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Topics off limits at TC for 2012, topic 1: Hillary 2016

Why wait?

I’ve brought this up before but those of you who keep hoping for Hillary in 2016 and are clinging to any assurance from the party leadership and media that she will run, do not yet understand just how powerful you are.  Otherwise the party leadership and media wouldn’t keep floating this nonsense.  In fact, it is precisely because you former Clintonistas are so powerful that the idea keeps surfacing the minute the economic news turns sour.

But I don’t want to talk about it here.  Nope.  As far as I’m concerned, the Hillary 2016 meme is a Democratic party talking point and you should know by now that I don’t repeat party talking points here, no matter which party.  The Confluence is not a platform for spreading party propaganda or memes or psychological manipulation.  In the case of Hillary 2016 or it’s partner, Hillary as VP, this is exactly what I’m talking about.  Let me explain how this works:

1.) This is 2012.  What happens in 2012 is important.  The election of 2012 will determine what will happen in the next 4 years.  The “presumptive” nominees in this race are Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  Please note the use of the word “presumptive”.  They are not formal nominees and their names are not yet on the ballot in November.  Let’s dispense with the idea that the party primaries mean anything to the Democratic party.  That myth was exposed in 2008.  They’ll nominate whoever brings in the most money and/or who they think can win.  Obama was a historic candidate in 2008.  They could very easily replace him with another historic candidate at the convention. We already know that the party and the Obama White House floated the idea of replacing Jon Corzine with Richard Codey after Corzine won his party’s nomination in NJ in 2009 so, let’s not pretend that there is an obstacle to replacing candidates.

2.) There is a lot of discontent in the Democratic party.  The former Clintonistas have a very good reason for being mad as hell and unwilling to take it anymore.  Obama was forced down our gullets against our strenuous and legitimate objections.  Whenever there are headlines in the news about how the unemployment rate stays stubbornly pegged at 8.3% or that the economy is about to take another downturn, the party starts to worry.  It can throw all kinds of crap at Romney but none of it will stick if pressure on the middle class continues unabated.  If Obama can’t be shown to have effected positive improvement by November, the Republicans will be more motivated to go to the polls to oust him than the Democrats and their independent supporters will to be to make sure he stays.

3.) So, whenever the headlines are bad for Obama, the Hillary 2016 meme gets floated.  I saw it make an appearance recently, along with Ed Klein calling Hillary fat.   Here’s what this former editor of the NYTimes said about Hillary.  Um, he calls her fat and tired looking:

At this very moment that we’re speaking right now, Brian, [they] are already thinking seriously about running in 2016. She’ll be 69 years old. And as you know — and I don’t want to sound anti-feminist here — but she’s not looking good these days. She’s looking overweight and she’s looking very tired. […]

I think she’s going to take some time off, get back into shape. And if her health holds out — that’s a big if, of course — if her health holds out, there’s no question in my mind she and Bill — two for the price of one — will run in 2016.

Yeah, that’ll work.  Like half of the population will be delighted by some political jerk calling the most admired woman in America fat.  By the way, why is this former NYTimes editor so dead set against a Hillary Clinton presidency? He has to be because I can’t imagine him thinking she’s svelte and youthful in 2016, can you?  Whatever.  The reason it gets floated is because the party wants you to postpone your demand for Hillary until 2016 and make you accept the presumptive nominee for 2012, Barack Obama.

Here’s why you are powerful:

The party has to keep doing this because they think you will defect.  Don’t be surprised if the Hillary VP thing comes up between now and the convention too.  But that’s not going to happen either.  Hillary is not a stupid woman.  If you put her in as VP you relegate her to political oblivion and she knows it.  She will be powerless.  And you can bet that the minute that such a thing happened, the Republicans would be all over it, pointing out that the Democrats took their strongest politician and made her a nobody just to get the Clintonistas onboard.  They’d make a field day of the fact that nothing will change policy wise.  Obama and his banker loving dudes will still be in charge.  They will laugh and say how we’ve been had. Not only that but they will have buried the most powerful feminist in America.  How will that make you feel?  It will suck in a monumental way.  In fact, it will underline the fact that the Democratic party thinks that it’s best woman politician is only good as a second fiddle to a man.  Would you really vote for that hoping that Obama met with some crisis that would force him to spend more time with his family?  No, of course you wouldn’t.  Hillary VP is not going to happen.

