. Remember that Obama used surrogates to force Bill Clinton from campaigning for Hillary. That was accomplished with the race card. That the GOP is doing it is not as repugnant to me as when the Democrats did it.

      I would be very happy if Bill didn’t campaign for Obama.

      • Well, he’s got a very full schedule and lots of commitments. There are candidates all over the country who want him to campaign for them. He could just tell Obama, “Hey, you’re the incumbent. you can handle this without me.”

  2. pop the corn indeed. I can’t believe they are going to be dumb enough to try and blame Clinton. But maybe they really have no choice because she is the only one they can throw under the bus. I don’t think they will get away with it.

    • Maybe she’ll attach some magnetic mines to the underside of that bus while she’s down there.

  3. Clearly, a half dozen Marines could not have rebuffed that attack. Once again, Obama has refused to stand up and admit what actually happened. I was surprised when Biden said last night that “we” hadn’t been asked for more security since I was aware of the testimony of the State Department officials to the contrary. It was a stupid dodge that has, as usual, come back to bite them in the ass.

    • But they might have protected Chris Stevens and made sure of his safety.

      • The terrorists had military weapons and the buildings weren’t built to withstand that kind of an attack. It’s possible that a lot more Marines would have made a difference but there is no building that can’t be breached in a well-planned, well-armed and determined attack.

  4. Blaming Hillary isn’t going to help him. I’ve been actually rather startled at how much difference this one debate has made in the polls. Clearly the public saw something when they compared Obama to Romney that they didn’t like, and they REALLY must not have liked it because most ordinary non-asshole humans come off well in any comparison to Romney. Changing that isn’t going to be accomplished by blaming Hillary because this was a very personal failure that can only be changed by Obama himself next week. The blame-Hillary thing isn’t surprising, though, because I’ve followed the usual suspect prog blogs (Kos, Balloon Juice, LGM, etc.) over the last week, and they seem ready to blame the polls on anyone but Obama: mean, lying Romney, the press, themselves for being too dismayed and panicky about the debate, etc. When I and several others have pointed out that Obama was the only one up there, blowing it, and that would have to change if he wants to right the ship, they go ape. I guess following Obama is like being an old-line Communist or a modern-day conservative – he can’t fail himself, he can only be failed by others. Pathetic and even laughable if you could forget that he’s the only thing between Romney and the WH. Yikes!

    • That’s why Obama is like a “too big to fail bank”. There is so much invested in him that they have to do everything to prop him up and hide the fact that he is insolvent.

      • That’s the really sad part, the feeling I have that many sincere and even well-intentioned people have invested so much hope in carrying and propping up a man who doesn’t really appreciate it and who apparently didn’t think enough of them to prepare adequately for the debate. I agree with you guys that he’s a schmuck and I don’t care about him either personally, but he’s taking millions down with him. And even while he’s doing it, they’re defending him against even legitimate criticism. I’ll admit that I thought stupidly that the collective madness and self-delusion of 4 years ago might have dimmed a bit after they actually got a chance to see him in office, but the truth is that it burns as brightly as ever.

        • It might burn as brightly but there are fewer people on fire this time. He’s going to need every one of the Democrats’ base voters to show up for him on election day and that’s bad because look at all the people he ran over on his march to the White House.

        • I really think that Obama expects Hillary to fall on her sword for him. And she might just do it for the sake of the party. But in doing so, she’d be doing herself in. Why should she do that for a guy who used every trick in the book against her?

          • I must say that she “knew the job was dangerous when she took it.”

          • Hillary is an savvy politician and very nimble. I think she’ll manage just fine. I don’t doubt that for a minute. Maybe that’s why she let it out in her own way that the other agency was housed in the same Benghazi complex as the consulate. She used Google Earth and other information to let the cat out of bag. 😆

            A State Department official assured him that the material was “entirely unclassified” and that the photo was from a commercial satellite. “I totally object to the use of that photo,” Chaffetz continued. He went on to say that “I was told specifically while I was in Libya I could not and should not ever talk about what you’re showing here today.”

            Now that Chaffetz had alerted potential bad guys that something valuable was in the photo, the chairman, Darrell Issa, R-Calif., attempted to lock the barn door through which the horse had just bolted. “I would direct that that chart be taken down,” he said, although it already had been on C-SPAN.


