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Spelling it out for the prematurely victorious

Update: It looks like Dave Dayen is on the same wavelength, although I don’t know where he thinks this outside movement is going to come from unless Democrats such as himself throw in the towel with their party to start one.  If you don’t put your foot down or walk away *before* the convention, they’re going to think you’re onboard with whatever it is they have in mind.  S^*( or get off the pot.


I’m surprised that it’s necessary for me to be so explicit but those of you liberal/progressives who are running scared to Obama should slow down and think this through.

Because Obama is about to sacrifice you.

If my suspicions are correct, the GOP has elevated Paul Ryan because they want to push for a deficit reduction deal *before* the election.  Expect it to get fast and furious now.  Who knows, maybe they’ll come back to the House early to discuss what an emergency it is to cut the deficit.  Cut it now, I say!

But they’re not going to hurt seniors or probably anyone 55 and older.  That would be cruel, and besides, that’s the Republicans’ base.  No, it will probably involve generational warfare, means testing, making the retirement age 85.  Something like that.  And Medicare for seniors?  Also, probably safe.  The rest of us will have to pay through the nose.

And then there is discretionary spending.  You know, no one in this country is entitled to a higher education.  Your parents don’t have to help you pay for it.  My parents used to tell me this all the time.  And food stamps. Why are so many people getting food stamps?  Or unemployment insurance?  Or SCHIP, for god’s sakes??  What are we running here, a government or a clinic?

Whatever the deal is, Obama’s going to cut it.  The Republicans are going to want this to happen *before* the election.  Maybe the bill will be passed during the lame duck session but the election narrative is going to focus around the deficit.  The Deficit, and NOTHING BUT THE DEFICIT.

When the time comes, Obama will bow to the media narrative, hoping it will spare him, and he and the rest of the Confederacy of Dunces in the Democratic party will sell every one of you out.

Well, we’re only progressives and liberals after all.  Who cares about us?

You heard it here first.

As for me, you couldn’t pay me enough money to vote for either party this year.  There really *isn’t* a difference anymore and it’s time we stopped pretending there is. There hasn’t been a difference since 2008 when the bankers bought the Democrats.


20 Responses

  1. “Make it happen before the election” … or get a commitment in the debates. Obama couldn’t keep his mouth shut about his intentions 4 years ago (“fixing social security and medicare”) … I wonder if he’ll be more explicit this time around. Or if he’ll let things leak through Biden during the VP Debate?

    • Why wait? Why not start applying pressure right now? Before the convention? The Village has been salivating over the deficit for months now.

      • I’m sure there will be little candy trails… But, I think the debates are where they’ll get the most bang for their buck.

        • I’m seeing Democrats with deer in the headlight eyes. They’re going to be overwhelmed by deficit cutting mania. The unemployed are going to feel abandoned. This is intentional. The Republicans *want* us to feel like we have nobody looking out for our interests.
          Hmmm, I have a whole stack of books I’ve been meaning to read. So many pages, so little time.

  2. ABC deems Ryan’s Medicare plan Obamacare for the elderly. I couldn’t agree more. And it’s going to be so funny watching the convoluted arguments against it. But you’re right. I can’t endorse either of these two right wing candidates. I can’t have record that I somehow agreed to Obama’s record and policy.

    I guess I’m still going 3rd party.

    • If we can’t stop the government from Ryanizing medicare for present taxpayers/future recipients, perhaps we can force the government to Ryanize medicare for people currently on it as well.

      If we can’t stop the government from Ryanizing Social Security for those of us who have prepaid for it half our lives with the other half still to go, perhaps we can force the government to Ryanize Social Security for those already collecting it. If future people have no right to get the social seciruty we paid for, current recipients have no right to get the social security we are paying them for either.

      Results or revenge, baby. Results or revenge.

  3. Well, I’m feeling really played and your post helped me understand how I’m being played, RD.
    I’m in Ohio and it’s really hard to vote third party, here, even when Dielbold doesn’t bother to alter your ballot.
    I may have to leave the top spot blank, vote for Sherrod Brown and leave-in a huff, I might add.

    • Glad Sue brought up Diebold. All of the scenarios RD and others are throwing out for consideration are assuming that there will be anything faintly resembling an honest election. We will get whichever Prez a preponderance of the 1%ers want, because the 1%ers can just order their minions to adjust the results of the unaccountable voting machines to give whatever results the 1%ers want.

      Having said that, for now, I am guessing (note emphatic typeface) that a preponderance of the 1%ers–the ones who are not True Believers in Randroid/Wahhabi Christian ideology, but are just in it for the money and power–have taken a good luck at the Randroids and WCs, and $#@+ themselves in terror at the thought that those pithecanthropoid zealots might acquire supreme power. Meanwhile, they also have noticed that their Preznit Stepin Fetchit, whom they bought in 2008 (if not earlier) has given them everything they want, with but a few token scoldings for PR purposes. Why should the non-fanatical fat cats want to change a winning game (winning for them, that is)?

      I am assuming that a majority of the 1%ers are not True Believers here. If they are, we could get Richie Retch instead of Obummer after all. If the split between True Believer 1%ers and cynical 1%ers is even, they might cancel each other out, and we might actually get a Prez election which actually reflects the will of the common citizens.

