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      I first read Limits To Growth sometime around 1968. Limits used computer models to predict possible futures of resource use, pollution and population over-shoot. At the time I thought it was right, and everything since then has come in about as it said. I found this chart from it, with a couple of added date lines in an excellent post on the retrospective bo […]
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Why hasn’t anyone asked…

… why uber rich campaign donors don’t pay their taxes with that campaign money?

Take Sheldon Adelson, please.

Sheldon has pledged $100,000,000 to help Romney’s campaign. Sheldon is a pro-Israel supporter who thinks that Israel has fallen apart since 2008 because of something the Obama administration has done.

Not true. Israel is falling apart because the more powerful Israeli political parties have been making crazy deals with the super ultra orthodox Jews in order to form a ruling coalition. These religious Jews on steroids don’t like women to sing in public and refuse to put their time in with the Israeli Defense Force. They’ve become the Israeli version of the American quiverful movement. Yeah, wrap your head around that concept. That would be like Obama and Romney making nice to Michelle Duggar and her friends. I’m sorry, the Duggars don’t have friendships, they have fellowships. Different concept altogether. You stick with your friends through thick and thin, but you can dump your fellows whenever their womenfolk raise their hemlines to the bottom of their kneecaps or cut their hair. I can assure you that the Duggars would drop their fellows in the blink of an eye if any of them didn’t adhere to their strict lifestyle choices.

What could possibly go wrong? Well, in the US, you might see the political parties not being quite so enthusiastic about supporting women’s rights to make her own reproductive decisions or even get a decent job in the little Depression. Women might be encouraged to get married or stay home instead of work or poverty might be blamed on women refusing to marry. Have we seen anything like that in the NYTimes?

In America, the effect is more diffuse. In Israel, it’s a lot more obvious because it’s a much smaller country. In Israel, your minister of health can refuse to hand an award to the woman who won it because the Jewish fundies might have a fit. Women might be discouraged from speaking in public. Or singing. You could have men in the IDF refusing to serve with women. You could have men spitting on little girls for not dressing modestly. The Jewish fundies also reproduce like rabbits. And because their numbers are increasing disproportionately in a country that can’t dilute their political strength, the other parties are having an increasingly difficult time working with them.

In THIS country, it is possible to dilute the fundie strength but we won’t for some reason. Yes, we still cling to the concept that the Duggaresque evangelical patriarchalists are admirable for their piety and respected because they hide their anti-everyoneelseism behind their worship of a Judeo-Christian diety (who biblical scholars know is an amalgamation of mesopotamian and canaanite deities. And let’s not even get started on Noah’s flood). We’re all supposed to feel guilty and dirty because we can’t live up to their vision of heavenly perfection and rely entirely on our own, while the Duggars themselves live in a socialist microcosm of their own making. And yet, they get a disproportionate amount of attention. You’d think the whole mid section of the country is going quiverful even as many quiverful women are getting the hell out of Dodge. It’s just not true that Americans are craving 12-20 children and summers without shorts or bathing suits. If anything, Americans, especially young Americans are turning away from fundamentalism and religion. How ya’ going to keep’em down on the farm after they’ve seen the Internet?

The Duggars seem to represent a certain mindset of smug, condescending selfishness that that is enviable. There is no shame in Duggaresque selfishness because they are covered by god. They sure seem self-sufficient. I’m sure the Discovery Channel pays them nothing {{eyes rolling}}. And because they are so insular with their friends, er, fellows, and community, it looks like they are in a different world even if they live in America. In their world, they don’t drive down roads that are paid by Arkansans or Americans. Those are Duggar roads. And they don’t get medical care or goods and services from people who were educated in public schools. Those people just pop up out of nowhere and do things for the Duggars when they’re needed. They’re like the people who inhabit the Necessary Room at Hogwarts. There when they’re needed, gone when they’re not. They don’t really exist with needs of their own. So the Duggars don’t have to worry about the effect of their anti-tax politics are on those non-existent people.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah, Sheldon Adelson. So, Sheldon thinks that Mitt is going to do a better job of protecting and defending and carrying out Israeli foreign policy here in the US than Obama. I’ve always wondered about politicians who represent Israel in government. I mean, is that legal? Don’t they take an oath to defend the US and its constitution and antiquated notions like that? And besides, don’t we already do enough for Israel? We’re already kinda on the hook for defending it against its enemies. We’d turn any country that tried to nuke Israel into a glass parking lot. Isn’t that understood and hasn’t it been since people Obama and my age were little kids?

