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      Back in June 2019, the New Yorker wrote an article lambasting the Espionage Act. The George W. Bush Administration pursued several government insiders for leaking classified information, but it was the Obama Administration that normalized the use of the Espionage Act against journalists’ sources. Among its targets were Jeffrey Sterling, a former C.I.A. offic […]
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The Democrats don’t have the Wimmins’ vote all locked up?

I think you girls are overreacting

How can that be??  I thought the Republicans went to war on us and everything so that we’d *have* to go running to the Democrats for shelter.  What’s that you say?  Women aren’t doing well in this little Depression and Obama deliberately ignored their employment situation in order to cater to the men?  Or could it be that the confirmed reports that women in the Obama White House said they were working in a “hostile working environment” have made women distrustful of Obama?  It got so bad they had to take their complaints to Valerie Jarrett who set up a dinner between them and the president where he patted them on the head and did nothing.  IIRC, Jarrett arranged baby showers and chicks’ nights, just the kind of thing to make them feel important and that their expertise was valued while the president took the guys on golf outings where the real work got done.

Oh, wait, the NYTimes article says it’s *single* women who are the most ambivalent about Obama.  Well, I can vouch for that.  If you’re a single mom and you lose your job, there’s not a whole lot you can fall back on.  You’re pretty much left to the tattered social safety net.  Um, we’d much rather have jobs, preferably in our old professions, not as the flag bearers on some road construction crew.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not what we have years of experience doing.  But unfortunately, the money to boost employment went to construction projects because we didn’t want to upset the mens folk.  And anyway, according to Christina Romer, Obama’s chief economic advisor who was roundly ignored by the all guys all the time White House, the amount of money to fund employment projects was woefully inadequate.  Romer suggested that a paltry $100 billion would go a long way to put millions of Americans back to work but Obama ignored her.  And besides, Obama didn’t ask for enough money in the regular fiscal stimulus package so, you know, tough noogies ladies.  Why aren’t you married??

Speaking of married women, I worked with several who were the primary breadwinners for their houses.  Yep, their husbands had part time jobs, at best.  It really sucked for those women when they lost their technically and educationally demanding STEM jobs, forcing their families into a panic situation.  Of course, this happens to men whose wives don’t work as well but in their case, the road back to employment is easier.  Men benefit from the old boys’ network and guys just help guys, know what I mean?  I’m sure you do.

So, there you go.  Democrats are not pulling the ladies in like they were hoping.  Republicans are alienating them as well.  They think women are getting unnecessarily bent out of shape over the whole abortion and contraception stuff.  You can almost hear Republicans rolling their eyes.  It sounds just like the Democrats rolling their eyes over womens’ economic issues.

Both parties deserve to lose this year.


Ahhh, this is more pleasant.  Patricia McBride and Mikail Barishnikov dance Tchaikovsky with choreography by Ballanchine. (McBride was a Ballanchine dancer, Barishnikov was not but he’s brilliant here anyway)  It’s so hard to find good Ballanchine choreography on youtube I’d almost forgotten how deliciously light it is.  Ballanchine is known for quick, technical footwork.  This ballet doesn’t have a whole lot of that but there’s still more of a modern edge to it.  I can remember the first time I saw an ABT ballet after being soaked in Ballanchine for years and thinking that ABT was slow and involved a lot more posing and acting.  Ballanchine got rid of a lot of grace notes and got down to the business of movement.

Here’s the recent Bolshoi version of the same pas.  It’s just different.  The extension is grander and it’s absolutely lovely but the last variation seems a lot less dangerous and thrilling as far as I’m concerned.

If you’re motivated, you can sync the ballets and watch them together.  Then, you’ll see that you can fake a lot of dancing with loveliness.

27 Responses

  1. One interesting note is that consistent with the “helpless president” meme that Obama wants us to believe, the article stated that single women believe that Obama “can’t” help them, and then went on the give an example of how he “won’t” (not can’t) help them.

    Always handing Obama a pillow, that New York Times…..

  2. The funny thing about this piece is that they NYTimes is more willing to highlight a female Libertarian Swing Voter before discussing the sorrow of a female (former) Democrat, Liberal/Progressive/Left-Leaning/Socialist Swing Voter.

  3. After reading the comments to that article, I’ll never dismiss the NYTimes as clueless again. The more I think about them picking an unemployed single Libertarian woman to articulate women’s unhappiness with Obama the more I am in awe.

    And I probably shouldn’t be surprised at the ignorance of the commenters who continue to fall for the idea that Obama is a weak President, hamstrung by the obstruction of evil Republicans. If they get all their news from the NYTimes, they’d have to believe that.

  4. And so, River, I will vote green again while, I bet, you will vote for Obama and continue to complain about him for another four years and complain about me wasting my vote.

    • Michael, This must be your first visit at this blog. You stink of troll-sweat. (1st warning)

    • Um, I have never voted Green in my life. I don’t want to start now but it’s an option.
      It’s not my job to save the Democratic party’s ass. It’s their job to offer me a real choice that is worth voting for.

      • No, I don’t think either of the two major parties can be saved, but complaining is no answer. If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. So, what’s your solution? I

        • I do believe we have a mansplainer in our midst. Get your jollies by talking down to the gals?