But if you accept the Hillary 2016 meme, you allow the Democratic party to treat you like children.  When Pelosi or Hoyer or someone else says wait until 2016, that’s the equivalent of mommy saying, “we’ll see”.  You know how it goes, you want something so badly and you keep asking for it because you know it will change your life and the parental unit keeps putting you off with “We’ll see”?  You know damn well they’re just stalling, hoping you’ll forget all about it.

And the reason they have confidence that Hillary will never run in 2016 is because she won’t be a viable candidate in 2016.  Forget her age.  Ronald Reagan was 69 when he ran for president.  If people really want her in 2016, her age wouldn’t be a problem.  The problem is that by that time, there will be other candidates who might be more viable and in the public eye, like Kirsten Gillibrand or Elizabeth Warren.  But this version of the Democratic party will never let them run.  This version of the party is definitely not into representing the people.  It’s into the moneyed class.  So, by 2016, the destruction that Obama has wrecked on the party and the way he will have fundamentally changed it, will be too far gone to turn around with a Hillary Clinton.

Not only that, the Clinton legacy will be 16 years behind us.  That’s 5 presidential elections.  Now, I am not a political scientists but I’m going to bet that there is some kind of metric that indicates the dissipation of the effect of a presidential term over time and 5 election cycles seems like a pretty long time to me.  Someone with better poli sci creds should jump in here.  In other words, you will be so consumed with the present that the legacy of a president 16 years ago is going to look unfamiliar to you, or to a lot of newer, younger voters.  I’m willing to bet that the metric, if it exists, will need to be updated to account for the effect of technology.  Since Bill Clinton took office, the internet has had an astounding effect on the culture at large and has sped up the way we operate.  Our culture is undergoing a period of rapid change even though we don’t realize the full effects yet.  Our generation will be the most influenced and influential of any since the invention of writing.  And in this period of rapid change, all bets are off but you can be sure that the political landscape will look completely different 4 years from now.

The question is, will we evolve in a positive or negative direction?  Towards more or less authoritarianism?  Perhaps the recent push towards more authoritarianism is a consequence of this rapid change.  From where I sit, it looks like the authoritarians have taken advantage of the recent chaos causing technological effects by putting in their candidate to make sure they will be in charge from this point forward.  This is what you are voting for when you vote for either Obama or Romney.  The authoritarians have the most to lose if any other candidate gets to be too popular, especially one that is not beholden to them.  So, it is to their advantage to make sure that Hillary 2016 is floated out there for the Clintonistas to cling to so that they will abandon that hope in 2012.

As Rocky Anderson said in his video, this election is about morality.  If you were paying attention to the Occupy movement, ie actually going down to their sites and talking to them or marching with them, you would have known this.  Who does this country belong to?  Who has a say in how it is run and how we spend our money?  Who is accountable to whom?  What do we value?  Where is our moral compass pointing?  Do the richest and most powerful get the final say or do the hard working people who live here?  Where is our compassion?  Are some people more equal than others?  Are some children more equal than others?  And do the American people have the right to speak on these issues and petition the government about its grievances?  This is what Occupy was about. If share these concerns and you are not one of the 1%, then you Occupy. You are an American citizen with a vote, your life is valuable, you have dignity and you have a right to be heard.  If you didn’t bother to go to a site, if you instead listened to the cable news programs who you know lied to you in 2008, do me the favor and shut up about what you *think* Occupy was all about.  You would only know if you had first hand experience.  You should know better when if comes to listening to anything the media says.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah, when you former Clintonistas see the “Hillary 2016” meme in the papers, you should be secretly delighted.  Yep, that’s the moment when you should get on your blogs and beat relentlessly on the Hillary 2012 theme.  Replace the top of the ticket altogether.  Urge the party to go bold.  Say that you KNOW that if they don’t even consider it, they aren’t really serious about making the country work for real, working people.  Hillary 2016 means that working people will stay invisible to the party power brokers.  Hillary 2012 means the party knows it is beholden to the voters.  At the very least, you will be exposing the hypocrisy.