So, what more does Sheldon want? Says Sheldon:

Adelson, like other members of his family, had been a Democrat. But, as his wealth grew, he began to favor tax-averse Republican economic policies. He argued to an associate recently, “Why is it fair that I should be paying a higher percentage of taxes than anyone else?” Three years ago, at an event in Washington, D.C., celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Adelson, who was being honored that evening, told the audience about the time he had spent with William Bush, the brother of George H. W. Bush, during the 1988 election. “He explained to me what Republicanism was all about . . . so I got to learn about it and I switched immediately!” Adelson said. But it was only after he went to war against the union that he became so partisan. He began donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Republican National State Election Committee.

Oo! Oo! Sheldon I have the answer to your question about why taxes should be coming out of your hide. It’s because that’s where the money is! You’re sitting on it. You could pay people more but it seems like you don’t like doing that and you really don’t like unions. You as an individual can’t spend all the billions of dollars you have on yourself. It’s just not possible. And you didn’t earn all that cash. You just happen to be the one collecting it.

So it doesn’t really have anything to do with Israel. But make no mistake, Sheldon is a lot like the American quiverful evangelicals. He also doesn’t recognize the people around him as being necessary. They just come and go, they serve him things and whisk those things away. They’re silent and efficient.

When Sheldon makes a donation to a Republican’s campaign, it never occurs to him that that $100,000,000 might be better spent making sure the silent and efficient ones can get to work and feed their families so they can continue to wait on him.

$100,000,000 could buy a lot of textbooks, math teachers and hot school lunches, vaccinations, tooth fillings and asthma medications, pothole patches, bridge repairs and policemen. But Sheldon doesn’t want to share with people who are not his fellows. He can’t control them.

He’d rather give that money to politicians.


Sarah Silverman has an offer Sheldon can’t refuse:

Um, don’t give your money to Obama either, Sheldon. Just pay your f^&*ing taxes. That’s all we ask.

36 Responses

  1. Mr Adelson exemplifies the super rich mentality we are up against today. He has all the markers of a sociopath; lack of empathy, an oversized ego, a vainglorious sense of accomplishment that occurred by his own efforts with no regard to the society that offered him opportunity, and a complete refusal to see anything beyond his own immediate self-interest. Men like him are frightening because they think their money can buy anything and that somehow, no matter what policies they advance, THEY will turn out okay.

    I really don’t know how he expects to insulate himself from the disasters his policies will create. I mean, he’s ginning up a war with Iran expecting that Israel will win and the conflict won’t escalate into a nuclear exchange. His refusal to pay taxes to help support a stable society will make his wealth, the pillar on which hangs everything, more at risk, not less. Men like him won’t learn until it’s already too late.

  2. […] blogger formerly known as Goldberry: In THIS country, it is possible to dilute the fundie strength but we won’t for some reason. Yes, […]

    • Gosh,you’re just so dang generous with your shout outs lately. Thanks for the traffic.
      But I’m not surprised that you can’t understand this post. Very few people at your site can. Myiq gets it but he’ll claim he doesn’t because he’s an ornery clown with ODD. Dandy tiger probably will, he’s a decent guy even if he’s more into straighforward posts, not stream of consciousness meanderings.
      Ah, well, you can’t please everyone.
      Hey, did you know that Finland sends all new parents baby boxes full of clothes, diapers, blankets and condoms? Is Scandinavia great or what!?
      Be afraid, Oswald, be very afraid.

      • The Crawdad Hole has gone from an anti-Obama blog to a full-on, rightwing gathering that promotes the ugliest of conservative and libertarian myths. It was a sad thing to watch but when Oswald began frontpaging, it was no longer even worth the effort to find an interesting post.

        • I’m kinda disappointed in myiq. He’s smarter than this. But I’m beginning to think he was just craving an audience and is pandering to it instead of having any kind of integrity. Funny, I never thought an ornery bastard like myiq would turn out to be such a pathetic whip kisser. I thought he’d be more of the occupy type and a real pain in the ass at general assemblies, interrupting the speakers for not just catapulting bags of flaming turds into the offices of the brokers.
          Or maybe he works for the Tea Party. Who knows?

