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Best line: “Arithmetic”

I see on twitter that even the most Clintonly Deranged Democrats are having an orgasm over his speech and how he masterfully explained to the American people what the entire fricking party couldn’t.

Relax. Tomorrow you’ll be over it and back to resenting him for…for…fuck if I know, but you’ll be complaining anyway.

He has a wife you know…

15 Responses

  1. There was a flaw — when the Big Dog was about to say where the second Obama Administration’s deficit cuts would come from — and there was a definite tacking away, toward more general cat food commission details. And, for all this protective dismay over GOP cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, he didn’t mention that the CFC’s main goal is to slash Social Security.

    So, even as an economic hit man for Obama, he had a moment of wanting to be a full wonk, to convince through explanation — and had to back away. I’m not going to call it a lapse of conscience; call it an unfortunate improvisatory detour.

    Still, that man can hit, deeper and better than Obama ever has, and with a smile on his face and a spring in his step. Like Reagan, there he went again….

    • The deficit would be less of a problem if the economy was stronger. So, if the economy is stronger, fewer people will be complaining about the deficit. If Hillary were nominated, I’d feel more confident that that’s the approach she would take. But with Obama, all bets are off.
      As for Medicare, costs desperately need to be reined in. That means someone is going to have to crack down on providers. They can’t just jack up prices indefinitely. So, don’t be surprised if there are some adjustments there.
      It’s a shame, really, that so many Americans think that the most expensive care is the best care. I grew up in the military health system and think that it’s a pretty good solution for the vast majority of Americans. It’s more like socialized medicine. I don’t really want more than that. I’m not the kind of person who likes running to the doctor all the time.

  2. It was fine. Except that he was nominating a person who doesn’t exist. So that was weird. And Just mentioning Simpson Bowels makes me sick. I can’t help that.

    But, it’s so relaxing to listen to him. A real pleasure. I could do it all day.

    • Like I said, if the economy was stronger, unemployment down and the bush tax cuts ended, no one would be talking about Simpson Bowles. That’s what *should* happen, but the DemocrAts have Obama, so all bets are off.
      Yeah, it is funny how both bill and warren talked about a fictional character. It doesn’t change my plan. I’m still going third party and downticket Dems. If the Dems want Obama, let them try to sell him to the rest of the country. I don’t believe Obama can pull off Bill’s vision and I don’t trust him. Bill and Obama have two very different ideas of who their base voters are and Obama has no idea how much his has changed in the past four years.

      • “the bush tax cuts ended”

        The Bush tax cuts expired, these are the Obama tax cuts. You shouldn’t let Obama off the hook by continuing to call them the Bush cuts.

        • Ok, then I’m assuming that it would be ok if they expired and not renewed. Or are you going to say that Democrats raised taxes on everyone?
          You’re right, you are a Typical Republican. Duplicitous, cruel and destructive.

          • I’ve never supported the Bush Tax cuts but good job at being a typical liberal and assuming I do.

          • Yes, I am a typical liberal. I love being a typical liberal and I do not intend to change in this lifetime. I am proudly, enthusiastically liberal and Barack Obama is not.
            There are a lot of things I assume about Republicans that I’m sure you wouldn’t like. I assume these things because my immediate family is Republican and I know the way they think because they tell me all the damn time. If you don’t like the guilt by association, maybe you should consult your conscience. You’re wasting your time here.

      • Well, the Wall Streeters would still be talking Simpson-Bowles, because they want to get their greedy little mitts on FICA taxes. The insurance companies would still be talking Simpson-Bowles because they want to “privatize” Medicare. And that means that the politicians they own outright would also be talking Simpson-Bowles. But you’re right, the irrational deficit hysteria would certainly be at an end and the austerians wouldn’t get any traction at all..

        And, like you, I’m going third-party and downticket Dems

  3. Bankrupting the country has been the GOP plan and put into effect when Reagan became president. Bill Clinton derailed that plan, but the goal line is close now. It doesn’t matter who’s president because we have two GOP nominees.

    • Give that person a prize. That has been the goal for 30 years plus. The republicans are fools and they have succeeded in making too many of us even bigger fools. Their “solution” is the problem, pure and simple. Yet it is repeated over and over and fools believing it again and again.

  4. It was a brilliantly moving speech but he should have been making it about of Hillary and the Simpsoms-Bowles comment was a sour note.

    • The people the Democrats are trying to attract are deficit hawks. They got that way through relentless media messaging. If you *don’t* talk about the deficit, the very serious people will bite. But the whole plan would go nowhere if the economy was on stronger footing. That is, you can dangle Simpson Bowles out there and say you will work to pass it after the economy begins to grow. Then, when the economy begins to grow, the deficit starts to disappear and you can issue forecasts saying that by year blah-blah-blah, we will have a surplus if the Republicans don’t fuck it up. Then people stop worrying about the deficit and the Simpson Bowles plan gets shelved.
      That’s how I interpret it. Of course, this would be an easier sell to me if Hillary were the nominee. But she ain’t. So, expect Obama to either pursue Simpson Bowles with a vengeance or just capitulate to the Republicans. It will look the same to us.
      So, Bill did what he had to for the party. But I absolutely will not vote for Obama under any circumstances because none of the laudatory speeches tonight described the nominee in any way, shape or form. And Bill knows this.
      BTW, for what it’s worth, I think Medicare would get reformed under Simpson Bowles before SS. Medicare is going to be the bigger drain on the treasury and there are possible ways to fix that that would be good, like expanding the pool of applicants to younger people and requiring providers to reduce costs. But that’s not going to happen under Obama either so, screw it. I’m going third party until Democrats snap out of it and started acting like working people’s votes are meaningful again.

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