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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Happy Birthday to Me, Bit…
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    Beata on Happy Birthday to Me, Bit…
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Happy Birthday to Me, Bit…
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    Propertius on Happy Birthday to Me, Bit…
    riverdaughter on Happy Birthday to Me, Bit…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Happy Birthday to Me, Bit…
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Re Mitt: No one cares

You left blogospherians who got your marching orders from the DNC to Gore Mitt are wasting your time.  You could be blogging more productively about what Obama has or has not planned for his second term, presuming he gets one.

The more the Democrats get their knickers in a twist over Mitt’s latest ridiculous spewing of nonsense, the angrier I get.  The whole country is falling apart, people are not making money, they’re losing their jobs-still, the economy is growing at a paltry 1.7% and all the Democrats can think of is Mitt’s stupid Olympic comments?  Really?  This is the best the Democrats can do?  Relentless attacks on your opponent only work for the first term.  They are not substitutes for planning or policy.  Does the DNC think we aren’t paying attention?

This is not a game of who can out ridicule.  It’s not a game period. I don’t think that crap is going to work this year.  When I go to the polls my vote is going to the person who pisses me off the least.  Right now, the Democrats and Obama are making my blood boil.

Repeat after me: All the voters want to hear about is how Obama is going to get us back to work and when he is going to arrest the bankers.

I will vote for the candidate who has a plan to move my 401K to a defined benefit pension plan and promises to not touch Social Security.

Short of that, the Mitt Shit is BORING.  Nothing is going to make me vote for him anyway but the longer this nonsense goes on, the more attractive Jill Stein is looking to me and I never thought I’d say that.

Keep it up and I’m going Green.

39 Responses

  1. Hehe…ya got that exactly right!

    • Is it just me or is this nonsense starting to get really old?

      • It’s beyond stupid.

        Say on Monday someone in London says that they’ll have to get more security for the Olympics because they’re very understaffed.

        Are we SERIOUSLY supposed to be outraged if someone else says he heard that the security guys were understaffed …. and that he knows things will work out in the end?

        (I’m embarrassed to repeat it – that’s how stupid it is.)

        Our country is falling apart. Nothing is going right. No one is being held accountable for any of it. And I’m supposed to get upset about the gaffe of the day.

        No. Not gonna do it. The stuff I’m mad about is the stuff people aren’t talking about.

        • Pretty sure I read that 36,000 security people were in place (twice as many people as they sent to Afghan) and the $ amount being spent was beyond reason. Perhaps the number 36,000 is too small for Mitt to be able to relate to…put a dollar sign in front of it and he’s got that much in pocket change.

        • Its part of a deliberate long-range govermedia conspiracy to enstupidate the media-consuming citizenry to better assure mass-behavior control. The govermedia spokesfaces spread the dummgas as far and wide as they can to enstupidate everyone who breathes it in or marinates in it.

          There is also a concern about the covert broadcasting of “stupid rays” and “stupid fields”. Regretabbly, tinfoil hats may not provide any protection.http://boingboing.net/2005/11/11/mit-study-on-aluminu.html

          Granted, there is some humor in all this, but how much?

  2. RD, your post today gives me hope. We’re screwed regardless of who wins. But for sure, if Obama wins, Americans can look to another four years on the same road to nowhere. No, we’re heading into the ditch again. Not-Your-Sweetie has it right: Obama is Jr. jr.

  3. The bash the other guy campaign style always, always irritates me. The only reason anyone does it is because they don’t have enough to say about their own views and intents. Any incumbent who claims they are working hard to get Americans back to work needs to explain to me what the heck they’ve been doing for the past 2-4 years to prove to us they care about the 98%. Obama has always been a dirty campaigner, but this time he has to redirect the focus so people don’t ask him where all the children are with their piggy banks and wide-eyed begging the adults to please, please, please vote for this messiah.

    • Polticians bash the other guy because it works. People say they don’t want negative campaigning but they always vote for the candidate who has utilized the most effective negative campaigns.

  4. I give, I’m going Green because of the lack of any action on the demodogs part. No game plan other than win doesn’t work for me.

    • As long as I see “other” third party alternatives, Green is one choice I would prefer not to make. Not after Nader. Not after Wellstone.

  5. Voted Green for President in 2008 and will vote that way again in 2012.

  6. The Democratic Party campaign apparatus is in full campaign mode. You see it everywhere. Even Paul Krugman alludes to Obama’s superior presidential disposition. On matters of substance, of course, the party is MIA. Everyone knows it but nevertheless gets in line. Fortunately, there are blogs like this one that don’t fall for the party line. We need policies to help all Americans not just corporate cartels.

    • Well we can honestly forget that pie-in-the-sky thought. The government is the corporate cartel – there is no longer any difference.