          • Alas, the legitimate majority of Occupants never figured out how to keep out the parasitic fringe element of criminals, while the Corporate Media, as they are paid to do, emphasized the fringe criminals as if they were the leaders of the movement. A renewed movement, if it is to have any chance of success, will need to find a way to keep out the riffraff.

          • Klowny lives near Oakland, doesn’t he? IIRC, the Oakland Occupation was the one most contaminated with fringe criminals. That could have influenced his opinion.

          • Spammy is being snotty again. 🙄

          • For many of the Holers, Teh Governess was the gateway drug into wingnuttery. IIRC, many of them left this site when RD repudiated her for kissing up to Glenn Beck.

        • JL–I know I’ve said this before, but I don’t understand how the same people can be smart enough to reject the Blue Obummer Kool-Aid, but then be silly enough to turn right around and chug-a-lug the Red Wingnut Kool-Aid.

          “Wow, arsenic? Yuck! I’ll just go drink this strychnine instead.” 😈

          • Lol!
            But seriously, there’s some black magic going on with the former Democrats turned tea party people. Maybe this is the way all societies get when they’re under economic pressure but it’s really creepy how so many people have decided to embrace their oppressors and turn on their potential friends. They can’t see the usefulness of hanging together and pushing back against the bad guys. It’s very ominous. I’m glad the religious, the conservatives and the libertarians aren’t here anymore but I’m a little surprised at myiq and dandy tiger. They’re really not like the people they hang out with. With myiq, there’s a whiff of opportunism. He’s leading the others Like the pied piper. Probably over a cliff but they’re too stupid to realize it.
            Like I said, myiq really is smarter than most people but he’s got a rebel without a cause inside him. What a waste.

          • “I’m glad the religious…aren’t here anymore.”

            Sorry, RD, but you haven’t managed to purge all the believers off the blog. You’re stuck with me. 😈

          • I don’t mean you.
            I don’t have a problem with the religious as long as they don’t want to impose their beliefs on the rest of us or take over the country and turn it into a Christian theocracy. You don’t seem to be like that. I also like what catholic nuns are doing these days. And I’ve always seen the occupiers as following in the philosophy and tactics of Jesus, and that’s a good thing.
            But unthinking, unquestioning, blind and ignorant dogmatists? Yeah, I do have a problem with them. I think they are the biggest threat to democracy in this country. They seek to impose a harsh, uncompromising, judgemebtal ancient moral system on a modern world when it’s not useful or necessary and they are content to let bad things happen to good people in order to fulfill God’s plan. If you were a politician or wealthy, powerful person you’d be stupid to not take advantage of that. As long as more people are focussed on the rapture, they will endure all kinds of insults and hardships.
            Jesus wouldn’t have wanted that. I’m pretty sure of it. His story was rewritten and co-opted by I’m absolutely certain that he would have preferred people to fight for each other’s well being against their oppressors.
            So, if you’re that kind of religious, you’re more than welcome here. As for the other type of religion, it can’t die quickly enough. I’d rather see more ethical atheists with a Jesus streak than more pious Judeo-Christians. But I’m cool with liberal Christians.

          • I’m more religious than not but I’m not the churchy sort….

        • Both TCH and Uppity Woman’s site seem to be taking the same path as No Quarter. Both were fine anti-Obummer sites at one time, but now they have become, or are becoming, mere wingnut sites. 😦

          I can still comment at Uppity’s site, but I don’t bother any longer. The poor woman was talking about her belief in The American Dream the other day. I refrained from commenting that George Carlin was right when he said it was called “the American Dream” because you have to be asleep to believe it.

          I still look at TCH and UW, but I miss the days when they made sense.

          • I first smelled wingnuttery at the Larry Johnson site way back in 2008 when he headlined Birtherism and did his best to mainstream it. I heard of Birtherism there before anywhere else. (And yet it was because of No Quarter that I was able to find my way to Retired Colonel Lang’s Sic Semper Tyrannis. So there is that.)

          • NoQuarter tried to strong-arm us at one point in 2008.
            Didn’t go over well. We’re just different and not easily categorizable.
            Eventually, they gave up and left us alone.

  3. This is off topic but an old topic (please excuse)-

    I was naive to think: “Regulatory Capture” 

    The Predictable “Scandal” at the FDA [the medical imaging emails]

    Kevin Carson:

    If you think this is just a case of post-Reagan “regulatory capture,” by corporate money, of an agency originally created for idealistic purposes back in Art Schlesinger Jr’s Golden Age — well, think again. The regulatory state hasn’t been “captured” by the regulated industries; it was created by them.