Which message would you prefer to project if you were the Democrats?

You can only make this power work for you if you Don’t Settle.  Don’t give into Hillary 2016.  Tell your elected representatives that you aren’t buying that bullshit.  What do they take you for?  Someone who just fell off the turnip truck?  Tell them you’re going to start looking for a party that will treat you with more respect and like a real thinking person with a brain, not a slow child that can be easily fooled or distracted.  Same with the Hillary VP rumor.  Please, not that shit again.  Turn your back on that.  Tell them you want the truth in all of it’s ugliness- the party wants to stick you with Barack Obama for four more dismal years and you will get nothing from it.  Nothing.  The party intends to do nothing for you except cooperate in giving you the biggest haircut on Social Security that you PREPAID because it can’t afford to force a well deserved haircut on its donors in the banking industry.

You’re not stupid.  You’ve got power.  Tell them to STFU about Hillary 2016, get to work on saving the middle class or face the consequences in November.  If they really think that Hillary is worth having for president- some day- then why wait? There is no time like the present to make that happen. And if they don’t do it, then they’re not really serious.  You have options and you don’t have to put up with the condescending attitude anymore.  Tell them who the real parents are and where they’re going to end up if they continue to misbehave.

In the meantime, I am going to moderate any commenter who promotes the meme Hillary 2016. You know who you are. I don’t care if you’re thinking out loud.  You don’t even have to be a paid troll. Your out loud thoughts look an awful lot like some kind of persuasive argument for those Clintonistas who may be debating whether to stay or leave for other candidates.  I repeat, this blog is not a platform for party propaganda whether it is intentional or not.


And here’s that blast from the past for the Clintonistas who may have forgotten just what and who we are dealing with.  The people who are working on Obama’s behalf gave us this:

54 Responses

  1. !! (ears/eyes covered) THAT video!!!! (screaming)

    You don’t have to scratch the Obots very hard before the Clinton HATE is revealed. There is no way they’ll gracefully accept Hillary as a nominee or president now or ever.

    Now or later, we’ll have to shover her down their throats for her to ever get the Democratic Nomination.

    • You know, I can’t understand people like Krugman and others who secretly LOATHE Obama and everything he has allowed to happen to the middle class in the past four years, but will not challenge the Democrats to do the easiest and most logical thing and replace Obama with Clinton. It would be risky, yes, but so fricking out of the box that it could upset the whole dynamic of this race in our favor.
      If Obama was serious about CHANGE, he’d step down and let Hillary have a crack at it for four years.
      Another thing I’ve noticed is that the media is starting to highlight Hillary as a hard to deal with Secretary of State when it comes to other countries. She’s looking too political, “hard to get along with” and “not a team player”. I’ll see if I can put a post together on this change of coverage.
      I find it disturbing because if this kind of shit is being directed by the Obama campaign, it means that they would rather undermine their own foreign policy than allow her to get credit for keeping us out of war with Iran, keeping gas prices relatively low in an election season and not tripping North Korea’s trigger.
      Disgusting. I’m really beginning to have severely negative emotions towards the Obama syndicate. Repulsive. Yeah, I think that describes it.

      • I have long believed that blackmail and or extortion is involved.