      • That would be harder to do with Legal Paper Ballot voting machines, such as the Opti-Scan machines in Michigan. Every casted vote begins with an actual paperboard sheet of paperboard with analog meatspace marks on it made with black ink. They are counted electronically but if fraudulent counting were suspected, the Legal Paper Ballots could in theory be inspected by hand.

        Now if you live in a “touch-screen voting machine” state , then yes . . . your so-called “election” is illegitimate by definition.

        • RUR–The method of voting varies from place to place here in the Arkanshire.

          Alas, my specific place uses the touch-screen system. 👿

          • If I lived in a touch screen area, I would stay registered to vote of course. I would come to the polls every election, see the touch screen machines, make a loud little speech about how touch screen machines are fraudulent by definition, and then leave without voting.

      • *sigh* I meant good LOOK, not luck.


  4. Actually, I said several days ago in a comment that there was a rising chance that Obama and the Democrats would co-conspire with the Republicans to pass the Simpson-Obama Catfood Plan during the Lame Duck Session. I could probably go back and find that comment.

    Two blogposts written in the last couple of days at Sic Semper Tyrannis by Colonel Lang have caused me to climb back down from
    the concept of voting for Romney. I would recommend those two blogposts as being well worth reading.


    So I will be voting for some ritual third party choice now. I think the real action over the next few decades will be extra-political and para-political. I will be thinking in terms of “Spanish Civil Cold War” and non-violent violence against the Class Enemy Occupation Fedregime and the OverClass it works for. I believe that people who begin thinking in terms of a long term war of economic extermination against the social classes who are directing the Two Parties against us are the people who are at least looking for the keys to victory.

    • Maybe I should say . . . the keys to winning the zero sum future.
      I give that phrase away to anyone who wants to use it and/or who thinks they can weaponise and disperse it.

      Winning the Zero Sum Future.

  5. If Obama-crats fall for this deficit ploy make them promise that the Military Industrial complex get massive defunding else they don’t get your vote.

  6. Who would have thought that Mitt’s European tour would be the highlight of his campaign?

  7. Before you fuel the generational war same more by stating how well the seniors have it: Medicare is not safe ever since the Insurancecare bailout. It’s what’s mostly funding it and it’s getting progressively worse for the pampered, priviledged seniors and the disabled. Social Security has also being gutted with funds being used for some tax vacation or other by the House last year. So, just to be clear, devious plans aside (to quote Jebby), we are all in the same boat.

    • I’m not sure why you think “I’M” the one who came up with this idea or am fueling it. Quite the opposite. Generational warfare is the logical way to go for the political right. It worked so well in Wisconsin. It’s part of the divide and conquer strategy. That doesn’t mean I approve of it.
      I’m just pointing out where the fault lines are. You can choose to get pissed off at me if you want but I’m not the one who would use these cracks against us in the first place.
      Do you see what I’m trying to say? You’re wasting your energy railing against me for pointing out what they’re going to do. It’s like killing the messenger. What do you hope to accomplish by it? You’re better off telling the politicians that you’re on to them and you will hold them accountable.
      Or better yet, tell your favorite senior citizens how generational warfare works and how it will destroy the social compact, leading to them eventually losing all of the benefits they or their husbands worked so hard for. They won’t believe it and it’s not going to be easy to explain but they’ve got to be made to understand that they will need to stick with US or we all lose everything.

    • It’s you contrasting the seniors to “the rest of us” and calling them “the GOP base” (funny, I thought they were the Hillary voters). It’s you who start your post by saying nothing bad can ever happen to them unlike “the rest of you” who are at risk…
      I make my voice known to politicians the only way I can these days: with my vote.

      • Maybe it’s because I actually know some Fox News lovers who don’t actually think through the propaganda that I fear what is going to happen. For example, they apparently have this crazy idea that they’re the only ones who ever paid into social security. YOU never worked as hard or paid as much. They also tend to blame your misfortunes on your lifestyle. If you’re out of work, you must have done something wrong. It makes them not very sympathetic.
        We are talking about who the GOP are targeting with these messages, not YOU. If you live in Manhattan and you’re surrounded by like minded people, bully for you! You have absolutely no idea what the rest of the country is thinking. You need to take a road trip to central PA and hang out so you get the full flavor.
        There *are* two sets of voters. There are the ones who realize what’s going on and there are those who are glued to Bill O’Reilly’s ass. The latter are going to be the people who will be promised that nothing bad will happen to them in the deficit cuts. And they will be more than happy to cut everyone below them off because they haven’t worked hard enough or lived moral lives.
        As for the boomers, it’s true that there are two demographics that get lumped into one. If you are near retirement, you are much better off than those of us who are still almost two decades away. That’s not speculation. That’s just a fact. You are more likely to own your home, not have college aged kids, have a pension that you can collect without penalty and will have medicare to look forward to in a couple of years. Are you going to tell me that this is NOT true? And if all of this is true, then why would you ask those of us who are younger to make any sacrifices at all like Bill Keller suggests? You wouldn’t, because YOU are reasonable. But there are millions of people who think we are all one homogenous group. Barack Obama seems to think this. He certainly crafts policies as if those of us who are younger and out of work are not hurting. We’re completely invisible to him.
        So, to recap, we late boomers and GenXer’s are getting squeezed by both parties.
        I don’t know why you are so defensive about it. If you’re retired or close to it, consider yourself lucky.

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