    According to New Left historian Gabriel Kolko, in The Triumph of Conservatism, Progressive Era regulatory measures like the FDA were created primarily to serve the corporate economy’s need for stability.


    Government regulations also tend to become de facto health and safety ceilings as well as floors. Because they’re presumably based on “sound science,” they effectively preempt more stringent traditional common law standards of liability. How many times have you seen a corporate PR announcement using “in compliance with all regulatory standards” as an official seal of approval?

    Worse yet, sometimes when a company even voluntarily meets and advertises a higher standard of safety, competitors seek government action to suppress “product disparagement.” By even voluntarily advertising your food as GMO-free, or testing your meat for Mad Cow Disease more frequently than the USDA requires, you’re implying that the product of your competitors — which adheres to those regulations based on “sound science” — isn’t perfectly fine.

    So the primary effect of the regulatory state was to create an economy of oligopoly cartels, in which a handful of producers in each industry meet the same dumbed-down minimal health and safety standards, and compete almost entirely in terms of image rather than price or quality.


    One of the Agencies briefly forgets who’s its daddy:
    U.S.D.A. Newsletter Retracts a Meatless Mondays Plug 

    The message seemed innocuous enough, coming as it did from the federal agency tasked with promoting sustainable agriculture and dietary health: “One simple way to reduce your environmental impact while dining at our cafeterias,” read a United States Department of Agriculture interoffice newsletter published on its Web site this week, “is to participate in the ‘Meatless Monday’ initiative.”

    Thousands of corporate cafeterias, restaurants and schools have embraced the idea of skipping meat on Mondays in favor of vegetarian options, an initiative of the nonprofit Monday Campaign Inc. and the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

    But by Tuesday afternoon, amid outraged Twitter messages by livestock producers and at least one member of Congress, the agency’s “Greening Headquarters Update” had been removed. “U.S.D.A. does not endorse Meatless Monday,” a spokeswoman said in a statement. The newsletter, which covered topics like the installation of energy-efficient lights on the Ag Promenade and recycling goals, “was posted without proper clearance,” the statement said.


    • Oh ferpeetsakes, Rangoon, the FDA has definitely not been doing the pharma industry any favors in the last 10 years. In fact, the whole system went to pieces during the bush era. You don’t need to believe me, just look at the announcements in the media about what has been appoved since 2000. Look at the DATA. It doesn’t lie.
      Devices are a different kettle of fish. I don’t know what device makers have gone through. Bu I guarantee you that if the pharmas had as much control over the FDA as people believe, they wouldn’t be going over a patent cliff right now.
      And there is plenty of litigation. Don’t you worry about that. Lawyers will always find a way to sue. But you know, acetaminophen is still on the market and you can buy it over the counter. That’s one of the most dangerous drugs in America and people give it to their kids all the time. The FDA is definitely FUBARed by not the way you think.

      • That acetaminophen thing is so scary – and it’s added into some drugs when you least expect it. So some people get too much without even knowing it.

        • I know! Why aren’t mothers freaking out about it? It’s just insane. I won’t keep that stuff in my house. I’m an aspirin person and use it cautiously. Sometimes, I’ll take some alleve for my back. But Tylenol? Nope. Just not safe enough to meet my standards.

        • Its added to various opiates and opioids to punish and endanger people who use those opiates and opioids, in my tinfoil opinion. It is punitive puritanism on parade.

    • Btw, I like meat and fish. Eat it all the time, even though prices have spiked lately. For some of us, a higher carb diet would lead to higher triglyceride levels and weight gain. We’re all different and there is no one size fits all, moral diet out there. In a couple of years, they may stop pushing legumes and whole grains for a caveman diet.
      But in both cases, it would be just as presumptuous. Why not showcase some tasty recipes instead and let people decide what’s best for them?

    • How about a “grassfed beef and pasture poultry Monday” instead? There are all kinds of eco-beneficial reasons to target your beef and poultry dollar towards the perennial pasture producer. That’s tangential to the basic discussion I know.

