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What’s missing in this NYTimes article on the divided Democrats?

The word


Nice try, guys. Is David Axelrod taking “journalists” aside and telling them to ix-nay on the unemployment-ay? By the way, poverty, which is the concern of only the “liberal” Democrats derives from

having no job.

Is this what the Unemployed are going to have to put up with?  They’re not going to mention us at all!?

Please get Caroline Kennedy off the fricking stage.  She is not doing the Democrats any favors:

Mr. Obama has, if slowly, taken stands that many members of his party long felt were politically risky, including support for same-sex marriage and issuing an order granting many young illegal immigrants brought to this country as children a two-year reprieve from deportation.

“They’re Democrats — they are always going to be disappointed,”Ms. Kennedy said. “But I think his stands on gay marriage and immigration this year changes that. I think he’s accomplished some really substantive things that people gloss over.”

Or he hasn’t accomplished anything substantive so there’s no need to gloss over.  But it’s hard to prove a negative.  Except in one particular area:


He hasn’t done a damn thing about that, even when he had a two year lead and a filibuster proof majority of his own party in Congress.  Not that Caroline, who was one of the people responsible for this disaster, has any clue.

Wait a sec, that’s it?  He says he’s for non-discrimination of the LGBT community but he doesn’t sign the non-discrimination clause for government contracts and he says he’ll leave anti-discrimination laws up to the states.  That’s not progress.  That’s pandering in the weakest way possible so as not to ruffle the feathers of the evangelicals.  And those students who are Americans in every way but birth?  There’s no teeth behind that “accomplishment”.  He might as well take up embroidery.

Let me work through this.  If Caroline Kennedy doesn’t think that poverty is a big deal, that must mean she’s not a liberal.  Oh sure, she has socially liberal views but she doesn’t really give a f^&* about poor people.  Can we agree on that?  BTW, it’s just as easy to be a poor gay person or immigrant.  Unemployment tends to not discriminate.  Even PhDs in STEM professions are not immune, Caroline.

Can we just push Caroline into the extinct liberal Republican camp and be done with it?  And take Obama with you, Caroline.

By the way, my brother is still in Afghanistan.

Isn’t it possible that the “lack of spirit” is due to the fact that Obama turned out to be a disaster to the


And what’s with this crap?:

Bill Richardson, a former New Mexico governor who broke with Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2008 and endorsed Mr. Obama, said it was critical for the White House to “re-energize the base that got him elected: minorities, young people and independents.”

“They need to get excited again,” he said.

What is he saying?  All we need is to have a couple of keggers and par-tay and that will make everything Ok?  Gawd, Richardson always was overrated.

Ah, this is closer to the truth:

Mr. Kerrey said the enthusiasm was “quite high,” but added, “It’s not going to be the naïve enthusiasm of four years ago.”

Yep, It was naive.  Stupid naivety.  And Democratic activists who were easier to fool than they thought they were. And a whole lotta bankers’ money with which to do it.

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  1. It’s amazing even Bill Richardson has the gaul to open his trap about anything. He’s another case of the Clintons raising someone up beyond their natural level , who then turned on them .

    Besides the fact they are greedy bastards, capital is using unemployment to drive down people’s expectations of what a suitable job even looks like …when Mitt says it’s about ” jobs, ” he mean “right to work” for peanuts jobs…you need desperate people for that to sound good.( all this you know) A new wrinkle my young friends are experiencing ( who are supposedly in white collar jobs,) is now they are suddenly working for ” commissions” No salary. Even if done correctly, it’s an instant 50 % pay cut .

    But on top of that they have to track down thier commissions and go to bat to get even that. Most leave the job for another…likely what management wanted in the first place. I used to think nothing was worse than being fired, but at least one got unemployment for a time and perhaps severance …when you leave on your own, you don’t …so the new wrinkle is to make it so one has to leave even in these times.

    • I’m convinced that the bonus class wants to turn us all into self-employed, business owners and contractors. That’s the way to get around labor laws. You can discriminate, wait forever to pay them, make them pay for their own benefits, what’s not to love?

      • As a scientist who currently works on the business side, I can assure you that your assessment is spot on, RD. In the near future, everyone (including STEM workers) will be self-employed “business owners”, independent sub-contractors or Kelly temps. Of the three, I suspect that the Kelly temps will be the ones in the most financially stable position. The independent sub-contractors will be the most ruthlessly exploited, most often cheated out of their pay, etc.

      • That’s right. I agree. The plan is to make all of us contractors. Hired and fired at will, no benefits and no retirement security.

        • Independent subcontractors are the easiest to cheat out of their pay, too (for those business owners who are into doing that kind of thing…)

          • If I didn’t know better, I’d think those blind, greedy idiots WANT Marxism to come back.

            I never thought I’d be saying this, but maybe the collapse of the USSR wasn’t such a great thing after all. At least while Communism remained a significant force in the world, the greedheads felt they couldn’t push things too far–although I may be wrong about that, since the greedheads in this country started pushing things before the USSR collapsed.

          • There’s no point in dwelling on might-have-beens, Hamfast. The USSR is gone.

          • “The USSR is gone”

            Ooh, thanx, NK. I didn’t know that. 🙄

            FYI, I was not trying to “dwell on might-have-beens”. I was trying to point out the possible relevance of the absence of an extinct institution.


        • I and my co-workers may be living on borrowed time, but as of this moment, we pharmacy technicians and pharmacists here at this major midwestern academic medicine hospital are old-fashioned employees, working for salaries or wages, depending . . . and feeling job semi-secure though perhaps we shouldn’t be.
          A shrinking economy may pressurise the hospital into firing some of our jobs ( thats called RIFfed . . . for Reductions In Force) but I don’t forsee efforts to turn us into independent contractors or Kelly rentaslaves or etc.
          How many jobs throughout America are still jobs-as-we-used-to-know-them? Quite a few yet, at the service and technical levels. Young people starting out should find out what those jobs still are, and get the absolute least possible education/vo-tech training needed to get one of those jobs. Once they have one of those jobs they can look into getting “educated” at a “major university” one class per season or per year, paying their way through with zero loans . . . if they can get a pay-their-way-through job near the target university of their choice.

      • You can discriminate, wait forever to pay them, make them pay for their own benefits, what’s not to love?

        Exactly. At one friend’s place they even CALL them ” contractors” like they are working for Blackwater in one of our many theaters of war or something . He said he would stay in this over night sweat shop for the benefits, I asked him to check if he still even had them as the point of this seems to be to skip out on such things . He hasn’t gotten back to me on that.

  2. There is no amount of hopium that can make people project their hopes into the Obama a.k.a. blank screen. The addicts of hopium are now immune to the effects of speeches and double talk.

    • Hope, change, and yes we can are so 2008.

      The Obama-Biden campaign slogans for 2012 are: “Neither Left nor Right, but Forward!”. Or just “Forward!”, for short.

      • The only difference between the two corporate parties is that the Reptilians want to take us over the cliff at 100 mph, while the Dinocrats think 90 mph is fast enough. 👿

        • Hamfast Ruddyneck, on September 4, 2012 at 2:40 pm said:
          I never thought I’d be saying this, but maybe the collapse of the USSR wasn’t such a great thing after all

          Weid because my husband was saying that a few years after the Berlin wall fell….exactly for the reasons you pointed out . A Super power has to feed on something…no other Super Power? Then it will turn and chew on its tail

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