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Obama is like a “too big to fail” bank

He failed the stress test but the party heavy hitters feel obligated to save him no matter how badly he f^&*s up and can’t make the case.

We all know that left to his own devices, he’s going to screw up again and put all our economic lives in jeopardy.  It’s just that the party is so invested in him.

So, we see the spectacle of Joe Biden spending a good portion of the debate propping Obama up on foreign policy.  At some point, he ditched the script and just defended his party.

He scored on abortion.  It’s perfectly fine if you have a religious objection to it as long as you don’t seek to impose that religious doctrine on others.  He was a little vague on social security.  I would have liked to have heard a definitive stance against raising the retirement age.  It’s unclear if that is Obama’s policy speaking or Biden’s.

Afghanistan was a wash.  We should be out of there by now.  Otherwise, Biden owned foreign policy.  He smiled and laughed to mock Ryan but he could have been just funnin’ with the young’un.  Biden excels in this area.

I think he kicked Ryan’s ass on the economy and how Ryan’s plan would hurt the middle class.  He was very good at selling the pitch, addressing the camera, and by extension, us, directly.

It would be great if we could just declare the Obama presidency insolvent and nationalize the office for a better candidate.  I’d vote for Biden in a pinch.  Too bad he’s not on the top of the ticket.

14 Responses

  1. What if 18 million “nobama” voters all called their Democratic Officeholders or other significant Democrats to say something like . . .
    “I think Obama needs to spend more time with his family. He should resign the nomination and hand it over to Clinton or Biden or somebody. I could vote for Clinton or Biden or somebody.”

  2. About SS/Mcare/Mcaide . . . and esPECially SS . . . Senator Schumer of NY said just a few days ago that the DemSenators should not agree to any changes to SS, I believe. I remember him saying SOMEthing about that. Perhaps it would be worth calling his office to offer gratitude and to tell him that if the DemSenators prevent SS from being so much as even MENtioned in any legislation . . . that we will still vote for DemSenators for protecting SS against the Simpson-Obama Catfood Commission fraud-swindle plan.

    The Gang Banker establishment which owns and operates many key DemSenators as well as the RepSenators has instructed its DemSenators that they are to pass the Simpson-Obama Catfood Plan.
    The “No on Catfood” DemSenators have all sorts of procedural and parliamentary ways to constipate the Senate badly enough to stop anything at all from moving if they really want to stop anything from moving. Can we motivate them to want to stop anything at all from moving through the Senate so that nothing at all whatsoever on SS emerges from the legislation-excretion orifice?

  3. The last time I saw Biden he started his speech at the Democratic Convention talking about how many times his wife had refused his marriage proposal, and asked her in front of the whole convention hall why had she done that? I think he answered his own question.

    Bid definitely has more of the old Dem. Party about him, but I found his constant interruptions of Ryan and somewhat testiness with the moderator annoying. I wanted to hear what others had to say. His smirching in the background was not what one expects from an office holder beyond high school. He seems so full of himself, but I guess was just responding to all of the pressure to take Ryan out. Ryan held his own, but doesn’t have a lot to work with in terms of convincing the middle class that the current Republican Party is on their side, unless the voter has an anti-stance on “liberal issues” and those issues make him vote against his best interests.

    BTW, will someone mention that we have over 50 percent women in this country, but 15 percent representation in Congress? The Congressional men club gets itself really twisted over control of women’s bodies.

    • If you analyze Biden’s performance, he did everything people are screaming at Obamney to do in the next “debate”. Debate School has definitely been in full swing in the Democratic Party for the past week. Biden was the test case – if it goes over well this time, then The Obamney can try it next week.

  4. I’m not sure the party elders are that dissatisfied with him. We know Wall Street is the major cartel bloc controlling Democratic economic policy and they have to be happy with the job he’s done. They probably wish he was better at selling the bullshit , but it isn’t 2008 anymore. Had they changed the ticket and put Hillary in front, they would have risked her taking an independent course . These guys like the dud they have; they have Mitt Romney on the bench in case O takes a dive. They would rather lose with a supplicant than win with someone who might go against them.

    • There’s a lot of money and power riding on this election. What they apparently don’t care about is the values their party once represented. But as to the guy on the top, I’d be surprised if they weren’t pissed off that he blew the first debate.

  5. As our friend Lambert Stretcher pointed out this AM:

    “Biden’s so full of malarkey on refusing to “impose his faith on others.” That’s exactly what the Hyde Amendment does, which Obama enshrined in ObamaCare with Executive Order 13535.

    The difference is that while the Hyde Amendment has to be renewed every year, the EO is permanent (until an actual Democrat, like that will ever happen, undoes it).

    I expect legacy party candidates to be lying weasels, so that doesn’t bother me.

    What bothers me more is when Democratic apparatchiks and wannabees, along with Obama fans, expect that the rest of us won’t do basic due diligence on the issue, and join them in their pom pom waving. It is to vomit.”


    • It was the right answer delivered by the wrong person. Biden is not president and I suspect he doesn’t have a lot of input.
      There were other things that trouble me, like his refusal to rule out a change in the retirement age for social security and medicare recipients.
      But like I said, it’s Biden’s job and the Big Dawg’s job and Hillary’s job, etc, etc, to make sure he doesn’t fail, even it he’s not looking so good himself. As Maureen Dowd said, Valerie Jarret believes that it your responsibility to recognize and support his awesomeness no matter how badly he screws up. Biden did his part last night.

      • From NC:

        “Grand Bargain™-brand Catfood watch. Biden/Ryan debate: “Who won the debate? Billionaires, when Martha Raddatz said SS & Medicare are going bankrupt, and Biden didn’t argue” (DCB; the transcript; McClatchy fact check. It’s actually worse: Ryan said that’s an “indisputable fact,” and Biden shifted to snark about Palin instead of nailing him on it. So much for “flat guarantee” (NC 2012-08-16). Medicare, ditttoez).”

        Biden’s very on the team.

        • Biden didn’t initially challenge Radditz on her assertion that Social Security is broke meme but eventually he did, saying that he was in the negotiations with Reagan’s guys to guarantee its solvency until 2033 and that all it needed now were tweaks. But he didn’t take retirement age hikes off the table and that was disturbing.

          • How did he define “tweaks”?

          • He didn’t. That was the maddening part of that whole exchange. But he did set the record straight with Radditz. Social Security is not bankrupt.

          • This isn’t going to end well. And Biden will go along to get along. He did trade his support of Hillary for a vice presidency, after all.

        • Don’t hang any hats on Biden, the senator from MBNA.

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