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Why do we even have Sunday Morning political shows….

…if their only purpose is to get a bunch of people together who want to make us accept the unacceptable?

If nobody watched them, we could think for ourselves, couldn’t we?  We wouldn’t have anyone smugly telling us to sacrifice or that the candidate we really wanted was never going to get elected or that reducing the deficit is more important than anything else in the entire world or that the bankers must be saved first, last and always, you people in steerage are just going to have to die.

If we didn’t watch them, then maybe they would realize that they’re just talking to themselves.  Maybe we could get reruns of the Lone Ranger on Sunday mornings, just like we used to.

Whatever it is they think is important, would become unimportant because our voting decisions would not be influenced by their stupid, inanities.  It’s worth a shot.


Note to the Democrats who still insist on voting for Obama after this week’s fiasco:

Read Barofsky’s book, and Ron Suskind’s book Confidence Men, and Sheila Bair’s book Bull by the Horns and recall what happened to Elizabeth Warren and Christine Romer.

Go ahead and vote for Obama if you can’t face the prospect of losing.  But if Obama takes office and Tim Geithner is still his Secretary of the Treasury, then you will be the biggest fools the country has ever known.  Geithner is the economic equivalent of Dick Cheney and anyone who doesn’t insist on his immediate dismissal should have their heads examined.  The damage he has done to this country is probably irreparable.  And let’s not forget who appointed him.

No, don’t even whine to me about how bad it will be if Romney wins.  I despise Republicans but now feel we have less to fear from them than leaving Obama and Geithner in office.  You can’t make Romney look like a viable choice and I’m not going to make shit up to make him seem palatable but if it can be believed, leaving Obama in charge would be sooooo much worse. I’m just glad that Hillary is getting out at the end of this term and staying clear of the fetid mess that Obama and Geithner have made.

Save your breath.  Go read that book and if you can still vote for Obama afterwards, there’s something really wrong with the way your mama raised you.

42 Responses

  1. Good advice RD, Turn them off. 🙂

  2. I turned them off about 10 years ago and never went back. For a whie I kept abreast of the major goofs via internet, now I isolated myself of that echo as well.

  3. What are the Sunday Morning shows these days? Seriously, I have no idea.

    • Well, I think they still have Press The Meat and Faze The Nation. I’m not sure what newer ones are on.

  4. I don’t watch these Sunday morning shows anymore. BUT, today by happenstance, I caught about half of Face the Nation with Bob Shieffer. It was about BASEBALL! Only a month out from election and a few days after a terrible showing from Obama at debate and CBS does a BASEBALL show! What does this tell us about the complicit media to fluff the pillow any way they can.

    • Thank gawd for baseball if only to rescue me from all the political pretentiousness. This is not in response to alibe . It’s just, I am grateful for something real and truthful and based on physics, geometry and luck. They are so much more reliable than politics.

      • I know what you mean about baseball. I actually watched it and enjoyed it. I find myself watching alot of golf. I use it as my TV screensaver in a sense. When I look up it is pretty and I keep the sound turned down a bit. Beats watching people lie and other media determining who can tell the best lies and seems most believable in their whoppers. It is truly Alice in Wonderland time.

  5. Because the networks need something to fill air time and make them appear serious. Deep down, they’re shallow.

  6. CBS Sunday Morning is what I watch and it is still great. All the talking head shows are on after but I only once in a while watch the one on PBS because the guy yells everything really loud and it makes me laugh. Also they have a mix of political sorts and they are mostly smart and take turns talking…..mostly.

  7. RD. Stats on real unemployment I was looking at off wiki, god. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unemployment_in_the_United_States

  8. And by state…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_by_unemployment_rate I agree with you above, RD. For many reasons. But, one thing about Romney I know he is a Capitalist? Bigtime. So? Another, he will not let the country go down the tubes. I just sense that. On the other hand? Ayers might have been a coach for Obama on all that. Geez. Who knew… After looking at the videos of poverty across the country Jobs are the only thing that fix this. Sends hugs. And to those who bypassed Hillary, boy, you shouldn’t have.

