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{{cringe}} Jon Stewart tells Obama to “Wake the F^&* Up”

First, Mitt kicks his ass.  And then last night, Jon Stewart kicked his ass.  Stewart was unsparing in his criticism. You need to go watch it.  Here’s the link.

Plus: Bill Clinton is officially backing Warren in Massachusetts.  Clinton’s probably got a lot on his plate this fall.  Busy, busy, busy.


12 Responses

  1. I don’t care about Romney’s lies. Of course he’s lying.

    What worries and scares me beyond words is that BOTH candidates promise to raise Social Security age (again) including (this time) the minimum retirement age, Possibly Medicare age & lower benefits (even more than the rise in retirement age) for anyone younger than 60!!!

    And No one seems notice or to care.

    Happy Days.

    • I swear. It never occurred to me this time in 2008 that we would be facing this.

      What the hell happened?

      • Everybody dumped on Hillary in a mad frenzy. Remember how fun it was to beat her up on stage? I think Tweety even called her “babe” at one time.
        Yep, Obama’s campaign, which was funded by a bunch of Wall Street assholes, turned the sexism up to 11, screamed bloody murder about r@cysm to anyone who raised their voices to Obama and took her out. Remember??
        She was rehab, he was the co-dependent. And Wall Street wasn’t going to let anyone make them go to rehab.
        And voile!

      • Indeed. Dump your best candidate: get someone second rate. Deal with downstream consequences forever.

        It reminds me of Krugman’s point that the reason the USA keeps veering away from single payer health care, starting in the late 1940s, is that there are too many white people who can’t stand the thought of black people getting some benefit from the program. Racism is the reason the country has this health care boat anchor around its economy, dragging the whole country down.

        Well, in 2008 we had one more instance of too many people who couldn’t stand the thought of listening to a woman. The fact that she was the best person for the job didn’t enter into it. Sexism has always been a supertanker boat anchor dragging the country down, but 2008 was a critical time to go and necklace ourselves with it.

        • “It reminds me of Krugman’s point that the reason the USA keeps veering away from single payer health care, starting in the late 1940s, is that there are too many white people who can’t stand the thought of black people getting some benefit from the program.”

          I think the reason the USA keeps veering away from single payer, is that Wall St and the medical industries don’t want it, and they have a lot of money to use.

    • Yes. Where is everyone on that thing? The way the SS messaging is rolling out, my kids will pay an extra tax their whole life to support the generations in retirement but there is no intention of leaving anything for them. I’m at an age where I don’t know if I will get SS but I probably will get something if I live long enough.

      Of course, if you look around there is all this blah, blah, blah those 20 somethings think they are so “entitled” that everyone should band together to screw them. Totally ok to make them pay for SS without intending to have anything there for them. Oh, maybe they can retire when they are 100.

      I have become so jaded that I almost wonder if there is some marketing campaign. You know, “product placement” spots to make the older Americans think the millennials with 25% unemployment, living with parents or getting saddled with college loans for careers they can’t start because there are no jobs… are entitled?

      Yes, they totally don’t deserve to retire – maybe they should just enjoy their unemployment now while they are young and living with mom or racking up debt.

      • Maybe that’s true — extend unemployment while young and work ’till they drop — god, I don’t know. I do know that many people are working for cash and i wonder how many of them have any idea of filing self employment, declaring all income and paying the whole 17% Social Security tax themselves!!

      • That “blah blah twentysomethings” is probably being catapulted by the same people who are catapulting the “blah blah babyboomers”.

  2. Lately Colonel Lang at Sic Semper Tyrannis has been making his preferrence for Obama’s re-election very clear in a subtle way . . . for foreign policy reasons. But he is an analyst who sometimes reminds his readers of the difference between analysis of what is and advocacy for what one would like.

    If he begins writing that an Obama re-victory looks unlikely, that would indicate Obama’s chances to be pretty poor. So watch his space, I guess . . . .

    Meanwhile, one hopes that all 18 million Hillary voters from 2008 at the very least withhold their votes from Obama one way or another.
    If Romney ends up winning, my feelings would be summable-up-as . . .
    ” I’m sorry Romney won. But I’m glad Obama lost.”

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