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Politicizing gun control? Are you kidding me??

This is more dangerous and political than….

Update: Here’s a new article in the NYTimes about the candidates’ reluctance to talk about gun control.  What I get from this is that both candidates think they have more to lose from pissing off the gun nuts than half of the voters in this country.

It’s the biggest slap in the face to women who have been bumped down to second class status by the relentless discussion of personal reproductive matters, as well as dismissive of anyone who cares about unregulated access to guns and ammunition.  Do voters have ANY say at all in this country anymore about what is important to them?

I caught up with the Daily Show this morning and did you know that if we want to discuss regulating access to guns, even just sloooooooowing the process down so that murderous paranoid psychotics can’t get their hands on them without raising suspicion, that we are “politicizing” gun control?

Yep, not only that but it’s an “unpopular” position for a candidate to take.  Really? And how do we know it’s unpopular if no one is allowed to discuss it publicly?  Can we take a vote on that?

The New York Times is a master of understatement on the issue:

Responding to the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colo., Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York,called on the presidential nominees Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to come up with a comprehensive gun control policy.

That might require political courage. Despite feelings of outrage over the horrific loss of life from shootings like the one on Friday, support for gun control has declined. Can a politician, particularly a presidential candidate, buck conventional wisdom and show leadership by calling for an assault weapons ban, even if it might not be popular?

Ok, let me put it this way.  The President is supposed to be a leader.  Leaders lead.  That means they persuade people to do things they might not otherwise do. So, if the presidential candidates do not want to talk about how families’ lives and finances have been ruined as a result of free access to guns no matter how crazy the buyer is, because it *might* make them unpopular, then maybe they should find another profession.  They could become accountants or ceramic artists where leadership on public matters is not a desired characteristic.

But wait!  There’s more.

While it is completely unacceptable for us to discuss gun control because congress is exhausted by the subject and the issue is now “settled”, it is perfectly fine to discuss and find ways to regulate lady parts because that is NOT settled, even after 50 years when we all thought it was.

So, to recap: Gun control- unpopular, exhausting subject that is so five minutes ago.

Your Reproductive Organs- perpetually pleasing topic of conversation, politically popular, never goes out of style, DESPERATELY IN NEED OF IMMEDIATE REGULATION!

this. These are not at all dangerous or political.

Guns- kill human beings with jobs, responsibilities, lovers, children, parents and friends.

Your Reproductive Organ- May contain human beings that might develop all the characteristics of a gun victim.  Or it may not.  Or may be waiting for a player to be named later.  The people that potential human touches is limited to one- the bearer.

I don’t know about you but I think we could all stand to hear a lot less about the latter and a whole lot more on the former.  Gun control needs to get as much attention as possible.  You can call it politicizing if you like, like I give a f^&*.

I call it self-preservation, maturity and common sense.

We’ve got our priorities all wrong if it is so outre to talk about how gun access has changed people’s lives permanently and destroyed their futures but have verbal diarrhea every damn day about whether or not some coed should have unfettered access to Lo-Ovral.   There’s something very wrong, tribal and unmodern with American society today if we think that somehow it’s OK to treat half the population as cattle that needs to be herded but the wannabee warriors in the crowd are allowed to be as violent as possible and no one is supposed to talk about these inconsistencies.

It’s sick.

Will someone please tell me where the women’s orgs are?  Why they f^&* are we putting up with this s^&* during election season and letting the candidates get away with it?  This is outrageous.  No piece of legislation on reproductive rights should go to the floor of any legislative body without a companion piece of legislation that keeps guns out of the hands of crazy people.

Let’s make a deal: We’ll stop politicizing gun control when politicians stop politicizing our vaginas.


Tana French, the only mystery/thriller writer I read, has a new book featuring more of her characters from her Dublin murder squad.  The new title is Broken Harbor.  I love the way French writes.  Her characters are vivid and deep, the dialogue snappy and sharp.  It’s hard not to like some of these people, even the flawed ones.

Three days until my Audible credits renew.  I can barely stand it.  If you’re looking for a good beach read that is not brainless chick lit and interested in diving into mystery a la French, start with In the Woods.


Totally off topic, this is Jack Van Impe and his dotty wife Rexella talking about The Rapture.  These two are very clever.  It feels like Van Impe uses rapid fire scripture citations to invoke some kind of trance state.  There are people out there who think he has this stuff in instant access memory.  I think he’s either reading it from the teleprompter or listening to the bluetooth in his ear.  Or maybe he does have it all memorized because he’s done this schtick for so long.  But to me, I hear “Oh, we got trouble, right here in River City” playing music in the background.

So, here’s Trouble in River City.  Compare and contrast:

23 Responses

  1. “As we do when confronted by moments of darkness and challenge, we must now come together as one American family.


    I’m sick to death of the hand wringing over violence in our society by the very people who make this world a toxic hell.