          • Oh, who the f%^* cares? Seriously, he’s an amateur compared to the guys we’ve had before. I have no idea what he’s trying to explain to us but it’s not like we haven’t hashed it all out in the past four years, right? He just hasn’t been paying attention.

        • Let’s hear yours first.
          I’ve given many possible solutions over the past four years. The greens don’t frost my crockies. So, you tell me what your plan is. It has to be workable, it has to appeal to a wide segment of voters and it can’t be either of the two major parties.
          Go on, we’ll wait.

    • Oh, and i didn’t vote for Obama in 2008.

      • Me, neither. There is no Democratic Party anymore, so why try to pretend? The idea that they will come around is fantasy. Democrats “in exile”is a time-wasting fantasy, too. It’s time to move on, don’t you think?

        • Speak for yourself. I can’t stand dogmatic people. And you know what? Most average American voters can’t either.

  5. (sniff) I LOVE the smell of fresh troll in the summer time!

    • Someone out there feels threatened. You and RD are doing something right.

      • Well, I’m just trying to get through this horrific summer — RD’s been doing GREAT! … I’ve got a dream though. Someday this summer will end. (my dad always shakes his head when I say that…. he thinks it’s going to last forever)

        • In the short run, winter will return. In the longer run, the Global is Warming, and the Big Heat is On. Here in southeast Michigan we have lesser heat, but still heat. And very dry. Declared a medium drought I believe.

          I don’t think southeast Michigan will get any significant net-accumulation rainfall till after Labor Day. Just a feeling.

  6. I’m so creeped out after researching magic underwear, Mormon belief systems ala Patriarchy — I could gag. So I came by to say hi to Conf & Co. Is anything going to ever feel normal in the country again? Wonders. Hugs RD & Co. from Adrienne — ps: what is really the strangest is that Hillary/Ann are contemporaries in the upper BBoom, only? As I start to remember 1969, and think about the two of them I can see where the two paths diverged. No kidding. We went Hills way RD & Co. No magic underwear.

    • (covers my eyes)

      • This is the part I really don’t get. How could there be Woodstock, & The Haight, and the anti-war co existing with pinafores & polygamy in the same timespan? In that era? I was a kid, but my god — the times — revisiting youtubes of that era and remembering. Concludes with WTF. I mean that. And that post RD did on the upper BBoomers, yeah we got the shaft. I’m looking at this as a tale of two Cinderellas. Hillary got Monica (natch) & the other was forced into underwear. The mythology behind this? Complete patriarchy. You can’t get to heaven (celestial marriage) unless the husband decides? Omg. KB? I am stymied, as much so as when I saw Rev Wright go off. No kidding.

        • It takes a special kind of person to buy into patriarchical religions. As our internet revolution progresses, there will be fewer of them. It was much easier to generate those kinds of people when the initiate was isolated from the rest of the world by her family. That’s just harder to do these days. But you can see how they do it if you watch the Duggar family. They keep their children away from the rest of the world, monitor their internet traffic, forbid them from watching TV, do everything as a group and no teenager is allowed to be in the outside world without a buddy or a chaperone. Except for the TV thing, that’s how Jehovah’s Witness kids grow up. They’re forbidden from being in the world without minders and they’re not allowed to associate with anyone. I suspect their internet traffic is closely supervised as children but even adults are forbidden from surfing certain sites. It’s to keep their minds pure and clean from bad influences. So, this is not really generational in the strict sense.
          But what is different nowadays is that politicians have found this kind of mindset and training to be very useful so now these whacky patriarchal movements are becoming mainstreamed. When I was a kid, the Jehovah’s Witness theology was considered to be so weird and unorthodox that it was widely scorned and isolation from the world came from the world’s side as well. But these days, the patriarchy movement has actually adopted much of the eschatological and extreme conservatism of these cult “christian” groups. There isn’t a lot that separates the Duggar variety of Southern Baptist theology and practices from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Mormons are finally getting their spot in the sun because they have a built in social welfare system that is funded from member tithes. As far as the wealthy and powerful are concerned, this is perfect. Your conservative religion keeps you in line, social welfare is administered through your religious institution without any governmental interference, and the Mormons are totally into doing everything by themselves. It’s libertarianism on steroids as a consequence of the way their church was persecuted by the American government in its early days. What could be more perfect?
          This is social engineering, noooooo doubt about it. What was considered crazy 40 years ago is now held up as a model to all of us. But like I said, access to the internet is going to keep it in check. And as the older generation that grew up before the pill dies off, there will be fewer new converts to take their place. But I don’t think this is generational in the traditional way of thinking about it. The internet has changed everything. It’s just that the guys in charge are determined to cement their authoritarianism in place before the internet generation is old enough to figure out how to kick them out.

          • I had no idea of the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that this candidate is going to have access to. But I do now after yesterday. And the research. I don’t watch TV, not for years — so the internet is the only place I see things. But? A Ph.D dissertation could be writ on what I saw yesterday — 1969 forward. It’s unbelievable. Anyway, this morning all I can think of is JFK and LBJ and how maybe the Clintons were the last of a line of Democrats that all believed in something. “Tithes”

  7. They saw this movie and we saw this movie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zUWOeNfa6Y

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