    • Not surprising tha NJ is at 9.9%. It seems like every month, another R&D site closes. Whats really outrageous is that the companies that closed them cant rent them for what they thought they could nor can they sell them. So the sites remain vacant while many scientists scramble for work. The last site I was at had beautiful labs, 4 stories of state of the art facilities with lots of natural light. Working there was a pleasure. But it’s shuttered.
      And the labs I worked at before that we’re all in one building that was built in the 80’s. Tne just before Pfizer closed the facility all of the labs were renovated. My former colleagues say they were really nice and up to date. Then Pfizer closed the facility and laid everyone off. The site has been closed for a year and a half. I know the last chemist out whose job it was to turn off the lights
      Now, I learn that if Pfizer can’t find a buyer or a renter, it’s going to tear the whole site down. It’s the kind of place that would be perfect for a small to medium sized company and Pfizer is going to tear it down.

      • Well . . . if a lot of unemployed scientists in the area were also NRA members with extensive knowledge of guns and shooting . . . and some of them were also Combat Veterans of Iraq or Afghanistan or even Vietnam . . . . they could stage a Break and Entry leading to an Armed Occupy. If that site were Occupied by many hundreds of well armed scientists led by Combat Veterans, would local law enforcement charge in with tasers blazing? Or would they and their local political masters think twice about that?

        Of course a lot of unemployed scientists could also try an UNarmed break and enter Squat and Occupy the way bunches of disemployed workers diddit in Argentina when their factories were closed.

        • And now that I think about it, America has its own tradition of workforce occupation of a worksite . . . the Sit Down Strikes against GM in Flint, Michigan in the 1930s. Of course those were not closed plants. But would a sit down sit in of closed labs at least deprive Pfizer of the sadistic delight it planned to take in destroying its own lab itself?
          Could it even derail that destruction . . . if done in the Spirit of Flint?

      • Tearing the place down would make sense under current state and federal tax laws. Kind of sad isn’t it.

      • And you, and I, are paying for those ads telling us how wonderful it all is in NJ, how wonderfully Christie’s doing for the state. The gov, of course, is running around the country assuring everyone he’s wonderful and NJ is wonderful and his impending campaign for president, wink, wink, is wonderfully on track. Those ads are brilliant, BTW, and if anyone thinks otherwise, failing as governor is no impediment to national office. Tim Pawlenty, he of the smokin’ hot wife, oh, lucky woman, didn’t make the cut, but his record as governor was not an issue.

        I can’t wait to see NJ’s fail whale on the presidential campaign trail. I mean, 2016, here we come!

      • Yeah. It was all about the buildings. I think this is traceable to the word “Personnel Dept” — which morphed into “Human Resources” at some point in the 80’s. Because? That is just what happened to the humans. They were mined? On those 401s, and otherwise. Just hell. So many bldgs here also. Vacant.

        • It’s generational, I guess. In the 1990’s, the last traces of Bethlehem Steel moved out of PA and left a huge empty building. Still empty as far as I know. As late as 1968. that building employed 24,000 people.
          It took 25 or 30 years to wind down the steel factory. The labs sped through the process a lot quicker.

          Edison invented the corporate scientific lab at Menlo Park, NJ. The finance types dis-invented it. Not a good thing at all.

          P.S. My favorite nickname for Christie is Governor Kramden. Hum in a hum in a … to the moon , Mary Pat.

  9. OT: my house is so clean I could eat off the floors. It’s just occured to me that I’ve never seen it like this before. There’s so much space and it’s fricking gorgeous.

    • I assume the reason for all this is to sell it and escape the State? Hopefully you will be able to sell it for the “least loss possible” if Escape is indeed the Prime Directive.

      • I feel sorry for the people who bought their houses in the mid 2000s. I am not one of them.
        Maybe I just like a clean house? Throughout my time in this house, I’ve updated and changed things, not really knowing where I was going with it all. And then, all at once, it all came together and it looks spectacular. It turns out I can pick colors. Who knew? Of course, this is no McMansion and I won’t get an award for interior design but I’m happy!

      • Gee, I wonder how much effort I need to do to keep it looking like this

        • Surely less or far less than the effort it takes to get it looking like you want . . . I should think. It takes more energy to get the flywheel up to speed from 0 rpm than it does to keep it spinning once it is spinning.

