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      So, a New York DA has charged Trump. There’s some posturing by DeSantis, but Trump will almost certainly go to New York and surrender. This is a watershed moment, no former President has ever been charged with a crime. This is a political act. Many President have committed crimes and have not been charged. It will lead to red state DAs indicting Democratic p […]
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Revising my hypothesis about Democratic messaging

I’ve thought about Ira Glass’s question about Democratic messaging and I’m revising my hypothesis about why Democrats seem to SUCK at it so badly.  Here’s what I’ve been toying with:

1.) Let’s talk about the Republican party.  It’s not really a party anymore.  It’s really a frenzied, irrational mob that is being lead by a small evil group of manipulative conmen who have access to more money than God. That goes for the former Democrats who fled to the Tea Party after 2008 as well.  You’ve been had.

2.) If I were evil geniuses with more money than God, how would I take down my opponents?  Well, there are the obvious ways through traditional media and Fox News and propaganda.  But you’ve got to keep refighting those battles every 2-4 years.  That gets old and there’s a danger that the public will eventually catch on.

3.) Well off people who make a lot of money but aren’t generationally rich are vulnerable. They might not be socially reactionary but greed is a powerful force. Hold that thought.

4.) I might turn the thoughts of the well off but not generationally rich to taking over the party of my enemy.  It’s a good possibility that they’ve already decided to do this independently.

5.) Money pours into the coffers of the enemy.  The enemy bites.  (It hasn’t been fed in several election cycles)  Then, like a retrovirus, that money starts turning the mechanism of the party against itself.

6.) Money is a powerful substance for highjacking the messaging of the party.  The party itself changes.  The party no longer functions as it used to.

Ira’s mistake is in assuming that the messaging sucks unintentionally because the party is incompetent.  This is the wrong way to look at it.  The messaging is supposed to suck.  The people who have taken over the party have made sure that the party itself remains fragmented.  The base is no longer cohesive.  The party infiltrators intentionally broke it apart in 2008 in order to pit African Americans against women, “creative class” {{cough, cough}} against working class, “educated” {{rolling eyes}} against everyone without an ivy league degree.

The new message system keeps getting propagated through a new generation of bought political journalists.  The demographics of this new breed are strikingly similar to the people who bought the party.  We have Matt Yglesias, Ezra Klein, Josh Marshall, people like that.  They’re young, relatively well-educated, white, male.  Are there any women here?  The Democratic infiltrators know what they’re doing.  Why should they give any voice to the powerless, the people who might actually want them to do something?

And every time there is a possibility that the gang will have a “Hey, we’ve been eating grass!” moment and start comparing notes, the infiltrators quickly disseminate poison throughout the system. I think we could prove this with a Lexus-Nexis search.  I’m betting there is a correlation between Obama’s public opinion surveys and negative journalism about more liberal or successful Democrats. If there isn’t one, I’ll eat my blog.  That negative messaging permeates throughout the blogosphere and social networking apparatus.  We know how it’s done because we’ve seen it.   They take the most powerful politician in the party and use him as a target at which every grievance of the activist base can hurl their insults and nurse their injuries.  It’s a three minute hate in neat little packages.  This continues to separate the party into creative class, men with privileged backgrounds and everyone else.

The people who are most hurt by the three minute hate against successful Democratic politicians who aren’t pure are the same people who were most inclined to vote for the hated Democratic politician, that is working and middle class people, the poor, African Americans, women, and immigrants.  The activist base keeps telling them they should be angry with the last successful and powerful Democratic politician but they’re not.  It’s all designed to keep the parts of the party from talking to one another.

Now, you have to wonder how it is that this money retrovirus was able to accomplish so much.  It seems to me that it’s easier to do when the Republicans go to the extreme right.  The more right they go, the more likely that socially moderate rich people will look for alternatives.  Arianna Huffington is poster girl for this kind of movement to the Democrats.  And the crazier the right gets, the more the socially moderate monied class flees to the Democrats, diluting the strength of the 99% with all of that money.  So, it shouldn’t be any wonder that the right is really going for the gusto and becoming as radical as it possibly can.  Don’t expect it to get better before the election.  Republicans are going to push it right as far as it will go so that the Democratic party gets further diluted.  The vast majority of voters feel they have nowhere to go.  They’re trapped because there is a void to the left of the Democrats where they used to feel comfortable.  In the meantime, because the right has pushed sooooo far right, it’s hard to tell what’s the center anymore.  Average Americans get the idea that the most important thing is to cut the legs off of other Americans.  They know there’s something wrong with the picture but all of the solutions that are presented to them are the same.