      • Well, he surely can’t allow her to leave her post in his administration with her reputation intact, not when his has failed to tap into the piggy banks of every child in the country to keep him in his post. I’d say she was open about her intention to leave after one term was because she knew he would do this…and, I’d say Bill is taking the role he is at the convention to further try to save Hillary from the character destruction they both know Obama and his bulldogs relish in.

    • If the HRClintonistas can separate the disappointed Ovoters from the committed Obots, they will have a very powerful numbers-massload of people to work with.
      Do the Hillary supporters still have all their phone-trees, email trees, etc., to find and activate eachother and apply unbearable pressure against the Dparty before DemCon 2012? Then too, every Hillary supporter and maybe even all the disappointed one-time Ovoters would have to be able to say and mean that they will not vote for Obama again, no matter what the consequence. I suspect that politicians can smell an empty threat the way dogs smell fear, so such messages would have to convey an undismissable promise, not a dismissable threat.

      • If someone with semi deep pockets wanted to, they could purchase the democrat email list and then do whatever they wanted with it. I don’t know what percentage of those on the democrat email list recall 2008 with anger. Assuming that Obama’s people make up 70%, and half of Clinton’s supporters went Obama, that would leave 15% of the list that could stir if the right message was sent. That is a pretty significant number actually.

        • I’m still going with my initial prediction that this election will resemble the Jon Corzine/Chris Christie 2009 election. Everyone knew exactly what the players were about and what they were going to do if they were elected and Jon Corzine lost because about 5% of the electorate defected to a third party candidate.
          For Corzine to have won definitively, he would have had to do something really positive for NJ residents. He didn’t, they knew it and they held him responsible.
          That’s my theory and I’m sticking with it. That means I will go third party and look for the candidate to the left of Obama who is closest to my own values. So far, that looks like Rocky Anderson. He’s left but his mind isn’t so wide open that his brains have fallen out.
          Someone should really use that as a slogan someday.

  2. Glad to see your take on Hillary Clinton and 2012 is in step with DailyPUMA. I gotta tell ya, we are in the MINORITY as most PUMA’s have bailed on Hillary Clinton and went to Fox or to Obamaland. It’s a barren wasteland of PUMA blogs that have shut up and shipped out.

    • How many DailyPUMA readers still have friends/contacts/fellow-strugglers from 2008 out in Meatspace? Could those people be reached and re-activated by pre-digital methods, thereby endrunning
      the blogs?

      • Oh . . . I later discovered this question was basically answered in an earlier thread.

      • What I have noticed is that in the blogosphere community bloggers tend to take a political side and stick with it for the most part. However, Hillary Clinton supporters have been different and have basically gone in all directions.

        Really a testament to her ability to build a multi-facted coalition, but it also has meant that without a true media engine, aka a cable news channel to refan her popularity, the blogging world probably can’t do it.

        There are many Hillary Clinton supporters who have gone polar opposite from each other and would not work with each other to create a Clinton populist movement, unless it was fueled by a cable news channel going all in for Hillary Clinton the way that was done for Obama four years ago.

  3. If Obama wins this year, he’ll probably lobby for Elizabeth Warren in 2016. While this may seem like a good idea to some, I have to wonder why Warren would be better than Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton would be so much more qualified than Warren.

    If Obama loses this year, he could try again in 2016 with Elizabeth Warren as his running mate. Huffington Post has already posted a progressive poll that shows Warren favored over Hillary Clinton.

    News reporting is presently structured to show the two most polar opposite viewpoints. Hillary Clinton supporters tend to be more reasonable than that,and therefore, continually get pushed off to the side and ignored by the media.

    Unless a cable news channel starts showing the two sides to a story that are more about moderate liberal vs liberal moderate, we will be stuck with neo conservatives versus progressives and that is how the Clinton platform gets sidestepped.

