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It bears repeating that…

… fundamentalists do not respect secular authority.  They do not recognize the government of man as legitimate, only the government of God.  It’s something to keep in mind while watching how the State Department and Obama’s foreign policy team deal with the attack on US embassies in the Middle East.  It’s unlikely that secular authorities in those countries could use too much force without provoking even more backlash and is why Hillary Clinton has been careful to not put too much emphasis on the governmental authorities to handle it.  The responsible authorities and reasonable people that must use persuasion to bring some order to the chaos are the religious leaders.

It’s a tricky situation.  Whoever made and released that video knew what they were doing.

Roger Ebert is also pondering what I’m pondering.  Here is his post on the subject of inflammatory films and their mysterious makers.

7 Responses

  1. Yes, they certainly do know what they are doing and they bear a direct responsibility for the ensuing death and destruction. My spouse finds the rioting a disproportionate response to the YouTube clip, but I say be that as it may, that’s besides the point. The political situation and potential for violence was well-established in the wake of the Danish Mohammad cartoons, the firebombing of Charlie Hebdo’s offices after their Mohammad-as-guest-editor issue and the Koran-burning episodes. I’m convinced the people who made this video were perfectly aware of it and used it.

    • I may sound like a conspiracy theorist but I wouldn’t be surprised if the rioters had been fueled by operatives to do what they did, although true fundamentalists might have gone off like rockets in any case.
      I just posted a link to a blog post by Roger Ebert. This is the last line of that post:
      “My hunch is that when the origins of “The Innocence of Muslims” and its backers have been tracked down–and make no mistake, they will be–the full story will be vile and explosive.”
      I think he’s right. The question is will it reach the light of day before the election and will American Christian fundamentalists recognize that they’ve been manipulated? I’d love for Biden or someone to bring it up at a debate with all of the evidence to show that Republican sympathizers or operatives were behind it. It wouldn’t change my vote for a third party candidate but it would be wonderful to nail the bastards for the death of four state department officials on prime time TV.

      • It will indeed be vile and explosive. Jimmy Israel, involved with the production, will have a piece up soon. It MAY (or may not) have some explosive stuff in it. It’s even possible that he may reference me — although I don’t what he’ll say.

    • yes, but none of that changes the fact that our constitution contains a guarantee of free speech. We wouldn’t even entertain for a second giving that up so as not to offend the Baptists or Mormons. Why should we consider anyone responsible for the barbaric behavior of the radicals in the ME, except the radicals in the ME? Someone insulted Mohammed?
      I suspect like everyone else with a brain that this was all a set up to set off riots and deaths to Americans on 9-11. Boy did the screamers and rock throwers, the people who insist on looking like 3rd century barbarians, respond right on cue.
      I am interested to see what this all boils down to, who started it, what’s the whole story. But I’d also like people to remember that when people compare Christian fundamentalists to Muslim fundamentalists, it just sounds silly.
      Maybe this December when Christians get pissed off at “Happy Holidays” they should declare it an insult to Jesus and blow up some buildings and kill some people. Then I am sure the left will get busy blaming JC Penney’s and Walmart.

  2. Joe Cannon has a couple of entries up about this, he thinks the guys involved are spooked up.

  3. Reach down and pull your heads out of your asses. This was a planned terrorist attack on the anniversary of 911, Our ambassador was assassinated and 3 other Americans were killed. There were reports in foreign media that the Ambassador was raped and tortured before he was killed and his body was dragged through the streets. Since the corporate media doesn’t deny this I assume it is true. Yes some people were whipped into a frenzy over this movie by the people who wanted to use them as a diversion. The terrorists who pulled this off are probably laughing their asses off at this very minute watching the Corporate Media and Obama walking around either too stupid to know they’ve suffered a terrorist attack or too meek to stand up and admit it.

    • Or maybe that’s just what you want to hear. According to the people who were there, the ambassador died from smoke inhalation after he barricaded himself in a safe room in the Embassy.

      I think YOU’RE the film’s intended target. You took the bait.

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