What we have here is the Karl Rovian forces taking over both parties and pushing working people and the 99% out.  The Democrats are not our people anymore.  The activists won’t accept this but unless they have more money than the people who have highjacked the party mechanism, they’re not going to get control of the messaging anymore, until they back the only other center of power left within the party.  They could choose to embrace the last successful Democratic politician who defied both parties’ expectations and who has the support of the working class, women, poor, middle class, immigrants, and *used* to have African Americans until the 2008 character assasination.  But the people who run the Democratic party are going to continue to poison those thoughts the minute they start to bubble up.  The activist base is just too full of themselves and too prone to blame someone else than actually get a fucking clue.  They’d rather go for purity than actual power.

(Odd that they haven’t considered that the other center of power may decide to go left in order to differentiate itself from the highjackers…)

So, there you have it, Ira.  Democratic messaging is working fine.  It’s doing exactly what it’s been paid to do.  If you want a return to left of center politics, you’ve got to be willing to clean out the infection.  So far, I see no indication that the activist base wants to rid themselves of doing it even though much of the base realizes it jumped in bed with someone they didn’t know and caught something nasty.  To do so would mean they have to overcome powerful conditioning and toxicity.

I think the Democrats are heading towards extinction.  If they lose big this fall, and it’s a distinct possibility, the ensuing hardships should shake the activists out of their torpor and make them realize they’ve been had.  I wish I could say this is all unavoidable but sometimes, you have to learn the hard way.

10 Responses

  1. No the men who control the Democrat party aren’t that smart. Their messaging is so bad because they are “other” . They aren’t like most people and they have contempt for most people, They have no idea how they appear to regular folks and they are too arrogant/stupid to care. They only talk to people like themselves so they live in an echo chamber. You know all the money that is maniacally being raised by the campaigns? Everyone knows that is a corrupt situation that so much money is required for elections. Well all of that money is being transferred to Corporate Media. So tell me that media and the men who own it aren’t a focus of corruption. Look for who is getting rich from what is going on and then you will see who holds power.

    • “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent” -Eleanor Roosevelt.

      Words to live by, Constance. They’re just people, not our overlords.

    • It’s not the message. If it was the message, people would still like the results and like the party. It’s the party. It’s Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and all the other politicians who control the party from Chicago. So I let them have their party.

  2. I love that quote Riverdaughter but don’t really see how it applies here. The real puppet masters in American politics are the people who are collecting the money from both parties and that is the men who own Corporate Media. Follow the money forward to see who ends up with it. The dominant men in the Democrat party right now are just lackeys for the men who have monetized the system, they are who is in charge. The major donors for both parties are just paying to play the Corporate Media men’s game.

    • How it applies: if you want people in charge to take you seriously, you have to stop acting like a beaten dog.
      Remember all those occupy people, Constance? As someone said last year, “they’re not the counterculture, they’re the CULTURE”.
      Those people were ordinary people who insisted on their rights and demanded attention. Those occupiers were us. And yet, a lot of their fellow Americans treated them like they were freaks. I guarantee you that they were not. I have the pictures to prove it.
      Here’s my point: when ordinary people are brave enough to get together and stand up for themselves, you have got to stop seeing them as some kind of troublemakers. If you have the courage, you need to go and join them. That’s how you stop taking shit from the people who think they have all the power. The more people who say they won’t put up with being treated like serfs, the better our chances of getting the respect we deserve.
      The next time the news media make a big deal about how noisy and uncouth those people are, remember that they are no different than you.
      We had a great opportunity to change the dynamic with occupy but too many people were afraid of being called dirty.
      They can call me anything they want but they can’t take away my dignity and my sense of self. I deserve to be treated well. And so do you. So, if they’re acting like arrogant assholes, remind them that you are a child of this country and no one can deprive you of your right to be taken seriously even if you have to be noisy and persistent.
      And then, don’t let anyone diss the people who take to the street in your name.

      • That’s really what it is about in the end. All of us are going to have to band together and decide this is wrong and it will not continue. Economics is not physics, it’s not about immutable laws like gravity or motion or wavelengths. It’s about choices we make as a society. A good society makes choices to benefit everyone as broadly as possible. A bad society runs an economy for the benefit of its wealthiest members without regard for the needs of the broader public.

        And it may take things to get much worse before we reach that breaking point. The Occupy movements are a ‘ warning shot ” They are not nearly big enough at this point to affect change, but one thing we know, the occupiers have scared the elites. The elites know their hold on power is tenuous and without buy-in from the public, it crumbles.

  3. When the zit on this country finally pops, I hope it is American Rev II and not French Revolution II, though I feel we’re leaning more and more toward the French.

    • That’s what gives me nightmares- the build-up has been too much like the build-up to the French Revolution- I don’t want the French Revolution II to happen here.

  4. Not exactly on topic but I never thought readers of Obama’s hometown paper (the liberalish one) would express this much disgust with him. Plenty of comments against Hillary Clinton taking a VPship, if offered, for her own good.


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