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An alternative to Green? Bring it on

Rocky Anderson, former 2 term mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah, is running for president on the Justice Party ticket.  He’s also got endorsements from other states’ Independent parties and Peace and Justice parties.

Thank goodness.  I really don’t want to vote Green.  I will if I have to but I’d much rather go with someone whose leanings are a little less litigious.

If you want to vote for Rocky, you’ll probably have to search high and low for him on your ballot but given the alternatives, it could be worth it.  As with any political decision, do your homework and evaluate him against his competition.  In Rocky’s case, he has much more practical political experience than Obama had before he took office.  And he’s much less likely to get tons of money from the finance industry.  On the other side, he comes from a pretty conservative state and his economic policies need to be investigated thoroughly. Is he actually a Libertarian?  Still, unless Hillary Clinton jumps into the race from a sense of duty and morality…

So, there you go, folks.  This election will require a little effort on your part.  You can either go with the spoonfed option of the two major parties or you can think for yourself and reject the same old dismal performance.  Are you ready for something new and different?

18 Responses

  1. I read his issues. Good stands, still a bit limited in scope. Still Stein for me – I want to vote for a woman too.

    • I vote for the candidate, not the gender or the race. That’s the mistake the Obots made in 2008. If the best candidate is a woman, that’s just icing on the cake. But I think it’s time we turned to candidates whose issues we support and who has the experience of actually governing in some capacity because the economy dominates all other issues, especially for those of us without jobs. I urge you to really think about this. We don’t need anymore symbolic votes.

      • I’m with you on that for sure; I prefer a “she” but I’ll settle for a “he” that I can more or less trust and agree with.

    • I’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing. I’m referring to seeing every product failure as malicious negligence worthy of a class action lawsuit.

  2. I also am glad to see other third choices running besides just Green.
    What bothered me about the Greens semi-lately was their running with Nader in order to get Gore defeated in favor of Bush, and then their running McGaw against Wellstone with malice-aforethought Republican money. And their spoiled little brat refusal to take responsibility for the outcome of their stances and actions.

    Will I vote for a third party choice as against Romney? Probably not. I think I will vote my Fear and Hatred in 2012 rather than voting my Dreams.

    Will Hillary “jump in”? I don’t think it shows any lack of duty or morality on her part if she doesn’t. After how she was clearly treated in hindsight by the party leadership; she would be wise to make herself
    discreetly available IFF the leadership unanimously purges Obama from the ticket first and unamimously invites her to take the Top Spot instead. Why would she set herself up for another round of betrayal and refusal by openly offering to replace a nominee who has not already been removed? Then too, she may view the nation and the government as being beyond recovery or repair at this point and will quietly do what good work she can in those areas where good work still produces a good outcome . . . just as Gore has been doing. Maybe she will run in 2016 with Gore as her VP, but I doubt it. By then she will likely want a nice long rest.

    • I don’t think she’s going to run in 2016. The idea keeps getting flOated out there to keep the former Clintonistas from abandoning the party. It’s the equivalent of mommy telling you “we’ll see”.
      I don’t promote party talking points here so I officially declare all speculative talk about 2016 off the table. It’s not relevant to this year.

  3. I like candidate Stein better than candidate Anderson, in spite of the Greens having been hijacked by Nader in 2000 – I vote candidates, not parties.

    • Yep, and I *don’t* like candidate Stein and will only vote for her under duress.

      • Could you write a post about this?

        • What katiebird said.

          I don’t really know all that much about Jill Stein except for the ‘being green’ part. But her name keeps popping up; though hardly ever with any additional information about her politics, her goals, her visions. It’s as if for many voters she’s become some sort of ‘last resort’-candidate? Someone who’s not so much been selected as it’s that the rest of the field has been deselected.

          So I too would like to read RD’s – and prospective voters’ too – take on her.

          • Really? You must not have been reading Correntewire. Jill Stein was articulating her platform even before she won the Green Party nomination. I like her and plan on voting for her. http://www.jillstein.org/green_new_deal

            I also like that she’s willing to not just spout words but do Civil Disobedience for her stances on issues. She just did so for whole mortgage mess issue- how nothing was done to help normal people out while the bankers were given even more money with no strings attached, etc….

  4. I was so excited when Rocky Anderson announced he is running for president. I suport him. He stands for the ideals I was raised belieing in. I dont know much about Jill Stein, except she got arrested this week standing up against foreclousre. Good for her. So, I’m not against her. But, I guess, I just have heard Rocky Anderson talk, and I believe him. It comes down to that. I would vote for Jill Stein over Obama, but as long as Rocky Anderson is in the race, he has my support. He was on Up with Chris Hayes last week, but they didnt let him talk much about his ideas, just wanted to hear about how much taxpayer money Romney got to SLC when he was mayor. I was eclited someone finaly gave hi some teevee time, but it would be nice if they showed him more respect as a condidate and listened to his platform.

  5. As far as Hllary goes, I supported her, but I think she gave up too easy after they stole her votes. I don’t like it when people I worked for and supported give up when they get slapped around a little. I lost a lot of respect for Gore when he gave up, for Kerry when he gave up, and Hillary when she did. I don’t care if it was her own party that did it. I left that party over how they treated her, and us So, I don’t care if Hillary run again, she’s doing fine for women as a stateswoman, but I thought she was stronger than she was. I’m done with democrats.

    • Same here. Green party for me. (And seriously, still focusing on Nader- good grief that was way back in 2000! The Green party has evolved way past him. A woman has won the nomination for presidential candidate every time since then- 2004, 2008, and now 2012. The Democratic party lost me for good with their rampant misogyny in 2008. The party hasn’t changed at all since then, misogyny still reeks from them. The Green party is more and more getting the Rooseveltian (more Eleanor’s than Franklin’s- far more liberal than FDR was) Democratic coalition.

  6. if you *like* Rocky on FB you’ll get his updates. I’m discovering that his pov’s are my pov’s, for the most part. Rocky is my Mormon of choice. I’m voting for him

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