  7. “Keep it up and I’m going Green.”

    The only difference between you and me on that score, I guess, is that I’ve reached that point already.

    I’ve been wondering if it says anything about how this is playing in the country in general if someone as pointyheaded as me resents all the “Dude. Mitt’s not KEWL!” bullshit.

    (And for the folks who can’t stand the Greens: that’s OK. Vote for anyone else. Write in “Goat.” Just don’t vote for the damn duopoly.)

  8. “Keep it up and I’m going Green.”

    The only difference between you and me on that score, I guess, is that I’ve reached that point already.

    I’ve been wondering if it says anything about how this is playing in the country in general if someone as pointyheaded as me resents all the “Dude. Mitt’s not KEWL!” bullshit.

    (And for the folks who can’t stand the Greens: that’s OK. Vote for anyone else. Write in “Goat.” Just don’t vote for the damn duopoly.)

    (Gaa. WP vaporized my comment. Trying again.)

    • The problem, as I see it, is that while the Democrats are bashing Romney and the Republicans, they aren’t telling me why I should give Obama four more years. So, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. There is another option but so far, the Democrats won’t take it. (we’ll see if the public blames Obama for the pathetic GDP).
      I think the Democrats are going to slit their own throats with this strategy because what we’ve got here is what happens when you almost drown a rat over and over again. They’re just barely able to keep their heads above water. Then you put them in the middle of an observation field and they don’t move. They paralyzed with learned helplessness. Their lives aren’t going to get any better, so why bother? This is a mistake because Republicans are motivated to go to the polls. They hate Obama just because. And those of us looking to third parties say the data is in, Obama is a failure, and too chummy with the bankers and we don’t want him either. The Democrats have to get people to vote FOR something and they’re just giving us reasons to stay home.
      Bad, bad strategy.

      • It’s beyond bad, it’s fatal. By adopting this strategy, the Democratic Party iscontributing to its own extinction. The elites in the Democratic Party seem to have no interest in the party’s survival. Changing the ticket would make sense assuming they actually care about winning.

        • It really is as if they are deliberately courting extinction. I was saying just that to my dad this afternoon. And at this point, it can’t happen too soon.

          • They are basically saying to the voting public, ” we have nothing to offer you, vote for us anyway. ” And look the what the party has done…it alienated a huge bloc of Hillary supporters in 2008 and has made no attempt at reconciliation. That’s just one example.

            Here’s the conundrum: the institutional Democratic Party is in thrall to moneyed interests ( primarily Wall Street ). Protection of banker supremacy is more important than winning elections. Because for the party to self-correct, it has to confront and subdue financial interests. This would help the public and reinvigorate the party.

      • re the Democrats have to get people to vote FOR something.

        Exactly. And so far all they seem to have is, “Ooh, Republicans. Scary.” and “Mitt’s-a-stiff.”

        As you say: I. Don’t. Care.

      • Yeah but how do you get the people (presumably the same people you had 4 yrs ago) vote for you again when you’ve reneged on so many promises and are not even offering a game plan for round two?

        There is nothing in their “something” – we’ve already learned that and I guess there never was something in their something.

        I voted green last time around and before that Independent. In fact, my pres choice has never won and I’ve been voting since ’92 (voted for Fulani, forget the name of the party).

        Last month PBS showed a documentary on Richard Nixon. After watching part I my husband and I thought the same thing:

        Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a candidate like Nixon in the 2008 election?

        I dunno, after the 2000 and 2004 pres elections I get a sick feeling whenever I even think about a presidential election. I will be traveling this year and will not be home for election day so I suppose I need to figure out how to do a mail-in but honestly I don’t even give a damn any more and feel like it’s a big hoax and already predetermined in a psychopathic drama queen good cop-bad cop non-musical pantomime poorly acted out by the two parties.

  9. I think about my own crassly vulgar future survival as well as what’s Good for the Country. My own future survival plans include getting the Medicare I’ve been paying for ever since 1980 or so, and the SS I’ve been PREpaying DOUBle for ever since 1983. Realistically one of the two brand name candidates will become President. Which DemPrez combined with what Senate would be most dangerous to my SS/MCare survival? I can only make my best guess. My best guess is:
    Obama combined with whatever Senate mix would be most dangerous to my SS/MCare survival because Obama wants to be the “Democrat” who finally achieves a Nixon-goes-to-China against SS/MCare . . . and a coalition of pro-OverClass DemSenators and the R-Senators will all support that. Whereas . . . might a majority DemSenate, or even a strong plurality DemSenate choose to deny such a victory against SS/MCare to a President Romney because he is Republican and that victorious destruction of SS/MCare is to be reserved for a goes-to-China Democratic President?