      • To *me*, telling people to go meatless on Monday ranks right up there with them dictating the menu when they come to your house for dinner. It’s rude.
        It is, however, the one place where citizens feel like they have some kind of control and influence. It gives otherwise irreligious people a way to feel moral, vituous and better than their friends and acquaintances. But it’s still wrong.
        Unless you are personally acquainted with the person who runs the farm and ranch where you purchase your fresh, organic grass fed whatevers, there’s really no way to tell whether what you’re eating is as pure and good and sustainable as you think it is. Better to plant your own garden and serve your friends and family stuff you grew yourself.
        Americans in general eat too much and walk too little. Let’s just encourage people to eat less and walk more and leave it at that. No need to get personal with their diets. It’s none of our business what people choose to eat for health or pleasure.
        Food nannyism is distracting, as it is intended to be. I refuse to participate.

        • One more comment and then I HAVE to get ready to go to work:

          I belong to PETA–People Eating Tasty Animals. 😈

        • Joel Salatin would agree that the only way to really know how something was grown was to know the grower and inspect the operation personally. In fact, he says it all the time.

          Since many people like me don’t have the time and energy to be able to do that, we have to “trust”. And since “trust” is not enough all by itself, we have to rely on “certification systems” such as Certified Organic and hope they function as claimed. And I regard my sometime-purchase of organic or grassfed whatever is my part in the Ongoing War of Social Class Victory or Defeat. Every dollar is a bullet on the field of economic combat, and every dollar withheld from the One Percenter FoodJackers makes them one dollar weaker. (The narrow point about grassfed pasture-range beef is that perennial polyspecies pasture and range sucks carbon down out of the air and bio-sequesters it in and under the soil. If we hope to slow the Global Warmocaust Onslaught, we will have to do and/or pay for every feasible way to suck back down out of the atmosphere the excess carbon which is already floating around up there).

          And to a point, applying that concept to food seems as unworkable as applying it to pharmaceuticals. I can’t personally inspect every pharmaceutical production facility to see if it is what it says, and I can’t grow my own drugs myself in my own garden. So I have to rely on verifiably trustable quality-watchers at the FDA.

          As to food nannyism, its only nannyism if you lecture others about what they “ought to” eat and especially keep lecturing them about it.
          If you make information available to seekers or even explain why such information might interest people to become food-info-seekers; it isn’t nannyism unless you keep screeching at them after they have “thanks but no thanks-ed” you. (I’ve always wanted to ask a vegan militant whether their “fur” or “leather” is “fake fur” or “fake leather”. If they say yes, then I could ask them if they knew that fake fur or fake leather is made out of oil. I could ask them “how many baby sea otters died for that fake fur?” Or . . . “how many barrels of oil died for those fake leather shoes?” someday I will get the opportunity.

  4. Monster from the Id,

    That was a pretty good reply to Firchles, so good in fact that he hasn’t even bothered to try and reply to it. But I would second your suggestion that people feel free to go over there and read Firchliss nice and slow and really get a smell of it. This is one of Digby’s treasured commenters. Never banned, never will be.

    Now that I let memory perk and fester in my coffeepot mind, I think someone else invented the Badgebunny name for Firchleepoo. I think they called him Captain Badgebunny after one of his “kiss the taser” comments. I changed it by semi-accident to Commander Badgebunny.
    If only someone would rename him Badgebunny Tazerluv.

    I got so annoyed I spent some time archiving his “best of” comments and his targets’ countercomments into the Digby Archives. They are still there in case anyone wants to go read them before DigbyAtkins realizes they are there and takes them down.

    • You know what? Shame on me for offering that link. The comment thread contains hardly any Firchliss at all. It is me and other people mainly about different stuff. I don’t even remember where my voluminous pile of Fun With Firchliss material even is. But since I notice at the top that it says “this widget will disappear on 10/31/12”, I assume that means Digby will wipe out the last vestigial trace of the Archives altogether and totally. And so will go a major part of what made Hullabaloo so valuable. Since it is all about to go buh bye, I will post here a link I posted there, about a Japanese Nuclear Engineer’s in-hindsight rejection of nuclear power written after the Fukushima Incident, I think.

      And anyway, a lot of the stuff on that thread is not “by” me, it is just under my nom d’ keyboard because I did the cupasting of it. Some of it is good stuff.

    • But you know what? That link’s thread does contain some material by Ten Bears (whom you started calling Ten Bores) and my reply to it and his lack of any reply to me. Ahh . . . memory memory.

  5. Israelis and many American Jewish males are total misogynists. Jewish religious law is anti-female. Like most cultures – it’s all about the patriarchy.

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