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Violet’s take on female self-defense mechanisms

She totally wants it.

Violet Socks at Reclusive Leftist comments on Todd Akin’s assertion that womens’ bodies can deal with unwanted intercourse. Akin said, “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down”

Violet speculates on the ideal rape self-defense mechanisms women might have developed:

So, presumably, he thinks that God Himself specifically equipped women with the magical, hitherto unknown superpower ability to “shut that whole thing down” so as not to get pregnant from rape. But why only that? Why didn’t God go further, and give us the superpower ability to, I don’t know, secrete a toxin that would instantly dissolve the human penis that’s being forced into our bodies? Or maybe the superpower ability to cause the owner of said penis to keel over and die? Or even better, perhaps we could have the superpower ability to detect a potential rapist before he even gets started, and then emit a fantastically noxious pheromone that would knock the fucker over and render him senseless.

Funny what you can come up with when you let your imagination and righteous indignation roam without supervision.  Violet’s talents are wasted on a blog.  I’d read any science fiction she wants to write.

I don’t know whether the absence of these built in self-defense mechanisms is more evidence that God doesn’t exist or that rape is evolutionally favorable.  Depressing.

Still, Akin might have saved himself a lot of ridicule and consternation if he had just taken the trouble of reading up on the women who were systematically raped in Bosnia and Sudan in the recent past.  Akin just felt the truthiness in his gut.  Either that or there is no such thing as rape.  All women secretly want it.  That’s why they let their shields down and get knocked up.

What’s really amusing is that Claire McCaskill was trailing this braintrust.  Well, it *would* be funny if there weren’t so few women in Congress and McCaskill wasn’t such a craven Obama fangirl who doesn’t want anyone to know she’s a Democrat.  It makes me feel sorry for Missouri’s children.  They didn’t choose to be raised and educated in Missouri.

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28 Responses

  1. Off topic, but Hill for VP talk is circulating concurrent to the book published in England ( strict libel laws) that claims Obama cancelled the Osama raid three times and Hillary was the ” force” behind its occurrence. Reminded me of James Carville’s quote that if Hillary gave Obama one of her balls, they would both have two.

    One rumor has it that Hill was offered VP by Valerie Jarrett in a round-about way two weeks ago but declined.

    • Ok, we’ve gone over this a zillion times. Putting Hillary in as VP would be the stupidest thing she or Obama could do. Ain’t going to happen.
      Now, if the anyone wants to talk about *replacing* Obama, I’m all ears.
      I saw the blurb for that book at audible and passed on it, although I’m sure it will get a lot of attention. I don’t need someone else to tell me what a lousy president Obama is but it looked to me that the book was written as a smear job not only of Obama but Democrats and Pelosi as well. Not that Pelosi or the Democrats deserve any awards for courage or ingenuity but I don’t think the book is going to be balanced.
      Oh, fukitol, I just don’t care anymore. Let the chips fall where they may. The sooner the shit hits the fan, the sooner the cleanup can begin.

      • Hard to imagine that she would want the photo-op job, even if asked. She’ll do what she can to make a real difference in people’s lives.

        • Do people actually get excited about the prospect of burying Hillary in the VP office? I have to admit that I’m completely mystified by the fact that so many women haven’t thought this idea thru to its natural conclusion.
          She’d just be a symbol soon to never be heard from again. And OBAMA would still be president. The image of locking her up for four years while he carried on with his boys’ club nauseates me. There is absolutely nothing good in it.

      • Is fukitol an aliphatic or alicyclic alcohol, or a phenol? :P

  2. I know it makes me a terrible democrat but I hope the MO republicans have the sense to nominate one of the women who ran and that she beats Obamabot Miss Claire.

  3. Do you know that Democrats spent $1.5M to make sure that Akin was the Republican nominee against McCaskill?? That’s how bad she is. She’s do weak they had to rig the Republican primary so she could beat their worst candidate and she was *still* losing to him.
    Why in hell don’t they just replace McCaskill with a real Democrat? Oh, that’s right, Obama Democrats would prefer not to think about being actual Democrats. We can’t afford to lose any women in Congress but Claire would be the first one in my list to hit the road, Jack, if we could. She’s just awful.

    • I saw that too. Akin is the gift that keeps on giving. He opens his mouth and says something medieval, which horrifies everyone with more than a fourth-grade education. There are lots of winners here: Akin burnishes his wingnut creds; the Democrats strongarm the women’s vote for a measly $1.5 million (boy, we’re cheap dates); Planned Parenthood can fundraise on this; Romney can disavow Akin’s words and look ‘reasonable’ by comparison. The losers of course are women, who are left holding the same tattered protest signs for 50 years wondering why we never move an inch toward’s women’s rights. It’s all a sick farce.