    I can’t take chances with my taxpayed government retirement survival programs. I KNOW that Obama is conspiring to desTROY them. I also know that Romney would LIKE to destroy them but EVERYone alREAdy knows THAT. And Romney doesn’t have the deceptive camouflage of so-called DemParty membership. So maybe (MAYYYYbe), the DemSenators will obstruct Romney’s efforts to do that which they are already committed to conspiring with Obama to do if Obama gets to be the President who leads the conspiracy to do them. Such is the cloudy crystal ball logic which has led me to decide that I will vote for Romney for Prez, and for Stabenow for Senate and Dingell for my District. Maybe Dingell and Stabenow would bitterly resist a President Romney’s efforts to “Obamafy” my SS/MCare.

    All my logic goes to waste if the HouSenate and Obama do what Digby recently wrote about, namely that a bipartisan Gang of Scum are already conspiring to get the HouSenate to pass the Simpson-Obama Catfood Plan after the election but before the final adjournment of this Congress . . . so that Obama can sign the Simpson-Obama Catfood Plan bill into law and get to be the Democratic Nixon who went-to-China against SS/MCare. I wonder how we could possibly prevent that from happening.

    • If that’s what they want to to there’s not much we can do to fight them. Except to threaten recalls. Possibly. And we know how successful THAT strategy can be.

      On the other hand, it might just put the nail in the Democrats coffin. No reason to vote for them at all if/once they gut SS/Medicare.

      • Yes, if they pull that clever little trick during the Lame Duck Session, I will never vote for another Federal Office Democrat ever again. I may well vote for meaningful State and Local Democrats if indicated.

        In fact, for those who wish to decontaminate the Democratic Party and think it is possible in theory, the State and Local levels might be the place to begin. The first step would be to target-for-removal any little local playa-wannabe who supported/supports Obama . . . like David Atkins for example.

    • I agree with your take…best call on this post

  10. Our national elections are a farce, riverdaughter. Might as well vote for Rufus T. Firefly. Mutt Romney(who even most of the GOP can’t stand) has based his entire campaign on only one thing: I’m not the black guy! Obama, who has done nothing but betray his constituency for nearly 4 years is essentially running for re-election on a similar slogan: I’m not the black guy either! It is all so depressing and disheartening…If only both parties could switch out their candidate at the conventions. Hillary vs that rude and loutish fatso from New Jersey would at least be a cage match worth watching for a couple months or so until November…

    • Obama’s not the “black guy” either, even though he pretends to be.
      Glen Ford has been known to refer to Obama as “technically black”. But he’ll get 95% or more of the black vote.

      • I don’t think so. the black folk here in Washington, even those who are young (under 40) and affuent are amazingly anti-same sex marriage. Many we know claim they will not vote for him since he came out in support. It will be interesting to observe.

  11. Christy gives fat a black eye.

  12. OT but just the other day I was thinking about ‘Whatever became of Wesley Clark?’ And then today I learn via TCH that he’s about to be … hosting a tv show. 😦 Is that disappointing or what.

    Just as diappointing as learning that Chelsea Clinton would appear as a tv commentator. Voluntarily going into the ‘Lion’s Den’, so to speak, joining and exposing herself to the very people that her parents had been so adament to shield her from, all through her upbringing. But she didn’t last long in that environment either, did she?

    Personally I’ll never get this … urge or wish for so many people to become ‘public property’ by becoming a tv-celebrity.

    • chelsea quit tv??

    • Chelsea’s first job out of college was with a hedge fund. I was shocked and disappointed. She redeemed herself when she went back to school to get a graduate degree in public health but the move to NBC was another disappointment.

      RD, she hasn’t officially quit or been fired that I’ve heard but her two appearances were not very well-received and no other segments have been scheduled as far as I know.

  13. Dems and Repubs just two groups of careerists. Their only concern is their own advancement. Neither party cares about the people.

  14. I don’t usually pray but sometimes when I bike down to the Mall, I swing by the Jefferson Monument and ask that rich fuck what we should do and just like Jesus he never replies.

    Humble Lincoln is stand-offish as well although I frequently believe I hear a very squeeky voice reciting the Gettysburg Address. I’ve visited Franklin’s grave several times in Philly and even after tossing a few good luck coins and lighting a candle for his birthday last year, Ben has also remained silent (not even a bawdy laugh, or a request for a pint).

    Soon Vidal will be here but he’s an atheist but maybe that’s just who can give the answers I seek.

    I hope he will suggest to sell what little we own and move to Italy or southern Spain because I no longer believe this country can be saved, or even slightly changed. The American soul has been stolen and sold – replaced with a brass trinket. It was done right under the noses of those of us who ever really loved her.

    Completely defeated and horrified like Heston at the end of Planet of the Apes. But without the gorgeous woman to ride off into the sunrise with.

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