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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on The GOP thinks we are helpless…
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    riverdaughter on The GOP thinks we are helpless…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on The GOP thinks we are helpless…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on The GOP thinks we are helpless…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on It’s vile. Don’t ignore i…
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    riverdaughter on It’s vile. Don’t ignore i…
    riverdaughter on It’s vile. Don’t ignore i…
    jmac on It’s vile. Don’t ignore i…
    riverdaughter on It’s vile. Don’t ignore i…
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      And every Democrat, everywhere, needs to repeat it over and over: Terrific @jamescdownie: "Had Republicans gotten to work months ago, this disastrous lapse in relief could have been avoided. But when the party’s leader has as much interest in policy details as a dog in vegetables, why should we expect anything different? https://t.co/NaA8IcGdZn — (((Hel […]
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Faking an Orgasm for Obama.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re in bed with the guy and he’s just not that good. He thinks he’s Dirk Diggler but he zigs when you zag. He sticks his tongue in your ear and you really hate that. And you just know he’s going to go on and on and on and never get to the point unless you hurry things along.

And you can’t stop thinking about that guy you were with last night.

I think you’re going to have to fake it tonight, Dems.

37 Responses

  1. Love it!…the post, I mean.

    • I was going to post the Sally orgasm scene but it’s much more entertaining to watch the Dems faking it in real time.

  2. It sure is! And your post is even better than Sally’s performance.

  3. And here’s that wet tongue in your ear, Obama Will Vow to Cut the Deficit by $4 Trillion in DNC Speech

    This is all happening with unemployment at 8.3%. That’s the key thing to remember. If you want to say that the deficit is unsustainable, go ahead. I don’t agree, but go ahead. But your words should bear some resemblance to the actual economic situation. There is no magic deficit target disassociated from the economic conditions. Our deficit is what’s keeping us in the economic game right now. And the full energy of the federal government should go toward ending this depression in the lives of millions of people, this waste of human capital that will hamstring them probably forever.

    • The biggest expanding part of the deficit is Medicare. That’s because we refuse to control costs for fear of triggering Harry and Louise ads and also because the pool of applicants is older and sicker. These are things we can do something about.
      But if they touch social security, well, I just wouldn’t want to go there. It would be like laughing at live dragons.

      Let’s face it, Obama is a lousy lay.

      • The biggest part of the Medicare deficit is BushCo’s Medicare Part D, I believe. It diverts medicare taxmoney to subsidizing private Big Insura FrontGroup CutOut “pharmacy plans” and it specifically forbids
        Medicare from group-bargaining down the prices on covered drugs.

        Repealing Medicare Part D would close a lot of that deficit. Then legislating an exact replica of VA-style drug coverage for Medicare would allow for cost-contained drug availability for medicare recipients.
        If it is good enough for our veterans, it is good enough for our Medicare recipients.


  5. Now Joe Biden is going to make Obama’s teleprompting look good by comparison. I have not seem Obsma on TV by intent since he was shadowed by the faux Greek partheon or Roman forum, or whatever was hacked out of styrofoam, and read a laundry list, adapted from Clinton’s state of the union speeches. The phone rang and asked for money for Obama. I received a call this morning from something called “Democratic Congressional ….” I was expecting a personal call so I picked up the phone. “I am not interested, thank you.”

    At least I can get PBS on TV using my digital converter and a digital antennae.

    • When I got a call a few weeks back from an ObaMouseketeer, I engaged him and kept him on the phone as long as I could. Those who have the time might consider this approach. As long as you keep the Obamacrat phone-caller tied up and busy talking to you, he/she can’t target and call the next potential victim.

      One might even call it Operation Tie-Up-The-Phones.

  6. It’s started. It’s actually making my stomach hurt.

  7. seek therapy

  8. !! The uneducated American line. 100,000+ unemployed scientists cry.

  9. I have to ask … did he fake HIS orgasm?

  10. And so we will do better with Mitt?

  11. He did pander a bit with a line about women controlling their bodies or something like that. I haven’t watched him give a speech since he sent a thrill up Tweety Matthews’ leg talking about race so I don’t know if he has ever bothered to address women’s reproductive rights in a speech.

    • What about Tweety’s reproductive rights?

      We had a dog that would do that leg thing if you weren’t careful.

  12. It’s not just the D’s faking it. It’s the media as well, proving the 1% are betting on the same tool again

  13. As an old broad who has always been and Independent but used to vote mostly Democrat this post is a metaphor that just says it all and describes the obedient women Dems perfectly for me. I quit faking it 30 years ago, it either works or it doesn’t and Obama doesn’t. And to me there is nothing more pathetic than women who are content to fake it.

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