    • 1.) The bonus class hates Elizabeth Warren with a white hot passion. Obama is not a fan of Elizabeth Warren. He will not lobby for her. In fact, he won’t lobby for any woman. He’s just not that into us.
      2.) It doesn’t matter if Hillary would be better than Warren in 2016. It doesn’t matter that she would be better than anybody in 2016. She is a non-viable candidate in 2016. Don’t even start comparing her to anyone else. Crush that right out of your mind. There is zero hope for Hillary Clinton in 2016. I can’t think of a single scenario where she might win or where she would even get the support of her party. Any one who is thinking this is even a remote possibility should forget about it.
      Yes, it is sad. But it’s sadder that we are not making a concerted effort to have her NOW.

      • I posted an article on DailyPUMA a few weeks about PUMA bloggers demanding Hillary Clinton in 2012. I then did a follow up about a week ago…http://dailypuma.blogspot.com/2012/07/hillary-clinton-for-president-in-2012.html

        If Obama loses this year, he might pop back up with Warren
        in 2016 as his VP. It’s just to get in, just like Obama having Bill Clinton deliver a keynote speech at the convention as a way to prevent a Hillary Clinton uprising.

        • Ok, CLEARLY, you are joining Obama with Warren for some unfathomable reason. I think we can prove without a shadow of a doubt that Obama and Warren are like oil and water. The only reason Obama is adopting her rhetoric is because it works. I don’t know about you but I don’t trust Obama- at all. He had an opportunity to appoint Warren to the commission she created. He didn’t try very hard. I’m sorry, he didn’t try. Tim Geithner hates her fucking guts. I’m pretty sure the Democrats wanted her to run for Senator just to see her lose and get her out of their hair. She’s doing well because she knows what she’s talking about.
          But Obama with Warren? Never. Going. To, Happen.
          I have no idea what will happen if Obama loses. As far as I’m concerned, he’s done so much damage to the Democratic brand that he can’t exit stage right soon enough. But when he leaves, don’t expect to see him in politics again. He wants to make money.
          Good for him. I wish him luck. Don’t put it off. Start now.
          You’ve got quite an imagination going on there. 😉

          • The reason I associate Obama running with Warren in 2016 if he loses this year is because he basically lifted his “You didn’t build that” meme from Warren. I just assumed that Obama likes the people he lifts things from.

            However, it’s possible that because Obama lifted “you didn’t build that” from Warren, and absolutely botched it beyond comprehension because copying someone else’s work does not mean one actually comprehends it, that he does not like Warren as much now.

            Obama joining forces with Warren is not a passion of mine, I just can see Obama doing whatever he needs to do so he can be pompous in chief for another four years.

            Obama isn’t asking Bill Clinton to present him with the nomination at the democrat convention this September because Obama likes Bill Clinton, he is doing it because it helps prevent an uprising in favor of Hillary Clinton.

          • No, Obama absolutely does not like Warren. There is no question about it. He tolerated her. She was getting all up in the grill of the people who put him in office.
            As for Bill, I have always maintained that the two camps hate each other’s guts with a white hot passion. The Clintons know exactly what kind of person Obama is. But Obama needs the Clintons because he’s basically trashed the party. And the Clintons are party loyalists. So, they do it even if the party stabbed them in the back.
            Personally, I wouldn’t do it if I were Bill. There is a limit to loyalty and if Obama needs Clinton to carry his water- again- maybe we’d all be better off not having four more years of an Obama presidency.
            Bill will probably try to get us onboard. He’s not going to have any better luck than he did 4 years ago. Yea, I know what a Romney presidency will mean. That’s why I won’t settle for crap from the Democrats. They’re going to have to try harder.

          • But does Obama like the people that he originally hired? What was that league of rivals BS that Huffington Post put out back in late 2008 after Obama was elected?

            Maybe what I’m asking is, does Obama really like anybody?