    • If Akin is de-nominated in Missouri, would Missouri Rs and women be able to tip the nomination-in-play toward one of Akins’s fbp-opponents on the R team? Would it make sense to find such a way and use it?
      Then one could indeed punish the Democratic Party for running McCaskill while purging an Obamacrat from politics while maintaining a woman in that seat . . . killing three birds with one stone.

  4. Oh phooey, I’m looking for some of your recent posts on how to shake up the political dynamics. What tags do I look under?

  5. When it comes to someone like Akin all you can say is, “The Show Me State” just showed us why the congenitally stupid should also oppose euthanasia.

  6. I gather this Akins is from a part of St. Louis. I guess every city has its Deep Dummass District. St. Louis has Akins and Milwaukee has ‘Tex’ Sennsenbrenner (however that’s spelled).

  7. Do you know that Democrats spent $1.5M to make sure that Akin was the Republican nominee against McCaskill??

    RD, do you have a source for this?

  8. Well, I have just read on TPM that Akins will defiantly stay in the race.
    If he is really in the election on election day, I would vote for McCaskill if I lived in Missouri. I don’t know McCaskill’s record and I can’t imagine her being very good on very much, but I am assuming (absent evidence to the contrary) that she is better than just a kinder gentler Akins.

  9. As a Missouri voter I can tell you that people have changed their opinion about Akin, but not about Claire McCaskill. She still has an uphill battle even with Akin on the ticket, but he still has one more opportunity to get out.

    • I’m not surprised. What is it that Missouri voters are looking for? I’ve heard that your legislature is a bit messed up too.
      I hope the scenery makes up for the politics.

      • Missouri has gotten very red in the last few years. McCaskill barely won in 2006–and she was running a bit right then. Used to be whomever won Missouri, won the election. Obama stopped that streak. He lost the primary to Clinton (she won the majority of the state, he won the St Louis and Kansas City areas).

        In the August primary (where Akin won in a three way battle) there was a constitutional amendment ballot initiative “The right to pray” that won with 80% of the vote.

        She might be able to pull it off, but she won’t get help from Obama or Bill Clinton. She really must have burned some bridges in her past.

    • Are there any 3rd Party candidates running? This might be an opening to get someone in there with Bernie Sanders.

  10. I haven’t felt this sick and angry for a while. Akin’s comment is not only a reflection of an inferior elementary school education, but also reveal the fundamentalist approach to birth control: beat the hell out of your wife or girlfriend, putting her in fear of her life, then force yourself on her, and she won’t get pregnant. This has serious implications for domestic abuse down the road.

    My clock radio is set to NPR, so I awoke to the news of Akin’s use of the modifier “legitimate” for the word “rape” on Monday. Tuesday, I awoke to their report of reactions to Akin’s “gaffe.” I didn’t hear the whole report, because NPR chose to lead off the segment with a Missouri woman and her mother DEFENDING the jerk! For the second time in two days, I leapt out of bed screaming. Today I awoke to the news that the Republican Party has decided to make it part of their platform that rights should be constitutionally extended to embryos and fetuses. So a female would have constitutional protections before she’s born, but these rights would be immediately null and void as soon as she emerges from the uterus.

    If it is set in stone that abortion is murder, and there is no statute of limitations on murder, what guarantee do we have that women who had abortions in the past will not be tried for murder? So, you didn’t personally have an abortion, maybe you’re not worried for yourself. But do you know FOR A FACT that your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, daughter or dear friend did not undergo this procedure?

    What about the refusal to make an exception for rape (Akin actually already verbalized the true gooper position on that) or incest? Maybe TLC (which should change it’s name to The Freak Show Channel) is behind the latter: they must be drooling at the prospect of a new reality show called “Sister Daughters.”

    I have actually been waiting for the last couple of days for you to address this whole thing, RD, because I needed to rant. I know some people would suggest that I change my alarm to a classical music station, but I don’t think I can bury my head in the sand, even as the majority (or so it seems from here) of the young women who will be most impacted by the “imaginary” war on women, are doing so.

    • You don’t have to change the AM dial :).. reminds me of the day that made me feel a little sick:

      I was doing my usual 6pm watching of the local Austin news and saw a “Right-to-Life” march FILLED with young women taking place at the capitol.

      Burka anyone?

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