          • I mean that because the agency was in the same complex as the consulate, the security of the place may have been coordinated with the agency and might have been the agency that didn’t want too much security to avoid broadcasting that there were valuable assets in the consulate. The place might have just housed Libyans and the agency. I’ve read that Ambassador Stevens was not supposed to be in Benghazi and might have been lured there.

          • Misplaced loyalty to a memory of the party as it was, not as it is now?

  5. Definition: chicken-shit: lacking in caracter, coward

    So we know at this website that Obama is a chicken-shit who abhors taking responsibility for anything. I don’t want to imagine another four years of this man as president. Maybe on January 20, 2013 they’ll sing “I Got 99 problems but Obama ain’t one of them”

    And yes, we’ll have 99 problems.

    • We don’t know what’s going to happen. There could be something significant that throws the race back to Obama. But you’re right that it’s four more years of inertia and capitulation to the bankers. I think we’ll look back on Obama’s presidency as a tragically missed opportunity for the country and for African Americans.

      • RD, I’m still extremely angry about 2008. I knew how bad things would be. I knew the Democrats knew it, and they cared about their own little power more than the country. Don’t get me started.

  6. I read on Facebook Bill Clinton was scheduled to do a big Obama rally in Ohio with Bruce Springsteen. I’ll be watching for this

  7. Here’s a wild speculation: Possibly Obama is throwing the election to avoid the inevitable discovery in a second term of his guilt in Benghazigate. This may have begun soon after he realized there would be hearings on Benghazi, and maybe even before. Watergate didn’t get going until after Nixon won the election. What do people think?

    • I doubt it. He might be throwing the election but I don’t think it has anything to do with Benghazi, which is starting to look like it had multiple sources of failure, including in the Repiblican lead congress that cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the State department’s security budget request.

      • Lamb and others, testifying under oath, denied that funding was an issue at all. (They did want it to appear as if things had improved there, but anyway that’s a separate matter.) The only thing that is relevant is that B.O. panicked and put out a story that he knew to be at odds with what the state dept. officially determined. He likely thought there wouldn’t be hearings, but anyway, it was too late. They will trace every document, and a cover-up revealed–that is, if he’s reelected.

        • you know, I think an investigation is warranted but I will strongly object to one of those Whitewater-esque travails we went through when Clinton was in office. Remember when Bush got away with EVERYTHING? Remember that? This is a tragic event, maybe preventable but we don’t know that yet. There’s something very weird about it and it sounds like someone blew the CIA’s cover. Funding apparently *was* an issue and resources had to be allocated carefully around the world but Chris Stevens might not have wanted extrat troops around. We don’t know. What we do know is that Republicans making a cynical field day out of what should be a serious investigation right before an election is reprehensible and makes them a bunch of right wing hyprocrits. Do you want to associate with that? That they’re planning to make a circus out of a tragic event when Bush got away with knowingly invading a country based on lies that his administration propagated? A pointless war that is draining the country, increasing the deficit, destabilized part of asia and killed thousands of American soldiers? I wouldn’t want any part of it.
          But if there are going to be hearings, let Hillary handle it.

          • I don’t want to associate with any Republican circuses, but I thought of this website (which I still follow at times) because of how this involves Hilary. Forget the Republicans, just look at what is known. For weeks, the state department disassociated itself from the video explanation that “others” were putting forward. Obama knew he had misled as to the cause and went on the View to say that it was clearly preplanned. (No journalists to have to answer to.) Carney lies every which way (it was not preplanned, then later, it is “self-evident” that it was terrorism, and later still, well it was an “act of terror”, and anyway we are only reporting what the state dept. told us, the state dept. kept updating its story,…etc. etc.).
            Had Obama told the truth from the start (a terrorist act occurred on 9/11/12, killing our ambassador), it wouldn’t have been a big deal I don’t think. This is the typical situation where lying about something one didn’t even have to lie about brings about one’s undoing.

          • Never assume malice when stupidity would work just as well. The Obama White House is a Wall Street operation. If it doesn’t know how to interact with the State department, it’s because it didn’t think it was important at the time and therefore did not allocate resources to a developing crisis. It says more about Obama’s managerial skill than some kind of conspiracy to hide the truth. BTW, you can’t rule out the fact that the CIA was closely associated with the Benghazi embassy. The cover was blown. We don’t know yet who is responsible for that but it could be very important.
            Hillary doesn’t need our protection. If we do that, we will be undermining her. She is an intelligent, capable person who can handle this. Think of her has our secret weapon, not a victim.