          • I agree with riverdaughter. There is no love lost between Liz Warren and the Obama administration. DailyPUMA, you should pick up a copy of Ron Suskind’s book, CONFIDENCE MEN. All you have to do is read the first chapter to get a sense of the antipathy Tim Geithner has for Liz Warren. There was NO WAY Barack Obama was going to appoint her chairperson of the CFPB, the agency she conceived of. Why? Because when Tim Geithner hates her, that means Wall Street hates her. Wall Street hates her because she sees through them and she wants to end some of their particularly odious practices. She’s on record, I believe, for setting usury caps on credit cards which sends the bankers into a tizzy.

            As far as Obama lifting that meme of ” you didn’t build that, ” he will co-opt any message he thinks will sell. In fact, the Democratic Party is attempting to co-opt the OWS ” we are the 99 % ” meme. What a bunch of bullshit. I saw a bumper sticker today that read “vote Obama, vote the 99 %.” Well, we know his policies have been banker-friendly from the outset and have hurt the 99%, not helped them. This blog has pointed that out routinely.

          • DailyPUMA, I find your question distressing. It’s a good thing you are asking it but I’m wondering how it is that Obama was ever seen to *like* Warren in the first place. I can’t even remember if it was he who appointed her to the Senate panel or whether it was Harry Reid. Ahhh, wikipedia says it was Reid who appointed her to the TARP Oversight Committee. This committee was created as a consequence of the TARP bill. If it were up to Geithner, there would be no oversight committee. In fact, Warren raked him over the coals in one of her hearing sessions. The Consumer Financial Products Commission was her idea and someone must have thought she’d be the most logical person to run it but that would have been the last thing Geithner would ever allow. The agency was rolled under the Treasury department’s oversight, better to kill off anything useful that came out of it, and she was appointed special consultant, or some other nonsense, until they could find some patsy to replace her as head.
            Reid appointed her to the TARP Oversight Committee because she is the nation’s foremost authority on bankruptcy law. She’s no dummy and it didn’t take long for her to figure out what the banks were up to. They hated her for that.
            As Greg T suggested, you should read Confidence Men by Ron Suskind to get a good idea of how the Obama White House works. It’s not pretty. In fact, it’s very disturbing. And Suskind’s details have been confirmed by other sources.
            The answer to your question about whether Obama likes anyone is probably no. He does what he needs to do to get ahead. It’s all about *his* well-being, not the country’s. I’m sure he would be delighted to co-opt her message but he doesn’t mean any of it.

          • You have educated me on Obama’s dislike for Warren. If fake liking Warren helps Obama keep power, he will do it, just as his fake liking of Bill Clinton is his attempt to convey solidarity where there is none for the 2012 democrat convention.

            Which brings us back to Hillary Clinton in 2012. I would love to see the democrat party do the right thing and NOT nominate another four years of Banker in Chief.

            I fear that Pelosi, Reid and Obama have the ability to intimidate all the minions below them so that even if the democrats lose the presidency in 2012, Obama will already plan a comeback in 2016 and do whatever it takes and align with whomever it takes to be president in 2016.

            Until Reid and Pelosi go, and MSNBC and Huffington Post stop being rabid attack dogs against all things republican, (or another media voice emerges that is more moderate) I’m not sure how the democrat party can move forward, and change back to the more moderate party that it was in the 90’s.

            Some argue that the party should be more liberal and that Obama is a moderate because he gave into the republicans on key issues. I have to disagree with that assessment simply because Obama did have plurality in both houses for two years and I don’t think he did anything of note in regards to home foreclosures, deficit stabilization, and small business employment.

            A moderate can attack 3 trillion in consumer debt and come up with ideas to reduce the 1 one billion dollars a day that U.S. consumers pay just in interest rate charges on their own consumer debt, progressive liberals and neo conservatives just see that as the price of living in the U.S.

  4. I love it when bald, old, boner pill popping guys critique women’s looks. And as for Cenk? Please…he’s as bad as Michael Moore. I love it that these two tools realize the extent to which they were played in 2008.

    • I know right? The sexiest thing in Ed Klein’s pants is his wallet. When will older guys get a clue that women like younger, springier men just as much as they like younger women? But just because I might want to boff the cabana boy doesn’t mean I want him to run the country.
      Men, legends in their own minds.