    In his most recent column, Arthur Silber considers the words spoken by Obama after the events in Colorado:
    Now, even as we learn how this happened and who’s responsible, we may never understand what leads anybody to terrorize their fellow human beings like this. Such violence, such evil is senseless. It’s beyond reason. But while we will never know fully what causes somebody to take the life of another, we do know what makes life worth living. The people we lost in Aurora loved and they were loved. They were mothers and fathers; they were husbands and wives; sisters and brothers; sons and daughters, friends and neighbors. They had hopes for the future and they had dreams that were not yet fulfilled.

    And if there’s anything to take away from this tragedy it’s the reminder that life is very fragile. Our time here is limited and it is precious. And what matters at the end of the day is not the small things, it’s not the trivial things, which so often consume us and our daily lives. Ultimately, it’s how we choose to treat one another and how we love one another.
    “These are the remarks of a man who has suffered an irreparable break with reality, a man who who has rendered himself unable to connect obviously related facts. If Obama genuinely meant these comments — if he understood how these remarks apply with far greater force to him (“we may never understand what leads anybody to terrorize their fellow human beings like this”) — his realization of the monster he has allowed himself to become would reduce him to gibbering incoherence for the remainder of his life.”

  2. The pitiable piety of saying it is too early to talk about gun policies is nothing more than a strategy for being unable or unwilling to answer the simplest of questions, “What do you think?” It is a strategy that might as well be, “I’m hoping you will forget to ask me in a week or maybe something else will come along to divert your attention.”

    For a politician to shroud political strategy behind piety is craven, shameless cowardice of which there is more than enough to go around.

  3. “There can never be justice on stolen land.”

    Are you really that surprised?

  4. Perhaps the women of this country need to arm themselves, then it would be an acceptable topic to the policiticans.

    • I think you’re right. All it would take is for a couple of guys to get their junk blown off and we would hear a not stop human interest story about the expensive reconstructive surgery and how we have to keep guns out of the hands of crazy women. THEN we could discuss it.

  5. Let’s make a deal: We’ll stop politicizing gun control when politicians stop politicizing our vaginas.


  6. Of course it’s too early to discuss gun control … because something might be done about selling semi-automatic rifles with high capacity clips. The gun not organization wants you to wait because another crisis will overtake the public conciseness and meaningful legislation will once again be put on the back burner.

    Obama is against gun control same as he is against tough new regulations on Wall Street. Proves that Obama-crats can be every bit as stupid as republican voters because they wont demand anything from him.

  7. I’m with Silber. Drone control would be an excellent thing.

    How dare Obama utter a word about Aurora while raining death on other innocents?

  8. “Do voters have ANY say at all in this country anymore about what is important to them?”


    This has been another edition of “Simple Answers”. 👿

  9. A Forbidden Planet reference and an Orwell reference rolled into one!

    You know you wanna.

  10. I live in Colorado. A lot of my family and friends are pro-gun fanatics. Today one of hte posted a sign facebook that basicall said the first weapon was a rock. Cain killed Abel with a rock. Why dont you want to take away the rocks?

    Yeah, Idiotic. I posted this in response

    “I see posts comparing a gun to a rock as a weapon. Excuse me, but I’d like to see someone try to mow down over 70 people in a couple of minutes with a rock. It’s a lot easier to fight back against a rock than a m16 or whatever that assault rifle was. I could probably beat the shit out of someone who attaked my kid with a rock. I could hit them with my purse or spray them with pepper spray or what ever. Even with a knife it would take a real fast stabber to get that many people without getting stopped. But an assault rifle is pretty hard to fight against unless you have one too. Then you would be killing innocents also. The same people that say people kill people oppose regulations keeping guns out of the hands of bad people”.

    It is so irritating when the same people preaching civil rights over guns are the same people who cheered completely abandoning the rest of our civil rights after 9/11. I swear the only Amendment in the Bill of RIghts they give one shit about is #2. Which as far as I’m concerned is the least important No wonder I can’t stand half my family.

    • I hear you, especially the bit about the family. I swear I was stolen from gypsies.
      You have my sympathies. There are a lot of us out here who have your back – and will probably get shot first.

    • {{{apishapa}}} I am so sorry! I don’t get the hand-weapons vs automatic weapon comparisons either. I don’t like EITHER / ANY weapons, actually but, honestly — who actually believes the to categories are equivalent?

      I was once walking up a downtown street when a couple of guys came tumbling out of a bar in the middle of a fight. And RIGHT in front of me, one of the guys pulled a knife out and pointed it toward the other guy’s chin. It scared the p!ss out of me!! But, I dodged by and ran off. If those guys had REAL weapons, I might not be here today.

      • Oo! Oo! I was on a crowded bus when a psychotic woman pulled a knife on another passenger. I yanked that bus pull so hard I thought I might break it.
        She was escorted off but I was more than happy to get off the bus myself at that point.
        Jeez, the things my grandfather must have had to put up with. No wonder he was unflappable.

  11. I figured my brothers would be pissed at me for posting that, but now my baby brother wants me to hit his ex-wife with my purse.he thinks it is more dangerous than a rock, too. My sister and I almost got mugged once in New Orleans and I swung my purse at him and he ran off.

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