      • Why would he be throwing the election? Benghazi-gate would explain it, but I can’t see anything else. He has been working toward reelection for 2 years or more, he’d never give up on it deliberately without an enormously powerful reason.

        • It’s a hard job. He’s not really cut out for politics at this high level. It’s not his passion and his personality doesn’t adapt well to it. It’s exhausting and he doesn’t like confrontation. He was the last person who should have been in the White House in the last four years and he likely knows it. Giving him four more years might be sheer torture for him. I really wish the Democrats had replaced him earlier in the year. I would have preferred Hillary but heck, even Joe Biden would be preferable at this point. But it’s too late now.
          In the whole scheme of things, Benghazi is a tragic and confounding event and we need to get to the bottom of it. But it’s not the kind of thing that should or would sink a presidency. There have been far worse events that haven’t brought presidents down. Like 9/11. That should have gotten Bush pushed into political oblivion, especially since we know his White House was warned and warned and warned all through the summer leading up to it. But he actually got a second term in spite of all the awful things he did.
          Keep that in mind.

  8. riverdaughter

    “benghazigate” is as phony an “issue” as travelgate, that $100,000 investment in cattle futures (or whatever) and “who murdered vince foster?” also as phony as “birthergate”. the gop are aliens from outer space, the prez is a pipsqueak and most of the american public (and the media) are basically lazy-minded fools and ignoramuses. this farcical election almost makes me want to munch mothballs or drink bleach. jeeeze!

    but you stay strong!

    • I’m amazed you’d say that Riverdaughter—it’s a big, big issue. It’s indicative of a Prez who has repeatedly usurped the obligation of news outlets to report events that might make B.O. look bad. That is why even some democratic journalists backed off on this one. Hilary shouldn’t allow B.O. and Biden to put the blame on her. The state dept. was following the entire attack on the phone: they knew it was a preplanned terrorist attack, yet Rice went on newshows saying, emphatically, that it was not preplanned and that it resulted from anger over a video. The very manner in which she says it shows she is lying.

  9. No one is throwing the election. It’s outcome is predetermined. Just see what Murdoch told New Yorkers to do yesterday

  10. Here is a link to a petition asking for the truth in the Libya terrorist attack. Sign it and pass it on if you like. Or start your own.

    • Nope, not doing the Republican harassment thing. When the truth finally comes out, you’ll find that the Republican House cut back on State Department funding by several hundred million dollars.
      The petition is a cynical electoral ploy and I will have no part in it. Don’t push that shit here, Constance. The rule on this blog is we don’t promote party talking points- *either* party’s talking points.

      • So if readers wish to voice an idea that just happens to be supported by either party it is disallowed? That would be tantamount to precluding talk of any of the campaign issues. Look, my concern is with Hilary and what Benghazi-gate is doing to her. When compelled to comment, the evident distaste with which she reluctantly mentions the video–carefully avoiding any claim that there is a link–says it all. Just watch her.

        • There is a difference between talking about an issue and the facts that surround it and pushing a meme that one or the other party wants to propagate. In this case, it looks like the Republican party is trying to get traction on firing up the former Clintonistas who lean right to try to take down Obama before an election. And I won’t have any part in that. I’m not going to frontpage it nor do I support a hypocritical push to pin a tragic event on Obama. It’s opportunistic and doesn’t serve the people of this country. I want to hear the facts, all of them, and I believe that Hillary is the one who is most able to go to Congress and tell them. She’s a big girl, Mayo. I guarantee that this is the last thing Republicans or Democrats want. They’re just using Benghazi as a political football. It’s an election propaganda meme and is disrespectful to the four embassy staff who died. Those people deserve a thoughtful analysis and holding the right people responsible. I want no part of some hatchet job on Obama. Let him lose the election for being an ineffectual president who is over his head, not through some political dirty trick.
          And if the Democrats try something similar, we don’t let them spread that propaganda here either. You might have noticed that we didn’t jump on the Mitt is an evil childhood bully who used Bain to rob granny shit. It’s unimportant. As far as I’m concerned, this election is a referendum on Obama’s last four years. Making Romney into Satan’s little helper doesn’t change that.
          The anti-propaganda rule has been in effect since 2008 and you should know it if you’ve been a long time reader.

          • Sure, I wasn’t saying I endorsed any particular action as it might impact the election, only that I hope Hilary doesn’t go down with him. But you’re right, she’s a big girl, she must know what she’s doing…or not doing.

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