    • I wonder if Michael Moore has shakes and night sweats over how he got played in 2000 by the RepubliGreen Naderite forces. “Vote your dreams, not your fears” . . . . to an eager young audience of college students in Florida. I wonder if his film Fahrenheit 911 was in some measure an effort to expiate his guilt feelings for backing the Party whose sole and only goal was attriting Gore’s numbers enough to get Bush elected? How important the Naderites really were in that outcome is an interesting debate which Greenites love to have. But they have always shied away from discussing the perfidious duplicity
      of their goals, motives, and methods in that election.

      But I’m not bitter . . . .

  5. The party has to keep doing this because they think you will defect.

    I already defected. I wish more voters would. For now, I want Obama to go back to Chicago and I don’t care if it takes Romney to do it.

    • That’s the next topic that will be taken off the table. Romney and the Republicans are bad people. They’re bad. This blog will not be used to promote the election of bad people. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend. This is not a good year for a protest vote. Find a third party. If you insist on promoting the election of Republicans as a way of getting back at Obama, you will be moderated.
      Coming soon to this blog…

      • RD, I’m not promoting Romney. I totally agree with you that he’ll be bad for the country and everything I believe in. But where we differ is what another four years of Obama will look like. I believe he’ll do the same thing that Romney will do.

        • Mebbe, but I’m not promoting the idea of Romney as a revenge move here on this blog.
          It makes no damn sense and I won’t support it-at all. If you don’t like Obama, the best thing you can do is find a third party candidate.

          • Definitely, third party. One that is to the Left so the Dem elites get the message. I was considering staying home but voting for a third party is way better unless Obama comes around with solid promises to uphold FDR’s legacy.

            Forget about Hillary in 2012 (or 2016 for that matter) there is too much water under the bridge for the likes of a Chris Matthews to take back.

          • Mike, why are making statements like “forget Hillary Clinton in 2012”. Who are you to say?

  6. Now, now, now, RD, be a good little girl and wait your turn. The boys have to go first, regardless.

    This nonsense of wait til 2016 has driven me crazy from the second I first heard it. Absolutely infuriating. She could be dead. I could be dead. The country could be dead. The earth could be dead. How stupid do they think I am? So goddam insulting. Outright patronizing. And overwhelmingly stooopid.

    Now as for the fat remark (and she actually is not fat), Obama has the extra skin indicative that he was once a fatty himself. (OMG, the horror.) Also, he is a chain smoker. I personally find that quite physically repulsive: the smell, the nicotine stains, the inability to concentrate and the general jitteryness without a fix. Gross. Maybe we should run John Cusack instead. He doesn’t gross me out. (Once again, only kidding, but that’s where we wind up if we go by physical characteristics and it sure shows the vacuity of the current Dem “leadership.”)

    Those of us who prefer not to have “work” done (as opposed to, say, Nancy Pelosi who looks like she is in a constant state of shock) are laying the groundwork for women to be accepted for more than just their looks. Are demanding it actually. But, judging by this asshole (who I’m sure must look just like Cary Grant to be so glib about throwing stones), we’ve got quite a job ahead of us.

    • The country could be dead.

      The country is in a coma, and both of the doctors that pretend to know how to help the patient are two quacks working for the 1%, just like the quack that left office January 20, 2009

  7. I’m exactly where I was in 2008. Unwavering: Clinton 2012.

  8. Great. My car is at the garage. It’s starting to thunder. I have to walk about 3/4 mile to pick up the car.
    Not looking good.

  9. I will never forget May 31, 2008, when the snakes’ nest in the DNC gave every Democratic primary voter the middle finger. I will never “get over it” and I will never vote for Barack Obama. Nor will I vote for anyone who fundamentally disrepsects women which precludes me from voting for anyone who even talked about running for POTUS on the GOP ticket this year. So, unless the Democratic Party comes to its senses and forces Obama to step down in favor of Hillary, I’ll be voting third party.

