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Warren vs Brown debate: currently in progress

You can watch it here on WBZ.

As Atrios says, document of the atrocities.

25 Responses

  1. Scott Brown used the phrase “job creators”. Everybody drink!

  2. Whoo! Job Creators again. I’m going to be totally wasted.

  3. Go, Lizzy, GO! She’s killing! Holy snot, she actually looks like she knows what she’s talking about.

    • RD <Anyone whos supports an admini. that wants more governent, more taxes,responsible for out of control national debt, high unemploy ment she thinks we should be more likle Communist China does not know what they are talking about. If she does not love this county, she is welcome to pack her bags and live in a Socialist Country and leave ours alone., Wake up MA. You have a good senator in Scott Brown, a moderate and responsible thinker. Don't screw it up or you may regret your decision some day.

      • Seriously, Billie, do you really believe that shit that Fox news and the Republicans are spewing?
        You don’t know a thing about how economics really works or you’d be running to vote for Warren. I advise you not to try to use the twisted logic of the devout Fox news viewer here. Your ignorance of economics is shocking and I won’t stop people from setting you straight in the most harsh way possible. Don’t spew those lies here. I won’t stand for it.
        As for this administration, Warren is running as a Democrat and if she wants the party’s support, she has to say nice things about Obama. But there’s no love lost between Obama and Warren. In fact, Obama is more of a Republican than a Democrat. Yep, believe it or not. I am an FDR style Democrat and I don’t like Obama and won’t vote for him. He doesn’t know how to use government intervention to bring the little Depression to a close.
        The real socialists wouldn’t have Obama. He’d be a total embarrassment to the team. If you want to see what a real social democracy works and how it doesn’t have to make you a slave to some greedy asshole in a corner office, get a fricking passport and see for yourself what life is like in northern Europe. That’s just what your bigoted, ignorant, lying conservative mouthpieces don’t want you to do. They’re counting on you to believe their every fecal emanation. They’ve got you twisted around their fingers and are laughing at what a stupid sucker you are.

        • Obama’s no “republican,” he’s a gangster. oh, and he knows only academic econ, in a very unreal world. If he understood that people with jobs pay taxes, he’d have policies that encourage employment. If he understood that when people are on the dole and living under the radar in underground economies, the creative genius that could fuel the recovery is being invested, instead, in ways to game the system. Face it. He’s not a serious guy, has such little familiarity with work that he has no earthly idea what happens when people are getting up day in and day out and going to work together in their own self interest, not just on getting him re-elected for what? Four more years of excuses where he’s the only one with a paying job? There are hundreds of once sitting Democrats who were voted out of office all over the Country, by Voters sending a message to him.

      • ROFLMAO……lolololololololololololololololol.
        You are a dumb sh it to put it in plain english.

      • I would love to see Mitt Romney and the Republicans actually TRY to double down on government belt-tightening in the midst of a depression. You think it’s bad now, wait until your policies are implemented. The country would become a real time horror show.

        Barack Obama is NOT a socialist. I repeat, Barack Obama is NOT a socialist. If he were, he’d be doing a lot more to help a struggling population right now. He’s basically a free marketeer like yourself, but he has to deal with the real world implications of policy. He does just enough to avoid an near-term implosion, but not nearly enough to actually help the public. See chronic high unemployment, a moribund housing market, high, undischargeable student loan debt. There are plenty more examples.

        That may be too subtle a point for the FOX NEWS-inundated. To prove your contention , you should pick up a real socialist publication like Z magazine or check out web sites with a socialist viewpoint and read opinions on Obama. You’ll quickly discover that socialists have no use for him.

        I don’t think you understand the implications of what you’re saying. BE careful what you wish for….

      • Joseph McCarthy called, he wants his paranoid commie baiting bullsh*t back.

      • Shorter Billie:

        “Red wingnut Kool-Aid is SO yummy!!!” 😈

      • ps….people most responsible for out of control national debt are Ronald Reagan and the two bushes. Look it up, don’t take my word for it. You republicans really are a lot of brainwashed morons aren’t you?

        signed someone NOT voting for Romney or Obama

  4. Brown goes for a low blow. Personal attack.

  5. Warren goes after the oil company subsidies.

  6. I’m feeling sorry for Brown. She keeps grinning at him. Sort of like a crocodile.

  7. commercial break

  8. Abortion. Warren is resolute.

  9. Oh man, Scott is trying to argue with one of the best lawyers in the country. She knows the bills he voted on in detail.
    This is painful to watch/.

  10. She nailed him on the equal pay bill he voted against. She knows the language of the Blunt amendment against contraception coverage.
    He is over his head

  11. Scott Brown:”I’m number 2!”

  12. I love Elizabeth Warren. Kinda reminds me of Jill Stein too .

  13. It didn’t even occur to me to watch this online! Dang!!!

  14. It sounds as if Warren ate Brown’s lunch. Good for her!

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