        • I am taking a supper break from cleaning my apartment. It’s the first time I’ve cleaned it in a few months. It usually looks as if a tornado hit it, and then returned to be sure it had done a proper job. :mrgreen:

          • There was a time when I would sometimes let a chip that hit the floor stay on the floor to see how long it took the ants to find it. (Then I found a natural organic way to kill the ants. Been ant-free ever since.)

            I am a little neater than that now.

          • One nice thing about waiting so long between cleanings is that when I finish, I can actually tell I accomplished something. 🙂

  10. If you have a digital TV set you should be able to get old shows every day of the week. Just saying.

    • How is that done? (I have digital tv)

      • Around here (Cen Pen) the digital channels have more than one broadcast going on side bands. Like Channel WGAL 8-1 or 8-2 usually they’ll broadcast older shows from the 1970’s

  11. I stopped watching them in 2000, the ‘hosts’ would just sit back and allow blatant lies even then. From what all the bloggers are saying, nothing has changed.

    • If you haven’t read him Bob Somerby documents the travesty that is our print and broadcast news media.


      • He was a must read for me until he became an obot.

        • I did not know that he became one. I stopped reading him several years before because he kept demanding that the media “do their job” and he never seemed to understand that the media IS doing its job. The media’s job IS deceit and disinformation and propaganda. (And I am singularizing “the media” on purpose to indicate its unity-of-mission).

          And of course there were/are exceptions to that . . . exceptions which I don’t remember Somerby ever once mentioning. Did Somerby ever once mention the good counter-disinfo work that McClatchy did all during the BushCo Administrations runup to Iraq War 2.0? If he ever did, I missed it. So I got tired of Somerby long before. Of course his blog would be a good archival dumpsite of particular lies and deceits perpetrated by one or another media tentacle.

          I also was unhappy about his long campaign against Ambassador Wilson. He seemed to have some kind of personal grudge against Ambassador Wilson for some reason I have never understood.

          (I also stopped reading a thing called BagNews Notes, but only because the owner changed the shape and appearance of the blog and made it profoundly user hostile. It became too frustrating to even try userfacing with.)

      • I read Bob every day, have been since Gene Lyons turned me onto him.

  12. Riverdaughter,

    Your opening question here contains its own answer . . . as I suspect you knew when you worded it the way you worded it.

    Indeed . . . why do we even have Sunday Morning political shows . . . if their only purpose is to get a bunch of people together who want to make us accept the unacceptable? Because that is their exactly one and only purpose and their Prime Directive. To make us accept the unacceptable. That is exactly why the Class Enemy Occupation media runs Sunday Morning political shows. Is knowing that a first step to derailing it?

    George Orwell wrote in one of his essays somewhare that a lot of political speech was about defending the indefensible. I can’t remember what essay that was.

  13. I quit watching those shows during the Bush Administration or probably even before. They really serve no purpose in my mind and when they were whoring for Bush full time I was glad.

  14. Regarding a Romney win: I, too, and sickened by the revelations in the recent spate of books about the Obama administration’s management of the economy. I have to claim that as soon as Obama announced Geithner as his Treasury Secretary, I realized that I had been conned. It’s obvious now that the only difference between “Democratic” and Republican goals (to destroy the safety net and the well being of the 99%) is that the Democrats will take a longer time doing it than the Republicans.

    We don’t know which Mitt Romney would show up in the oval office, but maybe the best case scenario would be an Obama defeat (god knows he deserves it) and the Dems winning back the House and keeping the Senate. However, after the Dems’ pathetic performance (not opposing Bush policies) after we gave them a majority in 2006 makes me doubt that they’d be an effective opposition to Romney.

    My greatest fear is that Obama’s miserable performance as president will bring down all of the Democrats as happened in 2010.

    • I agree with your best case scenario, but I fear that if Romney wins, we’ll lose good Democratic senators like Ohio’s Sherrod Brown.
      That fear is not deep enough to make me vote for Obama a second time; I have enough blood on my hands and can’t vote for either top candidate and, of course, I’m voting for Brown.
      A Romney win wouldt tee up Ryan for the presidency-that really scares the bejesus out of me.

      • Losing Sherrod Brown would be a horrible blow to the meager presence of good progressives in the Democratic Party. And, you’re right about the monstrous prospect of a possible Ryan presidency. And we thought W was bad.

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