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      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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Photo to art: Pick one

The perfect shot for a Royal Carribean ad but not for over the fireplace

Since I moved a painting to a better place in another room, I have a big gaping space above my fireplace that needs a piece of art, preferably in tones of blue or green.  I found this great idea at littlegreennotebook on how you can turn photos into art by having them blown up and then mounted on a piece of plywood.  Even I can do this.

So I went looking through my photos and found some that were taken when Brook and I took a Royal Carribean cruise a few years ago.  But I can’t decide which one to choose.  I can make changes with iPhoto and Snapseed if necessary, cropping, straightening, etc.  Take a look at the following pictures and vote for one in the poll below.




The background color of my wall is Simply White by Benjamin Moore and the fireplace is white painted brick with a white wood mantle. Everything else in the room is either white, pear green or dark wood with some blue pillows for something different.  I’m not going for a traditional look in my living room.  I want it to be clean lined, fresh and a bit modern.

Here are the cropped versions:


Pic1 (inverse crop):


Pic2 (inverse crop):


Pic3 (inverse crop):

13 Responses

  1. you can also have fun playing with watercolor effects and mosaic. My old photo-shop program was fun that way. I used to shoot film to look like water color until I found out I could do it easier with computer tools. Also think about using a matte photo finish rather than gloss or semi-gloss paper. Believe it or not Walmart has a lot of options for printing making large prints.

  2. I like #3 the best. I think you’d get tired of a picture of a Royal Carribbean boat in your livingroom You also might want to read up on concepts such as rule of thirds. Subjects in photos (including horizons) are more interesting when they aren’t in the center, but are set off into a third of the frame.

    • Um, I wasn’t planning on using the pic with the boat in the background. But the one from the bow of the ship with the masty type devices is interesting to me because the structural pieces introduce a geometric element and almost color block parts of the photo. And, yes, I also know the rule of thirds, which is why I mentioned cropping. It’s kind of hard to frame it like that when you’re taking a picture though. If you are using Chrome, you can click on the pic, and then expand it by clicking it again. That gives almost and immediate 1/3 and 2/3 crop.

    • By the way, that dot above the ship is a hang glider. It really is a “Get out there!” shot but better suited for a brochure or basement mural.

  3. As a geezer It’s hard for me to process the violence that is all all around us, some is called entertainment, some is called the war on terror, while this new lead story of violence brings our leaders together to call for America to “come together as a family”

     From a 2008 review of the previous Batman film:

    “But the greatest surprise of all – even for me, after eight years spent working as a film critic – has been the sustained level of intensely sadistic brutality throughout the film.”

    Dark Knight 2008
     the film begins with a heist carried out by men in sinister clown masks. As each clown completes a task, another shoots him point-blank in the head. The scene ends with a clown – The Joker – stuffing a bomb into a wounded bank employee’s mouth. After the murderous clown heist, things slip downhill. A man’s face is filleted by a knife, and another’s is burned half off. A man’s eye is slammed into a pencil. A bomb can be seen crudely stitched inside another man’s stomach, which subsequently explodes. A trussed-up man is bound to a chair and set alight atop a pile of banknotes. A plainly terrorised child is threatened at gunpoint by a man with a melted face. It is all intensely realistic.

    “I [make a] distinction between violence which is clearly fantastical in origin, such as that in Harry Potter, and that which is realistic and sadistic in tone, such as that in The Dark Knight.
    The former might well bother younger children afterwards, and even give them horrifying nightmares – scarcely desirable in itself – but the latter is more likely to taint their fundamental vision of the world and adult norms of behavior…”

    “As we do when confronted by moments of darkness and challenge, we must now come together as one American family.
    -Barack Obama 

    And speaking of “intensely sadistic brutality”-
    “There has been a great increase in US strikes,” said Muhammad Nawaz, a tribal elder in North Waziristan. “The people feel terrorised because we hear the drones in the sky most of the time. 
     Few children attend school because they fear for their lives walking to and from their homes. 
    The tribal elders are afraid to gather together in jirgas, as had been our custom for more than a century. The mothers and wives plead with the men not to congregate together. They do not want to lose any more of their husbands, sons, brothers, and nephews. People in the same family now sleep apart because they do not want their togetherness to be viewed suspiciously through the eye of the drone. They do not want to become the next target… “come together as a family?
    “I saw my father about three hours before the drone strike killed him. News of the strike didn’t reach me until later, and I arrived at the location in the evening. When I got off the bus near the bazaar, I immediately saw flames in and around the station. The fires burned for two days straight. I went to where the jirga had been held. There were still people lying around injured. The tribal elders who had been killed could not be identified because there were body parts strewn about. The smell was awful. I just collected the pieces of flesh that I believed belonged to my father and placed them in a small coffin.”


    From:  The Trembling Voices of Those Terrorized by America’s Drone Campaign 

    “As we do when confronted by moments of darkness and challenge, we must now come together as one American family.


  4. Well, that harshed my mellow.

    • You can get it back.

      Just write a post blaming it on the Tea Party

      • Wow, that’s just so bitter and stupid it’s hard to know how to respond.
        The Tea Party consists of some pretty mean spirited, hardened, whip kissers. Not my cup of chai.
        You know, myiq, you need to stop hanging around such bad company.

  5. Me, I’d definitely go with Pic2 – uncropped. It’s just perfect.


    • I like it too. I like them all but the third one is probably not the right colors for my room. Maybe it would work somewhere else.
      Can you tell I was standing in the water when I took pic2? The water is so clear you can even see people’s footprints in the sand.

      • Oooh, I didn’t even realize water was covering the sand in the foreground too, until I ‘blew up’ the picture. Makes it even more beautiful!

        Apart from the wonderful colours I also like the ‘something’ – a person? – to the left, the ‘oasis’-looking cluster of trees to the right and the many small clouds sort of ‘dotting’ the sky. It all makes me wonder and my mind wander. 😉

        All very calming.

        • Really?? Those are exactly the elements I would have cropped out because I find them distracting.
          I love the patterns the wake makes on the water in the first pic. And there’s something about the metal beams that I like. It’s almost like a frame, looking backwards.

          • Heheh. 🙂 But then I like pictures where I sense that either something has just happened or something is <i<about to happen … and I’ll never know exactly what. Edward Hopper comes to mind. Or the works of this Danish painter Poul Anker Bech. Though the latter is more about fascination than outright tranquillity.

            In the case of your picture I’ll never know for sure who, or what, or why – is going on. Left or right. I like that. In a picture, that is. 🙂

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