  10. The election commission should decree that “None Of The Above” be placed on the ballots. At least the winner couldn’t claim they had a mandate. Also if “NOTA” wins, the office stays vacant until the next election. But until such time we could write in Joe Cannon’s idea for a candidate that Chula what ever guy.

  11. While surfing the internet to read about Hillary Clinton’s ongoing 11 day 6 nation tour of Africa, I came across an article at Politico (won’t link as the comments are so beyond despicable it’s not worth the traffic!) and was pleasantly surprised, but surprised nonetheless, that, instead of the usual unflattering portrait of her, the article was adorned with this great picture.

    On her tour she’s meeting with Nelson Mandela, whom Bill Clinton also visited recently, and once again I’m wondering why the first black American president have yet to arrange a meeting with this icon of a black leader. What’s he afraid of? – Well, actually that’s a rhetorical question as I can find lots of reasons, none of which reflects positively on Obama. Still puzzling though.

  12. Does anyone here watch Political Animals on TNT? It’s a miniseries based on the Clintons – and she (Elaine) – the Secretary of State under her former opponent, the for sale Garcetti is just about to run again. She is played by Sigourney Weaver, with Elaine Burstyn as the mother and vanessa Redgrave just made an appearance.

    • I watch it and luv it. She is planning on running against Garcetti. Weaver is great. Her husband who is supposed to be Bill C., I like less. But the series is good and I wish it would spur on Hillary and Bill to throw in their hats and oppose Obozo.

      • The writing for the Bill Clinton character is a bit more strident and off base. I will not blame the wonderful actor – who played Caesar on HBO’s Rome, but rather the writers. Still, i love the fact that they keep coming to the fact that there is a great love between the two – and occasionally even his character works.

  13. There are a lot of us Clintonistas still out there actively campaigning for Hillary 2012, however unlikely that prospect may be at this point. We have already been doing most of what you suggested in your article. For those of you who are on Facebook, I invite you to join us here http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/PetitionToDraftHillaryClinton2012/ or here http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/17124346730/. Note: I am not the owner/administrator/moderator of either of these groups. We do post Hillary 2016 articles, mostly to keep track of who is saying what. No one is seriously working on a 2016 campaign at this point. As far as the Hillary-for-veep meme is concerned, it’s TOP OF THE TICKET OR NO GO!!!

    • Sarah Palin was charged with a crime against common sense and good judgement. She was charged with associating with the most harmful elements in right wing media. She was charged with selling out to the mean spirited, dangerous, and out of control.
      And she’s guilty of all that. You want to still support that thoughtlessness? Do it on your own blog. As I recall, that’s why you took your ball and went elsewhere. You were told that enough was enough and you didn’t listen.

  14. We “defected” May 31 2008! Well actually our party “defected” us on that date! We have been and still are independent voters and will not be suckered by any promise talk or gestures by the Democratic party that does not end with Hillary Clinton being President of the United States! No money, no vote, no support until that day! They can pick the date they want to come back to us, 2012…..to never! It’s up to them! PUMA Clintonistas will not give a inch EVER!

  15. The only 2 bumper stickers on my 13 year old truck are:

    2008 Hillary for President

    and on the other side :

    Draft Hillary 2012.

    • My bumper sticker says “America con Hillary”. We ran out of the English ones in 2008. In fact, none of my Hillary swag has a date on it. I guess her campaign figured she’d be running for re-election and could just recycle.

  16. I love that picture of Hillary heading your post, RD.
    With long hair and glasses, she looks very much like the schoolgirl she was decades ago.
    Hillary is a true mid century American classic.
    She’s the real deal.

  17. Draft Hillary 2012…that sounds great!

  18. Hillary looks great. Glasses and no make-up suit her.

  19. I’m not voting for Obama. I’m not voting for Romney. But, I’m still considering other options.

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